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Review guidelines

Each and every review published on ReviewForDev.com will be checked manually according to the respect of below items, to ensure the quality of our publications. We talk here to the reviewers.

  1. Purpose of the review: bear in mind that your reviews should reach 2 targets.
    • Let the developer know your honest feedback about their app, and give them hints to improve their product,
    • Make it possible for other app users to decide with a better visibility whether the app can be useful for them or not.

  2. Target user: when using the app, you must assume you've purchased the app in the first place because you needed it. For instance, if the app is about flowers, you must assume you're interested in flowers :-)

  3. No copy/paste: the review must reflect your personal opinion. Therefore it's totally forbidden to copy/paste some comments from another website or from the App Store.

  4. Be specific: the review must be detailed and some precise examples should be provided, whether you are very positive or negative about the app. We love the word "because".

  5. Good spelling: the review should be written in English and shouldn't be littered with spelling and grammar mistakes.

  6. Handling bugs/crashs: if you faced an annoying bug or repetitive crashes, you can mention it in your review, but please try at the maximum to explain the conditions in which the problem occurs (so that the developer can solve it)

  7. Not allowed: the usual stuff ! (Obscene or distasteful comments, promotion of other products, off-topic info, personal info etc.)

  8. A few example of items to mention in your review if it's consistant:

If you think some items should be added, please let us know !