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Jo B.

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Description: I am an Occupational Therapist working in pediatrics with both medically fragile children - kids on vents, CP, low vision - and kids on the autistic spectrum primarily between the ages of birth to 6. I am an active reviewer for apps on fb and on the web. I enjoy exercising, cooking, games and neurosciences. I have an iPad retinal display and Air.

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Date when her/his profile was validated: 2014-01-06

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Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity (v1.0.1) [text]

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What I liked I love that this app addresses the needs for middle and older elementary students. The lessons are kept short to insure retention and assimilation, and are logically presented. Each segment complements and is built on the foundations of the previous lesson. The short quiz at the end of the lesson really helps to reinforce the material, and if you are incorrect, the correct answer and why is explained rather than harsh criticism. I think that this really keeps motivation high. The experiments are wonderful, and are fitting for family exploration or to be conducted in the classroom.
Improvements The only thing that was hard for me were the mini games. I could not get past the first level with any of the three games presented. I would love a tutorial or a visual play through as I felt the directions were not enough. Even if there were a hint button - which there may have been, but it was not obvious to me. This really was my only complaint as the app ran smoothy on both my iPad 4 and iPad Air.
General review Meet Science:Magnetism and Electricity is an incredible app for elementary students. It fills the gap for this age group that is often overlooked. The material is presented in a progressive and logical fashion with quizzes and mini games to help reinforce the material learned. The glossary that is included, is quite extensive and the experiments are FUN! Both families and classrooms would benefit from using the app to encourage future scientists.

ZyroSky [text]

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What I liked This app brings more age appropriateness and sophistication for older kids learning cause and effect play. The settings are well thought out and help special needs kids by being able to control the speed, difficulty level, reduce visual clutter, and overall length of play. I find settings like these invaluable as once a kid gains competency you can grade the difficulty. This insures a successful outcome. Too many games are just too hard when learning how to target and grade control. Loved the graphics, they were fresh and crisp. The ability to turn off the music is a big asset too.
Improvements I would like to see in future updates the opportunity to not only collect stars, but also have the challenge to not have to strike or jump for something, i.e. perhaps placing a foil like a little tin can or old boot so that you would know if the tapping or striking a switch was just continuous or with purpose. That way you could also train visual scanning with an objective, and know that your student has the ability to discriminate. It would also be nice to see a flying saucer being built to get Zyro home - so that progress is related to playing. That really gives a kid the best feedback.
General review ZyroSky is a great app for those who are beginning to learn about switch use and engage in cause and effect play due to motor or cognitive difficulties. It is more age appropriate and sophisticated than any other beginning switch apps on the market for older kids. The settings are phenomenal - as you can grade the levels of both difficulty and sensory input to the child. This in itself will insure competency and motivation to continue playing.