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Michelle A.

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Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPhone5

Description: I'm Textile Graphic Designer in the Apparel Industry and have written freelance Interior Design articles and Artist reviews for magazines over the past few years. I'm a Mother of two who blogs and writes children's books and Apps

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 0-2 - Can test apps with kids ages 3-5 - Can test apps with kids ages 6-10

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-12-19

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure [text]

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What I liked I liked the fact that this app includes three options; Read to me, Read and play, just a book. The ‘Just a Book’ option is great for quiet times when kids just don’t need any additional stimulation. The Read and play option is the most fun with highlighted words make it easy for beginning readers to follow along.The narration is well done in a clear, engaging voice. The bright illustrations, animations and touch interactions move the story along in an interesting way that will hold the attention of the youngest users. As a parent the educational extras within this app appeal to me.
Improvements Overall I thought that this this app was very well thought out with a fun story and many activities to entertain younger children. In future versions I would like to see less extra activities and a longer storyline. The story is a fun one and my child enjoyed it but also found it to be very short.
General review This App is well made and it not only passed my MOM test, it also passed my kid test too, he loved the forkity forklift action and using the firehose. Throughout this story children are challenged to help and become a part of the story through touch interactivity and sound. With fire engines, spaghetti and flying meatballs, this app is a sure winner in my book.