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Declyn l.

Status: Reviewer

Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2- iPad3- iPhone3GS- iPhone4

Description: I am well educated in the English language, it being my native language, and I possess an extensive knowledge of the English vocabulary. I have been reviewing games for about three years now. I also have experience in programing and app creation. I also take a lot of pride in my work and provide the best possible feed back. I also teach kids music.

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 6-10 - Can test apps with kids ages over 10 - Educational Technology specialist - Gamer

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-10-29

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Her/His app reviews

Math Summoner [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked The aspects that I really enjoyed about the application were that fact that it took a whole new approach on mathematics and made the subject interesting.Combining mathematics with magic and wizardry was absolutely genius. The different concepts that where used to create a game this compelling must of been phenomenal! The game also has a long life span and will keep you going for days!
Improvements Here is the list I have compiled:

1) Perhaps a different background so that the sum producing flowers ,which contain "MANA," are not just floating in mid air.
2) The dinosaur ,in the bottom left hand corner, should be a wizard.
3) There should be power up's for completing a certain amount of challenges or even through an "in-app" purchase center.
4) In my opinion there are too many clashing colors , may I suggest a more magical color scheme using blues and yellows instead of a whole barrage of different colors.
General review This game is a perfect way to reawaken those mathematical question solving neural receptors in your brain! Struggling in mathematics? Take the first step ,in the right direction, to fixing that problem by purchasing this app! Never again think of maths as a "boring" subject again! This application will completely change your perspective of maths and shall enrich your mathematical ability in a fun and creative way!