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Lisa W.

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iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2- iPhone5

Description: I'm a mother of 5 children, all with different special needs. I am an occupational therapist for a large metropolitan school district. I am also the Assistive Technology Coordinator for the district that I work in. I constantly am searching for apps that are meaningful, engaging & educational.

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MyCQs v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I like that I can crate a variety of multiple choice quizzes for those attending class. I can use this app to do a quick poll or have the audience, or pre-test knowledge of a topic before I speak. Also, just for fun, I can set up quizzes for my friends and post them on Facebook. I particularly like that the quiz developer can offer a reason as to why a particular answer is correct.
Improvements I really like this app as is, however, two additional features that might be nice are: a text to speech feature for reading questions and answers and a time feature that only allows a certain amount of time for the quiz to be complete. Those are two features that could help in a variety of settings.
General review Overall, I really like this app. I can see multiple academic and professional uses of this app, as well as just for fun options. It could get a bit expensive if one chose to take multiple tests made by others, but overall, it is still affordable. Great quiz making app!

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle! v1.2 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I love the fact that one can change the number of puzzle pieces from 4 to 144! I work with students that are 3 years old to 22 years old and this flexibility will help me grade the app accordingly. Also, the graphics are cute and will be of interest to all ages. I also like the other features that let me differentiate the activity, such as turning off/on the background picture when completing the puzzle and turning off/on the sound. Once the puzzle is complete, instant positive feedback is given. The email puzzle feature is nice as well. I like that there are 20 pictures to choose from!
Improvements When the puzzle is complete, I think it should read "Congratulations" (rather than congratulation) and perhaps a few other positive phrases. To help me track student progress, if the send an email included the number of pieces and time it took to complete the puzzle, it would be helpful.
General review This is a delightful and colorful farm animal puzzle app. My children ages 2-8 could easily manipulate the puzzle pieces to get them in the correct place. The students I work with found it to be delightful as well. This will fit in well as an added activity when the preschoolers are learning about farm animals next fall. The options are very customizable. It's a great app to work on fine motor and visual motor skills.

SirMania - Play & Learn v1.1 [text] [video]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I loved the the graphics, the interactive games, and the positive reinforcement offered to the user at the start. My children, ages 3, 6, and 7 loved mastering each level. The digital voice was well liked by my children. The tasks were set up to allow kids to succeed. They got faster each time they played the game, which has been over 10 times, since they have unlocked the bonus memory game now. Visual scanning, counting, colors, early reading, cause effect, and memory are a few skills that this app addresses. I can choose to go through all levels in the game or specific ones.
Improvements I would like to see:
An exit button at each level
A way to turn off the fart noises and pooping birds when I use this with students
Additional puzzles
The ability to add increased contract in the white weasel picture, so that students can find the weasel more easily

General review Overall, I really like this app for both my own children the students I work with in therapy in school. It specifically would help with early reading, counting, matching, memory, fine moor coordination, visual scanning and the visual discrimination. The verbal prompts and reinforcers are especially helpful for the students i work with. I would recommend this app to others who have or work with children preschool to kindergarten age.
First 5 minutes video review
Video review once the app was mastered

Playground HD3 - ABC Edition v1.2.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I like that there are multiple activities that involve letter recognition, letter sounds, and writing letters to engage young learners! When you buy this app, it's like getting 6 apps for the price of one. The graphics are engaging and likeable to young children. At a basic level this app teaches a variety of letter skills in multiple languages (Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish) that are important to early literacy. I love that one can choose to hear the letter name or initial sound, touch the animal to hear the letter in the word, and the "Write" section and timer!
Improvements I would like to see the following improvements made:
1. Letter formation- Capital print E should have line 2 at the top, 3 middle, 4 bottom
2.Practice and Write-Print lowercase a, most cursive uppercase, f-p-r lowercase cursive letters are not close enough for me to offer to practice for my students
3. Letter sounds-some are not correct according to phonetic standards such as i, g, o, u, z
General review This is a delightful app for young learners who want to learn about letters. My preschoolers and kindergartners found this app to be engaging. This app includes 6 different exercises to promote alphabet learning including flashcards, practice, writing, assigning (matching and sequencing), pairs, and words. It was created by a non-educator and states that in the App Store description, so keeping that in mind, it is a very nice app.

Present A Choice [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked This is such an easy and simple app to use! This app can be customized quickly by a parent, teacher, therapist, or another adult looking to give a child options beyond yes and no. It is so easy to customize the choices and options that are given to the child and then quickly capture a picture of the actual choice item. This is a choice board that is quick, easy and portable, which is an awesome concept.
Improvements I would like to see additional stock photos of common choices that children make such as what to eat, drink, what to play with or on, to take a nap, or which sensory item they need to fulfill their sensory needs. I would also like a grid presentation of the choices (2-4 choices on the screen all at once) rather than having to scroll to see all the options. Lastly, it would be wonderful to have a voice recording of the name of the choice to go with the pictures.
General review This is a great app for developing custom 2, 3 or 4 choice options for children. It is anywhere you take your iPhone, iPod or iPad, which is necessary for parents and health professionals who work with young children and adults who cannot speak or need to communicate by pictures only. Overall, I like this app and all of the possibilities it has for use as a parent of children with special needs and my work as an occupational therapist!


Link to the App Store

What I liked I liked the intuitive prompts with the sparkling lights or flashing arrow. It was easy for my children to know what came next. I liked how the text was highlighted and read as Missy moved scene to scene. The narration is a cute child's voice. I liked that the passages in the app rhymed.
Improvements I would like the time between scenes to decrease for there to be a way to advance or skip to the next store. I would like the check list to be read off as it is checked. My girls could not read the items on the list. Lastly, I would like for the home button next to the arrow to take you to some options such as stopping the background music, limiting how many choices the child picks for Missy, and perhaps a way to restart in the middle of the app.
General review My 2, 3, and 6 year old girls loved this app! They have a new favorite game/interactive story book. The entire book is narrated by a child. It is full of fun rhymes. They enjoyed picking different choices of clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for Missy each time they played the app. They took screen shots of Missy's outfits. The interactive feature of allowing Missy to dance and move across the screen was a favorite activity of my girls. Cute app!

Fire Station 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked Being a family full of fire and EMS personnel, my younger kids (2-6) really enjoyed this app. We also used this app to pre-teach some of the basics prior to the fire trucks and firefighters coming to visit us. They liked the videos of the firehouse, firetruck/engine, interview of firefighter, bakery, paramedic, and ambulance. The videos were like a virtual field trip.
Improvements I'm not sure what the bakery has to do with this app, so it could be removed. There could be some vocabulary teaching, review questions and perhaps a way to make the names of each item (firehouse, ambulance, firetruck, etc.) in the scene when selected to be read aloud for young children who can't read.
General review My students and children found the videos interesting and watched them on their own repeatedly. It was like a virtual field trip to places in the neighborhood. They liked the interactive items along the street as well (birds, fire hydrants, etc.) This app could be used by teachers to show students what a firehouse, fire truck, and ambulance looks like, as well as teach them about the professions of medic and firefighter.

Wubbzy's Animal Coloring Book [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked Best features:
The 16 coloring pages, plus one blank page to make their own drawing using stickers
The multiple ways to color the pages (painting, drawing, chalk, spray paint, and paint)
They loved the colorful stickers and added them to almost every page they created
They were proud of their work and save pictures on our camera roll
I particularly liked that when they colored, they were able to stay in the lines, but also add different colors to the same character
The app can be used by my youngest children because it does not require much instruction
I like the pic zoom in/zoom out feature
Improvements In a future version, some auditory feedback when coloring, like when coloring on paper, would be nice. Along that same line, some auditory feedback/sound played when a sticker is dragged and placed would be nice. Offering some patterns to color with or levels of shading on a future version would be a fun option.
General review My kids loved this app! Wubbzy is a family favorite and this app is another one in a a great line of apps. My 3 and 4 year old particularly liked coloring pages and taking pictures of their work for me to view later. Children with differing abilities of fine motor and visual perceptual skills can use this app to create masterpieces because of the different choices of writing instruments and the zoom feature. Great coloring app!

The Miracles of Jesus [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked This app is a storybook that tells about Jesus and some of the miracles he performed. It was written at a level easy for my young children to understand and read on their own. I really liked that one can chose many options from the main menu. One can choose the early reader version or more advanced level of book. One can choose multiple from of reading the story: reading it on your own, having it read to you, or reading it on your own, allowing text to speech on words selected. Also, the activities included are entertaining and help reinforce learning. Excellent Biblical storybook!
Improvements In the next version, I would like to see a way to interact with some of the illustrations. Also, highlighting the words on the Family chat page as the questions are read aloud would be a nice feature. Noting the biblical scripture reference somewhere in the book would be helpful in order to integrate the story in the Sunday school class.
General review This entertainig and educational app offers different accessibility options. The text to speech feature ensures every word will be read to your child, even if they cannot read the word him/herself. While reading to him/herself, when he/she finds an unknown word, he/she can press the word and it will be read aloud. The stories are aligned with many of the Biblical miracle stories, using common, child friendly vocabulary.