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Jose F.

Status: Beta reviewer

Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad3- iPhone5- iPod4G

Description: I am an elementary school teacher that is hooked on exploring and finding new apps with which to engage my students. I work with fourth grade students, but also have a strong interest in photography. Since most of the apps I use are for work and/or to aid in my productivity, those are the types of apps I prefer to work with and review.

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Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-10-03

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Her/His app reviews

Playground HD2 - Smart Kids Edition v2.0.0 [text]

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What I liked I like the games and the variety of the games. The two player aspect adds to the variety and options of game play available. I also really enjoyed the complexity of the games as those helped make the games a lot more interesting for my more advanced students who were really challenged by the Mills and Mastermind games. I also really liked the timed option, which gives adults control over how long the child plays.
Improvements I really enjoyed the game but would have liked to have had more options for some of the characters. I guess I just felt cheated because I really liked how the robot's character looked for games like TacTacToe and Connect Four, which I get it, it's the computer, but I just found that character really cool and would have liked to have had the option to play as the robot. But really it wasn't anything that deterred my students or me from playing any of the games.
General review It's a nice game with a bit of a twist on some classics like TicTacToe and Connect Four. The characters are very cute and playful, and therefor give the games an air of innocence. There is a great option for parents and teachers to time how long the child is allowed to play. The best thing is that the difficulty level varies tremendously making it apt for a variety of children and learners. Mills and Mastermind are great games even for adults.

Simplex Spelling Phonics - Advanced Phonograms [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked The challenging level of the words in this version maintained my higher level fourth students engaged. I like the ability to be able to reset scores and start lists over. Being able to add a number of students helps teacher allow a number of students to utilize the app without deleting each student's data after each use. The blending function that is part of the "Hint" is very useful.
Improvements I like the purple color of the background, but can't help but think that it is a bit too dark for an app on a screen. The ability to be able to add one's own words would also be very helpful for teacher to create their own lists of specific words for students in their classrooms.
General review This is a great challenging spelling app for gifted or older students. There are 52 quizzes. Each one gives a mini-lesson for spelling goal, along with the word in a sentence. The words are broken up into spelling and there is a blending function as part of the "Hint". It could be a bit more colorful but overall it's a great spelling app in particular for gifted students.

Legend of Fat Ninja [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked The title is hilarious. I liked the graphics and the story line behind the game. My fourth students that I showed this app too also liked the storyline and characters. The game play also appealed to them in that it was reminiscent of Angry Birds, which almost all were already familiar with. The ninja aspect along with the story line of competing chefs made the game new and different enough for it to be more than an Angry Birds knock off.
Improvements I was using the iPad3 and the game freezes when I attempt to replay or exit the game. The screen simply goes black. I have to exit to the main screen and then exit the game completely to restart the game.
I would also like to see the game reduced in difficulty for the first level. Maybe, I am just no good at these types of games, but I couldn't get past the first level. I had a few of my students try and neither could they. One of them is an Angry Birds fanatic, and he found the first level too difficult. It'd be nice if there was a level added for those of us that are more casual gamers.
General review This is a pretty fun game with an interesting and quirky little story line. The game play is very similar to Angry Birds, and in that sense it's pretty intuitive as to how to play. I found it a bit difficult to handle at first as it requires you to do a bit more than Angry Birds. My students and I found it challenging and fun to play.

Kirin Wars [text]

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What I liked The storyline is extremely in-depth with tons of information about the characters and the world in which they inhabit and battle. The game-play reminds me of games of my youth like Shining Force, but with improved graphics. I liked the ability to be able to select my team from the beginning of the game. It is an easy game to learn to play, but becomes much more interesting because of the strategy involved to play.
Improvements The game kept crashing and exiting the program after playing for a bit during the first level. What was most frustrating was that I was actually getting the hang of the game and then without warning I'd be exited out. When I reenter the game, I can load the same game, but have to start the battle from the beginning.
Maybe I missed it, but it wasn't clear to me during my first battle what the whole "Tap to Assign" was meant for until my second attempt that I realized that I was supposed to hire guardsmen or archers for the campaign, so maybe just a small help or info button at that point.
General review Very cool looking game with a highly in-depth story and tons of background information on the characters and world in which one is about to engage in battle. After extended game play, the game freezes and exits the program. Aside from that glitch, the game moves by quickly and extremely smoothly without a lot of dragging for the CPU to make its moves.