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Holly A.

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iDevices she/he owns: iPad1- iPad2- iPad3- iPhone5- iPod4G

Description: I am a 2nd grade teacher teaching in rural, Northern California. I have enjoyed the movement in technology, having brought in four iPads into my classroom. I use apps daily to review phonics, math skills, reading and much more. I am very interested in seeing educational apps take Common Core Standards into consideration when they are developed.

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Math Summoner [text]

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What I liked I like the app as it practices math facts in an engaging way. The user chooses which numbers to use for the facts practice. I like when the user has a choice when playing the games, especially when it comes time to practicing difficult math problems. This allows for the user to feel successful as they have some choices. I also like that the game ties in using geometrical shapes and the user has manipulate the shapes to show the two shapes are the same. I like that the app gives feedback for the user in a graph so the user gets a report card of his/ her work.
Improvements I would like to see the app allow a class to be able to use the app via the same tablet device. I teach first graders and would like to be able to purchase a "license" so all my students could use the app. I would like to see more background graphics. The blue background can seem not as motivating when looking at it game after game. Maybe it could be changed so it could pictured at different times of the day? Screen, character, icon, etc... changes within a game can be very motivating for the user as the user wants to see the new and engaging backgrounds.
General review I liked the app. I like that the user practices basic facts, quickly. I love that the app has feedback. Most apps just use skill building as a way to play a game but there never is any accountability. The user, a young child, would be more than playing a game. As a teacher I would be able to monitor my students progress via the reports generated by the app.

Lulu in the Amazon [text]

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What I liked I like that this app has great graphics and provides great content. The app is easy to navigate. I like that the app teaches the user about a different language, continent and culture. The app is very engaging and easy to use. For those who use the app and cannot read independently, the read to me feature is a wonderful bonus to go along with the book. The games are fun.
Improvements As a teacher, I always like to see that kids are applying what they are learning, not just interacting with the app. The content is a little more advanced, so having a question/ answer/ report card would be an added benefit. I like how engaging the app is, but if I were to purchase it for my classroom, I would like more feedback from the app once the user is done with it. This way I know the kids aren't just playing with the cool graphics and are attending to the content. As a mom, the app is great for pleasure reading.
General review I think the app is very colorful and engaging. I think the content is engaging. I cannot, though, see many kids choosing to read story on the Amazon. When I orginally looked at the app, I thought I could navigate the globe and visit diifferent continents. If there were more choices of places to visit, I think this app would attract more users

Fuzzy Little Caterpillar [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I had a few of my first grade students try out this app. It was user friendly and engaging.My students loved the science content that was introduced. They loved the catepillar and enjoyed seeing him transform to a coccon into a butterfly. It was very kid friendly and the language was easy for a first grader to follow. The music content was a great introduction to musical terms. It is a great app that ties in two very popular subjects, science and music.
Improvements I like the app just like it is. The only changes I'd like to see it to add more music to the app so students can practice their music skills with different songs. Kids tend to memorize patterns, so in order to see if they understand what they are learning, having them apply their new skills to different songs would be a great way for the kids to practice their new vocabulary and skills, and it would allow the adult/teacher a quick assessment. As a teacher, I would like some way to assess if the kids understood the science content. Maybe a little, fun quiz at the end of the science lesson?
General review I really liked this app. The developer did a wonderful job of pairing the two of music and science in an engaging and educational way. I had my first graders try out the app. They were very intrigued by the science content. There was a lot of learning happening. The presentation of the science material was done at an appropriate level so learning was maximized. The music content was simple and a great introduction to music.

Math Mathews 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked What a great way to practice multiplication facts though an adventure. The app was fast moving, engaging, visually pleasing and academic. Practicing rote facts can be tedious but this is a fun way to practice a basic skill. I also liked that the app had a story, an adventurous way to play a game to practice a skill and a report card.
Improvements I really liked the app. The only thing I can think to add as an improvement is for addition, subtraction and division problems to be added to the app. I would also like to see the coins cashed in for loot, no pun intended. It would be fun to let the user purchase a ship and put treasures, etc... with the earned coins on the ship as a reward.
General review I thought this app was great. I felt is held the attention of the user. The story, as told by the pirate, was cheeky and entertaining, perfect for third through fifth graders. As a teacher and parent, I loved the reportcard. I like to see feedback and I know children like to see their growth as well.

Wubbzy The Superhero [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked Who doesn't love Wubbzy? Wubbzy is a ver popular character with preschoolers and for kids at the beginning of kindergarten. I love that the app has a story, games, and videos all wrapped into one app. I like when apps offer a lot of different activities such as this one does. It is well worth the price off the app when there is more to do with the app than just read the story.
Improvements I didn't see much I would change. As a teacher and mother, I would like to see more skills practiced in game format. As a teacher, I always like to get feedback in the form of a reportcard for the user. This helps me keep track of the skills a student has mastered.
General review I really liked this app for younger children. The story was very engaging. The games were colorful and very academic which would appeal to both preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, homeschoolers and parents of young children. The videos we engaging as well. Overall I think this app was well the purchase.

Money Math: Counting Coins [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked This is one of the best apps I have seen. I loved the historical content as well as the multiple ways to practice counting money, identifying money, adding and subtracting coins, and learning about the facts of the coins. The app was colorful and very engaging. I also loved the report card.
Improvements There really isn't much I would change. As a teacher, the app offers a lot of different ways to practice counting and adding money and making change. As a teacher, I would love to be able to add a classroom report so I could see at a glance the overall concepts my class own the whole needs to practice.
General review Like I said before, I love this apps and think it is one of the best. I will be teaching 2nd grade this year and will use it with all of my students. This app offers great content, great practice, a report card and rewards for the users. Most apps don't offer all four of these categories which are my criteria for a great app.

Good Night Wubbzy Bedtime Counting [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I love that Wubbzy, a popular character, the main character in the app. It will make practicing skill based activities more enticing for a young child. I liked that educational content, the different ways to receive information, via a book, video or game, and I loved the Common Core tie in.
Improvements I didn't really see much to change with this app. Navigating the app was easy. As a teacher, I loved the tie in to the Common Core Standards. If I had something to add, as an educator, I would like a report card or an assessment at the end of playing the games and reading the text. It would allow me to track my child or students' progress.
General review I thought the app was very engaging. I love the read along version of the app. It allows emerging readers to track along with the story. I thought the games were educational and entertaining. The graphics were colorful and navigating the app was simple. The concepts, teeth brushing and telling time, are great concepts to reinforce in a fun app in a fun way. Overall,this app is excellent and I would recommend it to any PK-1st grade age child.

Spellyfish - Short A Words (v1.0.0) [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I thought the graphics and colors were engaging. The character was fun to listen to and look at. I like the constant reinforcement of the cvc word patterns. I liked that this app focused on one letter sound, the short a. The tutorial at the beginning of the app was helpful for little children trying to learn how to navigate a website and keyboard.
Improvements One thing I did like was the in depth practice on the short vowel a. With that being said, I would have liked to see the same amount of tasks offered for all the short vowels. It seemed like it wouldn't take the user a long time to finish the activities and be fully done with the app.
General review I think the app was colorful and engaging. I would recommend this for a K-1 classroom. I liked the "report card" offered. The review at the end of the practice session was a nice way to see if students grasp the concepts. I think the price for the app is reasonable but would like to have all vowels to practice. I give the content of the app a good score but rated the app down because it has only the one letter to practice.

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity (v1.0.1) [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I loved everything about this app. It was engaging, had great content and provided a wealth of activities. I particularly liked the experiments the student can do. As a teacher, I feel this app is a perfect addition to our classroom science resources.
Improvements With an app so rich, I don't really see anything I'd change. If I have to answer this question, I would like a way to get feedback on my students' learning after they have used the app. A quiz on the content introduced in the app would be perfect. Along with that, if a quiz and feedback option were available, I would like to be able to let multiple users use the app so I could run a full class report.
General review As I said before, I really love this app. It is age appropriate (for the advertised age). The content is appropriate and engaging. I plan on using this app in my classroom and would like to use the videos demonstrations/experiments at a center for our science night.