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Nathalie C.

Status: Beta reviewer

Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2- iPhone4S

Description: I'm a digital publishing consultant involved in apps for kids conception and improvment. I run an app review website, www.declickids.fr. I'm also a mother of 2 kids, the eldest one, Ulysse, helping me out with reviews. My secret plan is to make app's world better for kids all over the world, on app at a time (and your's is next !) ;)

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 0-2 - Can test apps with kids ages 3-5 - Can test apps with kids ages 6-10 - Gamer

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-09-27

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Puss in Boots : Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The text is well crafted and nicely narrated (voice is neat, slow enough, and well balanced)
> The 3D effect work well and kids like it.
> Mini games work well and are quite well integrated to the story.
> The characters wheel at the end of the story is a nice idea.
Improvements > The UI is kind of sad, with false wood in the background
> Graphism is a little bit sad too (colors are not vivid, characters are not very joyful)
> The music isn't very appealing, in my opinion.
> 3D effects are cool and work well, but are sometimes not mastered well enough : texture is sometimes visible (the book texture for instance is not well crafted)
General review The way this story is told looks a lot like what StoryToys or GeneraKids are doing (see for instance their Rapunzel or Wizard of Oz stories), but in a less colorful way, and with a quite long text. Long text is good because it helps build litteracy in a better way, but less interactive and less colorful pages mean that the result might be less appealing to kids.

MyCQs v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked I liked the concept very much, and I think this has great potential.
I liked the idea of sharing tests with friends (although I think this should extend to "friends" made in the MyCQ network). I think that the real great trick here is the "challenge friends" vision rather than "cram for your exams" vision.
Improvements I'd like to see a better designed homescreen. I think it would be better if you designed the first interactions on your app on separate screens, with less croudy screens, to help the process and better guide your user during first interactions. Here the sidebar is not that bad, but it's not guided and clear enough. There is a lot of text. Many people could just drop here, on the first screen.
Another example of UI and ergonomics issues : on second step you ask to click on the + button, but the UI is so crowdy it took me a whole minute to find it. From an ergonomics pov, place isn't logical.
General review It's really a great app with tons of potential but I think you might consider a complete ergonomics review. Other examples : categories for tests have no suggestions, Add question is listed under "options", and after score results, etc.
Last, but not least. Are you QTI compatible? If yes, great, because content created by your users might be compatible with content created by e-learning companies and school and university.

Animal Farm 3 in 1 - YogiPlay / v 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Graphism of the application, especially animal characters, were greatly appreciated by the 2 kids (aged 3 and 4) I tested the app with. I think the neat forms and vivid colors are appealing for them. They also liked the sounds very much.
> The Memory game is interesting because it has many levels to adapt to any kid.
Improvements > I would have liked that the parents / yogiplay and info areas were protected for parent use only.
> As a parent, I disliked that my kid's experiment of the game is interrupted by pop-up offering to subscribe to a newsletter
> I couldn't personalize the name of my kid in the memory game
> In the sticker game, items are hard to grab for little and young fingers, as you have to hold for a second.
General review 10 animals, a very small sticker area with not many possibilities (space is scarce there, and stickers are big and can't be made smaller (they can't be made bigger either), and a not so special memory game. This application is solid, very well done, with strong abilities and it shows, but the content might not be special enough to be remarked amongst the tons of farm animals apps already available.

Cinderella : 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I like the fact that the original story was kept, with no variation nor alteration of any kind.
> I liked the audio narration, with a quiet tone and pace (even if tone could be a liitle more enthousiastic).
> Kids do love these sort of 3D interactive mini games : these ones work well enough to keep kids entertained for a while (even if younger ones tend to skip the text).
Improvements > The second page looks as if the kid could write his / her own name, but it's not the case.
> From the inside pages of the app, I didn't find any mean to come back to the content index (only the home).
> I'd like to see a button where I could half mute the music (it's too loud)
> I'd like to see brighther colors and characters.
General review There are so many Cinderella on the AppStore, including for example the 3D version from Nosy Crow or the more-or-less real 3D effect one from Chillingo, that it is, for sure,, very hard to stand out. The strengh of yours is a more litterate text, so maybe it might be good to be appealing to elder kids too (aged 6-8 for example), with a side activity, for example ?

Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The story is very nice, long enough for not-so-small kids, but not too much long either.
> There is a lot of suspense in the story ans this is a very good thing for reluctant readers, who will be willing to keep on reading.
> I liked the colorful graphics, that sustain the story very well.
Improvements > I'd like to see more interaction between Kai and Kate through times.
> I'd like to see more history information and references melted into the story.
> I'd like to see the storyline really change over time (rather than only be reordered).
> I'd like the last memory challenge to be a little bit easier so that kids don't drop at once :-)
General review I loved the adventure atmosphere in this story (even more than in the first Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island). I also loved the treasure chest and keys ideas very much (and so did my kid). My 10 years old even thinks this one is better than the first one.

Wubbzy's Space Adventure [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the simple and childish graphics.
> I liked the 3 options to read the "book"
> I liked the neat and cheerful narration, the highlighted words and the light background soundtrack
> I liked the feature : "read the word being touched"!
> I liked some games and interactions because they are well inegrated in the story.
> I liked to options section that let you regulate music, sounds and voices as you wish.
Improvements > I'd like to see less splash screens before main screen.
> I would appreciate if links to other apps in AppStore were protected.
> I would appreciate if links to social networks were protected in a "parents" area
> It's often the case in bookapps, but elements shake and dance a little bit too much in my opinion.
General review This story should appeal to young kids and be well appreciated. It has got all the characteristics appreciated by young ones. I discovered the videos at the end of the discovery session and this was a hit. Might be nice to integrate them in the story, as done for games?

Magikid Circus v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the UI very much (pulling effect), even if it was difficult to understand / master at the beginning.
> I liked the way the puppet characters move on the scene, as if they were really actionned through strings, from above.
> I liked the sharing ability of the app, and the idea of featuring creations from kids all over the world.
Improvements > Even if I liked the UI, I definitely think it is far too much complicated to master. There are a lot of menus, different options you may use, and it's not very easy to understand what does what.
> Especially, the two different play modes, featured by a circus and a play button, are completely opaque at first.
> Even when you choose English for the UI, there are still few chinese words here and there.
> I'd like to see characters having more "features" For instance, in the Canadian scene, characters have a leaf, a ball, a gift and that's all. It seems not much to interact with.
General review Because all featured samples or in Chinese, it was hard to figure out what could be done with the app. > maybe you might envisage to add a sample in English?
Also, the "do it yourself" part of the app is not very appealing with the basic version, because you have to pay for an extension before you have enough material to be able to create a scene that is different from the basic circus. This is a little bit frustrating.

Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I appreciated how simple it was. My 22 months could easily play with it.
> I appreciated that there was NO links to AppStore, but as I'm grown up and can read, I had the information that there was other apps available (so it works, no need for links !)
Improvements > Even if you advertise for 3000 possible choices for pony, the feeling is that there are quite few possibilities.
> Costumes are not funny or wild enough for kids older than 4, who would probably appreciate more freedom.
> I tested with a 4 years old who found the app repetitive and quickly boring, with not enough different things to do.
General review This is a nice and well designed digital toy, with a lot of good qualities, including good ergonomics, good design, no links, etc. The thematics, close to horses, should be esp. appealing to young girls. But I think there is not enough freedom and features to keep kids entertained for more than a few minutes.

Meet the Insects: Forest Edition [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > the way the explanation is conducted is really really great : animated drawings + voice over + text ! Great.
> the way the insects are shown in the "see insects" section is really great : night/day environment, pictures, videos, explanations, fun facts: nothing is lacking. Great!
> I also liked the multimedia corner gathering all photos and videos for easier usage
> I'm fond of the "magnifier" section, where you can order all insects (and discover that there are more to come)
> I liked the observation journal section, to encourage kids make their own observations
Improvements > I would have liked have more control over each part of the explanation. To be able to pause first, but also to re-listen 10 last seconds without having to listen all over again.
> I would have like to be able to navigate more easily between orders in the "see insects" section
> Your app is so rich I think it deserves an intro section, to help kids (and parents) grab it all and understand the many possibilities. There might be people not understanding, for instance, why bees or grasshopers are lacking this particuliar app.
> I'd love to see a search box
General review This is a great great great app, packed with explanations, photos, videos and so much elements. In my opinion it's only really lacking a good intro section, to set expactations and avoid misunderstanding (no bees?!! like question). This is really great.

Jolly Jingle 1.1 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The spirit of Christmas quite well conveyed by the app.
> The little interactive elements spread everywhere in the app (quite nice, and pleases kids)
> The 4 different choices of ways to listen to each of the four songs (interesting, indeed)
Improvements > I thinks graphics and colors could be "crisper" .
> I'd like to see texte highlighted, especially during the intrumental option with lyrics, which can easily be used a a karaoke option.
> I think you might be willing to introduce an easier shortcut button to karaoke options.
> You might want to improve the ergonomics. It took time for my kids to understand you could change songs by taping the main character
General review Overall this is a great christmas app, with great spirit for holy time. Of course, after 3 hours of testing, all these nice and beautiful songs might stay stuck in any head :) I'd change the navigation for songs, to prevent people from thinking there is only one.

Playground HD2 - Smart Kids Edition v2.0.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The games are all nice and clean and work well. They can interest kids of different ages.
> The "hold" protection to prevent little fingers to go into the parameters page is a nice feature.
> Some games are playable by 2 players and this is very nice.
Improvements > Bug ? Parameters page is empty and crashes the app.
> Options (vs computer or vs partner) are not clearly enough offered
> Please note, as a side note, that the way you displayed the dots on tiles might not be the way some teachers will prefer to show dots. Most of them prefer to show dots from 1 to 6 as shown on dice.
General review Playgroud HD2 is an application with lot of potential, that need to correct some (few) bugs. Might be good also to add some introductory tutorial section for all games, for kids to understand what is is all about. And maybe to create an "easy" level for the last (and very difficult) game. As a side note, I can also tell you that I also tested the French version, and the French text is quite bad everywhere :-)

Wubbzy's Train Adventure [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The 3 different options offered on the homepage
> The text highlighting
> The option to have only one word on touch
> The options to control music, sounds and voice
> The information option (I really love this one)
> The many bonus : games, videos, etc
> The mini interactivities
> The tunnel !! This one is very very good
Improvements > The music behind is festive but quickly difficult to hear (for parents) and it's really good that you included options to control it.
> The train is sometimes very easy, and sometimes very hard to drag on the track.
> Some interactivities are very often not necessary (character jumps for instance), and sometimes seem unachieved (train being unhooked for instance)
General review Overall this is a very joyful book, that needs to be opened with music less loud that it is by default. Kids should appreciate story, interactivities and mini games included. They might also laugh at the end (the idea of pushing the "if nothing else work, push this button"), that is fun for kids but might also look unachieved to adults.

Bo's Matching Game V1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The music,
> The discretion of the parents corner, quite well hidden
> The ad on the homescreen with no link to appstore.
> The Lulu matching game : very simple, but great for younger kids : you choose one, you try to find the same. May be a scoring or any incentive might be a great addition, though?
Improvements > I'd like to see the parents corner protected from taps, even if it is kind of hidden.
> I'd like to see a more ergonomic homescreen and navigation.
> Bug ? Sometimes, the sound stops working.
> Style of drawings is not always the same (look at the frying pan for instance).
> The navigation is not very intuitive at first, especially for younger kids, I'd improve it
> The game can be slow sometimes.
General review This game is a great addition to Bo's collection of stories. It's a great collection of memory matching games, with a very nice talking addition, that is great to learn new words (or words in english for non english speakers). Maybe this game could be improved by better navigation.

Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The 3 different options of reading, for different kind of needs around story time.
> The "night" time interactivities (switching on/off lights)
> The "santa's sleigh ride" game
> The "wuzzle-Tree Dress-Up game
> The tone and the rythme of the story
> The grown-up's corner
Improvements > I'd like to see less "jumping and bouncing" interactivities, and may be also less interactivities that don't convey a meaning
> I'd like the marketing page to be less appealing and less easy to click on.
> I'd like to see difficulty levels for games to be better adapted to kids of different ages
General review Another addition to the great Wubbzy's collection, "The Night before Christmas" is also a nice tribute to the well known short story (even if it could be closer to the original). Kids will enjoy the joyful text and animations, but will also discover games and videos..

Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story V1.2 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked that the parents section is protected from little fingers by a long press (thanks)
> I like the manu settings available (no music menu, different English accents, control over narration and sound effects.
> I liked the learning notes.
> I like the simple forms and great vivid colors.
> I liked the interactivities (and the way they show)
Improvements > Some interactivities seem a little bit slow (paddle for instance).
> Sometimes, when ou select too quickly a character afer one has already been selected, the sound cuts in a not nicely way (try to tap the goat, and then, vey quicky, the cat, for one example).
> The storyline could be stronger.
> The educational content could be stronger, or more focused.
General review Overall, Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? is a nice interactive story for very very young kids. Biggest improvment would be to choose between a strongest storyline or more educational content, but as it is now, it's already a little story kids should enjoy.

Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs vers 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > A Christmas karaoke is always a pleasant activity and this app seems to have a great selection of Christmas songs.
> I liked to have some context and explanation around songs : this is great to read and share. This would have been good to have the explantation on the song screen too.
Improvements > The user interface could be more fuun and exciting. The display is kind of too much like a piece of paper with songs titles on it, and it's not very exciting.
> Some happy and nice graphics could also get a more appealing look at the app.
> These remarks apply also to the song screens. Why is this blocked in vertical position? Why featuring an old TV to show karaoke video?
> During the song itself, the vertical position is a big issue : we couldn't have the iPad held by smartcover, and we had to hold it!
> During the song, the controls are not "on" the TV screen, but far below.
> (...)
General review Overall this is a good app with great potential but tthat needs some tweaks (ergonomics, graphics, functional) to be perfect.

(...) > There is no "real" karaoke options (muting the singer and having only the intrumental). An exception to this is Happy Christmas (war is over) where we can't hear son song sung.
> One would expect the mail contact form to be in English.
> The credit page is almost empty, and text available is hiden by the banner.

Baby Learns Simple Objects 1.1 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the vivid, nice, bright and colorful characters. Very nice for young kids.
> I liked the voice over option. Very smart, very nice.
> I liked the discrete and double-tap protected parents zone.
> I liked that kids have the opportunity to choose between "learn" and "play"
> I liked the "color in" option
> I liked the "bebeka" world very much
Improvements > It's not really an improvement to make, but I know some kids don't like to use the iPad in vertical position.
> The game is quite quicky finished. A nice improvement would be to get some more levels and boards
> And that's it ! There are no big or small issue with this nice app!
General review Overall, Baby Learns simple objects is a very nice app for kids to explore daily objects, in four different environments : playground, farm, bedroom and kitchen. There could be more places to explore, but what is there is brighly colored and nicely craft. The option to record your own voice makes it double fun.

Creativium - Paper Theater [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > This is so cute ! Everything is nicely crafted and incredibly cute.
> I liked decorating the trees, moving the characters, decorating the castle, and shaking the device after.
> I liked that kids were over and over trying to organize a scene, and trying to tell a story with it.
Improvements > It's very hard to understand what to do at the beginning, with no clue at all nowhere. Why are there photos? Why do I have the impression that another world may be coming but is not there yet? What am I supposed to do exactly?
> Some kids don't need UI clues to explore, but some others benefit from "first use" help of some kind.
General review All in all, Creativium is a super cute environmement, wonderful to create little scene and play with them. Somewhat limited for now (few characters, few backgrounds, not much action to perform) it will probably improve quite a lot in the near future.

Tomo Garage 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the musical environment
> I liked that you can control the language, music, spelling, and even reset the game.
> I liked that it seems that the garage is carefuly built meanwhile.
> I liked the great number and diversity of words offered.
Improvements > At first, the app seems very cryptic. What am I supposed to do?? A clue of some sort would be very welcome !
> The music is far too loud compared to the voice.
> Not sure I completely understand the point in choosing the right letters out of a board to form a word. It is a vocabulary builder game? A "first letters / first words" game ? What is the incentive?
General review A letter game where you need to form words by choosing the right letters out of a board, with some puzzle game combined with it, since you unlock words one at a time. Interesting, but maybe not enough focused and with not enough incentive (the activity itself is quicly boring)

What's Faster LITE Cars- Ultimate Trivia & Puzzle Game [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The UI is nicely crafted
> The gameplay is nice and clear
> Player do discover an amazing diversity of unknown cars
> The photos are really great
Improvements > There are a lot of ads, even for a Lite version, and also because there is quite a lot of links that are just there to invite you to pay and pay more.
> The full version is not very expensive and could be educational (birds, animals). You could make a kids friendly one easily
> Do people get in-game research when they upgrade?
General review Certainly a great app when you're passionate with what is faster than what. In my opinion there could be a great educative subproduct with some sections of the app (eliminate all military material and advertisement). Seems like a great deal of research has been done, so it might be good to quote you main sources in credits.

Baby Phone [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The idea behind is nice : call animals pals and have a nursery song sung, with a way to interact during the song.
> Unfortunately the goal is not achieved in this version of the application, and it seems strange that buttons on the phone, during songs, look like fruits and sound like animals.
Improvements > From my opinion, you cannot give an app to a baby featuring adds. Moreover, these ads are completely inappropriate for a kid.
> Of course there is a "remove ads" option, but it doesn't sound enough from my point of view, because you "have" to remove hem before any kid can play the game
> Besides, this "remove ads" option is very expensive, compared to the price of many baby apps in the appstore
> UI is not very charming and graphics are very poor quality
General review A toy phone for kids with songs is a great idea.
But this app needs some improvements before it can compete with other apps of its kind on the appstore.
Looking forward to discussing the next version, then :-)

Meet the Insects: Village Edition (1.0.0) [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > the way the explanation is conducted is really really great : animated drawings + voice over + text ! Great.
> the way the insects are shown in the "see insects" section is really great : night/day environment, pictures, videos, explanations, fun facts: nothing is lacking. Great!
> I also liked the multimedia corner gathering all photos and videos for easier usage
> I'm fond of the "magnifier" section, where you can order all insects (and discover that there are more to come)
> I liked the observation journal section, to encourage kids make their own observations
Improvements > I love the bottom menu very much and think you should use it consistently everywhere in the app, including the homescreen.
> It would be better to get a real full screen experience
> (bug) the button to close multimedia element is still in korean
> It would be great to get a general introduction to the app, to understand more about Insects - Village Edition, and articulation with the Forest Edition.
> Navigation in "See Insects" section is slow and cumbersome
> There is no intro section, to understand what village insects refer to.
> There are no info about the geography of the species
General review This is a great great great app, packed with explanations, photos, videos and so much elements, perfect for kids aged 8+ and insects fans. I think also that it's lacking intro section, better navigation, geography info, maybe also more educational games.

PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles is a great shapes and puzzles app.
> I liked the gameplay : getting pieces not all at the same time, but in small packs, makes a great difference for younger kids or low attention span kids.
> I liked the fact that the vocabulary is given while playing.
> I liked the rewards, all different, for each completed puzzle
> I liked the hint that appear when kid get stuck
Improvements > The graphics could be better designed. They look like cliparts or computer designed graphics rather than true illustration.
> The app could engage players a little bit more by allowing a profile and a progress function (what has already been completed, what has not been explored yet)
General review This may be the biggest puzzle collection I've seen. As it's expensive, you might be willing to:
1/ display very explicitely how many boards / pieces / vocabulary words people will get
2/ explain (in appstore but maybe in your app too) that more boards will come soon and that the pack includes next boards to come
3/ market worldwide
4/ implement a profile function

Weather and Clock for Kids [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The app speaks to kids (days, temperature, etc) and this is great ! It could tell the location and the forecast for even more educational value.
> A lot of littles elements to discover and play with and this is really great too. The meals could be more locale but it's because it is aleady a great app, and kids always ask for more !
Improvements > When we choose another destination, it would be nice to see more clearly that we are not "home" anymore. The landscape outside could change, or the picto could be bigger.
> In the menu for other places in the world, pictos should be bigger.
> It would be great to be able to add other places in the world.
> It might be great to have the two clocks just next to the other
> The weather forecast should be spoken, to add vocabulary
> It would be nice to get some sort of representation of the week (in the forecast)
> It would be nice to add weather forecast within the same day
General review > It would be great to choose locations for weather on a map !
> My son wanted to be able to choose chlothes for the mouse
> A representation of some sort of the temperature on a thermometer would be great.

Overall a great app, with many things to discover, and great to talk about weather and temperature with kids.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The story is long and respects the story.
> The illustrations and images are interesting. They convey a great atmosphere to the story.
> Sometimes there are some games with typography, enhancing the meaning of a sentence.
> The effects and colors aroung the genius are quite nice
Improvements > The story lacks many visual marks to help young (and not so young) readers to go through.
> There is no narration. No human narration, but no way to get voice over either. And this is really a shame, as it does help people to be able to get some help around text.
> There is no index of pages, no way of navigating or to know "where am I in the story".
> The "floating" effect with some pages is not real interactivity and doesn't serve meaning
> There are very few interactive elements in the end. ePub might have been a better option?
General review Overall, this is a nice and interesting edition of Aladdin, with full illustrated page. For an app, though, it lacks narration, index and interactivity.

Hushabye version 1 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Great visuals
> Great water sounds, very nicely recorded and very apeasing
> Great idea to be able to include heartbeat sound
> Great idea to be able to create own experience with lullaby, and many powerful settings.
> Overall, great personalization options, even if some are lacking
Improvements > There is no homescreen, no welcome screen, no "how to do of any kind". If I hadn't read the description given, I would have thought there was no more options than 5 screens and 5 sounds to choose from.
> Heartbeat sound and lullaby is far too low and is hard to equilibrate with water sound
> it lacks the possibility to add own pictures and own message
> when the iPad go dark, the picture disappear.
General review Great app, many options, can be hard to discover though. Price point might be a little bit high for the market as it is now.

flippi memo v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Simple app that will let kids and family play memo in a not directed and very simple way.
> Nice way to play with 2 players (each player can easily claim his/her cards, like in the real paper board game.
> Cute graphics
Improvements > people may be happy with a little bit more info and options around the core app : introduction menu, with some options (sound off, free game or against the computer game, number of cards in a party, number of players if not against computers, etc.
General review There are tons and tons of memory apps on the AppStore, some of them being very advanced, with many playing options (number of players, level of difficulty, kind of memory, thematics, etc). This nice and cute app has a big advantage: letting players play their own game, as in real life, but lacks a lot of options, especially for the price.

Math Mathews 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Great game, that succeeds in staying a game, while grabing the really serious issue of learning and training kids with multiplication tables.
> Great gameplay, scenario, graphics
> Great ways of studying tables
> Great lenght of play and replayability
Improvements > Text is nice but could be better explained.
> Game happen to crash sometimes.
> Games are too long and there are no options available to get shorters games
> There are not enough parameters (more than one player, only certain tables, quicker or not, etc.)
General review A great real game to grab times tables and train, train, train to succeed. A nice and really good "serious game" that will give great fun time but also be very useful. A "not to miss" app.

He is Risen, An Easter Story [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Easy to understand text for all kids to grab the story of Jesus.
> Great pictures
> Great reading options
> Great colorbook
> Activities around the book are nice for kids.
Improvements > Would be better to have arrows (back and next pages) at the bottom of the book rather than at the top.
> The narrator voice could be more cheerful as it is quite sad as it is
> Games could be more educational and / or more Biblic story and message related
General review A great way to share Eastern story with kids and between kids and parents. Packed with great illustrations, many reading options and a few games.

4 Dice: Fraction Games v1 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the simple yet very challenging game.
> I like the idea of being able to work with two device, either competitive, either cooperative, but I think you should provide more support for the connexion and the way to play the game. We had a very hhard time trying to connect both devices...
Improvements > I don't like direct links to appstore, even if this app is not for small kids, of course.
> I have all your apps and think you might be changing the icons on the iPad desktop (the ones on the appstore are far better)
> Instead of a long instruction manual that no kid would ever read, I think you might be willing to include a video tutorial, or a pictured tutorial.
> Are you graphics Retina ?
General review > To play, the step is quite high. There could be some help or clues to help stuck kids?
> The correct answer is just given. It's a little bit like a "guess" work... How can I work to build the corect answer, either alone, either with a pair? You could give kids some clues to achieve better.
> After a game the only option available is "roll again" What if I want to go home?

Simply Missy:Shopping Adventure [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The magical box, that gives a very original view on this shopping adventure
> The great diversity of mini games included inside the app : pong like, pac-man like, mario like, etc, but aimed at very young hands and minds with very little (no) difficulty
> The different balls and physics effects
> The ballons and bubbles popping bonus pages
Improvements > In my opinion the app lacks an introductory story / voice over / guide. Even if it is very easy to understand where to tap, it's more complicated to understand why and what for.
> The sound "tic tac" of the clock is stressful. Why it is ticking? Am I supposed to do all this in a limited time?
> This app seems to lack a real "point". There is no relationship with the items the doll can get and the kid's performance in mini games. Is it even possible not to "win"?
General review A game full of mini games to get items for Missy, the doll, in the different shops of the town. Cool mini games including great "physics" balls. A fun app that might lack some challenge for elder kids and that seems to miss a real "point" like having to come back and get better scores to choose cuter clothes / pets for Missy.

Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked that everything on screen gets voice over : this is great for non reader users, who can be completely autonomous with this feature !
> Il liked the mix between drawed environment and real photos.
> I liked he mini infos given when tapping, and then the activities (puzzle, writing, memory, spot the difference), with two levels each time
> I liked the palette and the stickerbook
> I liked the piano too
Improvements > I think the overall ergonomics and general navigation are very complicated in this app. I don't think young kids can navigate it at all (even with voice over), and it's hard even for grown-ups !
> The drawings are far less cute than other parts of the app (even if tools are really grat !
General review All in all this is a great app packed with many features. It offers hours and hours of free open ended play and let kids discover 6 pets animals in a rich environement. I would simplify the navigation and offer cuter drawing, and it would be just perfect.

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > This is a great idea !
> The way the background and the puzzle mix and merge
> The way the pieces themselves are moving
> Lots of details : animation of the scene at the end, posssibility of hearing the name of the animal in many languages.
Improvements > Graphics are not the style I prefer, but this is tastes and colors...
> Different levels have same scene, so there is no motivation to explore further after level 1
> Difficulty could also play with a lot of movement, because it makes matching pieces harder!
General review A great and fresh new puzzle application, that really changes from what we are seing everyday on the stores. Animation and movement is a nice shift and give extra pleasure and challenge to a very old activity. We just want more of it, maybe with more diversified backgrounds and better graphics.

Magikid Train v1.7.1 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The 9 different categories, great for learning to discriminate, associate, think, etc.
> The great variety in situations, graphics, backgrounds.
> The ability to set a level by accelerating of decelerating the train.
> The idea of using movement to increase the difficulty of the task
Improvements > This app lacks words. Would be great to learn the word associate to each color, shape, etc.
> There is a lot of repetition in the task. Only the background changes most of the time, with no variation in the task
> Would be great to get a general sense of progression in the whole app.
General review This is not a train ! It's a puzzle game with complicated navigation, combining logic and matching game with some fine motorskill. Not that easy to match a category AND anticipate train movement to match correctly on the train.A really great app to work on cognitive skills!!

The Amazing Digestive Journey [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > The exploration way of letting kids understand what is going on (even if I think it is far too much here).
> The 2 levels quiz with labels and questions, great way of discovering what''sgoing on there
> The detailed map of digestive journey with many detailed information given
Improvements > The homepage is really really strange and can just throw users away from your app.
> Font is pixelized on iPad 4 and intro section is not very appealing.
> It is very unusual to open an app, and have no clue of what could be done, what should be done, and why.
> The music doesn't fit the app
> Icons look strange
> Ergonomics is not easy. I could'nt manage to use the backpack at all
> I didn't like the way the cavities are represented and cured
General review To be honest, I was blocked in this app quite early and think it's a shame because it has a great potential, like other isygames apps I know (that are also quite hard to use and figure out). Great potential here too, then, but some bits and pieces to fix maybe, before unlashing this potential.

Magical Music Box v1.15 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > This app has never ceased improving since its debuts last october, 10 months ago : news music boxes, new songs, improved navigation, more intuitive and nailed down controls and more options.
> I liked the new and improved centralized interface, that authorize changing the box, the music and playing at the same time.
Improvements > Ergonomics has so much improved since v1 that it is now really far better, but it still needs some tweaks to be completely perfect. It's still easy to get lost.
> Text presentation could be improved : the font chosen is not very nice, and the way the text displays is not very elegant.
> As a side note, French translation could be improved.
General review It's always a real pleasure to see an app improving day after day. This is the case with most Kidoteka apps, and they now offer almost 40 songs and music from all over the world in a nice and fun set of different music boxes, ready to be listened to or played with.

My Rockin Fairy - Music Game for Kids by Twiny Vine V. 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the smooth and nice colors on the fairy (and my little 5 years nephew liked it too)
> I liked the way this app lets kids discover music just by trying and playing
> I liked the range of sounds and rhythms to be discovered in the app.
> I always like when an app is part of the know what's inside program
Improvements > I had no time to read or realize what was on splashscreen (before getting the "play" big big button and the title), but it sounded with lots of text and a little bit weird. I killed the app to reboot it, but didn't get time to ead it all anyway. Is this a message?
> I had the impression the app was more dedicated to young girls rather boys.
> I liked the fact that the fairy talks, but think the animation is a little bit weird (when she gets bigger)
> I was wondering whether kids will not be very quicly demanding other types of sounds and ryhtmes, to experiment further
General review This app is a nice tweak to a simple piano app. I's designed to let 2 or even 3 kids to play together and explore music composition. Very quickly, you'll see kids play and experiment with rhythms and sounds.
The different range and types of sounds will encourage creativity.

Fraggle Rock Game Day [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > Very clear and neat reading options
> Lots of various interactivities, working smoothly and very entertaining
> Very nice page with music instruments
> The humour and narration of the story
> The parents and teachers corner
> The little exercises at the end
> The coloring book
Improvements > Letter exercises might be better if they coudl be customized by levels of kids end pupils.
> the parental section is well offered, with protected link, but I don't like the way it comes at the end, as if what you've just done was not premium enough.
General review This is very well designed bookapp, with neat reading options and great activities, both educational and fun (coloring pages). Great for introducing Fraggles to the new generation of young kids !

Spellyfish - Short A Words (v1.0.0) [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > I liked the ergonomics of the app
> I liked all the settings available (sounds or names of the letters, or nothing, score or no score, letter case, keyboard layout, times to master) AND the fact that setting sets are associated with profiles.
> The game after is just great, with very positive way to motivate and reinforce learning, great graphics, good animation
> Very comprehensive around short "a" sound
Improvements > Everybody is waiting for next sounds now !
> There no longer words than 3 letters ?
> Only 30 words ? Can seem low from a parents pov
> mastering might also be freely writing and having a "submit" button, to count only real mistakes and not keyboard errors.
General review A great app, with great fun factor and perfect realisation, to learn not only "a" sound words but also improve auditive discrimination, letter name an letter sounds knowledge, keyboard layout knowledge, etc.
Great !! Looking forward to discovering other apps in the series !

Score Screator for iPad v.2.2 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > the write music function is really cool, with nice note and chord boards to input scores.
> the multiple tracks for different instruments is very cool too
> the app can export and import several formats and this looks great too.
Improvements > Where is the welcome & explain to me screen on this iPad? I might hve missed it, but it's really better when there is one.
> The "help" text is really hard to read
> It is very hard to understand quicky what you would get for 3,59 €. So your transformation rate might be low
General review This app certainly has great potential for musicians who know about music and are able to write a score and then have it played. It is great also for apprentices, who can copy the score given by their teacher, and get an idea of what they are supposed to reproduce.

Math Mathews : Mental Math 1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked > This is a great app for mental mathematics, with features that are really to be liked :
>> several players can play with the same app
>> each player can play at his own level
>> there is not too much stress associated with errors: time is not limited,and errors just result in less points (the player will only play longer)
Improvements > The game and the exercise are not really associated in the gameplay. They do alternate and that's it. The exercises don't serve the game or opposite.
> There are no pedagogical explanation to help kids have success in their mental mathematics strategy.
General review Overall Math Mathews Mental Math is a nice app, wery well done, that does a great job in motivating young kids to play more and more, and improve their mental mathematic skills. It retains even weak players, helping them to do it again,and again.