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Dina Maria K.

Status: Beta reviewer - Video Reviewer

Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2

Description: I am a mom of 5 Children ranging from 21 to 3 years old. I love technology and all it has to offer. I own an IPAD2 and I love to review apps. I use the IPAD2 to help my son who has a speech delay and communication delay.

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 3-5 - Teaching kids ages 3-5 - Gamer

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-05-20

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Her/His app reviews

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop [text]

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What I liked Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop is a great educational app for kids to progressively learn sight words through different modes – learning the words, recognizing it from a list, and being able to spell it out. The app also contains fun and colorful graphics that make learning and answering quizzes fun.
Improvements The Main Improvement I would like to see is the ability to have multiple users. If you have more then one child it would be hard to use the tracking feature. I would also love to have the ability to be able to have a pronunciation key .(sounds of each letter, then the word as a whole). This way the child can hear the sounds when spelling the word. (if its needed).
General review Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop is a educational and fun way to learn sight words in stages. First you hear and say them, then you are challenged to find them and last you have to spell them. The use of Characters are a fun way and holds the child's interest. This app was well thought out in the process of learning site words and spelling them. All and All a great tool for Parents & Teachers.

Bo's Dinnertime v 1.0 [text]

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What I liked This app helps with Step by Step Routine, Counting, Matching and Recognition of items. It works all Fine motor skills. I found it very easy to navigate and the Voice was clear and fun. Added bonus was the burping ( something all children find funny even adults). I love the idea behind this app. When a child is involved in a process, they see for themselves and want to then try it. Feeding has become a huge issue for children today and Bo’s Dinnertime helps to explain the process in a way a child gets. Hidden sounds are there, very fun when the kids find them.
Improvements I found it odd that you had spaces for other foods to be placed but only a few items were put into place. I would like to be able to place all objects in the puzzle. I would also like to see the foods varied each time you read the story this way the children do not get board.
General review I found this app to be helpful in step by step instructions for meal time. From Grocery shopping to preparing the meal, setting the table and dinnertime. It hit so many skills like colors, matching, sorting and fine motor. Great for OT. Very fun for children 2 and up.

Tapikeo HD (3.01) [text]

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What I liked With Tapikeo you can create almost anything you want, scrapbooks, storyboards, visual and memory aides and so much more. I love the fact you have up to 48 pictures with audio for each grid. The fun part is you can export and share the grids through email with family and friends.What I found great is that they give you some grids to download for free and the safe mode works well. The in apps are affordable and so worth if for an accomplished app like this.
Improvements I am not really sure on what else I would like to see right now. I have been able to do so much with this app. It has helped in so much with speech and recognition. Maybe some more in apps with foods, social life, children, specch. Otherwise I am very happy.
General review Most apps I have come across are expensive and do not have all the features I am looking for. With Tapikeo there are so many features needed to help in social and educational skills.Even though there are in apps they are affable and come with so much.A great tool to have for teacher and parents.If you looking for a customizable multi-level AAC tool, you found it.

Alphabet Jumbled v1.0 [text]

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What I liked Here is a Great Alphabet Challenge for older children.(ranging from 3 and older) This app was well thought-out in the step process. First the child is introduce to the ABC’s. Then comes the use of Flash Cards so the child can visualize the letter with an object. We move on to an Easy Jumbo, Jumbo A-Z and then The CHALLENGE ( which you are timed). It’s a great way to work your way up.
Improvements Right now I do not find anything to improve upon. This app is hits a wide range of ages. Not all apps need much animation nor an interactive play. This app improves a child thought process and skills.This is a thinking app; it has everything you need to learn the ABC's.
General review A well planned app which ages 3 and older can use. It builds up as you go along to each level. Begins with showing the ABC and ends with a challenge. The graphics and animation is just enough.This app is great for teachers and parents to use as a learning tool.

The Waterhole - Graeme Base (1.2 iPad) [text]

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What I liked The Waterhole is a Beautiful illustrated app. The pictures are very captivating and each illustration is a different geographic location. The music for each slide is suitable to the picture.The Book reads like a slide show and I find that to a make more interesting read. The narrator has a clear and very captivating voice. The Activities are extremely challenging (for older children and even adults).
Improvements I would like to see is a Larger text, I feel it is to small for a child or adult read.These challenges are geared toward older children (range from 5 – older); I would like to see some challenges geared towards the younger ages. Also the directions need to be clarified more, not easy to understand.
General review I give The Waterhole a rating of 5 stars because of the work and thought behind it. I hope the suggestions will be taken into consideration, otherwise it is truly a beautiful app for a child's read or even for students/teachers. I do understand this is geared toward and Older Reader but I would love to see it for all ages.

Grimm's Frog King 1.01 [text]

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What I liked The Grimm’s Frog is a wonderful tale which has morals to be learned. There are two versions that come with this app. One is a Traditional version and the other is a Version with a Funny Twist. Both Stories can be read by you and your child or read to you and your child. The narrators are captivating with their British accents. The extras are are filled with Jokes,facts,quiz and games.The illustrations are beautiful with some interactions.A Great Feature on this app is it will resume at the page you were last. If you want to restart the whole story over, just hit the home button.
Improvements I would like to see a jump page so I can choose the part of the story I want to be on or go back to.I did not care to much for the Extras, I would like to see more of an Education Value there.There should be a more on the Quiz Part Like a Q/A section for Parents or Teachers since story teaches Morals and Values.
General review The Grimm’s Frog is a wonderful tale which has morals to be learned. This tale can be used at home or in a school setting. The interactive animations were just enough and didn’t take away from the story. The narration was beautifully done and fun to listen to. A Great app all around.

5th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App [HD Lite] v2.3.2 [text]

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What I liked This Application has many potential uses for teachers and parents. 5th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets is a great study method or guide for students needing reinforcement in math, It is filled with numerous questions to get you started. With the in – apps purchases you can choose what is needed to add on. This app adds a little fun to make math more interesting. Math Splash has a great tracking feature to follow your child’s progress (which can be emailed to you). The interaction of this app does hold a child's interest while he/she is learning.
Improvements I feel this application touched all the basics needs for 5th grade level Math.The added in - apps are a great addition but a little expensive for a parent/teacher to purchase. I would like to see more package deals so it may be more affordable to someone on a fixed budget to purchase.
General review This application is definitely a well thought out educational and entertaining way to reinforce Math Skills for any student or child. The ability to assign homework to your child/student is a great feature and one I am sure they won’t complain about doing. I give a 5 star because of its value of thought put into it and potential.

Wubbzy The Superhero [text]

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What I liked This application is not only fun and entertaining to read, the games are educational. Your child is learning while they enjoy reading and playing the games. The read along feature is a great way for the child to be familiarized with the words and sounds.There is 3 features to suit the need of the child and their skill of reading.Being a mom of a special needs child, I like apps that are fun and include the basic skill for problem solving, focusing, visual interactions and following directions. Best of all teaches a moral. This app also includes the common cores.
Improvements I would like to see more of a Question and Answer series at the end of the book, more of an interactive session. Have a few questions and multiple choices for the older children. I feel the games should be more geared towards what the book is all about.
General review This application is a well rounded app that enables the child to enjoy reading and learning at the same time. It teaches a moral and is geared toward the child thought process. The app can be used for therapy for special needs children, general education and as a bedtime story.

Wubbzy and The Princess [text]

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What I liked Wubbzy and The Princess is a very interactive app. Pre-School and Kindergarteners can have tons of fun with all the animations and games. As in all Wubbzy's Apps there is a section called Grown-Up’s Corner, which contains suggestions for topics to discuss with their children. Always a plus when there are NO In app purchases.
Improvements What I would like to see in the future is more interactions with common core and basic words. I would like to see more spelling and pronunciations word games. Less on the arcade versions of games and more on the educational games of spelling, sounds etc. Games like Word Bingo or Math Sequencing. You can even make a bejeweled game using letters.
General review A great app for a rainy day.Whether your a boy or a girl you can enjoy a Wubbzy Story App. Beautifully engaging animations, and every page has fun sound effects.There are No in app purchases to catch you off guard. Always love when a story app comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read and Play, and Just a Book. Wubbzy and The Princess also includes four educational mini games dispersed throughout the story. The graphics are beautifully