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Sherri B.

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Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2- iPhone4S- iPod4G

Description: I am a Mother, Nurse and a Photographer, I have 4 boy's ages 22, 16, 10 and 4. My 15 year old has HF Autism, ADHD, Sensory disorder and general delays, my 9 year old also has ADHD and Sensory disorders, I enjoying finding the best apps that will help my children learn and grow but also enjoy finding some that are just "for fun" apps.

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Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-08-31

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Playroom - Lessons with Max, version 1.0.1 [text]

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What I liked I liked that Playroom-Lessons with Max covers various learning concepts that children need to learn to prepare for school.
The memory game is great for practicing patience and help the child develop concentration they will need to succeed. The colors and number section is wonderful, it teaches 2 skills at once, the child learns their basic colors while learning number recognition and counting skills. The puzzle is fun and helps with fine motor skills. My son enjoyed the Peek a Boo game, I had to assist him sometimes if he could not find an item but he did great overall. A great learning suite
Improvements I would love to see a game with letters of the Alphabet added, basic to begin with Letter recognition then a game with letters and their sounds similar to the color and shape game.. I would also love to see them add more numbers so a child can advance in their learning, some more colors and shapes to keep challenging them to learn and grow in their learning.
General review Overall, Playroom Lessons with Max is a well rounded learning app for pre-schoolers or children with special needs. It is colorful and has great graphics and sounds. My 3 year old really enjoys playing with max and will ask to play the "Max game" This is an app I can feel good letting my child play anytime he asks for screen time!

Cool Game Quiz (v1.0.1) [text]

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What I liked I like the familiar Characters in the app, there is 16 Characters in the 1'st section, 32 in the second and 32 in the 3'rd. I found most to be very easy to answer. Some were a little harder for me. I did have to ask my kids what the names of a few of the characters like the south park character and I goggled a few. Most of the pictures are good quality and clear.
Improvements My #1 request is get rid of all the ads! This is extremely annoying to me. This app is over run by ads and would prevent me from using it again. Each time you went back to the main screen you had to click on an ad, you did not have a choice to close it out, you then had to close out iTunes and turn the app back on to continue. The buzzing sound is a little loud, and annoying, maybe change the it to say try again or lower the buzzer volume.
General review It is a very basic question and answer app that is filled with ads that personally, I am against, I would prefer to see an IAP in place of the ads or a small price for it. I like the characters and the idea of what this app is trying to focus on, this app is falling short in my opinion; especially in today's app market with so many developers moving the ads out of the apps due to customers complaining.

ROAR! v1.0 [text]

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What I liked ROAR is an app focused more towards small children, it has adorable animals and beautiful illustrations, there are a total of 10 animals your child will Roar into the iPad microphone to scare them off the screen. There is not much interaction in this app which left us wanting more. The sounds are nice and not overly annoying and loud.
Improvements I would love to see more interaction with the characters and objects. I would also like to see more animals and more scenes, The app is very limited and a child will finish it in a few mins and they will eventually get bored. It is a nice app but it can be made great with a few additions!
General review Roar is beautifully illustrated and has a great grasp on what young children enjoy, The animals are simply adorable. I would love an update with more added to make it even better! The app can be used for cause and effect, animal identification an learning about habitats.

Cutie Monsters-Jigsaw Puzzles [text]

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What I liked Cutie Monsters - Jugsaw puzzles combines a great combination of learning and fun, the adorable monsters that are non-threatening to the child and the numeracy that is great for young learners to engage and learn. The colors are beautiful without being distracting or overbearing, it ads to the app wonderfully. I really enjoy the categories that they offer, I would like to see a read to me added. The animations and sounds are really enjoyable and had my son giggling through the app.
Improvements I would love to see the app expanded to include more adorable monsters and increasing levels to keep the child learning and growing and not get bored. I would like to see a read to me option added, my son is to young to read and even with the touch words option he doesn't touch the words in order
General review Cutie Monsters - Jigsaw Puzzles is a well made app that combines play and learning in one. The colors are bright and enjoyable and the sounds and narration are not boring or obnoxious. I love the adorable monsters that are not scary to a young child but leave them laughing and wanting to play more.

Sparky's Birthday Surprise [text]

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What I liked I enjoyed all the activities of Sparky's Birthday Surprise, The Read and Play was our favorite because of all the great interactions and sounds. There are 3 modes in the child can read the story, 1. Read to me. 2. Read and Play. 3. Just a Book. There are also several bonus material that can be used. The games were a nice addition to the app and adds some great learning games. Paint is great for imagination and fine motor while learning about fire safety. The video was to slow for our taste and there is also a pages tab where you can go directly to a certain page. The cake decorating was a fav!
Improvements I would like to see the sound effects and the voices of the characters a little louder in certain places in the app, some sound effects like the fire bell and smoke alarm seem fine while other's like the fire dog and other characters were almost to low to understand and I had the volume in options turned up the whole way. On page 4 I noticed when you're cracking eggs into the bowl, the third egg always cracks above the carton, not a big deal, could be meant to do that?
General review Overall, this is a wonderful app to teach children about fire safety that will keep them entertained and engaged and having a ton of fun! I even enjoyed touching everything just to see what they did. The Thinking corner at the end is great to reinforce what was just learned in the app. I love the Common Core Corner that tells a parent how the app will help the child educationally.