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Eusebia M.

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Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2- iPhone4- iPod4G

Description: I am a certified Speech Parhologist in the DC area and mother of three. I've worked with children and adults in a variety of settings.. I'm currently a clinical supervisor at a local university. I'm interested in reviewing apps to give my students and families access the best new apps to optimize therapy gains while having fun

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 0-2 - Can test apps with kids ages 3-5 - Can test apps with kids ages 6-10 - Can test apps with kids ages over 10 - Teaching kids ages 3-5 - Teaching kids ages 6-10 - Teaching kids ages over 10 - SLP

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-08-16

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Thomas's travels in Bookland [text]

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What I liked I went through the story first and then went through it with my 2 and 3 year olds. I really enjoyed the whymisical pictures and the music added to the drama of the story. The story itself was great! The adventures you can find while reading is the very reason I love books. The story fostered imagination and from a teaching view point allows for a wonderful discussion about the vocabulary used, sequencing, adjectives and writing activities to continue the story or make your own adventure using a word from a magic dictionary.
Improvements Home screen: children reading the book on their own may have difficulty navigating the buttons and understanding what they are/do. Consider giving brief directions on how to move from page to page & remind readers to touch the page for interactive play.
Narration/page turning: consider a menu selection for reading on/off and auto page turning. It was tiresome clicking two buttons for each page.
Lastly, controls were slow to respond to touch.
General review In general I thought the story was great but the app setup could use more attention. It is not set-up for younger children to navigate the app independently. This is a big plus for parents and children who listen to stories on long drives or bed times when parents aren't around. I think the pictures were very whimsical but didn't always relate to the story but my little ones didn't seem to mind.

Find them all: looking for animals [text]

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What I liked I really liked the picture scene where the animals were hiding. It was simplistic enough not to overwhelm children with poor attention but interesting enough to hold their attention. I also liked the real pictures that popped up after the animal was found. Some children do better with actual photos versus cartoon pictures. It's nice to include both. The realistic animal sounds was a nice touch too.
Improvements I think some of the animals hidden in the picture scene could be bigger. Some of the smaller animals, birds and cat, duck, were harder to find. It would be great to adjust the number of animals required to earn the camera. If you're marketing special needs children the gratification factor has to be more immediate. After I earned the camera the app shut off and I couldn't figure out how to get back to the camera. That was disappointing. A camera feature on the home screen would be nice. Being able to get animal stats from the cards or album would be cool too.
General review The app is very nice. It works well for skill areas: vocabulary, sentence formulation, sound production, visual tracking/scanning and following simple commands. It would be great to challenge students and have more than one animal show to test identification. Would also be cool if all found animals came into the scene in an interactive play mode.

Fuzzy Little Caterpillar [text]

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What I liked
I really liked the simplicity of the layout, simple trees and basic animals. The music lessons given about the musical notes was nice. It's nice for the butterfly to appear as reinforcement for a correct response. I really enjoyed the different instruments and the practice of learned skills immediately following the instruction. Its also nice to have an extra visual cue with the speech as text.
Improvements Short directions to touch the arrow to continue would be great for little ones to keep the app moving. The first option: could be more interactive with a different song or melody, more animals or more critters to touch. The musical notes in the second option were too small. It wasn't easy to touch the keys, especially to mimic the song played. It would help if the keys were larger, fewer and were lit sequentially when asking to mimic the notes played, kinda like Simon Says. Also, the tune for play back should be simpler. If you're not musically inclined that is hard (impossible) to replay.
General review The music education mixed with play is great! Learning about notes and pitch and then asking questions to perform a skill is a great way to teach kids about music. This app does not appear to be designed for ages 3-5 year olds. The interactive notes were too small and the language used to instruct on the notes and pitch was too advanced, in it's linguistic complexity and rate.

Playroom - Lessons with Max, version 1.0.1 [text]

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What I liked I like a lot about this app! I always go to the settings first with a new app. I love the customizable reinforcement and the ability to turn the sounds on/off. The screens are bright, colorful and interesting. Peekaboo is loaded with interesting vocabulary, opportunities for categories, following commands and sentence formulation.The sorting in C&N is a great basic concept game with the number recognition added. That would also be great for following conditional directions. I LOVE the in-app purchases under the lock in the settings. Awesome! Big deal in children's apps
Improvements There were a few things I think would make the app even better. There were a few glitches: the app tuned off a few times when I went back to the home page and I recorded a voice over for "Nice Work" and it didn't play. I couldn't tell if I did something wrong. I would've liked the option to have the directions read aloud and the option for computer generated praise.
General review Great app for preschoolers. It's very colorful and easy for little hands to manipulate. Each games has basic concepts integrated with play. This is a great app for speech/language impaired students. There are lots of opportunities for vocabulary development, sentence formulation, sorting, categorization, and conditional commands.

ROAR! v1.0 [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked The pictures and animals were really cute and silly. The artwork was great. The whale is my favorite. It is nice that the app can be used with a voice response other than a roar. It can be used as a motivator during speech therapy (or in a classroom) for target vocabulary or target sound production.
Improvements This app did not work at all on my iPad. It opened directly to scene one and didn't respond to any voice commands. That was very disappointing. I was a able to use it on my iPhone. It would be nice to have the app respond to a quieter voice. My children got tired of roaring (yelling) very quickly. I couldn't really tell the purpose of the game. My children asked me why we were trying to scare the animals away and I couldn't tell them! Perhaps a little story could help explain and encourage imagination to help with the app. Adding directions under the menu screen would be nice.
General review This app is visually appealing with great artwork and silly characters. It's a nice start to a game for children but needs some more development. There's no identifiable purpose or goal to the game and once the three scenes are done there isn't any reason to play again.

Word Crush Mania v1.1 [text] [video]

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What I liked I really enjoyed this app. It was challenging and fun. I liked that it created multiple words with a letter. I enjoyed the spin feature. It was unexpected and added an extra bit of fun to the game. The directions given at the start of the game were simple and easy to understand.
Improvements I found it hard to keep track of the different symbols used as the game progressed. I didn't understand how to use all the symbols to my advantage, like the lock tile. I spent playing time trying to figure out how to use them. It would be nice to move tile within the word. I'd like a more interesting background or a way to customize the background and add my own music. It would work great with students if they could see a list of words made at the end of the round for sentence formulation and vocabulary.
General review Word Crush Mania is a very fun, fast aced word app. It combines classic word making and speed. It's a great app for students working on vocabulary, problem solving, phonemic awareness and reading. Its' nice that only three letters are required to make a word so users at all levels can play. Overall a very fun and easy to play app.
First 5 minutes video review
Video review once the app was mastered

The Miracles of Jesus [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked This is a great app. The menu was great. My children really enjoyed the activities. They were fun and challenging. They can be used for fine motor, spelling, sentence formulation with my student at religious schools. The 'pages' option was nice to find a specific page in the story.
Improvements When I first opened the app I wasn't sure what story of the bible was being shown. It wasn't clear if could pick the story I wanted. I would've been great to be able to refer back to a specific page for the trivia to aid comprehension. All of the buttons on the menu weren't responsive and required multiple touches. A glossary of names, locations would be great with the trivia for learning.
General review Overall this is a great app. It's visually appealing with nice artwork and vibrant colors. There are fun activities but only one of each so children may get bored quickly. There's a great age lock on the options button to keeps little ones form making changes.

Sound Tap Quiz 1.0.5 [text]

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What I liked I loved the realistic, natural sounds, especially the music! That would be great to use for auditory listening, vocabulary building, task reinforcement and even picture/object matching. The household sounds were great as well. The realistic pictures will work great for children with communication deficits. The background colors are nice to personalize it if you're working in a group. This is also a great app for neurologically impaired patients. You can work on memory, sustained attention, naming and receptive vocabulary. The musical reinforcement was really nice. Very nice app.
Improvements There were a few issues with the app crashing when I attempted to play on my iPad. I deleted it it and reinstalled unfortunately that did not solve the problem. I don't understand the 'Text on Tiles' option in the settings. I couldn't figure out what it was used for. The household sounds could be more distinct. The sounds for 'vacuum' and 'hair dryer' and 'toilet' and 'sink' were very similar and may be hard to distinguish. It would be great if the sounds could auto play for continuous listening. Also, it would be great to have a timed/speed option to select sounds within a specified time
General review This is great app. Simplistic and fun with great, crisp pictures and realistic sounds. The various categories and simplistic background make this app functional for communication therapy with adults and children. The uses for this app are endless - expressive and receptive vocabulary, memory, attention, picture/object matching, sentence formation and on and on. I had some issues with crashing when using the iPad. This is a nicely done app.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends [text]

Link to the App Store

What I liked This app had great options for play including volume control for the voice and music. The app is very pretty to look at and immediately attracted my daughters. The games were great!! I love the nail design game with personalized skin tone. These games would be great for following commands, vocabulary development, story development and pragmatic (social) language play. The berry blender game is so addictive! You'll have parents fighting kids to play it.
Improvements Once I turned down the music to read I got static feedback. It stopped as I turned the pages then started again when on the new page. This only happened when I was reading the book. Directions would be nice, I didn't know the each page was interactive, although the stars were a nice visual once I caught on. There isn't much to change about this app, it was a lot of fun.
General review Very bright, colorful, interactive app.Very fun story and lots of options. The games are great and can entertain children of various ages, even adults! I can use this with students and allow them to personalize the games to fit their difference and that's a very nice touch. This game is great for social language play, following directions, building vocabulary asking and answering questions and story development.