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Louise C.

Status: Beta reviewer

Categories of apps she/he wants to review: Books - Education - Entertainment - Games - Lifestyle - Photography - Productivity - Utilities - Other

iDevices she/he owns: - iPad2

Description: I'm a speech therapist at a hospital; I use my iPad to work with both adults and children, and love to find new educational apps. After work, I use my iPad to play games, catch up on social media, find recipes, and learn Spanish to name a few.

Profile categories: Can test apps with kids ages 0-2 - Can test apps with kids ages 3-5 - Can test apps with kids ages 6-10 - Can test apps with kids ages over 10 - Teaching kids ages 0-2 - Teaching kids ages 3-5 - Teaching kids ages 6-10 - Teaching kids ages over 10 - Special education teacher or AT (Assistive Tech.) specialist - SLP

Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-08-13

User who invited him/her: Jean-Eudes L.

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Her/His app reviews

Felt Board 1.1 [text]

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What I liked I like that once a piece is set on top of the other (e.g. boots on the girl) they all move together, yet you can still move them when directly selected unless you "glue" them. Clever design! The general look and feel is nice, very much like a real felt board.
Improvements I wish you could put pieces you decided not to use back in the side tray, versus the recycle bin in the corner. This may be confusing for some children. Also, it's a little difficult to scroll in the side tray - when I intended to scroll I kept accidentally selecting items and getting frustrated when multiples piled on the board.
General review This is a very fun app for kids of a variety of ages; I would definitely use this in my speech therapy sessions. It may be a little hard for kids with less developed motor systems to navigate and control, but overall is pretty easy to use. I would love to see more "themes" e.g. common stories (Jack and the Beanstalk etc)

Preschool Kitty 1.4 [text]

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What I liked The settings use press-hold buttons, and there are lots of different setting options. The statistics are kept so I can track how the child did. There is a mix of different activities, and each uses simple instructions while testing a variety of skills. Each game is entertaining yet straight-forward with simple feedback sounds.
Improvements I like that you can turn off the music on the home page, but I wish you could also turn off the feedback sounds (e.g. keep only the positive one and not the negative - I work with children with autism and they stim off of the negative sound without caring whether they got it right)
General review I like it and would use it with my preschool-age kids. However, despite the name I think many of the skills tested (e.g. "what goes together") would be appropriate for some of my older students. I wish the look of the game was slightly less 'preschool' for this reason. Otherwise I think it's fun and most kids will like it

Heidi story collection - 3 in 1, Version 1.0 [text]

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What I liked The illustrations are just beautiful, as is the reader's voice. I like the way the highlighter scrolls along words, but doesn't 'bounce' or highlight each individual word the way most reading apps do (which can be distracting and is unnatural in the way we learn to read). I also enjoy the little "extras" tucked throughout, including the narrated pictures and comprehension quiz.
Improvements I like the idea of a comprehension quiz; but for me it encompasses too much material. I would've liked to have seen multiple min-quizzes instead. I'm a speech therapist and would love to use the app, but it's unrealistic to read the entire story and then do the quiz in a short therapy session. I would love to see quizzes after shorter "chapters" of the book. The reading levels are both quite advanced compared to what I was looking for.
General review I wish the reading levels were able to be adjusted for a lower reading age to make it more useful for younger children. However, for higher-level readers this is a great app that is beautifully made and makes it fun to read a classic. In regards to price, my first thought is that it is quite pricey for an app - but on the other hand it is so well done and is cheaper than a hard-bound book!

Find them all: looking for animals [text]

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What I liked This app has nice graphics, a clear and child-friendly voice, and is educational about the names of many animals in various environments. I like that it's colorful and fun, and includes both cartoons and real photographs of the animals. It's nice that it comes in multiple languages.
Improvements I'd like to see more "interactivity" in general - that the animals might move more or perform varied actions; that there could be multiple levels that make the animals harder to find (e.g. multiple animals at once like an Eye Spy for older children). There are multiple activities but I wasn't sure how to do them - there is no "help" section on how to take photos, so I was unable to do that entire activity.
General review I like the app in general but think it would be nice to include educational facts as well, to make it multi-dimensional. For instance there could be an activity where children must read a fact or paragraph and find the animals based on description of that animal. It's a nice start but needs more layers to get more stars from me.