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Christie E.

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Description: Hello everyone! My name is Christie Eckstrom. I am 35 years old and live in MN. I am a Special Education teacher and love working with kids. I work with children from age 4 up through 13. I also tutor students after school. Other things I enjoy are traveling, reading, gaming, and spending quality time with my new husband of one year.

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Date when her/his profile was validated: 2012-07-13

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Tap Times Tables - Multiplication fun [text]

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What I liked There were several thing that I like about this app. I liked the that app just focused on multiplication. Another thing that I really liked is the ability to put the app into memory booster mode or mastery mode. This is great for working with children at different levels and abilities .
Improvements I would like the ability to list different students I might be working with and the ability to track how they did while they played the game. I would also like to see other things happen when you play, other than just collecting acorns. This would keep kids interested longer.
General review In general, this is a very cute app for younger kids working on memorizing multiplication facts. The older kids I had using it did not stay interested very long because you keep doing the same thing over and over again. I really liked the challenge mode on the game. I think adding a few different levels or other games would really make this something I could use with my special education students.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value (v1.0) [text]

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What I liked I loved this app! Cookie Factory allows 4 different players. You are able to see how each student is doing. The app is a great review of ones, tens, and hundreds. It uses circles (individual cookie) as ones, sticks (a package of cookies) for tens, and a square (box of cookies) as hundreds! When you move into subtraction it allows you to break appart or borrow from bigger bundles to complete the problem. When you are dividing, you move the cookies into individual houses, dividing the number equally.
Improvements There are only a couple things I could see as an improvment. The first is to allow more players. Using this as a Special Education teacher, I have more than 4 students I'd like to have use it. The levels seem to move forward fast, I could see them not moving forward quite so quickly. In the division section, I'd love for the students to be able to actully see the answer of how many cookies went into each house before it dissapears and moves on to the next problem.
General review I love this app and I'm excited to use this with my students this year. I used it with the students I tutored over the summer and they really enjoyed it. It is a great review tool working on ones, tens, and hundreds. It is a great visual model of how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

The Ant and the Grasshopper v1.1 [text]

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What I liked I really liked the pop up 3-D parts of the The Ant and the Grasshopper.. They really looked authentic to hand held pop up books that I grew up with as a child. My students loved being able to help the characters do the actions during these sections.

I did appreciate that you could turn off the music as the story was read. This was very distracting to my students.
Improvements I used this story with both first graders and second graders. Both of my classes had a hard time following the story because of the words that were used. This did provide a great opportunity to have a vocabulary discussion, but it may be a nice feature to put in some sort of pop up for students that are reading this story on their own to figure out any new words they do not know.

I'd love to see these types of pop up graphics with a story that is longer than a fable.
General review The Ant and the Grasshopper is a cute story app with some neat new pop up graphics that have not been seen before. Because the story is a fable it is very short. It stays true to a more traditional telling of the fable, which uses words that are harder for younger students to understand. I am looking forward to seeing this developers other stories.

Playground HD2 - Smart Kids Edition v2.0.0 [text]

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What I liked I loved everything about this app! I work with students in 1st and 2nd grades. The numbers section is great for one on one practice with them. My students are also at that age that they love to play tic tac toe again and again. The app gives them that option without me having to sit right next to them and use up numerous pieces of paper. I myself had never played the Mills game before and found I really enjoy it as it is a little more challenging. My students are very excited and ask for this app if there are a few minutes left at the end of class.
Improvements I really loved everything about this app. There is only one thing I saw that I could see improved or put on a wish list. I would love to see the numbers section go up to higher numbers. This app is perfect for kids of all ages and the higher grades work on numbers up above 10.
General review This app is perfect for students, and even adults of any age. I find I pull it out when I am out and about and have just a couple minutes of down time. My students ask for it because they love the variety of games. It doesn't take a lot of directions, which is great for the younger students. They can play many of my favorite games from growing up, yet I don't have to store the boxes anywhere or have the struggle of clean up when done.