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I'm a developer, why ReviewForDev ?

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If at least one of these 5 situations seems familiar to you, then ReviewForDev is the service you've been expecting !

I almost finished my app, but before releasing it, I would like to get detailed feedback from reliable beta-testers with specific profiles and on specific iDevices: my problem is that I don't know where to find beta testers!
A few professional reviewers who tested my app wrote that it's great, but I only have 2 reviews on the App Store and I don't have much feedback from users, so I have difficulties deciding what to improve in my app!
I'd love to see my target users for real or watch them in a video when they use my app for the first time and learn about their suggestions to improve my app.
I need to send at least 100 promo codes to professional reviewers or bloggers to get my app noticed, but I just have 50 units from Apple !
I'm on the App Store of country A, I don't have any of my 50 Apple promo codes left and I need to gift my app to 20 bloggers who are on the App Store of another country B !

Did you recognize yourself in one of those sentences?

Then come in !