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Wubbzy's Train Adventure [text]

App description: Toot Toot! In the new storybook app, Wubbzy’s Train Adventure, Wubbzy and his friends take a ride on the Wuzzleburg Express. Destined for their favorite Kooky Karnival, the characters must overcome fun, silly and unexpected obstacles when the train breaks down. Can the Wuzzle-friends get the train back on track before the fair is over?

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wubbzys-train-adventure/id576854865?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The 3 different options offered on the homepage
> The text highlighting
> The option to have only one word on touch
> The options to control music, sounds and voice
> The information option (I really love this one)
> The many bonus : games, videos, etc
> The mini interactivities
> The tunnel !! This one is very very good

Improvements > The music behind is festive but quickly difficult to hear (for parents) and it's really good that you included options to control it.
> The train is sometimes very easy, and sometimes very hard to drag on the track.
> Some interactivities are very often not necessary (character jumps for instance), and sometimes seem unachieved (train being unhooked for instance)

General review Overall this is a very joyful book, that needs to be opened with music less loud that it is by default. Kids should appreciate story, interactivities and mini games included. They might also laugh at the end (the idea of pushing the "if nothing else work, push this button"), that is fun for kids but might also look unachieved to adults.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love interactive storybooks. I think they are easy to incorporate within any educational setting. This holds true for this as well. The ability to work on following directions, receptive identification, and labeling/naming tasks, and prepositions make this a versatile app. The story is simple with easy to understand vocabulary, which makes this app suitable for children of various ages.

Improvements I love the interactive portion, but I wish it were more realistic. For instance, only 6 baseballs are visible, but the user is able to keep pushing in that area and watching the balls fall. When coal falls from the train, it appears that it could be getting close to hitting those standing outside the train, but it always falls extremely close to a passenger.

General review A simple storybook with a lot of possibilities awaits you with this app. I believe interactive storybooks provide a motivating piece to literacy. If you want to build literacy, work on following directions, prepositions, or building language then you have the right app. In some instances the interactive pieces are not realistic, but as a whole they are appropriate. Good app!

Samantha M.

What I liked This is a great app! I love the options on the main page "Read & Play", "Read to Me" and "Just a Book". This is the first ebook that I have seen with those choices. Really creative! I love the option to just read the book with no distractions! There are times when the interactions are helpful, and then there are times when they are not. I like having the control of such interactions.

Improvements I'm not a fan of apps that send children to the app store. Within 5 minutes of exploring this app, I found my son on a link to purchase other Wubbzy apps! Although I love the app, I am not ready to purchase a new one. Also, in the section for "Just a Book", while it is nice not to have all of the distractions, it would be helpful to have assistance with words. Just like in the other sections, if you click on a word it is highlighted and read aloud. I think it could be helpful to readers.

General review Overall, this is a great app for kids who love Wubbzy! My son and my kindergarten students both really enjoyed this app! There are so many things to do with this app from reading the book to watching videos and playing games! It is sure to keep a child's attention for the duration of the book.

Eric P.

What I liked 1. I like the fact that the storyline is able to explore many areas about trains, railways and cabins which are commonly left unexplored.
2. I was surprised to find three original music videos included in the app. My sons really enjoy them.
3. In the Read and Play mode, I really like the feature that allows you to tap on any word and hear how that word should be pronounced. It can really be helpful if you have juniors who are learning to read or doing sight words.
4. I really appreciate the Parent's Corner and the fact that it's junior-friendly by narrating the questions when you tap them.

Improvements 1. There is one part in the storyline where it doesn't make sense: where the friends pushed the train back to the festival. I find this hard to believe or explain.
2. If you're not familiar with the Wubbzy and his friends, you would have a hard time identifying which character is which. The story doesn't do a good job of introducing each of them before making references to them within the story.
3. You have a good help page, but you hide it away in the settings. You might want to consider moving the menus around so that the help page is easily accessible by new readers.

General review It is a good storybook, with a fun storyline exploring aspects of the trains, railways and cabins which are not commonly explored by other storybook apps. I really like the three reading modes provided within the app, three music videos, and additional mini-games and activities. If only the storyline could be more polished and tested to many new readers, you would have a great storybook.

Andrew M.

What I liked OUTSTANDING app for young children. My five-year-old loves this app. I am especially impressed with how much of each page of the book is interactive. I also very much like the fact that its is possible to chose any combination of animation and narration (or lack of either). The games are fun for the age range and the included videos are great. The help menu is very informative and lays everything out well for parents (although in intentionally did not look at it until I had thoroughly explored the app on my own. Fantastic app overall.

Improvements While I am impressed overall, I do think a few more very simple games like the ones included could be added. One feature that would be cool is to add games and or videos that are revealed or unlocked after the user completes the book or clicks on a hidden key. Other than that, I don't have anything to criticise about the app.

General review A very well done app for children in this age range. My five year old LOVES it! There are tons of interactive features on every page. I also like the fact that users can chose to have any combination of narration and animation (or neither). The included videos and games are icing on the cake!

mandy N.

What I liked I really enjoyed the story, the games, the coloring all of it. This app has many things for your child to do and explore. The familar character of Wubbzy is an extra added bonus to a wonderfully done app. The options are very nicely done as well and I really like that you can choose just the book for your child as well :)

Improvements There's not much more I could imagine being added to this app. I just really hope ot see more in the future maybe with different characters such as Wubbzy :). The only thing I would like to see changed is that a little wubbzy pops up in the right hand corner leading you to other apps. I would much rather see that only in the options out of childs sight :)

General review I really love this app. It is very well done with familar characters all our children love and adore. The app has so many different things to do and explore along the way. This app is perfect for beginner readers as well since the words can be read individualy as needed or read aloud. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Amellia M.

What I liked In the read to me mode, I love how the words light up as it reads. This is important for beginning reading readiness. I also like that the pages are interactive. I really like the option to lower or raise the volume of the music, sounds, and voice in the options section. The option to start from current page or start over when switching modes is a big plus also. I like how the games come in during the story and then proceeds with the story. I love the "Grown-Ups Corner" giving parents tools to help children and to get involved with the text along with the child.

Improvements There is too much text on each page for this age range. More pages and less text per page would be more age appropriate. I would like to see more coloring pages, and more games. Also, different skill levels for the games as well. The "Just a Book" mode was not necessary for me. I'd rather have more stories or games. There was a problem with the videos on my ipad 3 device. They wouldn't show properly (only the top corner was visible and only a few of the words were visible) and it caused the app to complete lock up. I had to restart the device after each video.

General review This would be a good app for very young children (preschool) with parental guidance. It wouldn't be one that children would spend a lot of time with. I would expect this app to be free or 99 cents for the amount of content on this app. The interactivity is good but not what I would expect from a paid app.

Lena L.

What I liked This is our first Wubbzy's app. The kids liked the fun characters in Wubbzy's Train Adventure and the interactive features throughout the story. The popup games were also an added plus for the kids. They also enjoyed the coloring pages after the story.

Improvements What we did not like about Wubbzy's Train Adventure is that the story didn't really have a point. In fact I thought it was a little scary for kids. Talking about a train that first is broke, then is going to fast, and lastly can't stop are not exactly kid friendly topics. The main frustration was the videos. Each and everytime we tried to watch, the video played half on the screen and half off (I am using an iPad 3). Then at the end of the video, the app would freeze up and not let you do anything else. I had to delete and reinstall the app 3 times to finish the review.

General review I think the app could use some upgrades as far as the story goes. It should be more kid friendly. It would be nice to have more games to play along the way, and more to do once the characters reach the Kooky Karnival. Most importantly, fix the videos. I would not pay $1.99 for this app as it is.

Erin B.

What I liked My kids (3 and 6) are familiar with Wubzzy so they were immediately drawn to this app. I love that there are different options depending on how independent your child is with reading. My 6 year old can play on Read and Play and get some reading practice, while the 3 year old plays on Read to Me and just enjoys the story. And I love that I can read it to them on the Just a Book setting and not have to be worried about being interrupted every few seconds! I love the questions at the end.
The animations are enough to keep my kids interested and involved in the story without being too distracted.

Improvements I love to see more interactivity in the animations. When the train is broken and Widget is fixing it, I'd love if the player had to do something such as match the shapes to fix the train.
On the paint page I'd like to be able to paint as if with a brush, instead of each area being filled in.

General review For Wubzzy lovers, this app is wonderful! It features a Wubzzy story that your child can read themselves, or have read to them. There are fun animations to go along with the story and keep the kids engaged. And there are activities to go with the story such as games, videos, and painting. At the end of the story there are questions to prompt parents and kids to talk more about what happened in the story.

Eric L.

What I liked This is an incredibly well done children's book (even if no activities were included). The voice acting is done well and both the text and diction were very easy to understand and read. The music is appropriate. The activities are relevant and intuitive.

Improvements This is very minor stuff but I did notice a few things while tinkering with the app. The main thing that we noticed (my daughter is three and spent some time with the app) was the lack of gesture-based page turning. She is used to being able to turn the page with a swipe gesture so that was what she expected to happen. It was easy enough to show her the arrows but a tiny bit less intuitive.

General review Overall, I dislike this app immensely because my daughter asks to play with it on her iPod before bed and never wants to go to bed. We've had it for two days and she has heard the story and played through most of the activities multiple times already.