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App description: New adventure: the Amazon with Lulu & Zazou. Alongside the two globetrotters, child travels up the Amazon by boat, he takes her first steps in the rainforest, they meet strange new animals...There’s no end to the interactive surprises that enliven the characters’ story, from page to page and from click to click. Aged 3 to 10 - English & French

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lulu-in-the-amazon/id571916239?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Vanessa P.

Damon B.

What I liked The app was full of interesting and educational information about rain forest animals. Kids will like the fun characters and the interaction with the storybook environment. Having to find hidden animals in each page made the story feel like a game or a puzzle. The mini games add a nice and fun dimension to the story.

Improvements As far as improvements go, I though the book could benefit from a highlighted track as the narrator was reading along. There were some instances in which the narrator varied from the text on the page. More words for kids to follow along and read would be good. The text on the page in some instances was only a quarter of what was spoken. The cursive writing on the map menu would be hard for younger children to read.

General review This app is nicely done. An interactive story book that kids will like. With the story taking place in the Amazon, the story offers some interesting and educational information. There are several mini games for kids to participate in as they "read" through the book. Younger players will like to look for items to click on in each scene, older kids might want to listen to the dialog between characters and will like to play the games throughout.

Dheeraj R.

What I liked >The graphics were good. Specially where you could touch different characters, and they would say something.
>The app was only around 50 MB. Lot of apps for children, which involve videos and interaction, are usually over 200 MB, but not this one.
>The different languages used. I'm not sure which language, but there was definitely the use of a language apart from English. My nephews keep saying those words mentioned!
>Works for both iPhone and iPad. It's always good to have an app that runs on more devices, more buyers would be attracted.
>It's cheap. $1.99 is a rather cheap price for it.

Improvements >MORE GAMES. Definitely more games. I can't stress enough for the need of more games in this app. So easily children get bored when there are no games.
>More in-app purchases. This would be a good addition to the app, because it provides the user to make better use of the app. Like a few quizzes. It would be great if I could buy a few quizzes in the app.
>Should be more automatic. After each scene has been completed, the app should automatically direct the user to the next scene.
>I'm not really good at Geography, but I'm pretty sure the flag of France is placed in the wrong place on he map

General review I think this app is great for children under 10 years. It provides them with the basic knowledge about the Amazon forest. Lulu and her cat are great characters, but they seem less enthusiastic. Kids mostly love enthusiastic characters, and Lulu should be much more enthusiastic. Overall, I'd give this app 4 stars, but it does get pretty boring at times, that's one reason it's not worth the five stars.

Jennifer R.

What I liked This app includes lots of information about the Amazon, presented in a very fun and interactive way. The artwork is very detailed and the animations are smooth. The background sounds in each scene add to the overall fun of playing the app. The animals are animated as well, but they look very similar to the real animal and aren't too cartoony, so it is still a great teaching tool.

Improvements The voice of the cat is annoying and doesn't sound like a cat. When you tap on something and it begins to talk, it should continue to talk even if you tap somewhere else. A great example is with the howler monkeys. It would be especially fun to tap on all of them and have them all talk at once. Small children tap constantly and it's hard to keep them from tapping when they need to wait for the conversation to end. Also, the mini-games are fun, but there needs to be some in the early part of the story to keep them interested. The bow and arrow game is too hard for this age range.

General review This is a fun and interactive app that teaches about the animals and people of the Amazon jungle. There is rich information with each scene, and the background sounds are very enjoyable. There are surprises in each scene to tap on, and some mini-games during the second half of the journey. The hat-making mini-game is especially fun because the cat wears the hat you made when you finish. Some animals make funny puns and jokes for adults.

Holly A.

What I liked I like that this app has great graphics and provides great content. The app is easy to navigate. I like that the app teaches the user about a different language, continent and culture. The app is very engaging and easy to use. For those who use the app and cannot read independently, the read to me feature is a wonderful bonus to go along with the book. The games are fun.

Improvements As a teacher, I always like to see that kids are applying what they are learning, not just interacting with the app. The content is a little more advanced, so having a question/ answer/ report card would be an added benefit. I like how engaging the app is, but if I were to purchase it for my classroom, I would like more feedback from the app once the user is done with it. This way I know the kids aren't just playing with the cool graphics and are attending to the content. As a mom, the app is great for pleasure reading.

General review I think the app is very colorful and engaging. I think the content is engaging. I cannot, though, see many kids choosing to read story on the Amazon. When I orginally looked at the app, I thought I could navigate the globe and visit diifferent continents. If there were more choices of places to visit, I think this app would attract more users

Pam H.

What I liked The interaction in this app is amazing! The graphics are bright, inviting and engaging for all children. Allowing children the ability to learn so many facts about the Amazon is wonderful. I also really liked the ability to create postcards from places that had been visited by the child. This app also allows children to return to their favorite page in the story which is a great feature.

Improvements I would really like to see the text highlighted as the speaker reads it. This helps non readers and early readers follow text and learn words as they hear them spoken. I would also like to see a glossary of important words or the main vocabulary highlighted with its meaning.

General review A wonderfulyl engaging app that brings the Amazon Rainforest to life. Children will be drawn in from the first meeting of the characters and will love gathering pieces for their travel case. Children will also love sending postcards to their family and friends about the adventures in the Amazon. The many facts that they will learn about this region of the world will enhance their geographical knowledge and will encourage exploration.

Catalin R.

What I liked The illustrations in the app are very beautiful. Everything has a polished fell and the sound effects are really high quality. Interface is nice and simple and navigation is intuitive. I like the fact that it supports multiple languages. i also like the fact that various general information about animals and such is hidden in the story in an unobtrusive way.

Improvements The navigation buttons and the menus should be bigger, as i found it difficult sometimes to access the menus or advance in the story sometimes. Maybe just do 1 big buttons that brings up a menu with the other ones. Another thing I would like to see is even more languages added to the app.

General review The characters are really well done and add some personality to the app. The animations and transitions look clean and well done.The fact that the app is very intuitive to use and it has a good story made my nephew spend a couple of hours with the app and he really seemed to enjoy it.

Mike B.

What I liked Overall I like the easy navigation and graphics to this app. The interactive game play and learning experience that kids will have with this app is well put together. I'm always a huge fan of certain aspects on how an app is put together and the flow of the app. The story that is incorporated in with the interactive learning is a huge plus in my opinion.

Improvements I would actually try to come up with a more polished icon to reach out to potential customers and I think the games could follow along better with the actual storyline. Honestly those are really the only downsides I see with this app at the moment. As said at the beginning though, I would definitely come up with more of an eye grabber as far as the icon. On a side note I also think the $1.99 price tag is a bit high for sales volume to be good. You may want to consider .99.

General review I think if your child is interested in learning about rain forest animals then this is certainly the app to get. A fun and interactive storyline/ game app to play with a good flow to it. Easy to navigate through and very presentable graphics. The great narration is also a plus. Overall, I would reduce the price to .99 and come up with a better presented icon to really make this app a five star. Good job.

Jamie B.

What I liked The art work is nice and the narration is great. I loved the animal interactions, when touched they provided an informative facts for the user. I found the story and the interactivity very engaging. There are also some very enjoyable mini-games that my daughter also enjoyed (3 Year Old).

Improvements While I found the navigation Lulu in the Amazon easy, I would have liked the option of a replay button for each scene so they can be re-listened to. Some children may hear new words from the narrator and want to re-listen without having to shuffle scenes back and forth.

A highlighted words feature with the Narration would also be helpful so children could pick up on visual cues with the spoken words, this would help expand their vocabulary while learning facts about the Amazon.

As this App is optimized for the iPhone 5 I did notice some pixilation on some of artwork on my retina iPad

General review Explore the Amazon with Lulu & Zazou. I found this App full of great informative content that was engaging as well as having an age appropriate delivery. The voice work is great and the facts that can be discovered through interaction are fascinating, I even learned a couple of neat little facts! I would definitely recommend this app for Kids to learn about the Amazon and it's inhabitants.

Terri J.

What I liked I liked the the basic concept of this app. The pictures are nice and animation is good. I appreciated having the words that were spoken on each page. It would be great if there were real pictures of the Amazon area at the end of this app - really help for educational purposes! The games and activities are spaced out nicely within the story to keep kid's attention.

Improvements This app is extremely frustrating - when I got to the end of the story I got stuck and I could not get back to the book. I also got to this page initially by hitting the little icon at the bottom with the + and then I touchedthe globe and it got me to the same page at the end and I got stuck again and could not get out without deleting the entire app and re-downloading it! It would be great to highlight the words as they are spoken. I'd also like the cats voice changed- annoying!

General review This app has a story about the Amazon . There are some great terms/vocab learning that could take place while using it. Kids will also enjoy some fun little games that are intertwined with the story which will help keep their attention. I would like to see the text highlighted as it reads the story. Two times I experienced getting shut out of the app. and I had to delete it and reload it!

Marcel W.

What I liked This book app has a really good graphics and excellent voice over that is very easy to understand and clear. There are a lot of interactivity on every scene it makes the app very engaging which I really like. I also love how the map in the home screen is also act like a table of contents that I can use to go directly to certain scene. The songs are lovely. I like how you can collect items as you go through the different scenes.

Improvements The first thing I was greeted with the first time I Load the app was an alert asking me if I want to allow push notification which is a big turn off for me since developers have been abusing this a lot lately. I'm not a big fan of any social media in kids apps but it is located out of the way so is not do bad.

General review This is a very nice book app that has a lovely graphics, voice over and excellent songs. Each scene in the story has a lot of interactivity making this app very engaging. I feel like by going through the app that I really get a chance to learn about the amazon jungle. Highly recommended and looking forward to the other books in the series .

Lizz M.

What I liked Although I thought this was a storybook app, from the description, it is still a fun, interactive "game" that is like Dora and other popular cartoons. The benefit of having something like this on an app is that it doesn't move forward without the child completing the activity. Lulu is adorable and sweet

Improvements This doesn't feel like a book because not all of the text is on the page, I'd like to see a complete transcript. Also, I wasn't sure how to begin, that part could possibly flash. Since this doesn't feel like a book, maybe more interactivity on each page to make it feel interactive. I'd also like to see something let you know when you've completed what is available on the page (maybe a flashing arrow). The cat's voice is terrible - doesn't match how he looks, especially since they describe him as a young cat at the beginning of the story.

General review Although this app does is not like a traditional book app, it has a story and interactive features that preschool kids will enjoy. The adventure feels like Dora the Explorer and there are so many learning opportunities that children will both delight in the story and the "game" aspects. The app could do with some user guidance (knowing where to start and when to turn the page), but overall it is a fun app that children will throughly enjoy!

Amanda A.

What I liked I liked the app Lulu in the Amazon, because it incorporates reading with animated fun features which motivates and engages students. Children will enjoy being able to tap on the animated characters and play games associated with the app. I liked that Lulu goes on different adventures experiencing different cultures.

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see the background features muted until after the initial story is read. It is easy get distracted and not finish listening to the story when you start tapping on some of the other features. Also, a reminder would be nice of what objects need to be selected to collect throughout the story.

General review Lulu in the Amazon is a fun educational and cultural app which incorporates reading with animated features. The app engages and motivates children to discover different cultural findings about the Amazon. There are also games inside of the main story which children can play.

Michelle C.

What I liked We really liked this app, the drawings and music are wonderful as in all of their apps. The story is entertaining and the games add to the story- the kids both went back to try to fill in the suitcase. We liked being able to hear both languages easily, and the kids and I went back and forth from one to the other (we don't speak French well). We actually prefered the narration of the French person to the American woman who does the English.

Improvements As a wish list, I would prefer that the full text of the narration would show up, and not just the first few lines. We tried the app out on the iPad1 and it was frustrating not being able to follow the narration with the text, especially when we tried to follow in French. It's a bit confusing to come to the end of the text and have the narration carry on.
A few of the "collectibles" are a bit difficult to figure out, too! :-) It would be really nice to have the app in Spanish, and I also find it really odd that the text is in British English but the speaker is American.

General review In general Lula in the Amazon is a great app to introduce children to some of the geography, animal life and lifestyles of South America. The text is entertaining, the add-on games are fun for the kids, and everything works as it should. Both of my children, 5 and 7, went back to the app on multiple occasions to play by themselves and hear the story again. This would be a fantastic app to localize to Spanish and test the market.

Elena L.

What I liked I loved the interactive quality of the app.  For example, triggering dialogue by tapping the characters, collecting souvenirs, finding the animals hiding in the forest and the little green bird, Piou-Piou.  I liked how the app opens as a book and the map functioning as an index is brilliant.  There is an amazing amount of content which I really appreciated. I liked that the feather game had three levels, so that my toddler and her older cousins could all enjoy making Zazou a headpiece.

Improvements I would appreciate seeing more of the dialogue or narrative in print.  I think young kids can benefit by reading on their own or seeing the words highlighted as they are spoken.  Perhaps a larger portion of the story can be put in print and some conversational dialogue can continue to be triggered by tapping on the characters.  Also, having a glossary of the different animals that were encountered would be appreciated.  

General review This is a wonderful interactive story app that will allow kids to experience a different culture and learn about animals and people in the Amazon.  This story app is available in English and French which is a great way to expose kids to a new language.  Kids will really enjoy the mini-games and the post card activity, too.

Gadi A.

What I liked This is a really wonderful app. The imagery and sound blend seemlessly together to provide a good overall experience. What I liked particularly was the information contained in the story. Details about the Amazon, it's tributaries and wildlife were clearly explained and aimed at both young children and old alike. My children loved the interactive games, and trying to find the objects hidden on each page.

Improvements One of my children has minor hearing damage. At times he found the background noises too distracting, and was unable to hear some of the story. A sound control enabling/disabling the different noise levels would be useful. My older kid can read, my younger one is learning. It would be wonderful if the words were highlited as the narrator reads them. One request would be to have a non-story mode so that the different scenes can be explored and items found, and similarly the ability to turn off the interaction, so that the children can concentrate on the story.

General review This is a beautiful app filled with wonderful imagery and sound. The story follows Lulu and Zazou as they explore the Amazon Jungle. Each page is filled with information and interactive animals and objects, ensuring that the reading experience is fun and educational for pre-schoolers and early readers. Sound control and the ability to turn off interactions whilst in story mode would further enhance this superb app.

Libby C.

What I liked This interactive story book has beautiful graphics, an interesting story line and page after page of fascinating rain forest details. My young testers and I particularly enjoyed interacting with the numerous animals and learning new vocabulary and facts about the rain forest. The narration is professional and is available in English or French. After taking the trip down the Amazon, you can revisit your favorite pages via the menu page with a kid-friendly map. There is plenty to see and do on this virtual field trip and children will learn a great deal as they play.

Improvements I liked how the buffalo and caiman games were part of the story but felt the other games were distracting. Could they be accessed from the menu instead? I was a bit disconcerted by the talk of "real Indians" and use of a stereotypical Native American feather headdress which is not part of Brazilian Indian culture. The tribe's name is misspelled: it is the Yanomami, not Yanomani. I would like to see the names of the animals displayed when touched. A map of the world would be nice, to show Brazil in relation to other countries.

General review This is a beautiful interactive story book with a wealth of fascinating information about the rain forest. It is very entertaining and easy to navigate. Some of the games could be better integrated into the story. With realistic sound effects, amusing characters and professional narration, this virtual field trip engages the senses and has great replay value. If your children are interested in rain forest animals they will love this app.

Jim B.

What I liked The app is insightful and very interactive. Players can start anywhere on the trip. Fun mini games to keep things interesting. The app is universal (iPhone/iPad) and has smaller footprint than previous 2 Lulu apps which is good because disk space is limited on my twins' 16 GB iPad2s. No in-app purchase

Improvements The font used on each screen is generic and boring. There is not enough emphasis on text - only one or two sentences of text on each screen. The rest are spoken words. I would like to see more (if not all) words displayed with each word highlighted as it's being read. May be even bold the important words/names and provide the ability to hear the sentence(s) repeated or hear a single word pronounced by touching it. If the app is meant to be educational, let's go all the way.

General review The app is educational and is well-intentioned but wasn't interesting enough to keep the attention of my 3 year old twin girls especially if they use it on their own (my girls are in their Barbie and Princess phases no matter how much we try a avoid it). The app itself is well done and provides exactly what the description listed. However, with very little emphasis on text, my girls didn't get exposed to too many written words.

Frances A.

What I liked I think that this is a beautiful app about the Amazon that can hold the interest of children in a variety of age ranges, especially those who like the Amazon and would like to learn some more about what is out there. The app is easy to navigate and fun to play. It is wonderfully interactive and it has a nice flow from page to page. The images and sounds on the page were enthralling and the children loved traveling all over the Brazilian Amazon. I also think it is great that it is a multilingual app. This is great because more children around the world can play with the app.

Improvements I didn’t like about the app is that it kept crashing or would open to a black screen. This frustrated me and the children waiting to read. I hate to delete and reinstall a few times before I could get it working. I got the app to work most of the way through only once. So, I did get to see that the app was good but having an app I can’t utilize is useless. I still am having a problem with the app not opening and loading.
Also, I think the games can use a slight improvement, the children enjoyed them but I think if they related more directly to the story it would be better for the children.

General review I love that the game is like taking a field trip through the Amazon. For many children that do not have the ability to leave their homes and travel around the world this is an engaging way to show them what else is out there and around the world. The games on the app were fun for the children to play. I also like that you can align it with reading standards and use it as a lesson on the Amazon.

Julie P.

What I liked I like the fact that Lulu visits a place like Brazil that is less familiar to children. Even though they might have heard of the rain forest, they have not seen many of the unique animals Included here. I applaud the developer for including rich content in this app, including the diet and behavior of these unusual animals. Another great feature was the clever use of day and night. Lulu's flashlight allowed her to see some of the nocturnal animals found in the rain forest.

Improvements The age range for this app is listed as 3-10. I think it is too complicated for children under the age of five, unless a parent is doing most of the work. I wish that the developer could come up with a better activity than making patterns out of feathers. Compared to the other games, that one is not at all challenging.

General review Lulu and her pet feline, Zazou, visit the Brazilian rainforest in this combination storybook and science app. There are unique and interesting animals to be found, along with interactive scenes to explore and games to play. I guarantee that both of you will learn something new. After completing the journey, your child can create an postcard that can be emailed to a friend or relative. This app promises hours of educational fun.

Alison H.

What I liked Bright illustrations that were easy to see on both iPad and iPhone. Interaction with characters added to the story.

Liked the map and needing to complete tasks
Prior to moving on to the next step in the app. Navigation was easy and we liked touching the various characters

Improvements Lock out of social media links, this is a kids app and they should not be as accessible. Word highlighting during the story and the ability to have a specific page re read to you easily. Postcards were a little confusing as my son wanted to look at them and would loose his place in the story.

General review Good app, more of one a parent would do with a child due to all of the external links. Provided a strong plot for the story with beautiful illustrations. Good for early elementary school kids and older. Would be nice to have word highlighting for younger readers.