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App description: Your erotic horoscope everyday close at hand! Start the day heating yourself with a hot morning notification! Single? In a relationship? No matter what your status is, your horoscope will give you exciting advises for the day. Enjoy your horoscope and share your hot and juicy expectations with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/iheroscope-hottest-horoscope/id570644944?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Nicola A.


What I liked I like the content in the app. The content is attractive for most people, especially younger, sexually active adults. It is very user friendly, and it is also simplistic. Uses good design principles. I like that I can get my reading every morning right from my iphone 4.

Improvements The opening screen with all the signs is confusing. As a person who isnt familiar with astrological signs, I had no idea which one to click on and resorted to a sort of 'guess and check' method to figure out what sign was mine. Otherwise, pretty well done.

General review Overall, I like the app. I am concerned though, about the price. If I wasnt purchasing this for a review, I would never have wasted $1.99 on this. You can get similar content with free apps. Otherwise, good, user friendly design with playful content.

Marcel W.

What I liked This app has a nice and clean graphics and the user interface are very simple and easy to use so user shouldn't really have any trouble in figuring out on how to use the app. The horoscope itself are well written and very interesting and I like how it shows different one for couple and single.

Improvements The developer should consider putting the name of the sign underneath the icon so user don't have any difficulty in trying to find their sign because the icon aren't the standard icon. Although well written, after a while it seems like the the horoscope repeat after a while. Make the app a universal app since its a simple app so it shouldn't take too much time to do. Add settings that allow user to see only couple or single depending on their preference. Perhaps make their default horoscope automatically displayed on the home screen .

General review This is a good erotic horoscope app for both single and couple. The app has very nice graphics and the user interface is also easy to use. Built in twitter and Facebook integration makes it easy for you to share your erotic horoscope with your friends

Shelly M.

What I liked Artistic graphics and color with the Greek symbols for each astrological sign are displayed nicely along with a titillating erotic symbol. A description of the 'element', 'color' and erotic 'pose' is included for each. The erotic horoscope is for the current day and the day following allowing for planning. Each erotic horoscope includes one for 'Singles' and 'Couples'. A daily notification can be enabled, as well as a share on Facebook from settings. Tweets can be sent from the individual iHeroscopes. There is also a 'language' feature that can be set to one of five languages.

Improvements It would be informative to have an explanation of the information at the bottom of the individual iHeroscope be available, i.e., trine, axis, inclination, etc .Facebook and Twitter postings could be problematic. on the other hand, it would be nice to have an email function available. While one can set a default sign there is not automatic direction to it when the App is opened. Information on the most compatible sign for the day would be of interest to some singles.

General review iHeroscope is an App that can create a spark with that special someone. Appealing for primarily the 20 somethings during the courting stages. Mildly titillating content. I wouldn't want to be Tweeting mine or posting on Facebook, but an email function could be useful. But for lack of an email function I would give it 5 stars.

Mike B.

What I liked I love the layout to the app and I found it to be very informative in terms of my signs element, color, and pose. I also like the functionality options to be able to check the present day as well as tomorrows prediction and the ability to share my reading to Facebook and Twitter. Back to the layout, the app looks very clean and polished on my device in terms of detail and a well placed buttons and information. The daily notification feature is also a good addition as I can set my readings on auto pilot to remind myself each day of what kinda night I'm in store for.

Improvements I honestly think the only adjustment I would make for this app would be to add the name of each zodiac sign underneath it's corresponding symbol on the opening page. I don't think many users will know their symbol without looking it up. I would possibly add an in app purchase of the outlook of the users overall year prediction as well to possibly bump up sales.

General review Overall I really like this app as far as layout and functionality. Being able to share my reading to Facebook & Twitter is certainly a must with this type of app. The GUI is well put together and the features for this app definitely fit the description. Once the zodiac names are placed under the corresponding symbols I will give this a 5 star. Very informative app.

Catalin R.

What I liked I really like the way the app is built. It's fast and has beautiful animations. The app feels very polished in some areas (animations) and needs morework in others. I also like the fact that it supports different languages. Navigation is easy and intuitive and the general presentation of the app is a good one. Also love the fact that it shows both horoscopes for singles/couples in the same view.

Improvements The first thing I would improve are the graphics. First, the icon needs to be more polished. Maybe lighten the color a little as I think the red is a little to bloody, and there's a so a lot going on in the background with the horoscope signs. I would make it a little more subtle spacing out the signs (maybe add them in the corners). The icon is the first element a customer comes in contact in the iTunes store. Then certain elements in the graphics department need more polish. Some elements don't go very well (the grey text with the grey background - makes it hard to read especially outdoors

General review Love the fact that it uses a simple navigation scheme. It's fast and responsive and as long as the horoscope feed is interesting enough I think people will be interested in the app. A plus is all the social integration. A nice app that has a lot of potential. Just need little more polish. Great job

Frances A.

What I liked The app iheroscope is a hot and erotic app just as it says in its title. It gives a new sexy twist on your daily horoscope. It allows you to program your sign, so that you will get your daily alerts on what your day should be like and the fun and frolic you should have or “try” later in the day. It lets you share all of your exotic horoscope on twitter and facebook, which could be a lot of fun, especially for the singles out there letting people know hello, I am here, check this and me out. A very fun filled app great for everyday use no matter single or with a partner.

Improvements Something that I didn’t like about the app is though it tells you for couples; it is way too far off. I tested this with mine and my boyfriend’s signs and it never meshed, not one day. Something I would add would be for the couples that you can add your couple’s profiles in and get these “extra special” iheroscope by pairing signs together. Compatibility feature would be a big thing for me and would stop me from purchasing the app otherwise. I think this could make it a lot more appealing to couples to keep things always interesting and your partner always on their feet.

General review I think this app is great in keeping that spark and flame alive in a relationship and for having some fun all by yourself or even on a night out with the girls. You can pick the time that you want your day to have that extra “heat” delivered which is a great option and I feel the app delivers what it promises to and for that I feel it properly represent itself. All it needs it the name of the sign under each symbol and you are good to go!

Libby C.

What I liked This app is simple, easy to use and gives you option to link to Facebook or Twitter. I liked that you can set your default sign, which places a star on the icon for that sign on the opening screen. There are options for four other languages other than English.

Improvements The addition of names and dates for each birth sign on the opening page would make it easier to find your sign. Or perhaps you could enter your birth date so you could identify your sign. Background information on the personalities of each sign and a “compatibility” function to check how you will get along with other signs, would enhance the app. Including more astrological information, such as conjunctions, would make the horoscopes more interesting. Lastly, I would like to be able to access the other signs from the horoscope page instead of having to go back to the home screen.

General review I really couldn't recommend this app. For the price, I would expect a few more options, such as astrological details relating to the horoscope. The artwork is rather dull and stodgy with a "velvet wallpaper" type background and clip art style illustrations. The horoscopes were often so generic and vague as to be meaningless and after you have read a few different days, they all begin to sound the same. While the app only promises to focus on lov

Tony B.

What I liked This app had a good icon and home screen (good first impression). All of the graphics and animation in this application look great! I like how the icons on the home screen slide in. I also like that the Settings/Facebook/Twitter icons are available from the top of each horoscope but also appear at the bottom if you scroll all the way down. The actual content of the horoscopes was good and getting daily notifications with your horoscope I think would be interesting to a lot of people.

Improvements In settings I had to select Done after changing each item otherwise it would only save the last item that I updated. If I change any of the options they should remain permanently changed. When notification time is set, users in the US are used to seeing AM/PM when the time is displayed. When a notification was sent it said "Here's your today's Heroscope" which I think is awkward wording. When opening notification it did not go directly to my horoscope. A good feature would be showing a daily pose/position. Also, show a graphic for the position because some people wont know what it is.

General review This application is a good idea and looks great. The content of the app is interesting and could keep people coming back frequently. It might be slightly light on features/content for an app that costs $2. Adding a few more things to keep people interested on a daily basis (such as a daily pose/position) could add a lot of value.

Jessica A.

What I liked What an interesting app. I did not know that apps like this existed! It was a really cute app in an adult way. I think for me the hardest part was remembering to check it daily but I did like that you could check tomorrow as well as today. I liked the contrasting background and sign colors. There just wasn't really a lot to the app to comment on.

Improvements I would have liked to have seen the sign names when you click on the first screen. For example, I am a Libra and I am used to seeing scales for my sign so I had to go in and out of different signs to figure out which one was in fact the Libra. I do like a nice horoscope from now and then but I am just not sure that I would pay for this. I would have liked to have seen it do something else other than just tell me a one paragraph horoscope. I would have liked to see a regular horoscope or maybe a feature for couples where you could put in your parteners sign and have a combined horoscope.

General review Overall this was a cute app in an adult kind of way. It is strictly a horoscope that changes on a daily basis. You can see your horoscope for tomorrow and today and that is it. It has on horoscope for singles and one for couples for each zodiac sign.

Targo D.

What I liked I really like the layout. It's interesting and really makes the app look fantastic. The color and format have been chosen well and it's really easy to use. The content is interesting and it really helps to make the relationships interesting and different. I really liked what was said and have found myself often pulling out my phone to have a look what the new day brings.

Improvements I would like to have the names written below the symbols because I find it frustrating when I'm searching for a specific star sign and I have to go through every one. I would like it if I could choose if I was single or in a relationship and the information displayed accordingly. Some pop ups in my notifications would be nice as well so I can see whats new each day. I would also like the ability to send the days saying as a message or email as I don't find myself posting it to facebook as the content isn't appropriate to do so.

General review I believe overall that this is a really great and interesting app. It really just adds that extra something to your relationships and I find my evenings a lot more interesting and exciting because of this. The app does exactly whats promised if not more. I can't find anything to really criticize besides the names of the symbols not being placed underneath.