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App reviews for "The Ant and the Grasshopper v1.1" [text]


The Ant and the Grasshopper v1.1 [text]

App description: "The Ant and the Grasshopper” is a full 3D interactive pop-up story book, recreated from classical fairy tales, featuring wonderful pop-up pages of interactive 3D scenes weaved with beautiful illustrations, fascinating music and narration.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ant-grasshopper-3d-pop-up/id524279733?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Ed S.

Amanda A.

What I liked As a teacher, I loved this app, because reading is fundamental to learning. This app not only reads to the children, but allows the children to read. The interactive animated characters also keep the child's interest and engaged. The counting feature is a nice addition as well.

Improvements In the future version, I would like to see there be more time to play with the interactive animated characters. The page turns too quickly after the reader finishes the last sentence. As an adult I wanted more time to play so I am sure a child would also. Also, the sound for the interactive animated characters can sometimes be louder then the voice of the reader.

General review My general opinion of this app is that it keeps children engaged and motivated about reading. This is beneficial not only because it reads to the children but allows the child read the story themselves. The interactive animated characters bring the characters to life in a fun playful way.

Lena L.

What I liked This is my first 3D pop-up story book and I must say, I was excited. It was as if the book came alive when I turned to the pop-up page. My children loved this feature as well and couldn't wait until the next pop-up page. The interactive feature of gathering candy and food was fun for my children.

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see the interactive elements on the pop-up pages increased as well as explained better. For example, when gathering candy, you could tell the children "bring the grasshopper some candy and snacks" so they know where to take it. Also, you could have a feature that would count the items as they are brought and then tell them how many more items are left to bring.

General review I felt that "The Ant and the Grasshopper" was a fun pop-up story that told a good lesson for kids. I think with a little more added features, this would be an excellent app that would involve learning and play. Overall, I would recommend this app to the 3-5 age group. Great job to the developers and keep up the good work.

Svetlana K.

What I liked What I liked:
1) easy navigation with kids in mind
2) 2 modes of reading (Read to Me and Read it Myself)
3) pleasant voice of the narrator
4) easy to read text
5) 3d games connected to the story contents
6) games separated form the pages with text (do not distract kids from reading)
7) possibility to switch off backgroud music

Improvements 1) When you press the HOME button on the HOME SCREEN, it is confusing that the screen is as if "trembling". Suggestion: hide button or make it inactive
2) Arrow "backwards" on the home screen looks odd. Suggestion: hide the button.
3) Music button - I suggest making indication when the music is off ( cross the note on the button)
4) Music is too loud when both the narration and music are on.
5) Hints for 3d games would be great
6) I suggest that game instructions are repeated when the main character of the game is clicked
7) I would make game #1 closer related to the contents

General review I am sure kids will enjoy listening to the story and play funny story-related 3d-games. It is important for me as a mom of 2 kids that the app has no outside links, easy for kids navigation and age appropriate texts and games. I think it would be for kids learning to read.

Dana C.

What I liked The is a very entertaining app. My grandsons 2 and 4 loved the story and loved the interacting with the story. I loved the message of the story it was easy for them to understand and I also enjoyed the story with them. We read it 4 times in a row.

Improvements I would like to see more pages added to the story. Also it would be nice to have some interactive educational games to play after reading the story. Maybe a match game or word game. I would like to see the ant and grasshopper more animated. I would like to see healthier food choices.

General review The 3D effect was very nice and interactive pages kept my grandsons attention. I just wish it had been a little longer. I loved how when you move your iPad you can see around everything and it makes you feel like you could reach out and touch the pictures on the pages.

Maria B.

What I liked The ant and the grasshopper 3D pop up story e-book is an engaging and interactive activity for children. I love the fact that my 5-year old son is able to connect with this classic fable in a new medium. Nice graphics and the story telling is clear (if a little slower than expected, but it could also be preference)

Improvements I think, one of the common observations that app users find with this particular app is that the music can be distracting. It will be great if the music's volume is lower and blends into the background rather than noticeable up front. Also, the pop-up portion can do with a little more speed so that it reacts better to children's touch. Would also be nice to add a cue after some time if the child is not doing anything so that it nudges them to the right direction.

Lastly, although this app's target audience is 3-9 years old, I feel that this is borderline 6 or 7 at the most.

General review The ant and the grasshopper 3D pop up story e-book is an engaging and interactive activity for children. I love the fact that my 5-year old son is able to connect with this classic fable in a new medium. Nice graphics and the story telling is clear (if a little slower than expected, but it could also be preference). Like what the others are saying, the sound can be a little lower, thankfully, you are able to turn it off.

Alison H.

What I liked the ability to drag objects around on the pop up three dimensional pages like candy The illustrations and the pop up pages within the book were colorful and easy to read. The music is a nice accompaniment to the story. I also liked how the fable was turned into a story with the ant and the grasshopper.

Improvements Word highlighting for early readers to help them follow along with the story. It would be nice if all the pages had some interactivity to them. Also, it would be great if the story from the page could be re-read just in case a child touches the page in error as you don't get the instructions. I might consider making the book slightly longer to have less text on each page. Being able to touch each item on the table of contents would be helpful as well - since right now they don't appear to do anything.

General review Story is okay, but needs more interactivity on each page, word highlighting as well as the ability to re-read pages to be rated higher than a three. I would also like to see some demonstration of what children are expected to do with the candy for example rather than just assuming they will know to put it under the grasshopper.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the vibrant graphics that are within this app. I believe any app that is interactive maintains the attention of the user more than the traditional stories. I like the concept of this story. I think the general, broad thought process is engaging, but the limited climax and resolution left me thinking, "What's next?"

Improvements Pending to English speaking conventions intended, there may or may not be grammatical errors. They begin as early as the first page. There are some flow issues throughout the story. Some of the sentences are very short. The vocabulary, at times, is a bit complex for the intended users, which could cause this app to fall to the wayside. If the vocabulary or concept were altered, this app would be more suitable for whichever ever age is decided upon. At this point, they are conflicting.

General review Interactive pop-ups are engaging to those who appreciate a hands on approach to story books. The interactions accompany the story and provide that piece that the story cannot provide through written expression. There are some conflicting pieces in terms of vocabulary and intended audience. Great story concept!

Christie E.

What I liked I really liked the pop up 3-D parts of the The Ant and the Grasshopper.. They really looked authentic to hand held pop up books that I grew up with as a child. My students loved being able to help the characters do the actions during these sections.

I did appreciate that you could turn off the music as the story was read. This was very distracting to my students.

Improvements I used this story with both first graders and second graders. Both of my classes had a hard time following the story because of the words that were used. This did provide a great opportunity to have a vocabulary discussion, but it may be a nice feature to put in some sort of pop up for students that are reading this story on their own to figure out any new words they do not know.

I'd love to see these types of pop up graphics with a story that is longer than a fable.

General review The Ant and the Grasshopper is a cute story app with some neat new pop up graphics that have not been seen before. Because the story is a fable it is very short. It stays true to a more traditional telling of the fable, which uses words that are harder for younger students to understand. I am looking forward to seeing this developers other stories.

Amanda S.

What I liked I like that this is a shorter book, great for prek, k and 3yos who have shorter attention spans. I like that there is a pop up activity after each page of text, this kept the kids' interest going until the end. I like this classic tale and the moral!

Improvements I would change some of the vocabulary, this is a shorter book so I like to use it with 3yos, prek, and kindergarteners. (Suggestions: change moiling and toiling/ day of necessity). I don't like that the ant looks flat and turns around when you help gather the food. Some of the kids commented on it. If you can't make it more 3D, I would suggest taking out the spinning action.

General review This is a neat pop up book turning a classic tale with a great moral into a fun interactive book! This is great for 3-6 year olds! You get to help the ants prepare for winter and then help the grasshopper after he realizes he should've prepared too! Great touch input! The pop up activities provide more teaching opportunities ( describing the characters, new food vocabulary, and describing actions). Great value!

Jon S.

What I liked The story had great graphics. I liked the 3D effect on the pages that were interactive. I thought the story kept true to the fable, and I liked the fact that you could turn the music on and off easily. The navigation of the story was very simple with only a few buttons so that a younger child could use the app. The read it yourself, or have it read to you was also a nice feature.

Improvements I would like the story to highlight the words that are being spoken in the Read It To Me feature. I think that is a very important skill that all educators want for early literacy apps. The story was short, and I could see the child getting tired of the app after a few uses because of the simplicity of the app. Three interactive pop up pages will not be enough after a few times reading the story.

General review I think the story had a good feature going for it with the 3D element. I would have liked to have seen more of those pages and more interactive elements. I like the fact that it is simple to use for younger kids, but could also see them getting bored with the app after a few times through. I also want any story that is read to a younger child to highlight the words as they are read to start building fluency practice.

Julie P.

What I liked I like the concept of the digital 3D pop-up story book. It gives the child a chance to talk about the story in a way that is natural and conversational. Having the pop-up appear cues the child to describe what's just happened in the story and connect it to the picture in the pop-up. It also makes the child an active participant in the story.

Improvements I found the music to be too loud compared to the narrator's voice. I think the music itself is fine, but just make it a little softer. Also, on the second pop up screen, the script reads, "Please help us gather some foods in the woods." The narrator says, "Please help us gather some food in the woods." I think the script should be changed to match the narrator.

General review The Ant and the Grasshopper is a retelling of Aesop's fable that has been transformed into a digital 3D pop-up book. What this does is to transform the story from a passive experience (reading only) into one in which the child can participate more actively. The characters are colorful, cute and appropriate for preschool and primary level children.

Shannon W.

What I liked The 3D pages that had the interaction on it was very creative and well thought out.
I felt like I was playing with a real 3D book and not a virtual one. My almost 2 year old daughter
loved interacting with the characters! The seek and find objects were great to interact with
when you feed the grasshopper or help the ant gather items.

Improvements Would LOVE to see the words highlighted or underlined on the pages
as the story is read. It was hard for my daughter to follow along on the pages
that didn't have interaction and there were a lot of words. I had to run my finger
along the sentences so my daughter could follow the text.

General review I really love this 3D story book. The story is fantastic and the creativity is amazing. This story
has held the attention of my 2 year old every time! She loves interacting with the characters on
the 3D pages. Hopefully the developer will add highlighting of words to the pages
that are not 3D. I would then give this app a 5 star rating!

Lynn G.

What I liked The artwork is beautiful--very appealing to children. The interactivity not only encourages active participation, but rewards that participation before moving on to the next page. The movement of objects ties into the storyline and rewards comprehension of the plot. This reader can choose to listen to the story which is a great option for younger children or those that struggle with reading. The pop up pages will delight children--such a nice surprise!

Improvements I would love to see participation on each page. Even if it was simple movement of objects, it would enhance the overall appeal of the book. Some form of comprehension check would make this book's value rise above sheer entertainment and raise its education value.

General review This book is worth purchasing--it is a story that can be heard or read over and over again. Children ages 2 and older will enjoy moving the objects in the story and watching the reactions of the characters. It is highly entertaining, engaging, and captivating.

Lori H.

What I liked This app was colorful and visually enticing. at first glance, the three dimensional aspects during the alternate pages are very inviting. My son liked watching the insects moving while he touched the screen and liked that the pages moved when he moved. The colors were realistic to the story.

Improvements The only feature I did not really enjoy was the directions going away so quickly. If i clicked the page too fast, the directions were gone and could not be retrieved. It would be great if there was an OK button to click to remove the directions instead of having them go away with a simple touch.

General review I liked the concept of the app. My son loves interactive stories. This app was a fun way to tell this classic tale. The way the storybook moved with the ipad kept my child's attention as well as the interactivity feature on every other page. This app would make a great addition to any interactive library.

Loreen H.

What I liked The animation and 3-dimensioal pop-ups were very well done. The narrators voice was clear and without accent. She was very easy to understand. I liked the fact that you could turn off the music that was playing with the narration. Overall the book was very visually appealing.

Improvements I realize that this was a retelling of an Aesop fable, but I feel that the language and vocabulary used was too high level for the intended audience of preschoolers and early elementary aged students. The games on the pop-up pages were very simple. I don't feel the language level matched the level of the games.

General review In general the book was very well made and both visually appealing and pleasing to the ear. The characters were cute and engaging for young children. The games were very simple and did not offer much challenge, therefore if used with children older than preschool age, they would not remain engaged for long. The vocabulary in the story seemed a little high-level for the intended audience of young children.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked My nephew loved the popups and being able to interact with the characters. He would get so excited when the grasshopper or ant would jump up and down.

I also liked the idea of the story being read to him so he could operate it himself, but I couldn't figure out how that was possible even though there were buttons for it.

Improvements I think the user interface could be smoothed up a bit. I'd like to see buttons along the side to swipe to "turn the page" like other reader apps as that motion is expected. The animations could also be a bit smoother and less "stiff." I feel like the characters and their motions were a bit rough around the edges.

General review For kids, I think the app is fantastic. My nephew absolutely loved it! As an adult, I do wish that the user interface was a bit more intuitive for him and easier to use so he could use it on his own. The buttons should be bigger and more natural. The app should read the text aloud to him.

Jill P.

What I liked I really enjoyed the narrator voice in this book app and its pop-up design, as well as the pleasant background music. My children (3 & 4) were both surprised and fascinated with the pop-up graphics. They also enjoyed rocking the iPad back and forth to watch the image move in the background. As a parent I felt very secure with the storyline, the content and the app interface. There were no ads or links and as a free app it made for a fun, simple, interactive app for my children to enjoy. I also liked how the expressions on the character faces were appropriate for the story.

Improvements Overall the story felt a little too short. There is plenty of storyline to make additional pop-up pages. Also, my children were both a little bored with the pages that did not include the pop-up design because they were mostly text. Additionally some of the interactive features could use some improvements, for example the candy dragging in the beginning felt a little out of place in the storyline. Isn't candy food? It looks like the ant is saving food for the future. Also the first time my children used the app they were confused about where to drag the objects.

General review As a free app this is well worth the download. My children were entertained by this app and it led to a positive family discussion about planning for the future. However, I think that if the developers were to charge for the app it would be too short on content and illustrative beauty and I would have given it 3 stars.

Charly J.

What I liked I love fables and pop up books (on iPad this brings interactiveness to a new level). The commentator was very clear and precise in a very child-friendly voice. I like that you had two options (read to me or read it myself). Having to listen or read and then do as was suggested in pop up form was a great way to explain the 'moral' or 'lesson' of the fable and what was taking place in the story. It did encourage a dialogue about what the moral was. I liked that it was not expanded upon or turned into a different story or take on Aesop's Fables. It was kept inline and simple for a child. I liked

Improvements You can disable the music although when doing that you turn off the effects which I would like to keep the effects so that you get the sounds associated with the task at hand or you may turn the page too early. I would loved to have some more than just the tasks being interactive or have had the opportunity for more of the pop up to be interactive in the fable. To me having the option to highlight a word or have a word read back would really help especially beginning readers. I think your biggest pool will be 2 to 5/6 year olds but being a short concise fable learning to readers up to 7 ...8.

General review It's very cute, with well done graphics. The pop up tasks put emphasis on the moral and helped to explain the story. I would like to have seen in the read to myself where you could change it to reading to you when you touched the words or have had that word read to you (as a beginning reader may need help) same for the read to me if the words could be highlighted or you had the chance to select a word to be read back. I did not find it too busy

Anny G.

What I liked I liked that the interactive elements were on different pages than the text. This keeps the focus more on the story. My daughters enjoyed the book, and to my surprise asked to read it a few times in a row. The art was also nice, and the story itself has a good premise. I like that it has sophisticated vocabulary, it made for some nice teaching moments. It was certainly easy for my kids to navigate, and I liked the chapters option as well.

Improvements I would really like to see a lower volume for the music. It was really loud, and made it hard to hear the story. The only option was to turn the music off, and I did like the music otherwise. My 3 and a half year old daughter had some difficulty moving the food items to the characters, at times they disappeared into the background-may be an issue with layering? My almost two year old couldn't get the food items close enough to the characters for them to register, and this made her frustrated, I would love to see better narration as well, it kind of sounded robotic.

General review This is a basic storybook app. It has a short, simple story with a good message. The interactive elements aren't too distracting from the text, and my daughters 2 and 3) made me read it over and over again. There are some annoying parts, like the music is too loud and my daughters had a hard time getting the "food" close enough to the characters for it to resister. Overall not a bad app, but is doesn't stand out among its competitors.

Mary H.

What I liked I love the interactivity of the story and the fact that the interactivity does not distract from the intended message. The transition from the upright book position to the flat "pop up" position is a good visual cue to children when they should listen/read and when they can begin to interact with the book. This is a good introduction to Aesop.

Improvements The music is a little loud and detracts from the story. A softer, more subtle volume would be recommended.
Fix the error on the winter pop up page. It looks like there is a space between the apostrophe and the "s" in Let's (Let' s).
A definition link for some of the words i.e. "toil," might be helpful.

General review Aesop has gone interactive in this app that teaches us to "prepare for the days of necessity." Alternating between pages of written text and an interactive pop-up page, children can navigate through the story with ease. The interactivity does not overwhelm the intended message (moral), providing a good lesson for 5-7 year olds.