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Meet the Insects: Forest Edition [text]

App description: ‘Meet the Insects: Forest Edition’, a gorgeously-illustrated interactive encyclopedia, invites all users to explore the world of forest insects at their fingertips.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id562203266?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: MJ K.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > the way the explanation is conducted is really really great : animated drawings + voice over + text ! Great.
> the way the insects are shown in the "see insects" section is really great : night/day environment, pictures, videos, explanations, fun facts: nothing is lacking. Great!
> I also liked the multimedia corner gathering all photos and videos for easier usage
> I'm fond of the "magnifier" section, where you can order all insects (and discover that there are more to come)
> I liked the observation journal section, to encourage kids make their own observations

Improvements > I would have liked have more control over each part of the explanation. To be able to pause first, but also to re-listen 10 last seconds without having to listen all over again.
> I would have like to be able to navigate more easily between orders in the "see insects" section
> Your app is so rich I think it deserves an intro section, to help kids (and parents) grab it all and understand the many possibilities. There might be people not understanding, for instance, why bees or grasshopers are lacking this particuliar app.
> I'd love to see a search box

General review This is a great great great app, packed with explanations, photos, videos and so much elements. In my opinion it's only really lacking a good intro section, to set expactations and avoid misunderstanding (no bees?!! like question). This is really great.

Stephanie B.

What I liked 3D images are beautiful. Seeing the insects in nature instead of isolation is great. Great videos. (Love the music for the stag beetle fight.) I like that the videos have little narration and give plenty of time to observe the action without distractions. I really like the way the journal works, and that some fields give buttons to choose from. Would be nice to somehow track the bugs you've seen, maybe even as a separate Bug Journal or Nature Journal app?

Improvements Background showing through while scrolling through bugs is distracting--especially for kids with ADHD or vision problems. Perhaps if you add a box around the pic and text to cover more of the background? Text under the pics is a little small for kids, but it looks cool. On photo slide show, text in corner is not obvious. Would be nice if it were just above the slide indicator. File size way too big for our 32 Gb iPad. Need space for ProLoQuo2Go (587 w/2 users), sign language videos, and social stories. FYI - we use My First AAC and Write My Name, too.

General review 3D images are beautiful. Videos of insects give interesting tidbits without a lot of voice over distractions. My favorite part is the nature journal. Great for teaching beginning journal keeping skills. Some of the layout could be improved as far as text placement and size, but that is very minor compared to all the pluses.

Amy T.

What I liked I LOVE the Observation Journal! The photos and videos are stunning! I love all the information included in the app- we will definitely be using this in speech therapy when we study insects. I like how the insects in the encyclopedia can be accessed in "levels" of the forest trees-are they accurately grouped into what layer of the forest they make their home, or was it just a fun way to view them? If they are grouped accurately, I want to see labels for these different layers of the forest when tapping each yellow button.

Improvements The 752 MB is huge. I need narration to start when a label/passage is tapped, so my non readers can benefit from independent work. This was especially frustrating during the quiz portion- I couldn't read fast enough for them before the time for each question ended; can there be narration and a setting to change time limits for the quiz? Some videos' introductions are grammatically awkward, in my opinion. "Oak beetle is climbing up a plant" - why not "AN oak beetle is climbing up a plant. A typo: "Lonhorn beetles cannot fly". Also, my students want to know what regions these insects live.

General review What a great learning tool for upper elementary and above! If you add options to read the text aloud, this would be excellent for younger students as well! I found a typo and the intros for the videos are a bit awkward grammatically, but I am sure that will be fixed soon. I think settings to turn off background music or adjust time limits for quiz participants are a must as well, but well done-my kids wanted to explore this app and are learning

Danielle W.

What I liked I loved the videos and clarity of the pictures! The detail and information was wonderful and the navigation through the app was simple and easy to understand. I have two sons that are fascinated with insects, so being able to explore so many different creatures with them is exciting. The app was very impressive in all the different options it provided: pictures/videos/journal/quiz/etc.

Improvements When you click on the bug and it gives the written name and summary, I would like to see an option to hear the spoken name. I fet like the scientific names are rather hard to pronounce, so having a button to press to hear the pronunciation would be great.

General review This app is a great way to explore insects without having to be in the forest to actually see them. The clarity and detail of the graphics make it seem like the insect is actually right there on your iPad. There is a nice amount of detail given for each insect and I was able to sit with my two sons and explore this app with them and they were learning while exploring. They absolutely loved it!

Odile L.

What I liked A very complete encyclopedia well balanced between text, images and videos.
The variety in exploration makes it engaging for everybody: some will want to see videos, others will go straight to the fun facts while the last one will zoom on the photos.
The extra journaling feature is a very good idea. The kid will be able to take a photo of insects they find and add location and caracteristic comments.

Improvements The background noise of birds and little buggy noises and the music in general can be a bit annoying. An option to cut the sound would be welcome.
The games are not as substantial as the rest of the app. The games are in fact 2 quizzes. Maybe a game of matching insects in different insect family would be interesting.
A video of a complete metamorphosis (from larva to butterfly) would be great.

General review A perfect app for insects' fans. The app is very well suited for kids aged 8+. The app is intuitive and rich with content. The fun facts about insects add the oxygen kids need for this kind of content. The feeling of exploring is well transcribed and sure the parents will also learn new things about insects.

Fides C.

What I liked I really like what this app has to offer. It seems to be geared for middle to upper elementary. I like the "see the insects" activity where it looks like you have a box of insects and you get to observe them with a magnifying glass, read facts, answer trivia, see photos and videos. I like the "Insect Story" presentation. It is well done and informative. I also like the observation journal for kids to keep track of the different insects they come across. This app has very good graphics.

Improvements The videos and photos did not work for me, both in the "multimedia" and "see the insects" section. In the "multimedia" I just get a blank screen and the words "label" - this is for both photos and videos. In "see the insects", when I tried to click on a video or photo, the app crashed (exited). The search (magnifying glass) also doesn't appear to work. I tested this on an ipad3 using iOS 6.

General review I think the app has a lot of potential. I think if the photos and videos worked and the search was functional, I would have given this a 5 stars. It really is a very good educational app and one I would use to supplement science classes. I would love to see these bugs fixed and to take another look at it when it is working properly.

Vicki G.

What I liked The pictures, videos and even the quiz sections of this app are incredible. The videos are a delight to watch and are intriguing enough to watch more than one time. The photos are close up and intricate and authentic. I liked the quiz as well because it is challeging and there are more than one if you want to take the quiz over.

Improvements In this day and age I'm not sure if what I'd like to see added to this app is appropropiate. As a teacher I would like to see a section where there are instructions for each section so I would know how to tell my student (or child) how to use the app to its best use. However, in this 21st century students like to explore and they don't need directions. So, I'd say for adults add an instruction page if needed. I did look for the directions but without finding any I was quite successful with exploring on my own.

General review This is a fantastic app and I can't wait to show my five year old grandson who loves insects. This is an engaging app that is never done because it can always be used as reference for any age. Science teachers should appreciate all there is in app because it has facts and photos that reinforce what is taught in school.

Michelle C.

What I liked This is the first app we had tried in the Meet the Insects series, and we were all impressed by the amount of content the app offers. The photographs are all high quality, there are 30 narrated videos you can also watch, and we liked the option of adding our own observation journal.

Improvements The kids and I all found the scrolling up the tree to be a bit counter intuitive. Every time we wanted to move up, we moved down and vice versa. It is a cool design, butmaybe it would be more practical to have a more standard, albeit boring, way to toggle up and down the tree.
We also found the quiz sections to have really varying levels in the questions. Some were dead easy, some were very difficult. In the photo quiz, explained answers would improve the feedback. I hope an update would include a review of the quiz section and maybe add levels.

General review Overall we found this to be a great learning app for somebody already interested in bugs. We loved the all the multimedia, the design is well thought out and attractive, and the journal was a plus for us. The quiz section could be improved, but for us the main attraction was the actual information which is plentiful, scientifically sound and beautifully presented (as long as you like looking at bugs!)
This app would localize well into Spanish

Julie P.

What I liked The basic premise of this app is really good, and i see enormous potential. I enjoyed the quality artwork and the photos on the Insect Story. It was a clever idea to have the stag beetle climbing the tree trunk as you scroll up through the different orders of insects. I also like the Fun Facts on the yellow post-it's throughout that section. Once you're familiar with the layout, it's easy to navigate between sections.

Improvements This is an app in progress. There are significant technical issues to be addressed, including photos and videos that don't load and frequent, random crashing. Also, the magnifying glass in the top corner of the home page clicks to a screen with no working links on it. I liked the ability to move the magnifying glass over the stag beetle too it's details, but the question should read, "How does it look?" rather than "How does it look like?"

General review Meet the Insects: Forest Edition is designed to provide solid research information on 33 insects found in the forest. There are five separate sections within the app, each one accessible from the Home page. The sections cover the topic from different perspectives: insect identification, life cycle, multimedia resources, observation journal, and quiz. Unfortunately, with all the technical issues, I could not recommend it.

Eileen L.

What I liked Things I liked about this app:
1. Amazing graphics and detail
2. Different modules for learning - Multimedia, Story, Journal, Viewing Insects and Quiz
3. Ability to go into night mode
4. Well thought out Home bar with incorporated all above tabs as well
5. The ability to take your own pictures for your journal
6. Just the sheer amount of information presented
7. The ability to find your insects by color and type.

Improvements There is not much to improve on in my opinion. Things to ask for on next update:
1. Volume problems - I had to turn the volume up when listening to the section Insect Story. When I went to the Multimedia section and clicked on a video, it was blaring.
2. Under Multimedia videos, I would love to have more dialog. The tone of voice from the narrator could be a little bit more upbeat.
3. The quiz is not suited for younger children.
4. Ability to turn music/forest sound off.

General review Wow! Amazing app. I do not even like insects and I was interested in the information. The visuals are stunning, the information is well presented, the different modules selections will help all learning types and the quiz for comprehension is great. My son jumped into this app and goes back to it regularly. This is well thought out and now I would like to see this as a learning series. It is worth every penny!

Dheeraj R.

What I liked I think the app is really cool because of the amount of information it gives. I think it's definitely worth the cost, and with a few more adjustments, will make it as one of the best apps on the app store. When I first saw that it was over 700 MB, I was shocked. But the app has stunned me. I would have never known so much if it weren't for this application.

Improvements I think a few minor adjustments are required. Firstly, the size of the app: Although it's understood why the app is that huge, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would get impatient with the amount of time they'll have to wait to get it downloaded, specially on slower connections. Secondly, I think the UI represents that it's for children around the age of 8-10 years old, but it gives information way above their level of understanding. My nephew, 11 years, found it quite difficult. I think the app should be more simple...like the language should be much more simple.

General review Tested on an iPad 2 on iOS 5. Works like a gem. No app crashes experienced yet. And I think it's a really good application overall. As I mentioned before, few minor adjustments, and it will turn into an excellent application. Definitely would recommend this to my friends. I'd give this app a positive feedback, but only on the condition that it improves in the near future.

Eric P.

What I liked 1. I really like the introductory story on the insects. I find it very informative. I certainly learn a lot more about insects through this app than my entire formal education.
2. I find the insect gallery to be an amazing multimedia encyclopaedia. The macro photographs and detailed videos are really helpful when we're trying to learn about the insects.
3. I like the way the app introduces good habits to juniors who are learning through this app. I believe journaling and doing a regular reflection are wonderful habits to have when they're grown up.

Improvements 1. I think the 5-second timer for the true/false quiz can be eliminated, because I think people would still answer it within considerably amount of time based on their knowledge.
2. I wonder if there's anything that the developers can do to reduce the total download size and installed size. The big size makes it difficult for the users to download and arrange on a typical 16 GB iPad.
3. I also think that the developers can optimize some of the animation performance. As I was trying on my iPad 2, there are plenty of occasion where I notice lags on the animation.

General review This is a high quality science app for juniors who want to explore the world of insects. By displaying the wide varieties of insects and their massive information in the formats chosen for this app, I find it easier and more engaging to learn about the insects.

For a complete review, I've published it on my site:

Lorraine L.

What I liked This is an excellent app on insects! The quality of the photos and videos is excellent. The design of the app is well organized. Content is age appropriate and interesting. It is kid-oriented and allows the child to explore in many different directions.

Improvements I would like to see a navigation symbol that would quickly allow me to get back to the home page. I see the word 'ok' but it would be helpful to have an insect icon or some other graphic. Since this app is designed for a wide range of age levels, I think it would be helpful to have more places where the child can choose to have something read to them.

General review Overall, I was very pleased with the design, the graphics, animations, stories, and the quiz. The app is educational as well as entertaining and engaging. Many details of the app including the magnifying glass that allows the student to look more closely at the insect, the journal where the child can write about the insect and insert photos, and the navigation within each of these sections is child-friendly.

Aundrea W.

What I liked Meet the Insects: Forest Edition is a breathtaking app that brings informative and collective knowledge about insects to the forefront by providing concise and interesting facts on varying species. Since there is so much information to garner, users can click on the magnifying glass to reveal a search box which allows individuals to search by insect or insect color. Once you click on the desired insect, you are able to learn its order name and some interesting fact. Colorful photographs and video are sure to capture the attention of the smallest learner. The journal and quiz are nice additions

Improvements In a future version of Meet the Insects, I would like to see more insect orders for review. Under each insect, more information such as where they are likely to be found and geographical maps would give a well-rounded view of each insect. The ability to email the observation journal would allow students the chance to open in a word processing document for review and completion if one-to-one idevices are not available. More quiz questions will give the users the ability to work on comprehension skills as they research and try to find the right answers.

General review Meet the Insects: Forest Edition is a great app that is sure to bring a wealth of knowledge to all educational stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, etc. This beautifully displayed app is a science teacher's dream in that the activities are concise and provide varying methods such as multimedia videos and a quiz. Young learners will appreciate the colored photographs and easy navigation. The observation journal is great for writing.

Katy R.

What I liked This app has amazing photos and a variety of interesting facts about multiple insects. The app is easy to navigate with a clear home screen, and I like that once an insect is selected, the user has the option of viewing photos and video of the insect in motion in addition to the factual information. The "Insect Story" is engaging, and I like that the user can choose to have the text read aloud or not. The Observation Journal is an excellent addition for users capable of documenting their observations, and I love the camera feature.

Improvements The app takes up a lot of space, and for that sacrifice, I would like to see videos that have a little more narration - perhaps one fact for each video. Also, on the multimedia page, it would be helpful to have the videos labeled. It would be good to have an option to have the text read aloud throughout the app - not just in the Insect Story. The Quiz feature is interesting, but I think the O for true is confusing. Probably a check mark for true and an X for false would be easier.

General review Meet the Insects Forest Edition is an informative & engaging app for all ages w/ amazing graphics, video and photo examples for a variety of insects. The user can see metamorphosis in action, where insects live in the forest, and gain a wealth of information about selected insects. The Insect Story allows the user to learn about insect life cycles in addition to other facts, and the Observation Journal is a great place to record favorite facts.

Sara M.

What I liked What a fantastic app! I found this app to be engaging and right from the start. The graphics and animation are perfectly blended. The Insect Story area, which gives the user various chapters of information regarding insects, was easy to navigate. Each section is read to you which allows young users to be independent. The male voice is easy to understand and not computerized. The Observation Journal area is easy to navigate. Users are able to add a photo to their joural entry in addition to the location, weather, mood, and their own notes. Notes are easily saved, deleted and edited if necessary

Improvements Honestly, I don't have many suggestions. I feel that the developer has put together a well thought out, engaging, and easy to navigate app. My only suggestion in order to allow young users to be independent when using all aspects of the app would be for the quiz are to have the option of having the questions read to them.

General review Overall, I give this app 2 thumbs up! From an educational standpoint, this app seemlessly blends together multiple content areas. I love the fact that it is easy to navigate and that even the littlest learners will be able to use this app independently. I plan to use this app in my 1st grade classroom not only for research and information purposes but also for the capability of keeping an observation log during our insect unit.

Ricki B.

What I liked This app has so much potential. Search button is key to understanding how to navigate. I like the the : ability to sort bugs by color, Insect story & insect trivia, kids can write in their observation journal, & the quiz. The ease of viewing beautiful videos & photos is flawless. It took a minute to figure out that I had to click on the circles below the photos to move to a different set of insects. Guided arrows did help in moving from 1 section to the next.. I like the explanations of the insects and that every insect has a printed description.

Improvements This app offers so much to the young scientist, but there are no directions on how to use this app. The search button is such an important part of this app and needs a little bubble explaining so. It provides some order to what is included which is mainly beetles (17), butterflies & moths (9) and cicadas/stink bugs (7). Once I figured this out, some of the most common and favorite bugs were missing in this set.

General review A child 5-10 yrs old would love this app. Love the ability to navigate through a variety of activities, e.g. Insect story & insect trivia, observation journal, & the quiz. The ease of viewing beautiful videos & photos is flawless. Love all the details about 33 different insects, but types are limited. Many of the favorites are not in this series. Directions for using this app would be helpful. Well worth new price of .99 cents !

Courtney D.

What I liked There are so many things about this app that I enjoy! I hope I can inform you throughout my limited characters available. I love the multimedia, including pictures and video. I love the story, which speaks with a vocabulary suitable for children. I love that the narration is not in a monotone voice and is easy to listen to. I love that there is an interactive quiz, which allows the user to test their knowledge. I love that this could be used within a classroom setting because the user can search out different insects within categories of insects. The journal is a great idea!

Improvements When the user is working through the story, there is a section that states "drag the insect". The user isn't "dragging" the insect, but rather the circle portion. That could be misleading. I wish that the quiz would give the user more than one opportunity to answer if they get a question wrong. I also wish that it would provide more information to the user if they got a question wrong, so that they could have success. If neither of those are an option, at least informing the user of the correct answer would be beneficial. It is a quiz, but it isn't "graded", so immediate feedback is helpful!

General review I am very impressed by this app! There are so many things a science teacher could use this for! In my situation, in a therapy room, this could be used, through the video and pictures, for both expressive tasks (labeling, WH questions, prepositions, vocabulary) and receptive tasks (identifying). If I were within a classroom setting and a unit on insects was in my curriculum, this would be a must! Very thorough app!

Frances A.

What I liked The app Meet the Insects: Forest Edition is an amazing app with a wealth of knowledge to help children learn all about the different insects they might meet when they are outside on a walk or even when on a camping trip. This is a great app for any science teacher, as well as any parent trying to get their children accustomed to what they may meet outside the front door to avoid any potential anxiety. I know a lot of children are afraid of flies for an example, so it would help with getting this information out there and real for them.

Improvements Something that can be very annoying for me is with limited space on my iPad the app is quite large and I can’t delete it and re-download it fast enough if I needed to use it. Also, even though it has a lot of information, it is not as interactive as I would like it to be. I think this app would be perfect to let children explore the insects from a 360 degree view and learning just a bit more so they are not so terrified next time they see a beetle or other creepy crawly friend. The app did freeze up on me once and shut out when trying to go through the different bugs; not fun for children.

General review This app's price is a great deal for considering all the information to help your children learn and grow. I also love that the children can write their own journal entries about what they have learned and this is a great reinforcement in and outside of school. It gives them important knowledge of bugs as well as a use of critical E.L.A. Skills. I think this would be good for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old to learn new facts.

Amanda S.

What I liked What is not to love about this app? This is a truly amazing and beautiful app. It is so educational and engaging. I have 3 little boys (ages 5, 6, 7) at home and they were engulfed in this app (they love science stuff). I love the detailed photos with the magnifier and the videos. The Insect stories are a great way to introduce the bugs. The see the insect part was very impressive, I LOVED how you make the bug crawl up/down the tree to learn about the different orders of insects. I like the two different formats for the quiz! This app would be great for all ages! Love the journal!

Improvements This was a hard section to fill out due to my amazement of this app. I did find during the quiz some questions were repeated while you were in the same quiz. I think that is a glitch and may need to be looked at. I also suggest that you add a way to touch the question and have it read aloud. My five year old loves this app but he struggles with reading the question, this makes it difficult for him to play independently. A narration of the questions would solve that problem.

General review This is one of the most well made & beautifully designed apps I have seen! This app is so multi-modally educational. You get to learn facts about bugs, magnify their pictures, move them up/down a tree, watch videos, read stories, & journal your own experiences! The observation journal allows the child to take photos of bugs they have found and write about them!! Great for all ages! Bring bugs to life! This app will turn you into a bug expert!