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Professor Chomp v1.0 [text]

App description: Tilt to play! With zero ads or in-app purchases. Professor Chomp needs your help! The battery is gone and he needs more power to continue his experiments. Try to help him gather power and beat your best score! Works great on airplay mirroring to let the whole family enjoy the fun!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/professor-chomp/id566704074?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Doug M.

Julie P.

What I liked This is a simple, straightforward tilt-to-play game. It requires only a few simple directions and can be enjoyed instantly by most children over the age of 2. I appreciate the fact that there are no ads and no in-app purchases. This app will appeal to parents who don't want their children playing violent games or games with weapons. It is a perfect app for beginners.

Improvements I would like to see the instructions included in the opening screen. Some novice users may be unfamiliar with this kind of game, so they may not figure out how to catch the orbs. In a future version,could you post the top 5 scores? Another suggestion would be to have higher levels of difficulty with orbs hidden by invisible clouds or orbs that jump around.

General review Professor Chomp is a canine scientist that needs help recharging his battery. The way to accomplish this is by tilting the device to collect orbs. Some orbs give bonus points, while others grant bonus playing time. Be careful, though, the red orbs will cost you points. This cute app is easy to play and appropriate for children as young as 2 or 3, with no violent content and no weapons.

Frances A.

What I liked I think this game could use one major improvement. It was hard to write the review do to this. I kept playing myself to figure it out but I did. Once the game is finished, the children should not be brought back to the home screen but rather a lab, giving them a role in the creation. Have them drag the points to the battery or something to that extent and help the professor create the experiment. Seeing things just pop from the electricity for no reasons loses its education value in my opinion. They collected the energy now they should do something with it.

Improvements I think this game could use a major improvement. It bothered me the whole time playing. I kept playing myself to figure it out the problem. Once the game is finished, the children should not be brought back to the home screen but rather a lab, giving them a role in the creation. Have them drag the points to the battery or something to that extent and help the professor create the experiment. Seeing things just pop from the electricity for no reasons loses its education value. They collected the energy now they should do something with it. If this change is made, I think the game will do great.

General review In the game, the children collect orbs that give you points that you need for the battery, silver ones give bonus points, and the yellow grant bonus playing time, we want to stay away from the red orbs though, they take stuff away. With this being the premise, the children were very engaged and had fun avoiding all of the red orbs and trying to collect as many as they could to see what the professor would create. It is great fun for all children.

melissa r.

What I liked Loved the concept and the tilting of the iPad to play the app. All of the family enjoyed the challenges of collecting or dodging where appropriate. The graphics and dog character were especially enjoyed by my youngest two girls. Great for colour recognition in younger children.

Improvements Felt a bit confusd as to what age group app is for. Didn't feel exciting or vibrant enough for children but not challenging enough for adults. Felt it needs a longer time limit for the kids and perhaps a change of background as levels are passed. Would love to see option for level of difficulty as this would then turn it into a family app for young and old.

General review Prof. chomp is a great unique app with a fantastic concept. Well enjoyed by all of the family and with a few tweaks this would increase the longevity of the app in our household. Kids enjoyed the challenge of collecting correct orbs and dodging the bad ones. Fantastic for developing hand eye coordination skills.

Targo D.

What I liked I liked the graphics. They are interesting and appropriate for young children. It looks very professional and the screen isn't cluttered with all sorts of information. I like the way the game works as it is addictive and keeps you trying to beat your high score. I found the app also quite simple and easy to use and the children I gave it too knew what to do immediately.

Improvements I think this app needs a lot of improvement. I found that although it is addictive it doesn't keep you entertained for too long. The game is the same and nothing changes. Theres no goals other than a better score. There's no prizes for doing well and it doesn't keep a high score. Theres no options or settings to suite the game to your needs e.g. ability to change the sensitivity or difficulty, pause the game, exit the game etc. I am told it also works over airplay but I am not sure how to do this and some instructions would be very useful.

General review I believe this app is interesting, entertaining and suitable for young children. It looks very professional and I love the graphics. It's simple and easy to use and you quickly get into trying to beat your high score. I do believe it is however lacking in a few features and needs a bit of work. It looks great so far and I think it has the potential to be a really great app. I think its worth buying and giving a try.

Stan A.

What I liked I like that there are no ads or upgrades. The game is appropriate for children, the music is pleasant, and the characters are cute. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. I liked the fire hydrant experiment, Professor Chomp has a sense of humor.

Improvements This app seems to be missing something. The game is not very interesting or engaging, my 5 year old daughter did not want to play for more that a few minutes. I think that adding characters and achievements to the actual game would help significantly. It could benefit from a simple story as well. The price was very high for the game, I think it would be better at a lower price.

General review This game could be better. It is appropriate for children and it is very simple but it is not very exciting or engaging. The game is very basic and I think it could use some more action and characters to make it more interesting. Adding levels and achievements would be helpful because at this time there doesn't seem to be any. I think it has the potential to be really good but right now it feels like it is missing something.

Lizz M.

What I liked This app is fun and addicting like Tetris. The first time I turned the game on I played for a half an hour straight. The game itself is easy enough for children to play and challenging enough to keep me entertained for quite a long time. The idea of the

Improvements An explanation of the storyline is lacking. If I hadn't read the introduction when I purchased the app I wouldn't have understood the tie between the dog scientist and the game itself. In addition, the game doesn't progress and you can get the same "experiment" several times in a row. I would like to see the player building toward something - a bigger experiment, harder levels (more red dots), etc. Instead it is the same game with the same rewards every time. This makes it easy to get board.

General review I love how addicting this game is, it is like Tetris in the way that once you start you get pulled in and challenge yourself to go faster! However, there isn't a long-term challenge in the game - it is the same game every time you play and it doesn't get more difficult over time. The lack of challenge doesn't hold my interest for long and I can't see it interesting a younger player longer, but possibly shorter period of time.

Chris M.

What I liked Professor Chomp is nicely polished with cute characters and voice audio. Game play is great for fine motor development and coordination. Mirroring has an awesome draw for little ones. Game play is very simple, just tilt; this turned out to be a great feature for a two year old this was tested on with little experience in devices. It can also be good for counting and number learning for older children. When played as a family, it enhances patience and rule following.

Improvements In future versions, small additions could greatly improve this app. For replay value in older children and help with problem solving skills, I would suggest the rewards for filling the battery after a round be parts of a greater picture/puzzle; each piece makes up a bigger picture, helping with progression. Possibly add a setting for parents (in the settings app) that can make adjustments in gameplay such as timer variation, number of orbs on screen, number of colors of orbs, etc. There are unlimited possibilities for extensions to add.

General review Professor Chomp is a nicely polished children’s app that includes a cute main character with voice audio. You’re in charge of refilling Professor Chomp’s battery by tilting your device to collect or avoid orbs so he can complete his experiments. In short, this is a good app for children aiding in fine motor skill development, counting, and other developmental skills; but with included airplay mirroring it can also be fun for the whole family.

Heather W.

What I liked I like the premise of this game - help the professor gain power points so he can conduct some experiments. The professor dog is cute if a little nerdy just like a professor should be. The actual game play is very simple to pick up and easy to control. The graphics of the game are nicely done and the colors scheme is pleasing.

Improvements While I realize this app is for young children, this app is too simplistic. The game play rapidly becomes very monotonous and boring because every game is the same, there are no levels or progression of skills. In fact, all you have to do is press play and it doesn't matter if you actually try to catch the energy blobs or just let your device lay there, the result is the same, conducting an experiment. The experiments are pretty lack-luster, with the same "creations" coming up over and over. More animation and a progressive skill set would be excellent additions.

General review At this point, I would not recommend this app. It has the potential to be a pretty neat app - maybe if the experiments were somehow tied to the types of energy particles that were captured or if the experiments allowed for some player choice. Also, if the results of the experiment could be "saved" or "collected," the user would feel more incentive to continue play.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the concept of this app! It is addicting! I had a great time playing it and trying to increase the number of points I obtained. I like that it is "experimental" and every level, when earned, can gather a new object from the number of points. I like the fine motor movement that is targeted within this app is fantastic! I appreciate that the user can tilt more to one side for the speed to increase when moving from one orb to the next.

Improvements Though I really enjoyed this game, at the completion of a few rounds, I was slightly bored. I think that is because I was not progressing & I faced the same difficulties. The time component, though it helps, is, in some ways, not even worth going for because the user does not gain that much of an increase in time. The red orbs are a definite deterrent because they cause you to lose most of your orbs that you have collected. I wish at the start of each level the user would gain time to continue play. Enjoyment is short lived when the user is only allowed 20 seconds, or more, with yelowl orbs.

General review Incredibly fun app! I had some moments of wanting to beat my personal best score, which caused me to continue play! I love the fine motor movement throughout the app and the idea of beating the clock. I wish the app would have more time components throughout it or would allow the user more time as they progressed so that the fun could continue! Every game experience is short lived, but enjoyable!

Marcel W.

What I liked I like how the app use the iPad as a controller and the user have to tilt the iPad to make the target cross hair move around. The graphics are cool and sharp and the music and the sound effects complement the game really well. I like how the game is simple and easy to pick up. It didn't take me long at all to figure out what needs to be done without any instructions.

Improvements The developer should really consider adding different power ups other than the time and the grey circle. Perhaps something that allow the user to have extra crosshairs for few seconds etc. it will make the game more engaging. Perhaps add score multipliers for x amount og freeness circle in a row etc. I could not figure out what determined what experiment results do you get but after 5 different levels the experiments result started to repeat it self. This app has a good base but I think it can be made a lot more fun for the kids.

General review Great app that utilizes the tilt motion of the iPad as a controller really well. Great music and and great graphics make the app more compelling but the addition of different power ups, different scoring system can make the app becomes more exciting.