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App description: Enter the mysterious and wonderful world of Math and Magic! Math Summoner is a revolutionary new Real-Time Math Strategy Puzzler that will thrill, amaze and educate the player! Summon mythical creatures via the power of Arithmetic, Fractions and Geometry to do your bidding. Become a master of the Magical and Mathematical. Become a Math Summoner!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-summoner/id567017292?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Jiayi C.

Jennifer R.

What I liked The concept of combining dinosaurs being attacked by aliens is humorous and unique. I like the way you get 4 numbers for each flower and you can combine them into 2 problems with any combination. The sudden appearance of aliens makes students wake up and suddenly try to solve problems quickly to eliminate the aliens. It's nice when you can motivate students to work quickly!

Improvements This app has a number of bugs. First, when you are playing there needs to be a way to go back to the main menu. As it is now you must complete the level to do that. Also there is a bug when a bird flies near the right side of the screen. Often it gets stuck and freezes there, which requires you to buy a new bird for every new set of flowers and it works slowly. It's great that you combine fact practice with geometry, but it would be nice to be able to add other topics, like measurement, more challenging fractions, decimals, etc.

General review This app has some great potential, but it needs more work. There is way too much time spent watching the birds go back and forth, in which the students is doing nothing. Also, what is up with the rabbit in the wheel? Why is there a rabbit in the age of dinosaurs. Also, no one can see any progress on the rabbit wheel because all of the green dots line up together, so you never know when to expect a triangle.

marina w.

What I liked First off everything! I am amazed with the amount of features because not only does it include a beautiful layout of the actual course but this app also includes up to date summaries. I think whats unique about Math Summors is the structure and graphics to keep students engaged.

Improvements If I were to expand on the features of this app, I would add more to the review section. An important factor when students are learning is to be able to understand why their answer was wrong so I would add a review section that goes indepth allowing the student to be shown where they made the mistake and include fun tips to help them remember how to do the problem right next time. If you have the purpose of making this app have the capabilities as a full teaching guide and tool then I would consider adding tutorials, and review sessions.

General review This app is truley an asset when it comes to giving students the tools they need when learning basic math. I love how you have made this a fun and productive way to learn math because a hard thing to do is keep the student engaged and this app does it all!

Nerissa S.

What I liked This app has bright colored animation that the kids loved! It is an app for children in multiple grades. I love sending homework challenges to others! The music was soothing and helped overall this concentration. I really liked the magic theme. Popular with my older kids.

Improvements The levels are too long. This was especially the case for my younger kids who are six and eight. They seemed to get bored during the game, they soon lost focus and quit. The older kids 12 liked the idea of a magic game, and wanted to more role playimg involved. They got confused during game play, got frustrated and quit. The summoning with the birds was long and I didn't really see a point to that.

General review This is a great app but it still needs some tweaking!
I math game for multiple grade levels. The magic theme is very appealing to my kids.
The animation is bright and pops right off the page. The math problems have many settings and options for multiple kids! The game it's self is slow, the levels are too long and a bit confusing at times.
I can't wait to see what the developer does in the next version of this app!

Julie P.

What I liked I was happy to see another math app from this developer. He has refined some of the content elements from Math Guardians and created new play and reporting options. Both the sound and video components are of very high quality. I appreciated the ability to configure the content to focus on precise skills ( addition, multiplication, geometry, etc.). I originally thought this app would appeal mostly to boys, but I have two students- both 11 year old girls- who would absolutely disagree. I literally had to pry it away from them after 20 minutes of play.

Improvements At first I was confused about how a player finishes a level. I assumed it was related to the number of aliens shot down. I eventually figured out it had more to do with the magic key blocks. Somehow, I wish that could be explained a little bit more. Otherwise, the directions are clear.

General review Math Summoners uses a magic theme to present math concepts and calculations in a game format. The market for this app is 8-12 year olds, and it will definitely appeal to both boys and girls. By choosing different options, it is possible to create a game that is challenging for a wide range of skill levels. Highly recommended by my 5th grade students. I liked Math Guardians, but I like this one even better.

Eileen L.

What I liked The things I really liked:
1. Eye catching details and brilliant color throughout the app.
2. Range of math learning options (add, subtract, geometry) and levels.
3. The idea of it being an experience rather than a set game. You need to work through the levels to achieve the set goals. It is not (at least for us), a sit down play and finish on one sitting type of game/app.
4. Ability to adjust the sound and sound effects.
5. Ability to see the child's score and progress.

Improvements For us there was a learning curve and I needed to watch a youtube video to make sure I wasn't missing something. I felt like we continued to play the same game over and over. I would like to suggest their video be embedded in a parents section with a tutorial. I also found it difficult to find a home button while in some of the active gameplay.

General review The app has taken learning math to the next level. Brilliant! From the imagery to the imaginative play while learning, this app has all the appeal to draw a child in while teaching them difficult concepts. This is a game on a continuum but the child eagerly plays and awaits to see what characters will appear next. Again, the only thing I would love to see is a tutorial in a parents section somewhere.

Shelly M.

What I liked Visually this App is stunning. The graphics are imaginative, the colors are beautiful. The swooping collectors of Mana (rewards) are so graceful. The magical theme of the App is imaginative and combined with a nature theme. The 'show' upon completing a level is enchanting. The performance graph is a great feature to keep track of progress/lack of progress and the fact it can be emailed is outstanding. The 'Review' feature lists each problem missed and the correct answer and can also be emailed. The visual depiction on the 'Latest Progress' screen is fantastic. The music is charming.

Improvements A clearer vision as to the target audience for the App is needed. Starting off a level has to be passed with single digit addition and subtraction include problems with answers in negative numbers when no negative numbers are in the problem; likewise, the 'easy' geometry problems are far above the ability of anyone who would be needing practice in single digit positive number addition and subtraction. The levels take too long to pass. The Collectors take too long to gather the Mana and leave you sitting. No correct answer is displayed when a problem is missed. You cannot set the level to use.

General review A visually stunning App with many good features (progress graph, review report, etc). If one could set the level to use rather than working through each level, and if the action could be sped up it would be outstanding. It would be a bonus if correct answers would display when a problem is missed. Middle School students in particular would enjoy the magical nature theme of the App.

Larinda O.

What I liked This is an interesting concept for a math app. Instead of being "cartoonish", the look was more mature. It takes a great deal of practice and success to level up which is an excellent feature because children will not breeze through it overnight. My son loved the various components (lightening, birds, energy, etc.) which kept him intrigued but still focused on his math skills. The demo shows perfectly how to play the game.

Improvements The music used is an unusual choice. Again it was a more mature as opposed to cartoon type of background noise. The triangle boxes were a little tricky at times. As an adult I was not clear on what they were asking for at first. Also how or why this part fit into the storyline of the app I am unsure.

General review This is a great app for practicing math skills. It has multiple levels and layers so it can keep kids engaged for a long time. The latest progress page is a wonderful feature to see how your child is doing. It shows their mathematical accuracy as well as their improvement. It's easy to change this to graph form as well!

Misty G.

What I liked This is an interesting game that combines learning with fun! I liked the colorful graphics. The ability to customize the game for kids on different math levels is a great feature. My kids enjoyed destroying the aliens and tried to solve the math problems faster so they had more mana to attack. It is a great way to sneak in some learning!

Improvements I would like to see a button that would let you quit the game and go back to the menu screen. I accidentally hit the learning level twice and had to go through the whole thing just to go on to the next level. Also, on the third level, something happens to the mana when you solve the math problem. Where before, each math problem increased mana, allowing you to destroy the aliens, this level deleted the mana as soon as you got it. So you couldn't destroy, or even try to destroy, the aliens. My son quickly got frustrated because it took about 30 minutes with very little progress.

General review This is a colorful and exciting game that allows kids to learn and review math facts while playing a game. I like the ability to customize problems with larger numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and basic geometry. There are a couple changes I think would make this app even better, but my kids (5 & 9) both enjoyed this game.

Declyn l.

What I liked The aspects that I really enjoyed about the application were that fact that it took a whole new approach on mathematics and made the subject interesting.Combining mathematics with magic and wizardry was absolutely genius. The different concepts that where used to create a game this compelling must of been phenomenal! The game also has a long life span and will keep you going for days!

Improvements Here is the list I have compiled:

1) Perhaps a different background so that the sum producing flowers ,which contain "MANA," are not just floating in mid air.
2) The dinosaur ,in the bottom left hand corner, should be a wizard.
3) There should be power up's for completing a certain amount of challenges or even through an "in-app" purchase center.
4) In my opinion there are too many clashing colors , may I suggest a more magical color scheme using blues and yellows instead of a whole barrage of different colors.

General review This game is a perfect way to reawaken those mathematical question solving neural receptors in your brain! Struggling in mathematics? Take the first step ,in the right direction, to fixing that problem by purchasing this app! Never again think of maths as a "boring" subject again! This application will completely change your perspective of maths and shall enrich your mathematical ability in a fun and creative way!

Eric L.

What I liked The concept is excellent but tricking kids into learning can be difficult because the balance between fun gameplay and educational content is a difficult one. I think that this app handles that balance very well and the gameplay is engaging and interesting enough to satisfy the need for excitement while learning.

I let my young daughter play and she grasped the concepts and interface pretty quickly.

Improvements As with any app there are a few things that can be improved. The first thing that I noticed was that the app name didn't fit on the springboard icon. It's truncated and, honestly, I always find this a bit sloppy.

Second, not all of the artwork appeared to be scaled for a Retina display. I saw some artwork that appeared sub-par on the iPad 3.

I noticed some aliasing on the fonts and the font choice for some of the popup dialogs was difficult to read (just because of the font choice, not aliasing).

General review Overall, I think this is an excellent educational app. The basics are covered well (gameplay and educational balance). The improvements that I mentioned were mostly nitpicking items that could easily be changed in future releases.

The fact that my young child was able to play the same with little instruction speaks wonders about the intuitiveness of the interface.