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App description: “Chabadabada” is a modern and humorous take on the classic children’s tale : Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault. This one will help his master to get fame and fortune with only a pencil and red leather rock star boots. Target age : 5-6 years old.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/chabada/id555295359?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Françoise P.

Kerry E.

What I liked This is a very original take on the classic tale of "Puss in Boots".  The hidden animations are very engaging, and my four-year-old was enthralled with finding out what was new on each page.  The option to turn off the sound completely is nice for when you're in a situation where you need that.  I love that there is an option to listen to it in French as well as English.

Improvements When you click on contents, the "x" to get out of it is not very evident at first. It also was not very responsive when I was trying to tap it, although it did close after a few tries.  The same is true for the language options. Also, if you want the narrator to read to you, you shouldn't have to click that option again on the very next page.  It should remain open until you decide not to have it at all anymore.

General review I think that this app is maybe better for ages four and up, since the storyline is a bit long and advanced for the younger ones, in my personal opinion.  I do think that elementary school-aged children would find it very humorous. My four year old daughter enjoyed the castle, the drawings, and the music.

Marcel W.

What I liked This app tell a classic tale in modern environment which make it very interesting and giving it that unique look in comparison to the other app telling this same story. I love the art style that the artist use and the voice of the narrator was very easy to understand.

Improvements I find that some of the background noise to be very loud and distracting and some time it makes it hard to hear the narrator. I definitely think that the developer should add text highlighting so the reader can easily follow along when the story is being read to them. At this point, interactivity in a book apps is almost expected and I find the app to be lacking interactivity. There are some interactivity but they were inconsistent so it is hard to figure out where they are without randomly tapping .

General review This is app take a classic story and putting it in a modern environment making it unique and different. This app has a lovely art style and great narrator that is clear and easy to understand but lacking an in depth interactivity that every other book apps out there have.

Stacia W.

What I liked I love this book's scenery, animated pictures, and noises in the background. This app makes you feel like you are at the scene of the adventure. The bright vibrant pictures are a plus while some figures in each scene are moving around. This story is quite lengthy.

Improvements I would like to see the option for the app to have it read to the students or children the story. I would like to see a little more friendly language used if the app is attempting to encourage young students to participate in the purchase and interaction of this app.

General review Although Chabadabada is a new twist on an older story it has a cute story with a couple of neat animated scenes or story pages. This story must be geared toward the upper elementary to middle school levels because these words are much to large for an early K-3 students to use and does not have enough interactive features for the younger child. I would not have purchased this app to use in my first grade class or personal use.

Frances A.

What I liked What I like about the app Chabadabada is that is extremely humorous and plays out a modern tale to an older story making it applicable to children in today’s world. The navigation is simple; all you do if press an arrow to continue to read the story so even early learners can flip the pages of the book. I loved all the little hidden animations that you had to click around the page for. It made each page more engaging to the child. They wanted to discover what is going on, what they saw on this page and what it meant, which are critical thinking skills, which is what we promote in our schools.

Improvements My biggest critique about this one is the same as another by the app developer. I do not like to click a button to make it read to you. I much prefer you click it off or a read to me or read by myself section made. I think the book is in the right age range for normally developing children from 5-10 years old but I feel students with disabilities may like the music but become lost in the length of the paragraph and story. This leaves me loving the book but wanting something slightly more similar so I can use it across all of my educational practices.

General review The music and vivid images left a feeling of happiness around the room as the story was playing. I love that through the story you could sense yourself there with the characters. Also, the nightclub gave an aspect of something that younger children can hear music at and that parents and educators can relate it. I think the app good does its job at making reading enjoyable. I hope you would consider expanding further.

Julie P.

What I liked The animated scenes in this story were really remarkable. I especially like the shifty eyes on the cat. It's little touches like that which help elevate the visual appeal of an app. I also liked the sound effects. They added another level of complexity that I appreciated.

Improvements The story of Chabadabada fell apart for me halfway through the app. I couldn't figure out what was important for the story and what was included only because it was cute or funny. In a narrated story, I expect the written words to match exactly with the narration, and I found at least four places where they didn't. I wonder why the author chose to include contextual elements (the tabloids and the economic crisis, for example) that no 5 year old would understand.

General review Chabadabada is a modern adaptation of the Puss in Boots story intended for children ages 5-6. In this modern version, the cat wears red boots and appears in a singing contest to win the heart of the beautiful Lady Leroy. I like the general concept, but the final product didn't maintain the integrity of the original story.

Ontoinette T.

What I liked I like that the narrative is read aloud at the touch of a button which makes the book adaptable to various abilities and is ideal for children who are not independent readers. The directional arrows on the bottom of the page make it easy to navigate the story.

Improvements I would like to see more interactive scenes as the interactions in the book are very limited. It would be nice to have the option to turn the narrative off and on in the menu so that you do not have to hit the button on each page for the narrative. It would be nice to have the words highlighted as they are read by the narrator. The background sounds do not fit with the pictures. For instance, on the first page of the story I would expect to hear music as the little boy is playing the guitar instead of the busy chatter of people talking which is present throughout the story.

General review This is a fun book with a clever story line and mild humor. I like that the book can be adapted for use by individuals with various abilities through the use of directional buttons for page turning and the option to have the narrative read aloud. I would like to see more interactive sections in the book and to see background sounds correlate to the pictures on each page. Overall I think this is a good book.

Courtney D.

What I liked I liked the correlation to the puss and boots children's tale. I like that the user has the option to read the story to themselves or have someone read it to them. I like that the narrator speaks in an even pitch and is easily understood. I like that the pictures that correlate with the story are moving to provide the visual component to go along with the transcribed storyline.

Improvements I am not familiar with British conventions, but as an American English speaker, I noticed a number of grammatical errors. I would recommend looking into this further if you can! The page after the strawberry squash is very confusing. The cat spent all day wandering around, but then it states that he slept all day? How did he get full of beans? Though the narration is easily understood, it is a bit choppy at times and that causes a distraction. I wish the user could select an option to have the story read to them at the beginning, or as an option, instead of having to on every page.

General review This is a cute version of the classic tale of Puss and Boots. This story brings to a light a hidden message of perseverance and compassion; however, also of frustration and disappointment. There are some things throughout the app that, if fixed, would increase the opinion on this app as a whole! I think the concept is good!

Angie D.

What I liked I liked the variouis background noises that were a part of each page. It made the book up to date and feel like you were a part of it. The story was cute and the interactions were nice. The illustrations were much different that what my children are used to which was a nice change of pace.

Improvements I would like to see an option to have continuous reading once you turned the page. My little ones got tired and confused of pushing the arrow button and then the speaker button. The first time I opened the app it didn't fill the whole screen however when I went back to it later it worked fine. The story was pretty lengthy for my age children (2 and 5).

General review This book is an updated version of the old familiar one. There are a variety of background noises that make you feel like you have been transported to the book. The interactions are lacking for younger children and the length is quite long for those under 7. I would recommend making an option for continual reading once the page is turned rather than having to activate the narration each time.

Emily B.

What I liked The most enjoyable thing about this app is the darling illustrations. They are simple and enjoyable; the bright colors and humorous compositions hit the right spot with my four and seven year-olds. The narration is clear and perfectly paced, making it easy to understand and follow along with the words.

Improvements The symbol at the bottom of each page that indicates whether or not the story is being read aloud by the narrator is easy to identify; unfortunately, it turns itself off after every page, making it necessary for the viewer to turn the sound back on every time she turns the page. This is cumbersome and seems like an unfortunate interruption. I would also, for future reference, abridge the story even more, dispensing with the ogre part, which adds nothing to the story except for a few extraneous minutes. The book would be more effective if it were several minutes shorter.

General review The adaptation of this classic fairytale has a lot of charm. My kids enjoyed the notion of a cat who helps his master become a pop star (although the concept of a nightclub was beyond them, and I had to explain what a song producer is -- not a problem). I also like the fact that they were able to listen to the story again, in French. We all enjoyed the "interaction" on a number of pages, and my children would have appreciated ever more of that.

Terri J.

What I liked I liked that one could turn the sounds totally off or not and that it could be set to read the story to you. I think it is a story app that could be used in the classroom for teaching purposes. I think it could also be used in a foreign language class and use it as a teaching tool to have it in French and the students translate it.

Improvements I wish that the pictures were a higher quality graphics. I would also like to have the ability to swipe the page to turn it instead of hitting an arrow button, it would also be nice to have maybe comprehension questions at the end or more "play" / fun activities built into it too.

General review I liked the app for teaching purposes, however, I don't think many students would find it engaging due to the graphics of the pictures and the lower technology for swiping and interaction of the story. Some of the pictures and the easel allowed one to touch it and something happened, but not enough to really engage a kid to want to keep on with it.