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App reviews for "Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry v1.0" [text]


Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry v1.0 [text]

App description: A simple game, dedicated to 2-5 y/o children. The premise is straightforward: after choosing a girl or boy character, the child is supposed to design a pony by tapping one of five options in five simple steps and then explore the randomly generated fairytale environment by tapping various pieces of graphics, as the pony makes its way to the castle. The game flow is uninterrupted by menus and no language skills are needed to play.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id568844022

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Krzysztof H.

Catalin R.

What I liked The app works great. My nephew really seems to enjoy it a lot. The interface is nice and clean and the illustrations and animations are done very nicely... App is simple to navigate and the menus are easy to use and intuitive so he manages on his own. Overall I think it's a great app...

Improvements I think the app could use a little more content especially for the asking price. The app has a lot of potential but other mini games should be included as well. Something like guess the word, or objects or the color. Or mix and match. Also more sound effects wouldn't hurt enrich the experience

General review The app works as advertised and it has a very polished feel to it. My nephew just loves playing around with the ponies... Navigation is really intuitive as there re no hard to access menus or settings. Overall a very nice app for the young ones in my opinion. Definitely worth to check out...

Krista C.

What I liked This is such a sweet adorable app. I love how easy and intuitive it is for little ones to play. My three year old enjoyed playing it independently. No clutter, simple controls, and colorful fun graphics make this a great app for your target age group.

Improvements I think the icon could have more unisex appeal. Some people may pass it by in the app store because it seems like a "girly" app. A back button would be a nice addition. I can totally picture a cowboy western styled pony and or an english/ dressage styled pony being included. A circus pony might be fun as well. A "glow" around some of the interactive features would help point them out to little ones.

General review Don't be fooled by the icon- boys and girls will love this well designed, adorable app. 2-5 year olds will be delighted by the simple and intuitive game play. My three year old son was able to play it independently with almost no instruction from me. He loves customizing his pony and riding off on an adventure. I look forward to trying other Kate and Harry apps.

Frances A.

What I liked I love the absolute simplicity of design to the app Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry. The images are vivid and quickly will catch the eyes of young children. I like that everything is through non-verbal communication, even the instructions. From the beginning everything is very child centered. They get to pick whether they want to be Kate and Harry and then they go on to designing a horse to ride. I love that there are so many choices for the children to make they can play the game over and over again and it will still be a different yet young experience each time.

Improvements I think should be improved upon are more pathways to the castle with different experiences upon them. I think if the path changes each time it would be additionally engaging and children actually play never memorize parts of the app. Also, what I think can be improved upon is adding more choices with the horses. I like the many combinations but it would be fun if the children can pick a mane and tail design and color it in and then decorate it the way that they wanted. Then the app would be more engaging and bring out creativity and higher order thinking skills within younger children.

General review I found that this app had a multitude of uses. Especially since it is responsive to touch it allow children who are working on cause and effect to use this app and see many fun animation pop into life. It really allows children to use their senses by creating, exploring and at the end receive positive reinforcement once they reach the castle and everyone is applauding for them. I think this app is engaging and a great app for it target age range.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I appreciated how simple it was. My 22 months could easily play with it.
> I appreciated that there was NO links to AppStore, but as I'm grown up and can read, I had the information that there was other apps available (so it works, no need for links !)

Improvements > Even if you advertise for 3000 possible choices for pony, the feeling is that there are quite few possibilities.
> Costumes are not funny or wild enough for kids older than 4, who would probably appreciate more freedom.
> I tested with a 4 years old who found the app repetitive and quickly boring, with not enough different things to do.

General review This is a nice and well designed digital toy, with a lot of good qualities, including good ergonomics, good design, no links, etc. The thematics, close to horses, should be esp. appealing to young girls. But I think there is not enough freedom and features to keep kids entertained for more than a few minutes.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the interactive parts of the app. Being able to dress up the different horses and then ride them while touching different items along the way are really neat. The colors are done very well and are really eye catching. I also like how the info for how to play is done in pictures easily.

Improvements I would really like to see more choices for dressing up the animals. I would also like to see where you could possibly dress up Kate and Harry as well. I think the replay value is low without adding more to it. I don't like how the characters never talk either.

General review I believe replay value is low. I believe if more is added to the choices for dress up my rateing would increase. I think if voice was added to the characters and then more costumes the age bracket would increase along with longer playablity.I really like the interactive parts of the app though :)

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the concept of this app! I love that the user can create a pony for either Kate or Harry to ride through to the castle. There are so many components that can be incorporated for language building. The user can play this game on their own, enjoying the independence of the game; however, in a therapy situation, the user can work on receptive language identification, expressive language identification, following directions and prepositions. I like that the route to the castle has interactive moments, which includes the pony.

Improvements I think the various options found within the app are sufficient; however, it would be a great addition if the user could create their own pony. This would include color, mane, saddle, etc. I'm sure it is difficult to allow one to design a saddle independently, but if the user begins with a template of all components, that would be helpful. I envision the user coloring in various templates, maybe even the ones already included in the app. This would include even more focus on language tasks throughout a therapy type of situation.

General review This is a great app that does not require language skills to play; however, it could be used for a variety of language tasks. The user could partake in this app within the therapy setting. The therapist could design a session focused on WH questions, receptive/expressive language identification, following directions, and prepositions. I think this is a great app that could elicit a wide array of language components though it is not a focal point.

Shelly M.

What I liked A captivating App for young children or those with developmental disabilities. The music is low-key, engaging and appropriate to the fairytale theme. There are no links or access to the internet. The colors are bright. The graphic are crystal clear. The player chooses to be a girl or a boy. The five different ponies have five mix and match accessories choices on four different screens including mane, tail and saddle. There are multiple opportunities for onscreen interaction as the pony and rider proceed to the castle at the end of their journey. You pay once for iPad and iPhone download.

Improvements Having a choice about the music playing would be nice. Those with developmental disabilities cannot always tolerate that stimulation. Using the iPad/iPhone sound controls may be too difficult for that audience or young children whereas they could navigate a button. The two riders presented are charming as are their outfits just as they are. Perhaps some choice as to their skin and hair color could be introduced in the next version.

General review A must have App for every young child between 3 and 5 and older children with developmental disabilities. This is an App that needs no supervision by an adult, the child can be completely independent using it. There is no access to the internet. The bright colors, clear graphics, wealth of choices in outfitting the ponies and changing interactions afforded on the journey to the castle based on those choices provides a forum for continued interest

Ricki B.

What I liked 1. Adorable boy and girl characters which giggle & say "yahoo" when tapped.
2. I like the interactive movement of the pony galloping and the hoof sounds when you tap the pony.
3. Pleasant background music
4. Simple activity for a very young child, especially if teaching cause & effect - I played this app with a 3 year old with language delays and she loved it. The activity was modeled for her one time & she independently dressed the ponies. She liked making the pony gallop, the child laugh, and repetitively chose the same 2 ponies to dress up. She repeated the activity at least 6 times.

Improvements Visual instructions not necessary because it's simple.Would like child to be able to slide picture to the pony rather than tapping the picture since there are only 4 pics to add. It would give them more to do. My 3 yr old could not match the similar horse attire and missed most of the pop-ups. Would like to see interactive items w/ "glow" around them so children know to press it. With modeling she tapped pop-ups- but did not relate to fairy tales. This is a simple cause & effect activity combined with a theme of random fairy tales pop-ups which is too complex. App is expensive.

General review Kate and Harry are two adorable characters who giggle and say "yahoo" while they are riding a pony. My 3 year old with language delays loved this app. She liked making the pony gallop, the child laugh, and repetitively chose the same 2 ponies to dress up. With help, she tapped the pop-ups but did not relate to fairy tale figures. This is a simple cause & effect activity with purposeful play & geared for very young children

Julia P.

What I liked I like the vibrant graphics in the app - I think they really appealed to the target audience. The fun sound effects are similarly appropriate. I also like the intuitive aspect of the app, in that you can't press the wrong buttons or get stuck at any point in the game. Kids enjoyed being able to just touch the screen and be taken to new locations and be constantly amused.

Improvements In a future version, I'd like to see more for the kids to interact with. The walk to the castle was actually fairly boring to them, as there were only a few things to click on and interact with. While I understand that a back button would be too complicated and clunky for the game concept, kids were frustrated at not being able to go back immediately and choose a different option in their horse design.

General review While I think it's a little too small for the target audience to use on an iPhone, I thought the game was beautifully simple and appropriate for young kids (especially girls). The trade off for an intuitive, simple interface is that there isn't that much customizability for the kids when they want it, making this more suitable for 2 or 3 year olds. The app could benefit from adding even more interactive elements to keep kids engaged.

Chris M.

What I liked I presented this app via iPhone 4 to approximately 8 children between 3 and 6 years of age. In a teaching environment, we found it great for motor skill development and coordination. It also seemed to help give children a sense of accomplishment with the cute applause end screen. It is enhanced in interactivity by nice background objects. It seems to help with creativity and following instruction. When played in a group in turn, it was entertaining to watch children’s reactions to another child’s choices. We observed it seems to help learn patience and waiting skills also.

Improvements In future versions, I would suggest adding the ability to change accessories once selected for your horse, some children accidentally tapped on one selection, but would have liked to choose another. This can be accomplished by just clicking the item on the horse to remove it. Another great addition would be to add voice and language. I believe it would increase the target age range. Another less specific suggestion would be to add to replay value. I’m not sure how to accomplish this, but did notice some children lost interest more quickly than others.

General review This is an overall nice app for young children. It has a nicely polished look and feel and has minimum complications making it nice for kids. It is also colorful, attractive, and has a sense of appeal. Depending on how it’s incorporated into a learning environment it’s helpful with fine motor skill development and coordination, patience, creativity, and a host of other skills. I would consider it a useful tool in a home with toddlers.