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App description: Enter the mysterious and wonderful world of Math and Magic! Math Summoner is a revolutionary new Real-Time Math Strategy Puzzler that will thrill, amaze and educate the player! Summon mythical creatures via the power of Arithmetic, Fractions and Geometry to do your bidding. Become a master of the Magical and Mathematical. Become a Math Summoner!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-summoner/id567017292?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Jiayi C.

Frances A.

What I liked Math Summoner is a fun and engaging app while children get to see magic come to life by simply doing math. They get to go through a variety of levels and problem solve on many different levels of cognitive abilities, using various math strategies to proceed to the next level. I especially like in the second stage where the children had to do the math quickly so they could use lightning to kill the aliens. I found that both amusing and motivating for the children. It is an overall fun way to present math calculations and concepts, where it is not busy work but they are learning through play.

Improvements A wish list that I have for the app would be an easy way to exit for when a child wants a break. Many children could not figure out how to go back to the home screen without closing the whole app and I admit I had trouble with it to. It wasn’t natural as in other apps there is a tiny button in the corner to tap. I like that you cover the common core standards but I would like to see concepts broken down by grade level. So, if I was working with a child in third grade one period, then the next period a fifth grader comes in and they can be isolated to their specific grade.

General review I love that the app will let you assign homework and challenges for students. This is a great functionality. Also, that you can send the results to an educator, teacher or parent will make sharing a child’s learning progress a team effort. The progress tracking system is amazing as well. I love the charts and graphs. Math Summoner is an all around great application that I hope to see expanded even further.

Valerie M.

What I liked Math Summoner uses vivid color and arcade style game play to work players through various levels of math challenges. As the player progresses, there are more challenges to navigate and quicker response times needed to progress to higher levels. By interweaving geometry basics and rudimentary math skills, the player is challenged without being bored. Another big plus is data collection and ability to email data for tracking progress.

Improvements Directions in the initial tutorial are clear, but unless the player is a true gamer/explorer, higher level tools and tasks are far less clear. There are unclear expectations for clearing a level or what skills are covered on a given level. Some futuristic fonts are tougher for kids with reading problems. Tips for each level would be helpful, pointing out new tools, rewards and penalties. We occasionally experienced touch recognition lags.

General review I rate this app high for user engagement &ability to improve & expand math skills by offering new tasks & challenges. There are no In-App-Purchases, only mild violence, & no social networking. Vivid graphics were a plus, but some fonts were harder to read. The game could benefit from more tips as it is not intuitive for non-gamers. We had some touch recognition lags. A wide range of users can benefit from ages 7 & up, even adults!

Ian Z.

What I liked The idea behind Math summoner is very appealing to kids of all age. You grow in a wizard school by solving all kinds of math problems ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, rotation degrees and so on). I love how the game balances between math learning and challenging gameplay.I like the fact that the math problems you will encounter are based on random numbers you collect and that aliens will attack at times. The math is challenging and fun. I played it for hours.

Improvements The user interface could definitely be improved. Inevitably, Harry Potter occurs to me for sort of the same story background and UI doesn't stand the comparison. Though the animation after you finish each level is kind of fun, I think the UI isn't attractive enough. The analysis page should definitely be re-designed. I mean it's really a fun and educational game but it deserves a better UI. Another thing I notice is when birds or aliens come close to the dinosaur on the lower left, a strange black shadow will appear.

General review I do recommend Math Summoner to kids who are learning math or just want to have fun with math. It's well planed for both the gameplay and the educational purpose. It's even a fun game for adults. Notice that only devices with iOS 6 and above will be compatible.

Phillip K.

What I liked This is a good app when it comes to math practice. The player does a variety of math facts practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You earn a triangles and match them with another one by determining if it was flipped over the x-axis, the y-axis, rotated 45, 90, 135, or 180 degrees. It seems to do a decent job at giving the player a chance to visualize a variety of geometric principles.

Improvements There was a decent amount of time spent watching the birds fly around and gather things from flowers, and I found myself getting bored waiting for the "story" and wanting to get back to the math items. I think the app could benefit from more ways for the player to engage in the math principles.

The addition of more geometry and/or simple algebraic principles would be great.

ie, "What + 5 = 13?"

This would be a great way to introduce or reinforce simple algebraic processes.

General review Overall it is a good app with fairly decent mathematical principles. The "magic" theme may turn some people away, but looking past that students would get great practice over the necessary math facts and basic geometry principles. It would be a good addition to a math program working with 4th -7th graders. The price is reasonable as well for the amount of practice and game play you get.

Michelle W.

What I liked I liked the graphics and music and thought it went well with the wizard theme of the app. The instructions throughout the app were helpful, but could use a few more details especially for new players. The review and graphs are nice in the latest progress section, the static electricity is neat also on the latest progress section. Big plus for no In-App-Purchases, only mild violence, & no social networking.

Improvements I completed the whole game and went back to it a few hours later and it took me back to the beginning, it would be nice for the app to remember where you left off or move you to the next level of difficulty. The apprentice section is very long, after so many questions it should give the results for the level.

General review Great wizard/ space themed app. Clean graphics and nice sound effects. I like that there is a multiplayer function with the ability to email results. I liked that negative numbers were included in the app. I like that app does arithmetic, fractions and geometry. Great app to play while reviewing math.

Rich L.

What I liked Children love magic. Math Summoner combines it with common core standards to make learning entertaining and motivating. You select a difficulty level and customize the topics which include arithmetic, fractions and geometry. You obtain spells to defend yourself from fantastic creatures. Feedback is an important part of learning. Students review questions, compare their answers to the correct answer and see a graph of their progress which can be emailed to teachers and parents. Customized math assignments can be sent to other players. Students will beg to replay and master this wonderful app.

Improvements It would be wonderful if there were versions of Math Summoner that covered higher grade levels especially Pre-Algebra and Algebra. This app needs a part two that included more math topics like probability and coordinates. It should have more random compliments instead of the overused “Nice Job!”

General review Children love magic. Math Summoner combines it with common core standards to make learning entertaining and motivating. Select a difficulty level and customize the topics which include arithmetic, fractions and geometry. Obtain spells to defend yourself from fantastic creatures. Students review questions, compare their answers to the correct answer and see a graph of their progress. My elementary students beg for Math Summoner.

Sara M.

What I liked I really liked this app. I found it to be very engaging and lively. As a teacher, I appreciated the progress area where your were able to see your score, accuracy and your percent of change. I also liked the option to email your score graph. I can see this being a very useful feature for educators.

Improvements Being a teacher of younger students, I find it helpful to have text and/or directions read to students or at least having the option to have them read to students. I think this could be a valuable addition to you app. I wonder if having an option to have weekly updates automatically sent by e-mail would be a bonus for parents and teachers to check the progress of the kids?

General review Math Summoner is an all around great app. The multiple levels, engaging content and game based learning are what make this app a definite app to have. There are many extra features that the user can benefit such as progress tracking which is a huge plus for both parents and teachers. Overall I would say that this is a very well thought out and designed app that I am excited to explore further and use at my school

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like that this app allows students to practice different math skills and plays into that kids like magic and "mystical" things. I also like that you are able to set up multiple players. This allows to use for multiple students and to track their progress.

Improvements Myself and my 6 year old son found this app difficult to navigate. Once you were in a level, there was no way to get back to the home screen. Also, their were very limited directions. Once you clicked on the flower there was no direction to tell you what to do next. We figured it out by trial and error. I found the geometry questions difficult because when you were pressing on the figure to move it and bring up the boxes to put it in, you could no longer see the shape, so it made it difficult to decide which box to put it in since the boxes only came up when you were pressing on the shape

General review This app allows students to practice different math skills & plays into the fact that kids like magic and "mystical" things. It provides the ability to set it up for multiple players and you are able to track the % that a player has correct. Overall, I would not recommend this app to other teachers or students until it has some improvements. The overall idea is good, but there needs to be some work in the area of directions and navigation.

Aundrea W.

What I liked Math Summoner is a math app that intrigued me. I thought that the title was catchy and would draw students in once introduced in a class setting.This app was a game changer due to its combination of mathematical equations and magic. Students were able to complete a tutorial that guided them through the different levels.The variety in the levels and math is great. I thought that the mathematical equations were a great blend of easy to difficult and was applicable to the different learners in the classroom.Students are given an opportunity to correct answers which builds on their vocabulary.

Improvements In a future version of Math Summoner, I would like to see a Home button that would allow users to exit the game and return to the home screen for quick references to pertinent information such as how to play or unlock levels. It would also be nice to have some sort of glossary that defines vocabulary terms being used in the geometry portion of the mathematical equations. Setting the difficulty levels should also be explained better. It wasn't until much later that I realized that there was an Apprentice, Wizard, etc. levels.

General review Math Summoner is an engaging and lively mathematical app that is sure to assist upper grade students with challenging math concepts, but still allow them the opportunity to battle with magical creatures and aliens. Students had a great time answering math questions quickly in order to kill the aliens. From a teacher viewpoint, I love the fact that the app tracks user progress so students know what concepts need reteaching. Great app!

Kristina C.

What I liked The game is very eye catching and cinematic. I like the idea of magic being used to introduce math concepts it will hold kids curiosity. The rating and scoring section is also done well allowing people to track the progress of kids doing the math. The additions is age appropriate for first grade. I found myself being drawn into the game.

Improvements I believe the program needs to have a better plot and better direction from one scene to the other. Some explanation of the concept. A better progression of concepts. For example, flowers introduce the additions concept. Flowers power a rabbit. The rabbit spits out a triangle. Kids need to transform the triangle onto the given shape. These two math concepts are very different. Not easy to see the link.

General review The app is has a good theme and eye catching graphics. Kids will want to play with it and use it frequently. On the down side I think the app would do well with a storyline or plot to the magic and a logical progression of math concepts in some respects.

Becky W.

What I liked This app is full of variety. You never know what kind of challenge you will receive! There are three different levels to meet the needs of all learners. I really liked the music score and the built in breaks while the summoners are collecting mana.

Improvements I would like some tips on the aliens. They were a complete surprise to me and took me awhile to figure out how to destroy them. I was perplexed because i kept solving problems correct but the aliens would not go away. I might suggest fewer sets (cubes) to achieve completion of a level. I would also like more control of the levels so I could adjust as needed.

General review I liked this app. I was intrigued to keep playing and quickly learned how to use my resources to my benefit. I liked being in conrol of which numbers to use in the equations. This encourages the learned to consider all possible answers in anticipation of the operation.

Andrew M.

What I liked AMAZING app that builds foundational math skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - and other math concepts like negative numbers, x/y axis, etc. The app keeps track of progress (correct answers, % correct, % increase) for multiple users. Very engaging - I let an eighth grade student who struggles with math play with it this week. He liked it so much that I had to write him a pass to his next pass! I plan to encourage the math teachers in my school to purchase this app for their students who need additional support!

Improvements I haven't played through the entire game yet (good to know that there is a rich bank of questions that do not recycle quickly), but I have still not figured out what the dinosaur in the bottom left corner is or does. It's not distracting, but it also doesn't appear to have a specific function. Also, on the first level, when one of my birds was injured by the aliens, I thought that the game had a bug for a while because of how it just kept hovering in one spot. One the second level, the fact that the pterodactyl changed color helped make it obvious that it was out of commission.

General review AMAZING app that builds foundational math skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - and other math concepts like negative numbers, x/y axis, etc. The app keeps track of progress (correct answers, % correct, % increase) for multiple users. Very engaging and well-designed app that I plan to use at my school!

Jon S.

What I liked I like how the app helps students practice reflections and rotations. Those concepts are some of the skills that students need to practice most. I also liked the graph and feedback that the app gave at the end of the level. The overall average and amount gained or lost on each level was helpful feedback too.

Improvements I didn't think the controls were very intuitive for the player. As the levels went up, the play got very confusing and students did not know what to do. The confusion of the game play took away from the learning outcome for the app. Many things seemed out of place there were aliens, dogs, birds, and stars all in the same level. The tie in with the magic summoner did not make sense to me.

General review Math Summoner practiced some concepts like reflections and rotations which are not found on many other apps. The graphs and feedback from the math practice were very helpful to chart student growth. The overall game play was confusing and not as intuitive for the player. There were also too many things going on in the game which distracted the learner and did not seem to tie together the magic theme.

Katy R.

What I liked The music, the graphics, the ability to customize math concepts and the pace of the game are all excellent! I loved that basic facts, fractions and geometry were all included features, and one we figured out the game play process, my 2nd grader was hooked.

Improvements I could not find a way to exit the game in order to return to the home page. When I wanted to change the math options, I had to close out the game and re-open it. A "home" button is definitely needed. It took me about 15 minutes of playing the game to figure out how to actually play, even though I watched/tried the intro game twice. I didn't understand that I had to quickly call more summoners after answering questions correctly, but eventually we figured it out. Probably more tips in the intro would be helpful.

General review My 2nd grader is addicted to this game which promotes fluency of math facts and geometry and fraction concepts. Beautiful scenes and music greet the player as your Phoenix birds flutter about collecting "mana" in order to gain power and defeat aliens. The player is able to select from pre-set levels or customize the game play so that a variety of math skills are practiced: add., sub., mult., div., and negative numbers. Appropriate for 7 and up.

Holly A.

What I liked I like the app as it practices math facts in an engaging way. The user chooses which numbers to use for the facts practice. I like when the user has a choice when playing the games, especially when it comes time to practicing difficult math problems. This allows for the user to feel successful as they have some choices. I also like that the game ties in using geometrical shapes and the user has manipulate the shapes to show the two shapes are the same. I like that the app gives feedback for the user in a graph so the user gets a report card of his/ her work.

Improvements I would like to see the app allow a class to be able to use the app via the same tablet device. I teach first graders and would like to be able to purchase a "license" so all my students could use the app. I would like to see more background graphics. The blue background can seem not as motivating when looking at it game after game. Maybe it could be changed so it could pictured at different times of the day? Screen, character, icon, etc... changes within a game can be very motivating for the user as the user wants to see the new and engaging backgrounds.

General review I liked the app. I like that the user practices basic facts, quickly. I love that the app has feedback. Most apps just use skill building as a way to play a game but there never is any accountability. The user, a young child, would be more than playing a game. As a teacher I would be able to monitor my students progress via the reports generated by the app.

Pam H.

What I liked The tutorial was very helpful and walked through the process systematically. The ability to choose the numbers for the equations, I felt is a wonderful way for the player to have ownership of their math skills. The graphics, music and movement of the app is very pleasing and inviting for the player.

Improvements I would like to see the tutorial(s) for the geometry section be more concise in the explanation of what players objectives. I would also like to see skill level breakdowns for the apprentice, wizard, and other levels. I think the music is very soothing, although I would like to a way to turn it off if I don't want to listen to it.

General review This is a magical app that transports its players to a far off land. You will need to use your math logic to solve equations, geometry puzzles and unlock more advanced math applications. As you build your math skills you will be rewarded with advancement through the wizarding ranks!

Mike P.

What I liked The best thing about this app is that my son loves it. He is a fairly strong math student in 7th grade. He has played the game quite a bit now and he still has fun with it. It is a good blend of an adventure game that provides math practice. The graphics, sound and overall production quality are all very good. I also like the tracking features that allow me to see his progress.

Improvements While my son has enjoyed the app a lot, I found it difficult to set the levels. I wanted to be able to set it up before he played, but it wasn't in the options. He found where it can be set in the game, but he commented that he didn't like how he had to keep setting it each time. One problem I saw is that in the multiple choice questions the right answer was listed twice. My son confirmed that it does that even as the game gets harder. I also would like to see more geometry other than basic transformations.

General review This app is a high quality production. It's a fun blending of math practice and adventure game. My son (7th grade) has enjoyed it a lot so far. I wish the difficult could be set before starting the game, so that I could easily set it for my son. Also it is a problem that the correct answer on multiple choice questions is often listed twice in the options. Geometry needs more variety early on too. I look forward to seeing more as he keeps playing.

Carmen H.

What I liked I really enjoyed the combination of a theme of mysticism and magic blended with math practice. I appreciate that the developer created something designed to keep kids interested enough to build upon basic math skills and geometry through a reward system that isn't just for the sake of entertainment. A lot of thought went into

Improvements I would like for there to be more of a story behind the magic of Math Summoner, and I only made it through a couple of levels with my daughter, but a story might help engagement. For kids who are already strong at basic math, the app might take too much time to progress through the levels to keep it interesting. It would be great if there was a way to be promoted ahead a level or two by taking a quiz.

General review Overall, Math Summoner, offers a great way to practice math skills for elementary age kids. The opportunity to work on principles of geometry is not something I've found in other apps. However, this app is for kids who have already mastered basic math. For young children just starting to learn how to add and subtract, the app will get too frustrating when they can't earn enough mana points to make anything happen.

Eric P.

What I liked I am a math geek, hence it's easy for me to fall in love with math games like this. I am also a long-time Magic: the Gathering player, hence the first time I saw the reference to mana, summoning, and enemies in the form of aliens; I fall in love for the second time.

I really enjoy playing the game. I find it a bit challenging to balance the timing and the amount of mana I'm using and reserving. This is more like a game of decision rather than a basic math game. I find reserving enough mana to blast the aliens to be a good strategy.

Improvements I believe the developer can improve the touch responsiveness of the game and the UI design for many of the menus. I am a bit annoyed by the in-game menus being modal. I think the game would be more interesting if it's showing the questions within the main screen, for example taking 20% of the bottom real estate. That way, the players don't have to go back and forth between answering math questions and playing the game.

I also think the levels need to be shorter and more explanations need to be added to allow new players to grasp the game ideas. The same is true for the existence of the XP bar

General review I like the theme of the game. It certainly has some appeal to some people. At the same time, there may be other people who might be turned off by it.

I do feel that this is more like a game rather than a math app. The math questions seem to be in the way of the game - instead of part of the game. Maybe by introducing them in the same screen would help to reduce this problem.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the multipurpose aspect of this app. I love that the user is solving math problems that they, in a way, can create. I love that there are added aspects that incorporate more of a logic/puzzle type of feeling to the app, which keeps the user engaged. I love that the user shifts through levels based on success in the logic portion. I love that the user can select the difficulty by changing their character on the screen.

Improvements I wish the user had some idea of the task they were presented with throughout the app. I know there is some direction through the tutorial, but I have yet to know if I am suppose to answer math questions or work on destroying the foreign creatures. I think the concepts are connected, but my focus was split. There were multiple questions with two answers the same. If there are going to be 4 options, there should be 4 separate options, in my opinion. I began to get frustrated when math problems weren't available to solve, yet I had creatures that were on the attack.

General review The app has a lot to offer users in regards to math concepts. The format is engaging and provides the user with moments where the focus isn't on math, but on gaining energy necessary to fight off creatures that are on the attack. Levels of difficulty are varying, so those at different levels of understanding can enjoy the app. It does take a while to resolve attacks, which can be frustrating, but as a whole, this app is great!