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App description: For the passionate musicians whose life revolve around the simple and reliable pacing of a metronome. Metronome by Minimìs provides the serenity you need without any distractions.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/metronome./id441912291?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: steven h.

Lizz M.

What I liked I love that this is so handy and ALL those settings!! The "design your own tempo" is great for musicians or for me, who uses a metronome to teach kids how to sound out words, understand rhythm, and how to break up the words into understandable pieces. The icing on the cake was the clean and modern interface.

Improvements Ideally I'd like to see more key choices in the tuning fork. The tutorial is such a great resource, I wish I knew about it before I had tried to play with it and figure the whole app out - could it come up on the first visit to the app? Not consistently, but occasionally when using the menu, I had trouble scanning through the pages. The screen would "jump" around and scan me straight to the end. This happened twice during about six different sessions with the app.

General review Musicians and Music Teachers will love this app! It does so much more than a traditional metronome for a fraction of the price, plus you always have it with you! I loved the "Tap Tempo" feature where you could set your own tempo and found it useful when working with children and teaching them about rhythm. I will recommend this app to anyone I know who is musical or interested in music.

Julie P.

What I liked I like the fact that this app contains a time signature setting. That is not included in most metronome apps, but it can be very useful with beginning music students who are just learning about time signatures. I also like the three different ways of adjusting the tempo (sliding up and down the pendulum, using presets and using the digital tempo adjustment on the tools pages).
The tuning fork is another nice add-on.

Improvements *Most people will pick one (or two) settings for the metronome and stick with those, so I'm not sure the multiple tone choices are that important.
*Regarding the tones, only the first one is crisp enough for me to consider using. A metronome beat must be very short in duration.
*Did you notice that the "beat" dot is not properly synced to the sound?
*I wish there were a back arrow so that I could go right back to the tools page I left, rather than scrolling through all the tools pages each time.
*Speaking of scrolling, the pages are hard to scroll through.

General review At $3.99, this app is more expensive than most metronome apps. It has some cool features, but they don't justify charging that much. I would rather see it at a lower price point to put it more in line with the other metronome apps. The developer needs to address some technical issues as well. I think this app has possibilities, if the issues can be addressed.

Seth B.

What I liked This app is extremely handy for anyone that does anything with music. It is easy to open, operate, and set aside to guide you but installed right on your phone so you don't have to carry one around. The option to tap the metronome to set a speed was a highly convenient feature and I can see that coming in handy when composers are writing their own music with different rhythms.

Improvements When using this app for just a while, it performs flawlessly. However, I had a tiny bit of trouble with the application crashing on an older iPod (2nd generation) if the app was left running for more than about an hour. More color schemes is also an option but overall I wouldn't recommend changing much - the simplicity is amazing.

General review This app combines a great metronome, simple user interface, and colorful overlook to produce the best metronome app on the App Store. It is simply beautiful and works flawlessly. I will definitely recommend this app to anyone I know looking for a mobile metronome as it is worth every penny.

Chris L.

What I liked I really like the multitouch feature of this app. It allows for quick changes if you are in the middle of a song and the beat changes. This is the only metronome app I have come across that has this. I also love the simplicity of this app. You just set the beat to whatever you need it to go to and you're done. The third thing I liked about this app was that you can create your own presets of beat and tempo. This allows you to quickly start the tempo of songs you frequently play. I also liked the feature that told you what tempo you tap at in case you would like to know the tempo of a song.

Improvements One improvement I could see made to this app is being able to create different colors and themes to keep the background from getting too boring. Also, could you make the pause button a bit bigger? It is kind if hard to hit that tiny pause button in the middle of playing a song if you need to stop it really quick. And it would also help if every time I logged into the app it didn't spam asking me to write a review about the app. I also wish that the tuning fork allowed you to run guitars or other instruments as well, because people do not only use your app for piano.

General review This is a great app for any kind of musician that needs to keep a beat. It's multitouch feature allows for quick, easy, and simple setting of tempo. The app is simple and easy to use. I do think it would be great if there was a little bit of personal customization such as changing the theme and such. This app does exactly what it says it needs to, keeps perfect beat for instrument playing.


What I liked I used this app on my iPhone 4. This is an excellent app for musicians. Because it is an iPhone app, the user can simply place the device on his/her music stand. It is simple to use and offers plenty of options for customizing not only the functionomg portions of the app, but the user is able to change things like the background color.

Improvements For what it is, this is an expensive app. There are numerous other similar functions apps for free or that cost less. Also, I think you could make it a little easier to use by changing it so that settings (like the tempo, beats per minute, etc,) can be changed with one click from the main screen. I had trouble navigating to change all the settings

General review This is an excellent app. It offers a variety of high quality functions as well as a nice looking design. The price is a little bit high in my opinion, I think you could do much better at $0.99. Or perhaps create an ad supported free version with a paid ad-less version.

Catalin R.

What I liked I really like the graphics of the app. It's such a beautifully crafted thing this one. Interface is nice and intuitive and makes navigation very easy. There's also a lot of customization features which I really enjoyed: thy range from the colors you see on screen based on the tempo you selected, to the tempo sound you prefer. Really great and professional app.

Improvements I would like to see improvements in the optimization department. I tested the app on a iphone 4 and sometimes, while changing the tempo or interacting with certain elements of the app, I would get the feeling that the interface lags a little. Sound would be fine, just the visual elements were left behind a little. Tested with no other apps running in the background.

General review This is a really great app. I really enjoyed using it. It has very nice interface elements and options for you to customize. It's easy to use and I think every musician should try it out. Especially useful are the colored background that matches the tempo. Although there's other metronome type apps around I found this one to be the best. Great job..

Edwin C.

What I liked The user interface is really clean and simple. Visually, the interface is pleasing to look at. The app is for the most part easy to use and intuitive. I can see the app from pretty far away, which is good if I need to rest the phone far from my instrument.

Improvements The response of the app is somewhat slow, it takes a bit of time before the settings menu show up. There just seems to be a lag. Within the settings menu, there is lag when I move from menu to menu. Some of the features are not readily intuitive, for example, the pull down menu from the main screen to change the beat rate was not obvious. Some documentation would be nice.

General review Overall, easy to figure out and use. The interface is really nice and clean. Fairly easy to read from far away. I think it would be useful to people that play instruments. I would like to see improvements to response time of the app. Also, a user manual would be nice.

Levent S.

What I liked User interface is so simple and minimalistic. Bpm and time signature settings can be easily change by sliding and pinching, also i like the quick preset list with different colors and the highly customizable settings. I think, these features makes this app very practical and useful.

Improvements Adjusting bmp and time signature without gestures is really slow. Tutorial should be launched autmatically the very first time because I learned about adjusting settings with sliding and pinching only after reading the tutorial. Being an iPad user I would like to see an update to make this app universal.

General review Metronome app is a really good choice for musicians and other metronome users. It has really good features and specifications. If the performance issues are fixed in a future update, this app will be the best metronome app in the App Store.

Targo D.

What I liked I love how simple it is to use and the user interface is very appealing. Everything works as promised and I found no bugs. The ability to tap to set my own speed is greatly appreciated. It accents the first beat which is perfect for helping me keep in time. I love how it counts the bar and that it has all the key signature times. Was really well done!

Improvements The ability to pause the metronome is there but sometimes I am a little late in pressing pause and the bar count as well as what note I am is then off. It would be nice to be able to set the note and how many bars I've already played. I love the custom sets with the different colours but I find myself often using one that isn't on there and it would be nice to be able to make my own custom sets with a color of my choosing.

General review I loved the app! I had absolutely no issues with it and found no bugs. The user interface has been done very well and I enjoy the "tap to set own speed" feature. It accents the first note of every bar and keeps count of the number of bars. Being able to set the bar I'm on would be nice but that isn't an issue. I find it's design easy to use and I knew what to do with no help right from the start. I'd definitely say well done to the developers!

Amellia M.

What I liked I really like that it is simple and clean. I liked the various time settings and the different tones that it uses. I feel that it would be very useful for those involved with music or any task where you need to keep time. I enjoyed it and found it to be relaxing and with adaptations could be useful for young children.

Improvements This app is too simple. It is too expensive for what little it does. It is geared to too narrow of a market. There is nothing visually appealing about it. It needs a help section for users with tips and suggestions. It needs a better description in the app store so that it is more clear exactly who it is intended for. It could be made useful to smaller children just learning music or in a classroom setting by making it more appealing to younger users. Children just learning music or learning to keep time, beat, rhythm, etc. could enjoying using a metronome like this one with additions.

General review I probably wouldn't spend that much typically for such an app. It is very simple and only allows you to change the time and background color. The description given for it isn't very specific. I wish this app could be made enjoyable for a larger audience and the price is too high.