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App reviews for "Animal Jigsaw Puzzle! v1.2" [text]


Animal Jigsaw Puzzle! v1.2 [text]

App description:

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id550877692

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Irina S.

Amanda A.

What I liked Animal Jigsaw Puzzle would be a great game for little children 4 and under. The puzzles are hands on and interactive. Children need to be able to see and hear animals and the sounds they make before they enter prekindergarten or at least first grade.

Improvements In addition to the animal sounds, I would love to actually hear the animals name being recited as well. This is so children can start embedding the visual, sound, and name of the animal. Also when the phone is on the silent it vibrates when the puzzle pieces are put in the correct place. At times this could be too much, maybe it can be silent by default and optional to turn the vibrate on.

General review Animal Jigsaw Puzzle was a fun interactive game to entertain and educate young children. It is important to start teaching children how to recognize animals by the physical characteristics as well as by their sound. This game provides them with both by visual and physical stimulation..

Amanda S.

What I liked I really like how much you get for the price of this app. There are 20 different puzzles which are all fun with great graphics. I like the different levels of difficulty including the different
number of puzzle pieces and the ability to turn on and off the background picture for hints . My children who range in ages e. 7 really like the puzzles!! I really like the touch input and how it's not too easy to place the puzzle piece. I've seen apps that snap pieces into place even when they're not close to the target spot. I think this feature makes it better for older children too!

Improvements There's not much I can say about improvements to this app! For the price it has a lot of content with good graphics! I think that the 144 pieces is a little much and since you can't see all the pieces on the screen it makes it difficult to complete the puzzle without the hints on. I don't like the links on the main screen to the ratings for iTunes, the Game Center link, and also the other apps page. I think there should be on a different screen. This app seems to be targeted to smaller kids and these buttons create unnecessary page intteruptions.

General review This is an overall great jigsaw puzzle app! It is a great value with a lot of content. You can customize the number of pieces and use a picture hint which allows this app to be used by kids of all ages! They add a great sound and animation when you complete a puzzle which adds to the fun! The only thing I could say is take away buttons that link to iTunes on main page!

Pam H.

What I liked This app allows children of all ages to experience puzzle solving. I also liked that changing the number of pieces to each puzzle could allow a child success at their level. If a 5 year old can solve a 56 piece puzzle they could. Likewise if an 8 year old needed the 16 piece version, that is allowed. I also liked that the image was below as the puzzle is being solved. This allows success in the logical thinking for a child solving the puzzles.

Improvements I would love to see different scenes as an option. Children do love the farm and farm animals, but they also love all kinds of animals and other habitats. Also, a more challenging version might be, puzzles with abstract backgrounds that would give a child an experience with color, spatial concepts and deeper logical reasoning.

General review This is an excellent app for teachers and parents to engage their students in logical reasoning, spatial concepts and the fun of puzzle solving! It engages students of all ages and abilities and challenges them at their level. Solving puzzles is an excellent and fun way for children to engage and strengthen their brain power!

Shelly M.

What I liked Twenty different farm animal puzzles are presented charmingly illustrated. One can work the puzzles from 4 to 144 pieces on the iPad and 4 to 49 pieces on the iPhone. One purchase gets both. The music can be toggled on and off. Upon completion of the puzzle the sound the animal makes is heard and an explosion of flowers. To increase the difficulty the background picture can be turned off. The completed puzzle can be emailed. The puzzle pieces snap in place seamlessly. There is access to the Game Center where scores can be compared. The App could be entertaining for preschool through Adult.

Improvements At the inception the player has the opportunity to purchase three additional Apps and across the top of the App there is access to the controls, sound, music and also to the Game Center, email, other App purchases and review opportunities. Parents might not wish their child to have access to email, purchases, the review and the Game Center. Given that these puzzles can be worked in 4 pieces, and the other features of the puzzles, this App would be suitable for preschool to age 8 children except for these features. There was only portrait mode available.

General review Twenty charmingly illustrated farmyard animals to piece together from 4-144 pieces on the iPad and 4-49 pieces on the iPhone for one price. The background picture can be turned off for increased difficulty. When the puzzle is completed the appropriate animal sound and an explosion of flowers occurs. The pieces snap together flawlessly. Time of completion is recorded in the Game Center and the completed puzzle can be emailed. Preschool to Adult.

Courtney D.

What I liked The colors on this app are so vibrant! I love the ability to choose the amount of pieces I want to have in each puzzle. That sets the puzzle up to be used by users of many ages! I like that I can have the back light on or off to allow for ease of putting the puzzle together. That adds an element of difficulty for those that want a challenge. There are a vast array of pictures to choose from, which is great as well! I appreciate that the animal is the focal point of most of the pictures. That allows the user to develop the animal portion of the puzzle before moving on to the scenery.

Improvements I'm not sure of the purpose for the clock/timer. I don't track how long I do puzzles normally, so the idea of timing myself on a puzzle in an app seems strange. It supposedly autosaves; however I wish there was the ability to save your progress manually so that you could continue at a later time. This is especially true if it is timing the user. I worked on a puzzle for a chunk of time; however, I had to close out of the app, and when I returned it started the app over. That could cause some frustration from users if they are working on a higher number of pieces and lose all their progress.

General review I am definitely impressed with this app and all that it entails. There are a number of pictures available to choose from. All the pictures contain a vast array of colors that are vibrant and eye catching. The user can choose the number of pieces they want the puzzle divided into it, which adds to difficulty. If the user wants a guide, they have that option! Great app!

sandy g.

What I liked I love that this app lets the player have the choice on the number of pieces that the colorful puzzles will have while solving it. I love that you can turn on or off the background hints while doing the puzzle. I also like that the background music can also be turned on or off while completing the puzzles.

Improvements I would like to see more puzzles added. I also wish the additional game screen did not appear as you start the app. I would like to see this as a icon at the top with the other icons to help in the ease of a young child using this app. I also wish that the app would give you a new puzzle without going back to the "start" screen.

General review I feel this app is a great value. It offers a variety of levels which makes it grow with the child. It would be loved by a wide range of ages from preschoolers through early elementary school aged. The timer would be a motivator for many children to beat their last time.

Frances A.

What I liked The app Animal Jigsaw Puzzle is a delightful app that allows children to take familiar animals such as ducks, horses and cows and make them into puzzles. I love that you are able to choose from a variety of puzzle levels. You can start as low as four pieces and go up to 144 pieces. This is a great feature because it allows work to be differentiated. I also like that it tells you how long it takes the child to solve each puzzle. It can be made into a fun game of who can finish the fastest! I also love that you can choose to hide the hint button to the child to make the game more challenging.

Improvements I do not like that on the very first page you have an ad to go to our other apps. I understand promoting apps are important but a child clicking it and buying it because the account could be signed in already.
Also, you do have a variety of images and but I think addition of more images and more realistic pictures might be a little better overall for children.
Something I'd want in this app is data. This data can be recorded and tracked for progress how long it takes to complete each puzzle. This will allow whoever is working with the child to know when to move them up to the next level.

General review I love that this app while being a puzzle lets you work on several critical skills for children. A child can develop proper cognitive awareness, work on their memory skills and even work to stay on task for a longer amount of time with the addition of more difficult work. I love that this app provides positive reinforcement when the child finishes the puzzle so it helps them build up more confidence to carry on to more difficult puzzles.

Julie P.

What I liked Animal Jigsaw Puzzle is bright and colorful. The animals are cute and age appropriate for children 2-5 years old. I appreciated the help option, which allows children to see the whole puzzle. There are many puzzle choices, and autosave is a nice feature.

Improvements In a future version, could you correct the spelling of "Congratulations"? In English, it is spelled with an "s" at the end of the word. I like the concept of having different size puzzle pieces, but only a few children this age will ever choose a 144 piece puzzle. I found it was hard to scroll through that many pieces. ( I noticed that the limit on the iPhone version is 49 pieces.) I am a little confused why you chose a flower icon to represent an animal puzzle app.

General review Animal Jigsaw Puzzle joins a crowded field of puzzle apps using a farm animal theme. What is special with this app is the ability to adjust the number of pieces from 4-144, plus the help preview function that shows the completed puzzle in the background. Both these features give it added value.

Lisa W.

What I liked I love the fact that one can change the number of puzzle pieces from 4 to 144! I work with students that are 3 years old to 22 years old and this flexibility will help me grade the app accordingly. Also, the graphics are cute and will be of interest to all ages. I also like the other features that let me differentiate the activity, such as turning off/on the background picture when completing the puzzle and turning off/on the sound. Once the puzzle is complete, instant positive feedback is given. The email puzzle feature is nice as well. I like that there are 20 pictures to choose from!

Improvements When the puzzle is complete, I think it should read "Congratulations" (rather than congratulation) and perhaps a few other positive phrases. To help me track student progress, if the send an email included the number of pieces and time it took to complete the puzzle, it would be helpful.

General review This is a delightful and colorful farm animal puzzle app. My children ages 2-8 could easily manipulate the puzzle pieces to get them in the correct place. The students I work with found it to be delightful as well. This will fit in well as an added activity when the preschoolers are learning about farm animals next fall. The options are very customizable. It's a great app to work on fine motor and visual motor skills.

Michelle W.

What I liked I liked the music and graphics. I liked that there is 20 different levels and that you could choose to make the puzzle 4-49 pieces. That is a great option for all levels of player. I thought the timer was a great way to see how long it took to finish the puzzle and see if you can better your time.

Improvements Instead of the app opening right to other games available by the developer, I think it should have buttons to chose to play the game, instructions and other apps on the home screen. After the puzzle is correctly out together it should say congratulations, instead of congratulation or great job. The icons need to be labeled better on the puzzle page.

General review Nice music and graphics. Fun puzzles for children ages 3-7. Many different puzzles and levels of difficulty to choose from. The timer is a great way for kids to see how long it takes them to finish the puzzle and a time to beat. Like the option to have an outline or blank canvas to complete puzzle.