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App reviews for "Magikid Circus v1.0" [text]


Magikid Circus v1.0 [text]

App description: Magikid Circus gives kids the tools to put on a spectacular show by providing them with actors, a stage and props. Kids can record a show and upload it online to share with friends and family. Magikid Circus stops in different countries all over the world, introducing kids to different cultures and what’s unique about them.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mo-li-xiao-hai-ma-xi-tuan/id547869923?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Angell Echo A.

Abraham G.

What I liked This app makes us become Ringmaster, the organizer of circus shows.We can define what actions will be showed in any direction we like and record our own voice. The possibility to combine all themes we have purchased and put it altogether in our show is great. Music is a nice fit for circus shows and makes us feel like we are currently inside the shows. I appreciated the pull navigation, playful and cute.

Improvements In the future version of this promising circus app, i really hope that there are no more voice/alert in Mandarin Language. Despite the pretty slick navigation, the 'back down' icon is not really intuitive in terms of shape. Maybe instead of a circle you could use the back icon. The help video in the settings page is hard to find. Lastly, i really hope that you can give 1 more circus theme (unlocked via achievement) free instead of just one basic show. Sharing the creations in social media would be a nice addition.

General review A very good circus show app that provide us with an easy way to create a circus for our children. More attention should be paid to the alert detail like when the connection is offline. We can record the circus show and share it online. The navigation is nice especially when you pull down the menu to trigger an action. The help video is really nice but hard to find.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked the UI very much (pulling effect), even if it was difficult to understand / master at the beginning.
> I liked the way the puppet characters move on the scene, as if they were really actionned through strings, from above.
> I liked the sharing ability of the app, and the idea of featuring creations from kids all over the world.

Improvements > Even if I liked the UI, I definitely think it is far too much complicated to master. There are a lot of menus, different options you may use, and it's not very easy to understand what does what.
> Especially, the two different play modes, featured by a circus and a play button, are completely opaque at first.
> Even when you choose English for the UI, there are still few chinese words here and there.
> I'd like to see characters having more "features" For instance, in the Canadian scene, characters have a leaf, a ball, a gift and that's all. It seems not much to interact with.

General review Because all featured samples or in Chinese, it was hard to figure out what could be done with the app. > maybe you might envisage to add a sample in English?
Also, the "do it yourself" part of the app is not very appealing with the basic version, because you have to pay for an extension before you have enough material to be able to create a scene that is different from the basic circus. This is a little bit frustrating.

Rich L.

What I liked A circus magically attracts children, especially one that lets them be creative. The Magikid Circus is an app where children design and narrate their own animated shows. In the settings the child chooses either English or Chinese language. After selecting the circus tent, the child starts with a partly empty circus stage and pushes the record button. The music begins for the child to add narration and to select from different characters, sounds and special effects to create a story. After the story is saved, it may be uploaded for the world to view. Other settings are also available.

Improvements Magikid, as a creative app, has a lot of potential. Because children kept pressing the screen icons with no results, Magikid needs in the corner a HELP or ? button that does not move. That help button should demonstrate how a finger touches, pulls down, and then lifts off of the screen while an icon hanging from a string responds. For the price, it needs more backgrounds, sounds, music and special effects. It would be nice if you could change how characters move their heads, arms or legs. There is confusing Chinese writing within the English selection that needs to be fixed.

General review A circus magically attracts children, especially one that lets them be creative and interactive. The Magikid Circus is an app where children design and narrate their own animated circus shows. The child's choice of languages is either English or Chinese. Instead of just touching buttons, the child will pull down and release animated icons on a string. For the price, it needs more backgrounds, sounds, music and special effects.

Julie P.

What I liked This app is whimsical in design. The characters are very cute and look like little puppets dangling from the strings. There is much to see and do here. I like the way a child can choose the characters and the sound effects, and the bubbles were a clever idea.

Improvements I'm not sure whether the developer had a clear vision about this app. It almost seemed like there was too much going on. The promo spoke about diversity and world traveling, but that was not available without in app purchases. The Circus theme is not carried over to the other stages. As a user, I would like better instructions. The demonstration was so rapid that I needed to play it back many times before I could figure it out. I think the Chinese characters need to be removed from the English version.

General review This app encourages creative play. With the guidance of an adult, a child can learn to put together shows that can be recorded and shared via email. I am concerned by the pressure to make additional in app purchases. Considering the base cost plus the additional cost for the new scenes and characters, I probably would pass on Magikids Circus. I like the concept, but it's not worth the cost.

Damon B.

What I liked Characters that were very kid friendly and cute enough for kids to like. There were also several other "bonus" features somewhat hidden in the circus that would make it fun for younger children. The pull down idea of characters and actions was quite intuitive instead of clicking on things. Other than working fine motor skills in younger or special needs children, there is little educational value as far as curriculum is concerned. The app does lend itself to imaginative play for young children

Improvements In the World menu while showing the other creations that were made, there was some Chinese font. In order for young children to enjoy and understand this app, that aspect should be updated. There is a bit of a learning curve to learning the interface and finding how to begin a circus story. While intuitive, the pull down action instead of a button click might make it difficult for actions such as starting and stopping the scene recording. Considering the price, it would be nice to choose from more characters and backgrounds. Puzzled as to why shared creations cost to watch.

General review The characters in Magikid Circus are kid friendly and cute. Children will have fun clicking, pulling, and interacting with their environment while recording their own circus scene. Young children will enjoy the movement and manipulation of the characters on screen. Considering the price, it would be nice to have more options available instead of having to pay extra for them.