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Wubbzy's Space Adventure [text]

App description: Blast off with Wubbzy, Walden, Widget and Daizy on an out-of-this-world space adventure! With this app, inspired by the Emmy® Award Winning Nick Jr. ® TV series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, kids will explore space, meet kooky aliens and finally wake up the sleepy Man in the Moon to see the sun rise.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/wubbzys-space-adventure/id565439983?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Marcel W.

What I liked This is a great app for wubbzy's fans like my kids. The same wubbzy's characters, the same wubbzy's musical and sound effects just like tv show. The narrator voice and pace are perfect and its very clear and easy to understand. I love how in read and play mode you can click on each oft hewed and the word will beread to you. The just book option is also great because you can have your kids read without all the distraction of all the interactive stuff

Improvements In the game part of the story where you have to control the space ship, it was setup in away that it looks like there'll be some consequence if the objective wasn't completed. However, you really didn't have to do anything to complete it. The video was a good addition and my son likes it. However I thought the quality was poor as it was very grainy.

General review This is a great app for all those wubbzy's fans out there. Good story, good presentation with a lot of interactivity on each page. Three is a good for parent section that can help you start discussion with your kids after you finish reading the story.

Camila A.

What I liked An imaginative story featuring adorable characters with quirky names. I like that there are multiple reading modes to suit different occasions - the "Just a Book" mode is perfect for bedtime. The mini games, coloring pages and music videos are wonderful activities to keep the kids occupied. I also liked that there is a grown-up corner that gives you ideas on things to discuss with your kids after reading the story.

Improvements - Having a coloring activity is nice, but consider allowing kids to smudge the screen instead of merely tapping on the areas that they want to color in, as it is more realistic and engaging.
- Also consider making all parts of the picture fillable - my boyfriend's nephew was rather annoyed that he couldn't color the aliens' teeth green.
- Consider moving the link to other apps inside the Help/Parent section and adding an access lock so kids won't accidentally click on them or the social network share icons.

General review A wonderful app to keep kids entertained. We're actually not familiar with Wubbzy as we don't watch Nick Jr. very often, but we thought the characters were cute and the story was nice. My boyfriend's nephew had fun playing with it, and I definitely had fun watching him wiggle with Wubbzy!

Katrina J.

What I liked The graphics are clear, music is engaging, and the story has a nice flow. Having interactive pieces to each page is very helpful for keeping students with shorter attention spans engaged. The games are fun and the children really enjoyed playing them. The additional questions on the grown ups page is a great way to help families learn different questioning strategies to use with their children when reading.

Improvements Additional stories and/or adventures that the characters go on
Additional ways to engage children on each page-possibly include some questions (find the..., what did they use to..., etc.) with the read and play story option
With the games, maybe allow for additional academic skills to be worked on-for example, in the space ship game they need to avoid the planets, but collect letters or numbers, items that could be used to wake someone up, etc.

General review This is a fun story app to engage young children. It provides a happy medium between a video clip and a paper book, which can be helpful for those reluctant to engage in stories. The games are fun, but could provide a little more by adding some simple changes/adaptations.

Frances A.

What I liked The app Wubbzy’s Space Adventure is fun for the whole family to read and play along with. This app is filled with features that make is much more than a story about Wubbzy going to Space. The application has music videos based on the story, coloring pages that you can take a screen shot of and games to play. This app was amazing for all types of readers because it highlights the words as it is read and a child can touch a word if they do not understand it. Every part of this application is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone with children, especially those who are Wow! Wow! Wubbzy fans.

Improvements All of the children took to it right away that it left me with a wish list. I would love to see more videos added, as well as a few more games. Another thing that might be nice to have is a vocabulary page for young children who don’t know so much about the moon, rockets and other words that they might not yet know the meaning of. A suggestion is to take the Grown-Up's Corner and putting it into its own separate link in the menu. I would like to see this section expanded so that anyone using this app for education purposes will engage the children’s communication and critical thinking skills.

General review The app is wonderfully interactive and has vivid images of fun and lovable characters on a fun space adventure. I love that it has three options of how to use the application, besides all of the wonderful extras. The children loved playing the app and just wanted to explore every page. Each page is filled with wonderful sights, sounds and even two games to help your friend Wubbzy get to the man in the moon to wake him up.

Jessica B.

What I liked I loved the fact that it is not just a book! It has games, videos, and coloring pages as well as a great, interactive book. It can be read, played, or listened to by children of many ages. I also enjoyed that each page had more than one interactive piece. Providing comprehension questions at the end of the story was a great way to help facilitate parent-child or teacher-child interaction to the book!

Improvements It would be nice to see more games either throughout the book or just as additional content, like the videos. Some of the interactive content is redundant. For example, when selecting a character on multiple pages, the interaction/sound is the same on all pages. It would be nice to have different sounds/actions for each page.

General review I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This book has games, a coloring book, videos, well-known characters, and a great story! The interactions filled every page and also included a couple of games to keep the reader engaged. The extra content (videos and coloring pages) was a great addition to an already great book!

Courtney D.

What I liked I like that the user has adequate time to pick the correct space critter in the interactive game. I love that the book has interactive pieces throughout. The twinkling star providing the nursery rhyme when selected made me smile. I love that the space critters say something different each time they are pressed during the story. I love the coloring pages, which could be utilized for following directions.

Improvements There is so much time provided to the user in the game focusing on picking the critter that a "penalty" could be issued for not selecting one. A pause button could be utilized on this activity. I did not see a nine eyed critter in the story, which was mentioned. This would be necessary if the user was going to ask WH questions throughout the story in conjunction with the text. The space critter on the moon goes back to sleep on the page that allows for the interactive piece of waking him up. That can be confusing to the user. Critter seen in telescope should be a man instead of Wubbzy.

General review I found this to be an engaging and interactive storybook that had me seeking more. The user can work through WH questions, reading, following directions, listening comprehension, and many more tasks through an activity/storybook that will leave the user entertained!

Stacia W.

What I liked My students and I used the app in class and they really liked it. In first grade they enjoyed being read to. The games were fun and engaging. Options were great, like that you can read the story yourself. The graphics are pretty neat, along with the sound of the pages turning. My students were really excited to see that you could paint your very own picture at the end.

Improvements I asked my students what they did not like. The only thing they could come up with is going to more planets and different creatures. The words in the story were a little big for first grade if they had wanted to try and read it to themselves. Functions to turn off music, adjust sounds and voice are an added plust.

General review I appreciate the app and its functions. They students were engaged the entire time we were using the app. I must say the words in the story were very big for my first graders but the option for the story to be read to them was perfect. We enjoyed painting our very own Wubbzy.

Kerry E.

What I liked I really like how the text is highlighted as the narrator reads each word. This is very useful for my kindergartner and preschooler who are both learning to read and recognize words and letters.  The animations are super cute and entertaining.  The games are fun and a nice break from the narration of the book.

Improvements The minigame "Space Craze" in the middle of the book is a little advanced for my almost 4-year-old.  The obstacles are going a little bit too fast for her---just my observation.  It would be nice to have an option to slow them down a little bit for younger children. I would love to see another one or two minigames added in a future version. I really don't have any other dislikes; the app is very well done.

General review This is a really cute app, even if you have not seen the original Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! show. There's a book, mini games, painting, and catchy videos with songs. I love the grownup's corner at the end of the book. There are questions to consider for little ones and not so little ones. It's a great conversation starter.  Also, the words are highlighted in the book as the narrator reads them. This is very helpful for beginning readers. 

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked the simple and childish graphics.
> I liked the 3 options to read the "book"
> I liked the neat and cheerful narration, the highlighted words and the light background soundtrack
> I liked the feature : "read the word being touched"!
> I liked some games and interactions because they are well inegrated in the story.
> I liked to options section that let you regulate music, sounds and voices as you wish.

Improvements > I'd like to see less splash screens before main screen.
> I would appreciate if links to other apps in AppStore were protected.
> I would appreciate if links to social networks were protected in a "parents" area
> It's often the case in bookapps, but elements shake and dance a little bit too much in my opinion.

General review This story should appeal to young kids and be well appreciated. It has got all the characteristics appreciated by young ones. I discovered the videos at the end of the discovery session and this was a hit. Might be nice to integrate them in the story, as done for games?

Jon S.

What I liked Wubbzy's Space Adventure is a fun interactive book. I really liked how the words highlighted along with the voice as the story was read to you. I also thought that the graphics and animations were excellent. The grown-ups corner is a nice feature that I have not seen before in an interactive book. I really wish that all the storybook apps would contain some questioning like that. The extra videos and drawing features are also great, and my kids enjoyed those a lot.

Improvements The games in the middle of the story need to be updated to something more challenging. The game play on Space Craze was just sort of lackluster. The Man In The Moon game was just a Wack A Mole throw away. If there was a way to make those games with some relevant learning, it would be much better. I would have also liked the videos to highlight the words as they were sung, just like the storybook.

General review Wubbzy's Space Adventure is a very entertaining storybook app. It can be read to the child, or the child can read and interact with the story on their own. Each page has at least three animations that the child can interact with after they read the page. There are two game imbedded in the story for the child to play with. The grown-ups corner allows the child and parent to read the book and ask comprehension questions about the story.