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Bo's Bedtime Story [text]

App description: Bo's Bedtime Story is a fun and educational story-game that helps children 2-6 years old develop good bedtime habits. Children will help Bo the Giraffe, the playful main character, with his bedtime routine. The game is divided into 10 consecutive and interactive scenes reenforcing positive bedtime habits, making it easier for parents to do the same

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bos-bedtime-story/id486396357?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Esther N.

Courtney D.

What I liked I enjoyed the step by step process of the story. It allows for a child who needs a routine to follow along with the story during their own bedtime routine. It is interactive and allows for some fun in the midst of the "work". It incorporates learning by having the user sort items, match items, and follow directions. The pictures are not too cluttered, so the user isn't overwhelmed by busy distractions.

Improvements For typical developing children, the sorting tasks and such are appropriate; however, it would be nice if the application had a way to shut those tasks off for those that are not there yet. The letters and shampoo drop at a fairly quick rate, so the user is going to need to have decent fine motor skills to be successful. If there was a way to regulate the rate, that might add in to the fun!

General review This is a terrific book that incorporates interactive learning along with a story. The application/book is meant for children age 4+, which is appropriate, unless the child is delayed in any way. There is matching, sorting, and fine motor movements incorporated in this book, which could cause frustration if the user is not developmentally ready. I would recommend this book for children who struggle with bedtime and need a routine for success!

Kerry E.

What I liked I really liked all the game options for my kids. There's matching, color recognition, sorting, a maze, dress-up options, and more. I have a five-year-old, three-and-a-half-year-old, and an almost two-year-old, and they were all entertained for quite a bit of time. It's very helpful how the narrator explains the task at hand, so the children understand what is expected of them.

Improvements In the first game, where you have to sort blocks, doll, and cars, the object isn't considered sorted until it's in an exact spot at the top of the bin. My children all had trouble getting it where it was supposed to be. I would like to see it sorted when it's just on the bin; as it is right now, it was somewhat confusing and frustrating for my kids.

General review I'm a big fan of this app. I think it can be played over and over again, especially for a child's own bedtime routine. My kids were all very engaged and entertained by all the different games. My girls especially loved the dress up game with all of the various outfits. I would recommend the app for ages three and up, only because it is a bit advanced for my two-year-old's motor skills and comprehension.

Amanda S.

What I liked I really like that graphics in this app! They are very cute and bright! I love that this app models a great bedtime routine (cleaning up toys, putting clothes in hamper, taking bath, getting pjs on, brushing teeth, getting teddy, reading story, getting kisses, and going to sleep!) As an SLP I would use this app (or recommend to parents) to work on vocabulary, colors, numbers, sequencing, categorizing, and listening skills. The little tasks for each step of the routine are fun and the narrator explains them to the child. I really liked the bonus dress up game.

Improvements I thought all of the tasks in the app were easy to play except the brushing teeth and teddy maze. The child I tested this app with seemed to get frustrated with how long it took to get all the fruit off the teeth. I would recommend making it easier to brush the teeth clean. The teddy maze didn't seem to work as smoothly as I thought it would. Around the turns the teddy would fall from the child's finger and they had difficulty moving it around. Another tip would be making one app with several different language choices instead of seperate apps for the different languages.

General review I highly recommend this app for 2-3 year olds, preschoolers, and children with special needs. Bedtime routines are so important and this app is a great way to reinforce and model one! There are great language opportunities in this app as well as the following concepts: vocabulary, colors, numbers, sequencing, categorizing, and listening skills. There is a bonus dress up game that kids love! This app is wonderful and the price is affordable!

Marcel W.

What I liked I love the artwork of this app and all the activities in it. It really helped my kids with getting into their bedtime routine. This app will help your kids to learn and get familiarize with all the routine such as cleaning your room, brushing your teeth etc.

Improvements The app is perfect what what its for. Some people may say its too short but i think its perfect because its really designed for something just before bed time. As a matter of fact i think all the activities are so engaging that i had to read do this with my kids a little earlier before the bed time because my kids are wide awake after doing this app.

General review Great illustration, great activities, great app that will help your kids learn and get familiarized with their bed time routines. All of these are done via a fun and egging activities that will keep your kids busy for a while. I highly recommend this app.

Elizabeth C.

What I liked I liked that the app is colorful and has engaging music. The first activity was sorting, which is a good cognitive skill for children to have and learn. I like that the activity after sorting is following a two step direction and it also goes into the order in which people undress. The bath time patterning activity is a good feature. Overall, I liked that the app goes through the bed time routine and works on great cognitive skills, such as sorting, patterning, following directions, and hand eye coordination.

Improvements It is a bit frustrating for the children when they are sorting the cars, dolls and shapes, due to the object having to be dragged fully on top of the basket. Sometimes the child has thought that they were incorrect with the sorting and tried a different basket. Maybe a message stating that the object has to be fully in the white area or make the accepting area larger. Also, after the activity is finished, I would suggest a verbal prompt to press the blinking arrow to continue and change the arrow color so that it is more obvious to the child.

General review This apps is a good way to reinforce the bedtime routine and work on cognitive skills such as sorting, patterning, following directions and hand eye coordination. There are a few things that I would change, but overall, I think it is a great educational app.