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App reviews for "Cinderella : 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0" [text]


Cinderella : 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0 [text]

App description: Cinderella consists of 3D pop-up scenes with RPG (character role-playing game) elements of the characters in combination with interaction for young readers (interaction between user and computer). Children can experience the pleasure of game and education effect at the same time.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cinderella-3d-pop-up-fairy/id542621034

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Ed S.

Svetlana K.

What I liked The app "CINDERELLA" is definitely made with kids in mind. The navigation is very easy and clear. You will find no outside links in the app.
For the story itself, the voice of the narrator is very pleasant. The size of the font is appropriate for reading by kids. I also liked that the app looks like a real book. This impression is strengthened by the way the pages are turned over and by games with 3d popping up figurines. It's a great idea to have games inside the story that fit so well to the text contents!

Improvements 1). When you press the HOME button on the HOME SCREEN, it is confusing that the screen is as if "trembling". Suggestion: hide button or make it inactive
2). Arrow "backwards" on the home screen looks odd. Suggestion: hide the button.
3). Music button - I suggest making indication if the music is off. Suggestion: cross the note on the button
4). Music is too loud when both the narration and music are on so it is hard to distinguish well what is said by the narrator.
5). Game on page 15-16: it is not clear where to place the objects. Suggestion: mark by a round shadow the spots for objects

General review This kids friendly application with no outside links, easy navigation and no interactive elements on the pages with text is great for the first reading experience of the kid aged 6-8. The story-related 3d games inside the tale contribute to engagement of the kid in the reading process.

Joy R.

What I liked Great book for teachers and parents to read or have read to their children. It was read at a very good speed and the voice was nice too. I also liked the 3-D pop up animations. They were a great addition to the story , making it interactive and much fun for anyone listening or reading.

Improvements I would like to see the difficult words highlighted and maybe defined when touched. Some the words include but are not limited to: arrogant, pretentious, temperament, dingy, wretched, cinders, forbidden, ragged, commanded, profound, conducted, honorable, gracefully, admired, fled, earnestly, astonishment, excessively, magnificent, charming.
I also think the pop-up after page 2 should be after page 6 and they should have a repeat button for the instructions.

General review In my opinion, the application is very nicely put together and it is very easy to use and navigate through. I like that it give you two options, read yourself or be read to. I am a kindergarten teacher and when I start my fair tales unit, I'm definitely going to use this app with my students.

Julie P.

What I liked I like the fact that this version of the Cinderella fairy tale uses rich vocabulary, because I look at stories like this as a perfect way to introduce new words to a child. Between the dialogue, the narration, the illustrations, and the interactive activities, children are able to get a multi-sensory experience that they can control and enjoy. All in all, a fun way to learn.

Improvements I found two places in which the sentence grammar was incorrect. The first was on page 5 and the second was on page 32. In both instances the sentence read, "No sooner that..." when it should have read, "No sooner than..." Also, I thought that the background music was too loud, so I switched it off. Other than that, there were no bugs or glitches that I found.

General review The Cinderella fairy tale is a much-beloved story. This digital version is divided into very manageable chapters of just a few pages. After each chapter is an interactive 3D pop-up activity based on what was just read. The artwork is clean and age appropriate for children 3-7. There is a narrated option and a read-by-myself option to accommodate different reading levels. Some of the vocabulary is advanced to challenge the higher reader.

mandy N.

What I liked I love the interactive parts of the book. My children loved helping Cinderella clean the house and all the other parts throughout the book. The story is very familiar which is always wonderful to see as my children can relate to it much better then unfamilar ones

Improvements I would like to see the home button moved or smaller because my children kept pressing it. I would also like to see where the book would change pages automaticaly when your done with the page. I would also like to see the text highlighted as it is read aloud. My children also had a hard time decifering between the narated parts and the fairy godmother talking. I would love to see where there was a tad bit more of a voice change between these two parts.

General review This story is fun and enjoyable to listen to. The interact parts of the story are very well done. I did find a few little things that I would like tweeked but nothing to big to harm this wonderful story. My faviort characters have to be the mice in the story because they are soo cute :)

Sue L.

What I liked The concept of an interactive book is very fun. Kids love to join in the fun. A new spin on a classic story is always welcome. Children never get tired of different versions of a familiar story and teachers can use this for a compare and contrast activity with their class. Families could enjoy this together and talk about the way they remember this story.

Improvements I did not see an option to turn off the background music while in "Read it Myself" mode and it proved to be very distracting to the independent reader. Also, it would be nice to add more graphics and white space on each "page." The narration is a bit dry and could have a bit more excitement but the students love any narrated text so it's not a huge problem.

General review Overall, it was difficult to figure out who the intended audience was. It was text heavy for a younger audience (even though there is a read aloud option) but the interactive features such as "please find a pumpkin and two mice and bring them to me" are clearly intended for the 4-6 crowd age group. The writing style sounds awkward at times but despite my comments a PK-3rd grade group would enjoy this story projected on a large screen in class

Kate M.

What I liked Loved this storybook app for the fairy tale lover! The interaction pages were a lot of fun, these kept the reader engaged waiting to see what would come next. I like the options to read to myself or have the story read aloud. I like the music with the story. Thank you for adding pictures even to the pages of text.

Improvements Some of the vocabulary was beyond the level of the audience for this app. Words such as wretched, pretentious, temperament should be changed. On the interaction page to help Cinderella feel better, her facial expression did not turn into a smile once she felt better. Also, at the dance, all the characters had frowns too. I would change the characters faces. How about a place for a hint on the interaction pages, they were not completely intuitive.

General review Great way to hear and follow along to a well loved fairy tale classic. Fun interactions keep your child engaged. These will also have your young reader wanting to hear this story again and again. Easy to use for young age levels, 3+, nothing scary, but good fun.

Ricki B.

What I liked Cinderella has been simplified so that non-readers can understand the storyline and young/struggling readers can follow along with the narrator or read alone. Love the table of contents, big print, and the ease of use and navigation of buttons. I especially liked the appealing graphics, design of the pop-up page at the end of each chapter, the instructions which are displayed in a bubble and the interactive activity & sound effects which is related to the part of the story just read.

Improvements Would like to see title for beginning each Chapter on left side of page. Background music is overpowering while story is being narrated. In the pop-ups, Chapter 1 - Rather than sister jumping on table - have her jump next to her sisters. Chapter 3-movement of the Fairy Godmother and Chapter 4 - Prince and Cinderella have the look of a Cardboard Cutout and need more dimension.

General review Cinderella has been simplified so that non-readers can understand the storyline and young/struggling readers can follow along with the narrator or read alone. Print is enlarged for the early reader. Story has "chapters" which helps child formulate pictures in their head. Attractive illustrations and sound effects on fun interactive pop-ups are displayed after each chapter and reinforce key events from the story.

Nerissa S.

What I liked I like the books bright colors. The book has a good story line. The pop out pictures are a really nice touch. The length of the book is just right for my 6 and 8 year old children who enjoy a ten to fifteen minutes reading session when they sit down with a book app.

Improvements The narration of the book is not exciting. When reading a book app my kids need to have the words highlighted or marked in a way that will help them read along with the book. This is not an option with your app. The pictures are not interactive and the kids got bored.

General review I am very disappointed with this app. I was really wanting to like it. My children love princess stories and apps. When they opened the book and listened to the first page I was wanting to see the word highlighted as the narrator read them. The first pop up page my kids wanted the characters in the picture to be interactive. The kids quickly got tired of the story and I ended up finishing the book myself.

Eileen L.

What I liked Things I liked about the app:
1. Classic story accurately told through modern animation.
2. Ability to self read or have a narrator.
3. Pop up interactive features.
4. Spin wheel game at the end for character recognition.
5. Ability to turn off sound.
6. Would appeal to boys and girls.

Improvements The only thing we had a problem with was the animation feature. After trying 5 minutes he gave up and walked away. I then tried and to be honest, it took me a few minuted to figure out I had to put the broken pieces in what I thought was the mop bucket. Maybe for the the younger readers, having a clue feature when they can not figure out the animations. I did have the same problem with the mice and wood.

General review My son and I really loved the story of Cinderella. I enjoyed the fact that a 6 year old boy could read the story, be entertained reading a classic fairy tale and not think it was too girly. As stated above, we both had trouble with some of the animations. Ii did not interfere with getting through the story but the added time it took to figure them out took away a little from the flow of the story and my son wanting to sit and complete the story.

Bethany P.

What I liked My teenage daughter was interested in this app. It has fun interactive pages. I liked the chapter headings so that I could skip what I had previously read. It is good that it allows the child to read it or the narrator. The music is upbeat and appropriate.

Improvements Cinderella is such a common story, I would like to see more unique plot twists in this or a non-traditional Cinderella. I like the forgiveness twist because it is unique. When a child doesn't complete the interactive tasks-there isn't a reminder or hint as to what he is supposed to do. I would like a hint. A few more illustrations would help break up the text.

General review Even my teenage daughter liked this application! The narrator voice is pleasant and soothing. This has fun interactive tasks. The interactive tasks made sense to the story. The sister's behavior when she was trying on the shoe cracked me up! This story teaches forgiveness-- many versions of this book, don't teach it. What a great concept to emphasize to children.

Lauren D.

What I liked I liked that the narrator read in a very clear voice with a lot of inflection. I loved the interactive pages!!! Children like to move things and actively participate. I like that the interactive part requires the children to do some problem solving. I also like that you can turn the music off, for some kids it may be too much.. Like the ability to have the story read to them, and then they can do bak and read it themselves. The app is easy to use, children should be able to easily do the interactive parts unless the have severe fine motor difficulties.

Improvements In the Read it to Myself section I would like the ability to touch a word and have it spoken out loud for the students. There are some big words that they may have trouble figuring out even with the context. Definitions for selected words would also be a great improvement. I would also like the children to be able to touch the pictures on the pages of the story and have their names spoken aloud.

General review Overall, I think this is a good app. I really like the interactive portions! Cinderella was one of my all time favorite stories when I was a little girl and I think this app brings the story to life. Would like to see it be a little bit more interactive as outlined in my suggestions.

Amanda S.

What I liked I absolutely loved this book! I like how there were classic book pages with the occasional pop up activity! The tasks in the pop ups are fun and engaging and a hit with the kids I tested with (girls ages 6 and 11) I like that it has a narration and the ability to turn it off. Great vocabulary for the readers! I loved the faces on the step sisters when the slipper didn't fit, lots of laughs!

Improvements The background music was too much, I know you can turn it off however I usually like soothing background music and this was to distracting. Some of the touch elements seemed to lag a little but other than that it was fun and interactive! In the dancing scene after you catch the hearts, the figures look awkward in 2D (they look flat).

General review I love this pop up book app! It turns a classic story into a fun interactive experience! It functions like a typical book app but then you get these unique pop up scenes that have fun little tasks (help Cinderella clean up, catch the prince's heart, try on the glass slipper ect....) Perfect for girls (and boys) of all ages who love this classic tale. This is such a great idea to turn story time into an engaging activity!

Katy R.

What I liked The "pop-up" pages and activities are engaging and easy to use. Both the 7 year old and the 2 year old I tried the App with enjoyed every one of these pages. The ability to read the story independently or have it read aloud is a good feature, and there are enough pop-up pages to support the text.

Improvements Although the story of Cinderella is appealing to younger children, the vocabulary and sentence structure of this particular version is too complex for a younger reader or listener. The 7 year old trying this app was very interested in the activities on the pop-up pages but had no interest in reading the story Cinderella. The 2 year old wanted to har the story but quickly lost interest because she could not understand language at this level. The pop-up book idea is great, but I would like to see a simpler version of the text, or a story that would be more appealing to an older child.

General review Cinderella 3D Pop-Up Fairytale is a virtual pop-up book for kids to use on the iPad. The pop-up pages are cleverly done, with moveable animations related to the story, where children are able to manipulate characters and objects in the story. The 3D element is interesting, as children are able to move the iPad and have the page rotate to be seen at different angles. Unfortunately, the text of the story is too complex for younger children.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the interactive pieces incorporated throughout this story. I love that it is 3D and provides a fairy tale similar to the one we all know and love. I love that the underlying meaning is about forgiveness and grace to those that are not so delightful and may not treat us with respect.

Improvements There are some words throughout the story that are higher in vocabulary level than the story would be appropriate for. If the vocabulary remains, it would be a great asset to the story if it would be interactive. For instance, to assist in learning, the user could select the word they are unsure of, and a definition could appear. Another option would be a glossary of key terms that the user may, or may not, need to assist in definitions.

General review I love 3D interactive stories and this is no exception to that rule. There are interactive pieces throughout this story that keep the user interested and engaged in the app! There is a great message portrayed on forgiveness and grace. Some of the vocabulary is above the age level, but it is a great learning moment for those who engage in the experience!

Holly P.

What I liked The story remains true to a beloved classic. The narrator has a pleasant soothing voice and reads at a pace that is neither too fast nor too slow. The activities between pages breaks up the story and allows for some interaction. The length of the story is also very good.

Improvements A couple of improvements that I would like to see deal mostly with graphics. The first improvement in the activies would be to the overall look of the graphics. The "floor" in the scenes don't line up and some times there is more direction needed to figure out exactly what the reader is supposed to do. A wish list item would be that as the narrator reads the word would highlight.

General review In general I believe that this app is a classic story with some fun activities built in. For a 3D pop up book i did feel that it was lacking dimension in the scenes. There were a couple of times I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do and it lagged a little when I started tapping. For example, pick up the broken dishes and put them in the barrel and help the mice comfort her by putting wood on the fire. Kids need clear directions.

Valerie M.

What I liked Cinderella: 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale has engaging animated pop ups to allow young readers to be engaged and actually interact with the book characters. It gave a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills as well as some critical thinking by problems solving and manipulating objects.

Improvements Definitely hope future updates include text highlighting for emergent readers, ability to touch and hear a single word, as well as access to definitions of words no preschoolers I know understand, like pretentious, arrogant, profound or earnest. While I like that the vocabulary is not dumbed down, several parents I knew could not help their child understand those concepts as they struggled themselves.

General review We enjoyed Cinderella: 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale with engaging animated pop ups. It was a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills as well as problem solving and manipulating objects. While I like that the vocabulary is not dumbed down, some parents could not help their child with a couple words well beyond a preschooler's vocabulary. Used independently, after not understanding 2 words early, a 6 yr old simply flipped to the activity pages.

Michelle W.

What I liked This is a great app for children 3 and up. I liked the music and the readers voice. The graphics are cute and the interactive graphics are a great way to keep kids attention. I think the pop up activity at the end of each section is fun. The characters are cute and I like the expressions the step sisters make when trying on the glass slipper.

Improvements In the read to me section I think it would be a good to have the words light up as they are being read so the child becomes familiar with them. In the interactive areas the ground wasn't level and somewhat grainy in the front. I think the arrow should light up when its time to turn the page on the read to me section. I think the sister and Cinderella should sit in the chair to try on the slipper. The giant foot looks odd.

General review Great app that takes a classic story and turns it into an interactive pop up. My kids liked the story and had fun doing the interactive activities in the story. I like the teaching aspect of forgiveness at the end of story. This app is great for children 3 and up.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I like the fact that the original story was kept, with no variation nor alteration of any kind.
> I liked the audio narration, with a quiet tone and pace (even if tone could be a liitle more enthousiastic).
> Kids do love these sort of 3D interactive mini games : these ones work well enough to keep kids entertained for a while (even if younger ones tend to skip the text).

Improvements > The second page looks as if the kid could write his / her own name, but it's not the case.
> From the inside pages of the app, I didn't find any mean to come back to the content index (only the home).
> I'd like to see a button where I could half mute the music (it's too loud)
> I'd like to see brighther colors and characters.

General review There are so many Cinderella on the AppStore, including for example the 3D version from Nosy Crow or the more-or-less real 3D effect one from Chillingo, that it is, for sure,, very hard to stand out. The strengh of yours is a more litterate text, so maybe it might be good to be appealing to elder kids too (aged 6-8 for example), with a side activity, for example ?

Eric P.

What I liked 1. I like the way the voice over is reading the story. I believe her voice can tell the story very well. Not too slow, not too fast, and very clear.

2. I believe the app has successfully implemented the popup book concepts. I can really feel the popup elements, especially when the iPad is tilted.

3. I really appreciate the mini games inside the popup pages. One of the key ingredients for a successful app aimed at children is the interactivity. This app has a very good interactivity in its mini games.

Improvements 1. I would like the background music to be improved. The current selection of music is too slow and irrelevant to the Cinderella story. Even during key moments in the story, the music stays consistent. The music is supposed to set the mood for the readers & help tell the stories.

2. I believe it would be a great addition to the readers if the word that is currently being voiced over can be highlighted, so that the young readers can tell where the story is now.

3. I find the mini games missing visual cues showing when they end. This would help young readers to know when to move on.

General review I find the app really delivers its promise to become a popup book - complete with the tilt features. The app also has an excellent voice over to read the stories. I believe this is a good starting point for the app; and with improvements on the graphics, animations, and music selection, I believe this app can be a high quality popup storybook app.

Jennifer R.

What I liked The 3D pop up scenes are very innovative and different from anything we've seen before. I also liked how you could shift the view a little bit, although it would be fun to spin it around completely. The colors are very bright and appealing and the reading voice is pleasant. The music is nice but it is great that you can turn it off too.

Improvements The words in the story are much too difficult for children of the age who would use this. Words like arrogant, pretentious, trains, temperament, and inherited are all on the first page! When children see too many words they don't understand they start to tune out.

General review This app is innovative and has lots of potential, but still needs some work. It would appeal to young readers but the vocabulary is too challenging. It also has too many pages of text before the next 3D scene pops up at times. The tasks that need to be done in the 3D scenes aren't always obvious, but children can use problem solving skills to figure it out. Overall it is an excellent app for the price!