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App reviews for "Animal Farm 3 in 1 - YogiPlay / v 1.0" [text]


Animal Farm 3 in 1 - YogiPlay / v 1.0 [text]

App description:

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/animal-farm-yogiplay!/id533758322

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Michael G.

Anthony B.

What I liked The app provided a pleasant, kid friendly, interface that was easy to look at. The graphics were effective at conveying a farm scene. Stickers that were animated were an added benefit because all to often these are static and not engaging for the users.

Improvements Improvement requests: directions for each screen to make the app easier to use (initial screen with flags, memory game, etc.), purpose/directions for the Sticker Game, review of setup/code to help the overall game easier to manipulate and operate for the user.

General review This app seems like it has the foundation for a variety of applications but lacks the fine-tuning needed to be effective. The lack of directions for the user from the initial splash screen to the actual game choices made the app difficult to fully understand. With improvements this could be a very good app.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > Graphism of the application, especially animal characters, were greatly appreciated by the 2 kids (aged 3 and 4) I tested the app with. I think the neat forms and vivid colors are appealing for them. They also liked the sounds very much.
> The Memory game is interesting because it has many levels to adapt to any kid.

Improvements > I would have liked that the parents / yogiplay and info areas were protected for parent use only.
> As a parent, I disliked that my kid's experiment of the game is interrupted by pop-up offering to subscribe to a newsletter
> I couldn't personalize the name of my kid in the memory game
> In the sticker game, items are hard to grab for little and young fingers, as you have to hold for a second.

General review 10 animals, a very small sticker area with not many possibilities (space is scarce there, and stickers are big and can't be made smaller (they can't be made bigger either), and a not so special memory game. This application is solid, very well done, with strong abilities and it shows, but the content might not be special enough to be remarked amongst the tons of farm animals apps already available.

Heather T.

What I liked I liked the bright colors and the picture quality of the app. Young children would like that and it would immediately engage them. I like that there are 3 different activities and that the Memory game has multiple levels to choose from. I can see that this app was created for very young children since there is hardly any reading involved.

Improvements In a future version, I would like to some directions. I was confused in the beginning because I only saw 3 flags (none of which were my country's - USA) and I did not know what I was supposed to do. Even very young children can recognize their country's flag, so if that is the way you want the user to choose a language (without directions), then more flags should be shown. To make the app more educational and challenging for young users, the developer could add simple directions to the Sticker activity. (Like "Place the pig in the pen.")

General review As a media specialist in a primary school, I was expecting a little more from this app. Very young children (pre-kindergarten) might enjoy playing with this app with its creative farm animals and bright colors, once they get to the main menu and learn how to access the Memory game. This is a very simple app that has very little educational value on its own, but could be entertaining to very young users. I would recommend this app for ages 1-4.

Krista C.

What I liked The graphics are lovely. I like that the animal sounds are true recordings and not a voice over "quack" or "moo". The stickers are fun for young preschoolers. I like that there are several levels to the memory match game. Play for all of the games is intuitive.

Improvements There is not alot of education/ play value here for the money. The stickers have scaling issues- why are the people bigger then the barn and the horse and duck are the same size? The "animals" game needs more interactive elements. Maybe kids can drag the letters into place?

General review I honestly don't love this app. The educational value and play value are low especially for a paid app. I am also not fond of the YogiPlay features. On this app the only thing it is tracking is the memory game but kids can access (through the gift icon) other activities in Yogi World including videos. I don't necessarily want my kids watching videos on my iPad when I thought they were playing an "educational" /interactive game app.

Laura G.

What I liked I love the graphics, the sound effects and the sticker game best. My son really enjoyed hearing all the animal noises. It is a very cute game. I also thikn it is great how they have several levels so that he does not quickly outgrow the game. Stickers now as a toddler then memory game then the spelling game

Improvements Maybe other versions of the same game, like instead of farm animals use tropical animals, safari animals or something like that. Overall I think the app needs very little if any improvement. It was great and well thought out and my son really enjoyed it.

General review Over all this app has nice graphics, a nice look to the app, the navigation buttons are smart and easy to figure out the functions ( i.e. a picture of a barn is the home key) The graphics are engaging, the sound effects are fun and accurate and the varying levels make it an app for many ages!

sandy g.

What I liked This app is very colorful. I liked the sounds and movement made by the animals in the sticker part of the app. I liked that the memory game part of the app had different levels to chose from, allowing the app to grow with the child's ability. This app could be used by preschoolers through 2nd graders.

Improvements I would like there to be more stickers included in the sticker part of the app. On the memory game I would like the option to not see the "solution" before beginning - in other words letting the child play the game without the hints at the beginning of the game.

General review Because there are different choices on the memory game it grows with the child's ability to solve the puzzles. The sticker part is very colorful - very young children would like the animal sounds and movement in this part. The spelling part would be good for letter recognition with preschoolers. Good value.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like how interactive the app is specially in the Sticker mode where I can place the sticker anywhere on the screen and hear each animal's cry. My 5 year old son is liking it on his iPad2 and seen him laughing a bit everytime he touch an animal to make it cry. My son also liked the Animal mode where he can learn how to spell or know every animal's name by clicking on it. The memory game is good too but my son doesn't play it that much.

Improvements I wish to see a spelling mini-game where players/kids will have to choose the correct letter/s to fill-up the missing letter on each animal's name. This way, kids can also learn how to spell while having fun. I think another mini-game where players/kids will have to choose the correct animal for each animal's cry in question. I think kids will have fun on these mini-games.

General review This app is good for your kids who wished to have fun and learn at the same time. I think adding a few more features or mini-games will make the kids enjoy this app for a long time. Maybe adding a feature where kids can trace and draw the animals and color them afterwards will make this app more enjoyable. This app is good for its price.

Lizz M.

What I liked The characters in this game are adorable and I love that they make "real" animal noises! So many other games use those computer generated voices that sound so fake. The "stickers" arer fun, especially for preschoolers who LOVE that repetitive play. I also like the different languages because even if a child accidentally changes the language - they are still learning.

Improvements I have my iPad upright when I originally logged in, and it switched the screen to be upright - however the screen wouldn't change even whe I out the iPad longways. I had to get out of the game and go back in with my iPad the "right" direction. I would also like the memory game to move on to a new set without having to go back each time - it is a pretty clunky feature. It should be clear whe buying the app that this is British English because it is geared toward pre-k and they should be learning American pronunciation of these words.

General review This app is adorable and I love that the animals make "real" animal sounds! There are some bugs - like the screen doesn't flip when you are in the game and you have to go back every time you want new cards in the Memory Game. Once the bugs are worked out (screen not flipping, memory game clunkiness, and clear explaination of the use of British English accents) this will be a great app!

Alicia W.

What I liked This app features cute graphics and a large variety of animals. The games can be played as a sticker game or a memory game, which is customizable to the level your child can play at. The animal sounds are VERY realistic which is the best feature of this app. I also liked that a letter matching game was available.

Improvements In the sticker portion of this app you can manipulate and move the stickers after you have placed them but you cannot size them to make them larger or smaller. Some of the sizes are unrealistic, such as the duck and the cat, especially in comparison with the horse and cow.

General review This is a simple, straight forward app that younger children (2-4) may enjoy for a time. The memory game is customizable and the answers are shown before the game begins. This may help teach the initial concept of how to play memory. The graphics are cute and the animal sounds are very realistic. It would be nice if it were more interactive, such as being resizable to look more realistic or able to feed them food.

Julie P.

What I liked Animal Farm 3 in 1 is a cute activity app for preschoolers (2-6). I don't find many apps that are appropriate for children younger than 3, but I think the Sticker activity is intuitive enough for an older 2 year old to play. Then, as the child gets older, he or she can move onto the Memory game, and finally, the Animal (spelling) activity. I also appreciate the different settings in Memory. Some kids just have a hard time with their visual memory.

Improvements I'm uncomfortable when an app encourages users to register off-app, especially when that app is designed for very young children. I understand why developers do it, but as a consumer, I would have second thoughts about purchasing the app for this reason. Other than that concern, I find no problems or bugs.

General review This app is a solid entry for the preschool app market. It is stylishly designed with nice graphics and sound effects that are appealing to children ages 2-6. It offers a range of activities from easy to more difficult, and it will be enjoyed by both boys and girls alike.