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App description: MyCQs is a unique app that allows you to create, practice and share Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests with your friends and coursemates. The app can be used offline or online and integrated with a user's Facebook account if he or she wishes.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mycqs/id555999518?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: James G.

Christy S.

What I liked I like the concept of creating your own multiple choice questions for different subject areas and being able to share it with others. The ability to find other tests in the subject you are searching for is also a good quality. The screen images are clear and aesthetically pleasing as it is not too busy or too simple.

Improvements The things I would like to see improved in future versions are presenting the options (My Tests, Community, Notifications, Profile, Help) in a more clear and defined manner. By having these options listed below and not displayed in a clear and defined way, it was difficult navigating through the app. When first using the app, there isn't a tutorial readily available until you hunt around for the help button. Offer samples for users to see. The getting started screen should include a help tutorial process.

General review This app has some good qualities such as being able to put in mages to support the test question. I found it easy to use once I was able to find the navigation buttons. The points system is a little vague and needs to be clear to the function and reason why there are points.

Heather M.

What I liked I like the layout of the app with the getting started directions on the left and the app on the right because I feel that it makes everything much more convenient. I also really like the brown, green, and white color scheme of the app; it gives of a rather professional and scholarly vibe. I also like the convenience of logging in with a facebook account instead of creating a MyCQs account to skip the create an account process.

Improvements In the last few days of using this app, MyCQs had crashed on me a total of 4 times. I also noticed that the tests that we can create are in the form of multiple choice. I’d like to see the option of creating tests in different formats such as true or false, and free response.

General review I think this is a very useful app for students in high school and college to study. Teachers and professors can also utilize this app to create practice tests for their students. Creating tests with this app is really simple and easy. The price is also appropriate.


What I liked I liked how easy to use it was. I am a college student and utilized this app on my iPhone to study for a test. The questions are simple to create and the tests are also easy to create. I loved the statistics feature. When studying in advance for a test, I could track my progress through each time that I took the test. I could see my score progress as I learned the material. The app follows the basic design principles that other iPhone apps use, making it very easy to use and navigate.

Improvements I think that the price of $1.99 is too high. You might want to consider lowering it to $0.99 or add some advertisements and make it free. I also have some issue with the name of the app. I had no idea what the app was until I actually downloaded and opened it. Also the app crashed the first three times I opened it. I think this may have been an issue with my device though. I restarted my device then opened the app and it worked very smoothly. I think that the starting screen when you open the app could be a little bit more attractive. There is a lot of text (getting started, etc.)

General review This is a great application for high school and college students. Issues with the marketing of the app perhaps would turn a lot of potential users away. Since your target is students, most won't be willing to pay $1.99 for this app. This is an easy way to study for tests by giving immediate feedback and also tracking results over time. Bottom line: This app is worth the $1.99, but you need to somehow convice others of that BEFORE they download.

Lisa W.

What I liked I like that I can crate a variety of multiple choice quizzes for those attending class. I can use this app to do a quick poll or have the audience, or pre-test knowledge of a topic before I speak. Also, just for fun, I can set up quizzes for my friends and post them on Facebook. I particularly like that the quiz developer can offer a reason as to why a particular answer is correct.

Improvements I really like this app as is, however, two additional features that might be nice are: a text to speech feature for reading questions and answers and a time feature that only allows a certain amount of time for the quiz to be complete. Those are two features that could help in a variety of settings.

General review Overall, I really like this app. I can see multiple academic and professional uses of this app, as well as just for fun options. It could get a bit expensive if one chose to take multiple tests made by others, but overall, it is still affordable. Great quiz making app!

Julie P.

What I liked The best products are those that are created to fill a need. I can easily give this app the highest rating, because it does what it claims to do and it's incredibly easy to use. As a matter of fact, I used it last night to create a quiz on concrete and abstract nouns. It took me less than 20 minutes from start to finish, and I should be able to go even faster now that I'm more familiar with the process.

Improvements In an app this good, it's hard to find things to criticize. The only thing that I would like changed is the size of the font on the questions in test mode. My students had trouble seeing the words because they were so small. Other than that, it's good to go. The cost may be a little steep, only because there is no complex animation, no voices, no art work, only text.

General review This is an app that has multiple applications. It might be used to make up a quiz. It might also be used to generate a study guide. Someone else might use it to write a questionnaire. Users are able to customize the app for their own specific purposes. I'm adding it to my "definitely recommend" list for our Tech Manager at school.

Libby C.

What I liked This is an easy to use app which does exactly what it promises: allows the user to create, use and share Multiple Choice question tests. Once you have created a user account, it is a snap to make a test. You click on the + button, name the test, and then add at least 2 questions. You can have from 2 to 4 possible answers, which means you can also create "Yes"/"No" questions. One nice feature is the ability to select an image from your camera roll to add to each question. The app keeps very detailed test statistics including average scores. The developer is very responsive to feedback.

Improvements I would like to be able to create more than one profile so that I can track the progress of multiple students. The developer, James Gupta, has promised this will happen in a future update. I also wish the image could be displayed a bit larger within the test. Currently you have to click on the image and it appears in a new window so you can't see the image, question and answers at the same time.

General review This is a very useful app that is designed to allow you to easily create Multiple Choice tests. Instant feedback provides more accountability than flashcards apps. Though originally designed for older students, teachers and parents will also find it useful for creating and administering quizzes to younger kids.

Kerry E.

What I liked I love how intuitive this app is. The introductory section is brief and to the point, and you can get started on creating your own tests quickly and easily.  The community section, where you can gain access to other tests that people have created and uploaded for the purpose of sharing, is great, too.  This app has great potential, and can be used for all ages.

Improvements The app did crash when I was trying to access a fellow user's quiz in the community section. This may be due to the iCloud problem that was addressed in the introduction of the app; I'm not sure.  Also, this app has tremendous potential in terms of social interaction, but there aren't currently a lot of quizzes in the community section.  I attribute this to the newness of the app, and I expect when word-of-mouth gets around that it will become a lot bigger and therefore users will have access to many more quizzes.

General review This is a great app for educational purposes, and also just for fun. All ages can use it---parents may need to create quizzes for their younger children, but other than that, the app is extremely intuitive, and it is very easy to create one's own quiz.  I created preschool and kindergarten quizzes, and I can see the usefulness for higher education as well.  Highly recommended.

Courtney D.

What I liked I appreciated the ease of the app. If I had a question, the tutorials you provided we're extremely useful in solving my question. I love the concept. I think this is a great tool to use for studying, but could also be used by teachers/therapists In a school setting. In my experience, a student is much more motivated to answer a question/complete a worksheet on the iPad. I could see myself using this to teach concepts/check for understanding in my speech therapy room. Well done!

Improvements The app crashed on me twice when I was looking through the options for tests in the community section. Even though the rest of the app is great, that might cause some frustration to users. I wish there was the capability of having more than one correct answer or maybe a "check" the correct option(s) format. I am thinking in terms of synonyms, for example. There are a lot of synonyms for the word unhappy, but the format now limits the assessment of that knowledge.

General review This looks like an outstanding tool that can be used within the therapy/classroom setting, if desired. It was designed for other purposes, but it can be adapted for many needs. There are a few limitations due to format, but even with those limitations, a great teaching tool is available. I would recommend this for informal assessment across settings!

Frances A.

What I liked The app MyCQs is wonderful to use and I love it. It has a use in all educational settings. All you need to do is set up a user account and you are good to go. MyCQs makes giving tests and quizzes of any kinds a breeze. What makes this app so wonderful is that it is adaptable to meet so many different needs. I love that you can ask true or false questions, yes or no questions and multiple-choice questions with up to four answers. I also love that you are able to add pictures to the questions, so it gives students that have disabilities or who need visual aids the support they need instantly.

Improvements There are many limitations due to this apps formatting. I do not like that it is for a single user. I would hope in a future update that you could add multiple users to this account because if you have a classroom with 6-36 children, you need to give that test to all of the children and record that data universally. Another feature needed is the use for a fifth answer because on many statewide tests it includes E- All/none of the above. This feature would be helpful to prepare children for real life testing situations. Also a question should be above/below the image and not on separate pages.

General review The app MyCQs allows you to simply create tests and the app has an extreme ease of use and can be use on the go at anytime the program is accessed. I love that all of you quizzes are permanently saved in the new data bank. This is a great utilities educator’s to check knowledge retained and to quiz students to check that they are learning the material at the proper rate. It is a must have app for educators everywhere.

Nathalie C.

What I liked I liked the concept very much, and I think this has great potential.
I liked the idea of sharing tests with friends (although I think this should extend to "friends" made in the MyCQ network). I think that the real great trick here is the "challenge friends" vision rather than "cram for your exams" vision.

Improvements I'd like to see a better designed homescreen. I think it would be better if you designed the first interactions on your app on separate screens, with less croudy screens, to help the process and better guide your user during first interactions. Here the sidebar is not that bad, but it's not guided and clear enough. There is a lot of text. Many people could just drop here, on the first screen.
Another example of UI and ergonomics issues : on second step you ask to click on the + button, but the UI is so crowdy it took me a whole minute to find it. From an ergonomics pov, place isn't logical.

General review It's really a great app with tons of potential but I think you might consider a complete ergonomics review. Other examples : categories for tests have no suggestions, Add question is listed under "options", and after score results, etc.
Last, but not least. Are you QTI compatible? If yes, great, because content created by your users might be compatible with content created by e-learning companies and school and university.