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The sweet song of the world [text]

App description: “The Sweet Song of the World” is the first e-book title published in the Souris Qui Raconte’s “To Read” collection. “The Sweet Song of the World” is a tale for young dreamers. It is for children growing up on the fringe who have understood that there is more to be learned from contemplating nature than sitting in a classroom.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/la-petite-musique-du-monde/id547161395?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Françoise P.

Rich L.

What I liked The Sweet Song of the World celebrates closeness to nature and being your own individual. The beautiful artwork reminds you of stained-glass. The wonderful music can be turned off or on. You can choose between English or French writing and that determines the narrator's feminine voice that can be turned on or off. Even though this App says that it is literature for children ages 5 to 10, older children and adults can relate to its theme of individualism as well as enjoyment of the natural world.

Improvements Parents and teachers need to ask children what they think a title means before reading. However, the title moves too quickly to the dedication page. Other languages like Spanish would reach more children. If you turn on the story narration, it should stay on for the whole story. The iPad icon needs a short title like Sweet Song. Some smaller children have trouble reading cursive; print might be another choice for them. Animated birds cover the text on some pages.

General review This is a wonderful app that tells a story about Victor who enjoys the outside world more than his classroom. This theme of appreciating nature and being your own individual are important for children to read and talk about. The music and artwork are beautifully done.

Andrew M.

What I liked This is beautifully illustrated and animated book. In this regard, the book will be appealing to young readers. The narration is very well done and would be an another excellent feature for emerging readers. All functions are very intuitive and user-friendly. No glitches or functionality issues. As I do not speak French I can not speak to the French narration or content, although I did explore that portion of the app.

Improvements The fact that the narration defaults off is a positive feature, but having to turn narration on on each page becomes tiresome once the user makes the decision to use this feature. A universal "narration on/off" would be better. While the text itself is beautiful, it may be difficult for young readers; proficient readers and adults will have no problems. It appears that the book was written in French and translated into English. While this does not create any problems at all, some usages (such as preposition placement) may seem unusual to readers - particularly from an American perspective.

General review A beautifully illustrated and animated book that will be appealing to young readers. Excellent narration will also engage emerging readers. All functions are very intuitive and user-friendly. No glitches or functionality issues. Frustrating thst the narration defaults to off and must be toggled on again on each page. Thematically the text is itself a "poem that wriggle[s] about and can't wait to disobey". Delightful in it's own way.

Lizz M.

What I liked The language of the story is beautiful and reads like poetry. The artwork has that classic modern flair that has become a trend in current children's literature. I love that the book is avaliable in both French and English because it allows children to experience different languages and sounds. As a current student of the French language, I enjoyed this bilingual text for practice and to grow my vocabulary. English speaking children will also increase their vocabulary with this text because it uses words that are not common in everyday speech.

Improvements First, there is a typo on page 24, I believe it should read "everyone has forgotten to grow old," but currently reads, "forgotten to grown old". The language is beautiful and I like that the story can be read aloud, but the content lends itself more to an older audience. I'm also curious if the character in the story is supposed to be on the autism spectrum (many of his behaviors and how his parents were reacting made me think this was a possibility). Finally, a small detail, there are times in the app that the animations run over the words, making them difficult to read, a bolder font maybe?

General review What a delightful app! A lovely story filled with poetic language and beautiful artwork that will capture older and younger readers alike. The animations are not interactive, leaving the reader to focus on the story. The story is most appropriate for older children (6-9 year olds) and the "read aloud" feature makes a book pre-readers can also enjoy. English/French book is great for language learners. Overall a great storybook for the price!!

Amanda S.

What I liked I loved the poetic writing and soothing sounds/narration. This story can relate to kids with autism and its such a beautiful way of describing their world. I love the message in this book that illustrates how human nature gets lost in our world of technology and business, and this little boy lives above all that through the beauty of birds and nature. I love the illustrations, very artistic and original with great animated elements. This app has an "organic" feel and it's one of a kind!

Improvements I love the look of the text in cursive but it may be better for children to read in print. You could make an option that allows you to choose the text style. I would also make an option for narration or not, having to tap the lips button on every page interrupts the flow of this app.

General review This is a beautiful story illustrating the beauty of the world and how it gets lost in human nature. This story is about a little boy who is different and lives in an altered perspective that sees only the beauty of birds and nature. There are great teaching elements for all ages and I love that this book shows loving parents that let their child thrive in his own way instead of trying to make him conform to worldly standards. Very artistic!

Frances A.

What I liked The book The Sweet Song of the World is a creative and imaginative tale. All of the images on the pages are beautiful, very detailed and realistic. The story is wonderfully narrated and has lovely music playing every page throughout the story. The book is about a baby who turns into a young boy going through the processes of his life. If also goes into his struggles with learning but explains that loves nature, animals and poetry. He learns in a different way than others and wants to be a poet. I love that it states even though he is different; his parents are proud of him and love him.

Improvements The book needs improvements. The children lost interest in the story rather quickly. I didn't like having to push the button for it to read to me. I would change it to two buttons read to me or read by myself at beginning. Something that could needs to be changed also is the use of script. Many young children do not understand how to read script. This will make it hard children to read. Another thing that needs improvement is its interactivity. Although the illustrations are beautiful and always in motion, the children were looking to play with the pages and they were disappointed.

General review The story is filled with beautiful morals, as well as many teachable moments that can be broken down page by page for endless opportunities to learn. I also enjoy how you find out about the various names of the different birds because the young boy enjoys caring for them. I love that the book comes in more than one language, so it is accessible for more children.