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Little House Decorator v1.0 [text]

App description: This app is an iPad version of a dolls' house. Select one house that you want to decorate, choose the furniture and decorations to be placed in the house then add characters.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/little-house-decorator/id566278824?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Sebastian B.

Amanda A.

What I liked I enjoyed Little House Decorator. I can definitely see little girl also enjoying this app because they are able to create their "dream house." Being able to decorator various rooms in the house was fun. This app definitely puts a new virtual spin on the old Polly Pocket games.

Improvements In the future version, I would like to see characters of all nationalities. This is to not leave any child or adult who may want to "envision" their decorated house creations. It would also be nice it had the feature where you could save a picture of the house in the camera roll once it is completed or weekly contest to see who decorated best or even seasonal objects (Christmas tree, pumpkins, etc.)

General review Little House Decorator was an enjoyable app especially for me as an adult reminiscing back to the Polly Pocket days. This app puts a virtual spin on decorating. It was enjoyable to go through all the objects to see was available and then start from the bottom floor and work your way up.

Meg S.

What I liked Little House Decorator v1.0 has a very clean interface and is easily understood - even by very young users. The colors are vivid and the items that are used to decorate with are easy to move and place in different rooms. All in all, this app is fun and easy to use.

Improvements My biggest complaint about Little House Decorator v1.0 is that the furniture can only face in one direction. If an item needs to be rotated to fit against a particular wall and it doesn't, the user is out of luck. This is the biggest drawback I've experienced with this app.

General review Little House Decorator v1.0 is entertaining and will help users learn to identify items that belong in different areas of a home. Users can choose from a number of homes to decorate and use a wide variety household items. This colorful, interactive app is fun to use!

Aundrea W.

What I liked This app was very vibrant in color and provided a scenic landscape in which young children could use their imaginations to build the house of their dreams. I loved the variety of architectural structures and the amenities found within each house. It truly opened up a dialogue of vocabulary in which small children were able to point out objects and correctly insert within a given part of the house. Because it was their choice, it was interesting to see how each room was decorated from the viewpoint of a child.

Improvements In a future version of this app, I would love to see more diverse characters which accurately reflect our global community. It is imperative that small children see relevant images of themselves whether it be physical or mental attributes such as facial conjectures, hair texture, or ethnicity. I believe more houses and furniture could broaden the creativity and various combinations that make for a successful digital dollhouse.

General review Little House Decorator is a great app to spark the creative imagery for young children. Because the child gets to make all decorating decisions, he/she can take ownership and decorate a house that is truly engaging and fun. This app allows young children to build a solid vocabulary and environmental print awareness as they discuss how and why particular pieces of furniture may be placed in a given room.

Erin K.

What I liked This app was used by a five year old. He loves trying out different apps and enjoyed creating different houses with this program. This app allows the user to create multiple houses (you don't have to scrap the first one) and then print your designs or share them with others. My child was really engaged while he was using the app and enjoyed being creative.

Improvements The basic idea of the app was good, but it needs more staying power. My child really enjoyed playing with it, but it does not have enough content to make him return over and over. I would like to see users be able to completely design their own house (add rooms and create their own). Also, it would be nice if there were more options for items to put in the house.

General review My child really enjoyed using this app initially, and it is nice that the user can create many houses at once. However, we would like to see more options for items to put in the house as well as an option to design your own house. In order for this app to be truly successful, it needs to include more in-depth projects so the app is engaging for more than a couple uses.

Camila A.

What I liked First, I liked how easy it is to use this app - I knew straight away what to do and what the menu buttons were for. I liked that the app includes various house models and pretty much every kind of item that you need to decorate them. I also liked that our progress is saved when we leave the house - I know several meticulous juniors who will take their time building the perfect house. I also liked that access to parents zone/settings menu and app promotion are restricted by way of complex gestures - a clever way to keep juniors from accidentally stumbling upon them.

Improvements - While the app offers many kinds of items, there is still a lack of variant. For example, there's only one kind of bathtub and pet. It would also be nice to include adults/parents in the item selection.
- Consider grouping similar kinds of items to make it easier to search, e.g. beds first then moving on to chairs, and so on.
- Consider adding Zoom buttons - I often moved items by accident while zooming in or out using my fingers, and it can be annoying having to arrange them again.

General review I am always appreciative of toys - they encourage children to be creative and imaginative. I think the fact that this app digitalizes a classic toy that every child can play with, is really great. It has very simple interface, lovely background music and colorful graphics that will appeal to all. Plus, there are no rules to playing, it has a long lifespan.

Lena L.

What I liked My kids had a lot of fun with this app. They thought it was neat to pick their own house to decorate and to have the moving truck drop off the boxes. The kids enjoyed decorating all the rooms with furniture, as well as people. It was also fun for them to move on and decorate other houses.

Improvements The kids mentioned a few changes they would like to see. First, they would like the people to move and be able to sit or lay down. Next, they didn't like that some objects became too small when added to a room. It would be nice to have the ability to manipulate the size of objects. The last thing they would like to see is the ability for the people to get in the cars and drive to the other houses to visit.

General review Little House Decorator is a fun, engaging app that allows young children the opportunity to be creative. Once your child chooses which house they want, they will have fun picking out furniture to fill every room in the house. Once they are done, the child can take a picture of the finished house, and move on to a new house to decorate.

Marcel W.

What I liked I like how the developer was able to create depth perception to make the neighborhood looks and feels like a 3D even though is not. I like the press and hold for the parents section and more apps section. I like that my son can choose from many different houses and furnitures. I'm glad that you can turn the music on and off too. The use of random car driving by is nice to make it looks like that there is things going on in the neighborhood. Love the picture option too.

Improvements My son was complaining because he couldn't turn the direction of where the chair was facing for nor of the furniture that he closed. I couldn't figure out how to fo this either so it'll be nice if you can add that. Changing the size of the item would be a great addition too. Also color customization for the room will make the room feel more personalized. Please make the delete button press and hold. My son accidentally hit that button and erased his house. He wasn't that happy about that

General review Great portable digital house that an be taken with you anywhere. Lots of houses and furnitures that will keep your kids busy for a while. They will have a great time customizing their house with all the different items tat they have. It'll be great if they can resize, rotate and change te color .

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the moving concept. I like that the user can decorate the house with objects that appear similar to everyday life objects. I like that this app can be incorporated in a therapy room setting by having the user label items (expressive language), identify objects (receptive language), work on prepositions, following directions, etc. This is an app that can be used in many ways throughout the language therapy world!

Improvements I wish that the user could increase the size of the objects rather than having to increase the size of the entire house. I wish that the user could save their progress so that subsequent users could play. I wish that the objects were labeled for the user, so if they selected an object, it would provide the name. That would allow younger users to become more familiar with vocabulary.

General review This is a great application that can work on expressive language, receptive language, following directions, prepositions, grammar, and more. This could be used between a therapist/teacher and a student, or in a group of students. I see this working in a barrier game sort of activity if you have access to more than one iPad. The list is endless. If you want a fun activity to use in therapy, this is your app! =)

Julie P.

What I liked This app is a cute little digital doll house. I gave it to a 6 year old who was able to scroll through the furniture choices easily. She liked taking multiple pictures of the same house after she had made only small changes. At first I thought that wouldn't be much fun, but actually it turned into a game to see if we could spot what was different between the pictures. There are plenty of choices so the combination potential is endless. She even created a wacky house, putting kitchen appliances in the bedroom and a bed in the kitchen. We both laughed at that.

Improvements There were only a few small things that I found wrong with this app, and they didn't really affect the six year old's enjoyment. Some of the furniture pieces didn't fit easily into the rooms unless they were the only piece in there, but what fun is that? We decided that it was ok if the furniture didn't fit, we could overlap it. I think if you ever made a future version, you could eliminate the door, making that into an extra room. If you wanted to take this app concept and stretch it, how about Pet Shop Decorator or Zoo Decorator? That would be fun, too.

General review Little House Decorator was a hit with the six year old who was helping me test it. At first we used it the way it was intended, but then we were able to be creative with it to play a What's Different? Game using multiple screen shots. She also thought up the Wacky House Game to put furniture in unexpected places. This flexibility of use gives an app such as this added value. Good concept.

Frances A.

What I liked What I loved about the app is that from opening children wanted to play. They started to move the screen looking at all the houses. They were totally engaged. This is something I love most when apps open up from the beginning and they draw children in. I liked that when a child picked a house, a moving truck came to let them move all of their furniture in. The amount or choices given is also fantastic. You can start decorating and moving furniture around the house, when bored a child can exit and there were other houses to design. I loved that it also brought out the creativity in children.

Improvements I have a wish list for a future version. Items children will use to decorate the house be put into categories into categories such as items belonging in a bedroom or bathroom. I also felt that there were a few things missing. Students with disabilities are not represented in the application along with the items those children would see in their homes. Children with disabilities are likely to see a wheelchair, sensory items, communication device and additional items. To add some of this content would be nice because it would be more real for a potential part of the children using this app.

General review The app had wonderful and surprising features. Cars drove up and down the block. I also liked that when you exited the program you work was saved until you had cleared out the house. Then, after the house was designed children could take a screen shot of the work they did. This allows children to save and print out their work. The app is also self-motivating. Children did not need any redirection while playing it and they enjoyed the app.