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App reviews for "Magikid Umbrella v1.0" [text]


Magikid Umbrella v1.0 [text]

App description: This is a totally new take on the picture book, totally in 3D. The app includes a soothing rainy day song and a mini game. Go with Fiona to school on a rainy day as she uses her imagination to figure out how no one else out in the rain has an umbrella, yet they manage to stay dry: animals, birds, people.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magikid-umbrella/id562534168?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Angell Echo A.

Danielle W.

What I liked I really liked how the app showed children what to touch by prompting with the little blinking circle. It is helpful for young children that aren't familiar with the iPad and what to touch/do. I also liked the bright colors, the music, and the animation of the clouds-lightning-thunder.

Improvements The only improvements and changes that I would like to see is having more available in the app. I felt that the app did not offer very much and once you read through the interactive book a few times that children may get bored with it easily. Maybe offering a few more activities included in the app would be nice. Also in the activity where you can change the umbrella/boots/etc. you should have a boy available as well. I have two sons... Neither of them wanted to play dress up with a girl character.

General review This app is a great interactive story for children about the rain. It is very helpful in teaching a basic lesson and concept of weather. I work with children with autism and this app is very engaging to them with the music and user friendly format. The app is great for beginners to using an iPad/iPhone/apps as it guides children with how to navigate the app and the certain areas they can tap to make it so things. It is fun and interactive!!

Vicki G.

What I liked One of the nice features of the Magikid Umbrella app is that it is very colorful and that is initially very attractive for a child. Another feature that is different from most apps is the soothing music being heard from several screens. I really like the matching activity with the umbrella, raincoat and rain boots - and again - the colors there were nice soft colors. One other feature I liked was the reader - he is very expressive. The pop-ups were also very clever and the comparison to other items being just like an umbrella was nicely done.

Improvements I would like to see directions provided somewhere for the parents to know how to share the app with their children. Something might start blinking but unless one knew that the blinking circle means to click it...then they would stare at the page waiting for something to happen. Another need to improve item is the radio. I was forced to listen to the entire music piece before I could move on and if I were to click the arrow to try to move to the next page the app would go back to the beginning and I'd have to start over. The microphone and radio seemed to the same thing. That was confusing.

General review It is a nice app for one time use but it did not have enough interaction for me to want to purchase it. Not having any instruction was frustrating because I had to guess what I was supposed to do on each screen. Again, the colors were nice, and the idea of the app was very clever, but it does not have enough different activities to do it more than one time.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the interaction and the sound effects that are included within the app. I appreciate the simplicity of the graphics. The narrator has decent prosody and rate for the listener. I like that the app includes a matching activity. I like the story line provided and the activity involving making an umbrella for the teddy bear. I believe that allows the ability to work on fine motor skills.

Improvements I know that rain falls around the individual even with an umbrella, which is only used as a shield to stay dry,, but the umbrella's effectiveness in the story is not portrayed when rain continues to fall in a similar fashion. The story was told in English, but the song was not in English. Is there a setting available to change this?

General review This is a simple story book that allows for a 3D experience. It is interactive and engaging to the user. The narrator is easy to understand and has decent prosody. There are two activities included beyond the interactive story line. The user can match rainy day attire and create an umbrella virtually. All-in-all, it is an engaging application.

Amanda S.

What I liked I really like the graphics and animations, very sharp and professional looking! I think it is a neat little interactive story with great touch responses. I like how it compares other things in the world to umbrellas (staying dry) snd then changing them into one, tying it back to the theme if the app. The 3D effect is great and makes it visually appealing.

Improvements I really like the idea of the matching game but wish it was formatted differently, more choices (maybe a change of characters or change the scene). I wasn't a fan of the song, it didn't keep my kids interests and was more of a soothing bed time song. This could be useful to use on a bedtime routine. I would like to see a song with a little more pep and repetitive phrasing that the kids could sing along to. I suggest making a boy character as well and let the child choose the gender at the beginning to widen your audience to boys!

General review This is a cute simple app that would be great for toddlers. A short story about rain and umbrellas with a neat 3d effect and interactive images throughout. This app is perfect for little girls especially because it has a cute doll like character and there is a matching game to dress her up. I would like to see more content but overall great little app!

Michelle W.

What I liked I played this with my 7 year old she was able to pick the app right up and play. My daughter and I liked the interactive graphics for all the rain scenes. I think the different items that are used as an umbrella is a cute way to teach show kids what they can use when it rains if they have no umbrella. I also like the soothing music throughout the app which I think is nice for kids.

Improvements I did notice that if you accidentally touch the screen too many times it restarts at the Umbrella page. My daughter thought it was weird. She also suggests that you be able to change the bow to go along with the outfits. We also noticed that the girl has no mouth or nose, that bothered my daughter. I think you should also include a game that could tailored more to a boy.

General review Cute app for young children. The app has clear story narration and is easy to read along. The interactive graphics in the story are fun for kids to tap and see what other items can be just like an umbrella. I would like to see another game added to the app.