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Find them all: looking for animals [text]

App description: Our app "Find them all" is the most complete educational game about animals (for kids 2/8 years old): - 120 animals from 5 continents - name in 4 languages - sounds, animated pictures, cards, photos and now videos! - 200 spoken informations - it's a game: find animals, take them in photos, make jigsaws, answer quiz and more!

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-them-all-looking-for/id426394333

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Philippe B.

Andrew M.

What I liked The app is designed very intuitively; I especially liked the feature that makes the animal's sound louder the "closer" you got to the animal you are searching for. The language "wheel" was a great feature to draw children into exploring other languages. I have seen features in other apps that switches the language back and forth, being able to access all available languages for the animal on screen promotes connected learning better in my opinion. I also liked the photo album and "cards" to keep track of all the animals found.

Improvements The camera function was not enabled in the version I downloaded (full version). I searched carefully for a way to turn on this function without making an in-app purchase but could not find one. If this could either be included for free or clearer directions for how to purchase the camera were available, that would be helpful.

General review Great app for introducing children to animals, animal words in different languages, and quest-based learning. Great feature: animal sounds get louder as you get closer to them. A "card" is earned for every animal discovered with a prize for discovering all animals in each globe. I couldn't find the camera function on the full version app. Is this an in-app purchase? Would be great if this feature were free ... at least on the first level.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like that there is a voice available to hear the animal that is being looked for. This allows for the younger users to gain the vocabulary knowledge if they aren't familiar with animal names.I appreciate that you shared the extra locations/continents so that as a reviewer, I could experience this app even more. I like that there are multiple languages available to the user. I like that the user is given directions when they are seeking to find the animals in the dark. I like that the user can put a puzzle together based on the pictures they have taken.

Improvements I do not like apps that have in-app purchases because I feel the user should have complete access to an app at its initial purchase/download. I wish the additional locations/continents were available at a cheaper rate than $1.99. I found them insightful and educational, but a collective price of around $8.00 does not seem reasonable. The app crashed when I was trying to find the animals in the dark. I tried to get out of the camera portion of the app, but could not figure it out after I had taken a picture. If there were some written prompts along the way, the user might find this helpful.

General review This app provides a lot to the user. There is the ability to find the animals in the midst of a very graphically sound scene, the ability to play interactive games, create puzzles based on pictures taken throughout the app, & the ability to learn fun facts about each of the animals while learning their names. Beyond the in-app purchases, which are not desirable, in my opinion, this is a great educational app!

Tammy M.

What I liked I like the fact that it is a game which keeps the interest of a variety of ages. My students especially enjoyed learning the names of the animals in multiple languages. Once they earned the camera and made puzzles, they were able to use problem solving skills to solve the puzzles. As a teacher, I loved the real life pictures of the animals. Many of my students have never been to the country and have never seen a fox, goat, or owl.

Improvements I would love to see other languages and more interactive games in a future version of this app. I would also like to see more information about each animal including their diet, life span etc. I could see using this app as a research site for developing a transactive writing piece. By including additional information regarding each animal, the students would have research quality information to synthesize into their own paper about the animal.

General review This application is highly entertaining for a range of students. The interactive challenges keep the child's attention and interest. Teachers will love this app because of the educational value and real world pictures but his app can be used as a springboard for discussions about biomes.

Jessica B.

What I liked I enjoyed the diverse selection of animals available to learn. It is a great way to begin learning the animals. I also like how the learner has to search for the animals at times. The fun, real photos after they find the animals are also nice. I also really liked the camera function and how a little information about the animals are given after you take a picture. The directions given to the user were clear and specific for the user to understand.

Improvements As a teacher/SLP, I would love to be able to keep track of which animals different kids have found and select specific animals to look for. Since some of the animals are more conspicuous, it would be helpful to have a hint/cue for the user if they can't find the animal. At the end of each level, I would love for the user to have to show all the animals and have to find one without giving no picture cue. It would be great to have the kids reach new "levels" as they have mastered different animals.

General review This app is a great first exposure to animals. The user is able to learn animal names and facts in a fun way. Taking pictures of different animals and providing facts for the user is a great way for the user to get more information about the animals. To make it more beneficial, some data collection procedure would be helpful. Overall, this is a novel way to find animals in different settings, learn about them, and have fun with them.

Vicki G.

What I liked The actual pictures of the animals were great photos, not clip art - excellent. The different sizes of the animals gave more of a challenge and it seemed to get more difficult to find as I moved on. The night activity added to the challenge. The puzzle activity and being able to shake it for different sizes was great. Loved the camera man...very clever to add the videos that were nicely done. I also liked that when I finished I could go back and look for the '?' to learn more.

Improvements I wasn't thrilled about the heads of the photos being wobbly. That was not necessary for such a great app. There should be more of a variety of responses when the animal is found. I heard 'excellent' four times in a row - a variety of responses would be more engaging. Maybe even a different voice once in a while. It would be great if you had movable trees and rocks and I would have to move them to search for the animals. That would make it much more interactive and not just moving the screen back and forth. Also - in the directions be more explicit to go through them all before starting.

General review At first I thought it was an average app and did not finish. Then I went back and did each of the activities to complete them, then it was more fun. What would make a child finish if they didn't know there was an end or one activity lead to another? Directions need to be more explicit. The whole idea of the app to teach children about animals and their habitats is great. Overall, I like the free version. Not sure if I'd pay for other versions.

Becky W.

What I liked This is an engaging app with multiple levels of involvement. The visual search for animals with audio "hints" scores big! Then up it a notch and now you play into visual memory with the night search. Using the camera also created a reward for the user.

Improvements To improve the app, I would suggest shortening the duration (perhaps by reducing the number of animals) or unlocking different sections of play. When tested with a 4 year old she was not interested in progressing through all the levels before she lost interest. When tested with an 8 year old she had the stamina to get through but was growing frustrated. Did experience some crashes during night time scene.

General review This is a well thought out product with multiple levels of engagement for users 3-8 years old. There are so many animals to learn and find! Also the rewards are plentiful -- I especially enjoy the bobble head realistic photograph reward. Too cute! Nice job!

Heather W.

What I liked I like the variety of animals covered - both domestic and wild. I also like the variety of activities that I am asked to do - from finding a animal by sight to finding one by sound to taking pictures. I like that the levels don't remove me from what I've been doing, they only extend the farm. I also like that the name of the animal can be heard in different languages.

Improvements I was confused the first time I played this game. I was asked to take a picture to learn more about the animal, but didn't know what that meant. I also didn't know to listen for the animals at night. While I did figure this all out, a young child might get very confused or frustrated. Also, the quiz for the goose asked if it has a carapace. I'm not sure a young child would know this. It seemed a little out of whack with the premise and concept of the game.

General review This is a fun game for young children that helps not only learn the names and image of different animals on the farm, it also helps learn the sounds that the animal makes and how to say the animals' names in different languages. The game has many fun activities to keep a young child entertained and learning. Fun app!

Louise C.

What I liked This app has nice graphics, a clear and child-friendly voice, and is educational about the names of many animals in various environments. I like that it's colorful and fun, and includes both cartoons and real photographs of the animals. It's nice that it comes in multiple languages.

Improvements I'd like to see more "interactivity" in general - that the animals might move more or perform varied actions; that there could be multiple levels that make the animals harder to find (e.g. multiple animals at once like an Eye Spy for older children). There are multiple activities but I wasn't sure how to do them - there is no "help" section on how to take photos, so I was unable to do that entire activity.

General review I like the app in general but think it would be nice to include educational facts as well, to make it multi-dimensional. For instance there could be an activity where children must read a fact or paragraph and find the animals based on description of that animal. It's a nice start but needs more layers to get more stars from me.

Lori J.

What I liked I liked the look and find feature and I liked the variety of animals in the various lands. I thought that the voice of the commands was pleasant and kid friendly. I thought that the photos of the animals were excellent and very realistic. I liked the graphics in the various environments and the sun that gives the commands.

Improvements I don't like the way the animals' heads are really big in the photos that pop up when you get it right and .To improve this, I believe it would be more appealing to young children if the animal's head was proportionate to its body. Also, the flashlight feature needs some fixes. It didn't work at all for me.

General review My general opinion is that it's a great learning tool for young children. It teaches them how to scroll on the iPad as they look through the environments for the animals. It teaches them many new animal names and where they live as well as revealing the true features of the animals in the photos.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the visual of the animal that your child is supposed to find along the way. The realistic pictures that come up when your child find the picture is wonderful. I also like that the name of the animal comes up along with the repeat of the word for the animal. I also like that the settings are locked from the child. I think learning the animals and the touching, pointing, seeking, ect is important for special needs children. I can definatly see this app being used for special needs children as my children love it and they are special needs.

Improvements I would like to see american english included in the app. The accent is different along with how some of the words are said. Although I like to see what's comming in the future for expansions my children wanted to know why they can't have it now. I would like to see the upcomming additions added to the parent section rather then right on the flip screen of sceens. Adding a print option would be really cool to be added. My kids love the animals and being able to print them off would definatly be of interest for them :)

General review This app is fun and enjoyable. My children love searching the different areas to find the animals. There is many different animals to find. The pictures are clear and realistic. The snapshots of the animals are fun to look at even after your child finds all the animals. Fun to play over and over again

Eusebia M.

What I liked I really liked the picture scene where the animals were hiding. It was simplistic enough not to overwhelm children with poor attention but interesting enough to hold their attention. I also liked the real pictures that popped up after the animal was found. Some children do better with actual photos versus cartoon pictures. It's nice to include both. The realistic animal sounds was a nice touch too.

Improvements I think some of the animals hidden in the picture scene could be bigger. Some of the smaller animals, birds and cat, duck, were harder to find. It would be great to adjust the number of animals required to earn the camera. If you're marketing special needs children the gratification factor has to be more immediate. After I earned the camera the app shut off and I couldn't figure out how to get back to the camera. That was disappointing. A camera feature on the home screen would be nice. Being able to get animal stats from the cards or album would be cool too.

General review The app is very nice. It works well for skill areas: vocabulary, sentence formulation, sound production, visual tracking/scanning and following simple commands. It would be great to challenge students and have more than one animal show to test identification. Would also be cool if all found animals came into the scene in an interactive play mode.

Maggie F.

What I liked I like that when you are searching for the animal as you get closer the animal sound gets louder. It is interesting the different sounds that each of the animals make. The size of the search area is smaller until you have found three animals and there are arrows to show which way to search for the next animal. When the animal is found I like the head shaking. Having different languages to hear how it is pronounced helps promote global awareness. Taking a picture with the camera once a level is done is a fun way for students to remember the world in which they traveled.

Improvements Create a matching game with pictures of the animals and name or sound they make. Make it so you could turn off the hints for the puzzles. Once you return back to the album make the ability for the puzzle activity to start up, without having to take another picture to activate that feature.

General review This is a very well done app. Excellent addition to a unit about animals in K-6th grade. Students are very engaged working in pairs to discover the animals and their habitats. Love the authentic sounds the animals make when searching and getting louder as the user gets closer. Love the camera, saving in their own album. The ? feature on the animals when taking pictures to give facts about the animals. The puzzle feature that can be easy or hard.

Katy R.

What I liked I enjoyed listening to the gentle voice of the narrator that guides the user through the game. The ability to hear animals' names in different languages is great, as are the actual photos of the animals that reward the child with bobbling heads. The camera feature was great as was the puzzle creator. My kids enjoyed reviewing the albums to see the animals they already found, and the different continents made the game more interesting for my 7 year old. As a special education teacher, I could see using this as a reward activity for students.

Improvements For a younger user, it is challenging to access the facts about the individual animals. I would like to hear facts upon tapping the animal pictures in the album. Also, although I like that the animals are proportionate to one another, some of the smaller animals (especially the mouse) were challenging to find.

General review A pleasant voice guides the user through the game where actual photos of interesting animals reward the child with bobbling heads. The facts are interesting and the animals seem to be sized proportionately to one another. The camera feature is fun, as is the puzzle creator. The albums allow the child to review animals already found, and the different continents make the game more appealing for the older child.

Stephanie B.

What I liked I like the app but the first activity is way too easy. My daughter (6) gave up on the app before completing the first activity so she never got to the more challenging activities that come later on when playing on her own. I like the expanding field of searching, that there is a large number of animals to look for, and that there are many ways to explore the scenes. I think the age range is a little wide for this app. The jury is still out for me on the age range. I'm not sure I like the idea of not having levels to choose from. I do like how long you can play it, though.

Improvements I was surprised by the change in difficulty level between the first activity of simply finding the animals to the nighttime activity of finding them in the dark. I like the night time activity because it required thinking and remembering about where the animals were. I thought the daytime activity was way too easy. It might be nice to have an option where you could add more animals than one for older kids since the app states it is for ages 2 to 8. The puzzles are good but having the pieces sit on top of the puzzle area is a bummer. You have to move pieces out of the way to even get started.

General review This is a great learning app with the potential for a long playing time. At first, it seems kind of lame because the animals are so easy to find but once you get past that, the activities become more complicated. I especially liked finding the animals at night with my daughter. Younger kids can do trial and error, older kids can use memory skills and logic to find them. Nice feature: switching between animated/real animals, & hearing the sounds.

Kate M.

What I liked I loved the real animal pictures that popped up when an animal was found. The multi-language dial was great! It was also helpful to have the animal noise as a cue when searching for an animal. Great scenes and love that you can travel to so many places.

Improvements The speakers English voice was very annoying, would prefer a change. It seems to be very pricy for each additional continent at 1.99. I would rather have this be the lite version and pay a flat fee for the full version to unlock all areas at once. Only farm animals for free was very limiting. I would also make the dial larger to switch languages. The target audience is younger children, and the dial should be enlarged.

General review Overall, a good app to introduce animals and finger swiping skills. I love the combination of animated with real animal sounds and pictures. Having picture cards to go back and view is a bonus. Love the language dial to hear the animal name spoken in multi languages. Expensive in-app purchases.

Terri J.

What I liked This app is great for teaching animals and their sounds along with their habitats. I liked that it provided facts about each animal after you take a picture. It was also nice to have the other activities in this app (the cameraman, puzzles, and the animal quiz).

Improvements I would love to see an American English voice as an option. At times I founds myself thinking what did it say? The problem was with the heavy English accent. As an educator I would want a small child hearing the speech that they will be learning to use. I also wish that all of the habitats came in the app. or that as one progressed you could access them.

General review This is a fun and educational app for young children to find and learn about the different animals in a variety of habitats. As you progress in the game you get to snap pictures and make puzzles along with learning facts about the animal. I would recommend this to other educators or parents.

Angie D.

What I liked I liked that there were both drawing and photographs of the animals. I work with students with special needs and being able to make that connection can be difficult. The photographs that pulled up were very cute. The voice was nice for students as well. I also liked that you had to touch the pictures before they went away. When I'm doing a language group it is nice to have the picture stay in place so we can discuss it, describe it, use it in a sentence and then go to something else.

Improvements I would like to see a few more instructions available for those who need them. For example, I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of an animal to unlock phrases or to add to my album. I finally went to the iTunes description and figured it out from there (I needed to find more animals to unlock the camera) but I would hate for parents/kids to get frustrated and not find that very fun and exciting feature. Maybe adding it to the settings information within the app?

General review This is a great app with a lot to offer. As an SLP, it can be used in many ways with students who struggle with semantic skills. I recommend reading all of the information available on the iTunes description in order to get the most out of this app that is filled with possibilities.

Julie P.

What I liked I can tell how passionate this developer is about this app. Each update has more activities and uses, including many new modules with different habitats. My students enjoyed the activities related to the farm animals. It fit into our theme of the week- "The Farm". I also like the creativity shown in this app. Nice job!

Improvements I'm glad you made an easy mode for the darkness. As a suggestion, could you make the mouse slightly bigger, or use a little bit darker contrast for him? He's so small, it's very easy to scroll right past him. Would you also consider an ocean module? Little ones love all things under the sea.

General review This is a very large collection of animals if you choose to purchase one or more of the additional habitats. I found the activities to be kid-friendly and fun. You need an iPad2 ( with photo capability) if you want to take advantage of some of the features.

Deb D.

What I liked I liked winning the camera after finding all the animals. The jigsaw was a great part of the app; I didn't understand the shaking part so I got way too many pieces the first time. The cameraman's videos were fun and interesting and I replayed them several times. The puzzle pieces I uncovered by answering questions were also a nice part of the game. I liked that for the most part the app is intuitive for a young user.

Improvements I had to find way too many animals before I could get the camera. Several of the animals repeated four times or more before I got to the camera. I stopped the game and came back because I started to tire of finding the same animals. The nighttime search was unnecessary. It did not add interest to the game. I would not include it in the future. I did enjoy uncovering the photos, but the questions were all over the place. The questions ranged from "which animal is pictured", to "which animal suckles its young". Keep in mind the age of the child using the app.

General review There were several parts to this app that I enjoyed. Finding the animals and storing them as cards was fun and the language piece was a nice touch. I enjoyed taking the photos and making them into jigsaw puzzles. The videos taken by the cameraman were also high interest. However, the "nighttime" search mode did not hold my interest and the questions for uncovering the photo were all over the board in terms of complexity.

Samantha M.

What I liked I absolutely loved that you were able to turn the dial on the animal to hear it in multiple languages. I also liked that once the animal was found, it was enlarged to show a real picture of the animal rather than another animation. I also enjoyed the book at the end!

Improvements While I liked the idea of scrolling back and forth to find the animals, I think there are too many options. Since the app is geared for children aged 2-8, I see the need to have multiple screens. Perhaps there could be two different levels of difficulty. It was a bit too much for my two year old to scroll back and forth and he became easily frustrated.

General review I think that this is a great app! I wish that there weren't so many in app purchases with it. I understand that the app is free, but I don't want to spend a ton of money to purchase all of the scenes. I do however, like how the parent section is protected by a math fact and cannot be accessed by two year olds.