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App reviews for "JigSaw Zoo Animal Puzzles - Animated Puzzle Fun for Kids with Funny Cartoon Animals!" [text]


JigSaw Zoo Animal Puzzles - Animated Puzzle Fun for Kids with Funny Cartoon Animals! [text]

App description: Kids love these hilarious animated cartoon puzzles! JigSaw Zoo is a fully animated collection of comical jigsaw puzzles for kids. No kids puzzle has ever done this much! Features: ✖ Fun and funny cartoons! ✖ Three difficulty levels, for all ages ✖ 12 animated scenes ✖ Hundreds of puzzle variations http://appskidslove.com/jigsaw

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jigsaw-zoo-animal-puzzles/id551391478?mt=8&uo=4

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Evan B.

Amanda S.

What I liked I really love the animations after you complete the puzzles, I haven't seen that before! I really like that you can change the number of pieces and customize the sound and the hints! The graphics and animations are a great quality. I really like the sound effects, the kids I tested this with really enjoyed them! I like that you can choose to have a picture hint if your child needs help!

Improvements One problem I see with this app is that the puzzle pieces cover up the board and it makes it difficult to complete, especially in the 16-20 mode. There is too much distracting visually and children may find this challenging. If you could find a way to leave the pieces outside of the puzzle board, that would make the play much better. I also would like more standard puzzle pieces. The random piece shape is odd, I look at puzzle pieces for cues to find where they go. Some of your pieces make this difficult. I also suggest adding more levels! Maybe locked puzzles to unlock thru completing puzzles

General review A great puzzle app that provides cute and funny animations when you finish a puzzle! Haven't seen another like it. My kids loved these animations and they wanted to complete all the puzzles to see more! Three different levels for all elementary aged kids! You can turn off hints and sounds! Great app and affordable!

Stan A.

What I liked I think this is a very good puzzle game for kids. My daughter really likes the cute cartoon after finishing the puzzle as a reward. I really appreciate the different skill levels to appeal to a wider age range of kids and allow for growth. There is a timer to see how long it takes to solve the puzzle and you can turn the shadow hints on or off.

Improvements The puzzle pieces tend to clutter up the board. I think that if there were a spot to put the pieces outside of the board it would make the puzzles much more enjoyable. The amount of puzzles was a good value for .99 but with a higher price I think there should either be more puzzles or some extra activities.

General review This is a very fun puzzle game that my daughter enjoys playing. She really likes the fun cartoons at the end of the puzzles. Each puzzle has different difficulty settings to appeal to older children and so your child can advance their skills. The board can get kind of cluttered with the more difficult settings so it would be nice if there was a better place to put the pieces. Overall this is a really good kids app.

Amanda R.

What I liked My first impression when opening the app is how clear the set up it is, making it easy for little ones to navigate to the puzzle. The sound the effect are great way to encourage children, however I'm glad that they can be turned off for a learner who is distracted by them.

Improvements It's great that there are several levels however in order to use for children (with autism) in ABA programs I need to be able to select 4 pc, 6 pc etc rather than it randomly presenting 4 or 6 a the same stage. The same for the different types of puzzle pieces, classic edges or jagged.

General review Very clear app that is easy for young ones to navigate. Children will love the animated animals at the end. This is a fantastic way to bridge their understanding of parts becoming a whole picture. The sound effects are well done however can be easily turned off if needed.

Becky W.

What I liked I loved the selection of puzzles with your apps and my children love the reward of an animation at the end. They repeat puzzles just to see the animation again. The customization of puzzles provides for more challenge for older kids or those that have excelled quickly. Nicely done!

Improvements I would like to see some rotation puzzles included. Being able to see the image in the same perspective is a nice challenge, but seeing an image in a different orientation provides even a higher level challenge. Not sure if it is possible but it would be an asset.

General review This is a wonderful app for visual discrimination for children. As a parent, I appreciate the level of support it provides. A slight shadow can be displayed to help little ones get the pieces in the right place or that support can be removed. The most exciting feature is the animation...who wouldn't love that. Additionally this app has customization to make it a challenge for many users.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the animated puzzles! I think that is a great reinforcer for the problem solving task. I love the different levels available to the user. I love that difficulty is not determined by grade level or age, but in number of pieces in the puzzle. Colors/graphics are intense in nature! I appreciate that hints are available to the user through a faded depiction of the character/animal, if desired.

Improvements I appreciate the magnetic component; however, I would appreciate if it only was effective when the finger was lifted after placing a puzzle piece. In the higher puzzle piece category, I was able to slide my finger very slowly across the board and when I arrived over the right location, the piece would click in place. That lessens the difficulty if the user determines this as a possibility. That is my only wish/desire for the app.

General review There is a new element to puzzle completion when animation is a factor! There are multiple levels with multiple puzzles available all in one app! For those that are still in the matching phase, this app works, too! I would recommend this app to those looking for a fresh approach to problem solving, especially those that enjoy animals and instant, positive, reinforcement.