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App reviews for "Puss in Boots : Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0" [text]


Puss in Boots : Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale v1.0 [text]

App description: Puss in Boots is a full 3D interactive pop-up book, recreated from classical fairy tales, featuring wonderful popup pages of interactive 3D scenes weaved with beautiful illustrations, fascinating music and narration. It offers our young readers a whole new experience of a unique and immersive three-dimensional journey into the world of fairy tale.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puss-in-boots-interactive/id558487967

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Ed S.

Shelly M.

What I liked The app ran flawlessly including the pop up sections. It was easy to navigate with the arrow buttons at the bottom of the pages. The colors were harmonious and it presented a sophisticated package with the feel of a quality child's print story book. The text was clear and easy to read. The read to me voice was melodious, engaging and well paced. The music could be turned on and off at each page. The pop ups were engaging. Preschool through grade 3 would enjoy the story and the accompanying pop ups. Vocabulary expansion and historical perspective enhancement are opportunities presented.

Improvements The three brothers should be named. Carrabas comes up in the first pop up activity. The read to me option should start at both the top of the left and right pages, currently it starts only on the left page. During the read to me option having the words that are being read highlighted would improve the educational opportunity afforded by the app. Carrabas should have to be fully dressed as a nobleman in the pop up before the princess will say 'Oh, he is so handsome' and Carrabas blushes. Currently, he can be in his underwear alone, or any part of his outfit.

General review This app has the atmosphere of an old fashioned high quality print pop up storybook with modern functions. The illustrations are charming, the voice in the read to option is melodious, engaging and well paced. The music accompanying the story can be turned on and off. The app provides educational opportunities in vocabulary, history and word object matching. This should be an addition to every child's digital library.

Michelle C.

What I liked The children enjoyed all of the 3D pop-up activity pages, although they didn't always understand the instructions the first time around. They did experiment with the functions and always finished the story even if they skipped the text pages most of the time. The pages like 31-34 which combine some illustration with the story would make it easier for kids to follow the plot.

Improvements With our iPad 1 we were not able to open this app. We had to use the iPad 2, although they have the same O.S. the "find friends" option did not work on iPad 2 either.
The text in English is too extensive- both too long, too wordy, and too complicated- for young audiences. Our testers are 5 and 7. Simplifying the text to meet the audience would improve the app a lot. I would like to see a bell when the audio for each page ends. I would like the background music to be at a lower level. Although it is easy to turn it off, it would be better for it to be lower all the time.

General review In line with other 3-D pop-up storybooks, although it doesn't stand out on its own. The amount of text is overwhelming to the youngest testers and they all skip over the pages of text to get to the 3D activity pages.There is quite a lot of archaic phrasing, typical perhaps of the time it was written, such as "I will get your living for you". The narrator stumbles on the phrase (pg 5) The 3D pages are fun although the instructions could be clearer

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The text is well crafted and nicely narrated (voice is neat, slow enough, and well balanced)
> The 3D effect work well and kids like it.
> Mini games work well and are quite well integrated to the story.
> The characters wheel at the end of the story is a nice idea.

Improvements > The UI is kind of sad, with false wood in the background
> Graphism is a little bit sad too (colors are not vivid, characters are not very joyful)
> The music isn't very appealing, in my opinion.
> 3D effects are cool and work well, but are sometimes not mastered well enough : texture is sometimes visible (the book texture for instance is not well crafted)

General review The way this story is told looks a lot like what StoryToys or GeneraKids are doing (see for instance their Rapunzel or Wizard of Oz stories), but in a less colorful way, and with a quite long text. Long text is good because it helps build litteracy in a better way, but less interactive and less colorful pages mean that the result might be less appealing to kids.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the book and its interactive features. It was a great break and a great reinforcement throughout the story to be able to interact with what was occurring. I love the story line throughout the book. The message that the child receives is a great one and can be expanded on at the completion of the story if a parent is with a user. I love that the book can be read to the user or the user can read it on their own. This makes the book available to multiple ages instead of only to those that are capable of reading.

Improvements Some of the words in the story were a bit complex and may not be vocabulary that young ones are using; however, if the user is with a parent, it is a great opportunity to build vocabulary pending the "lesson" takes place. The hitting of the ogre and lion was a bit tricky and I ended up passing this interaction entirely because I couldn't complete it. It might just be my luck though!

General review This is a great book app focused on a great underlying message. Throughout the story, the user is given the ability to interact with the characters and "play along" with the story line, which allows a break in the reading/literacy portion for some reinforcement/fun. I think this is a great concept and experience for young readers!

Julie P.

What I liked I really like the 3D scenes that pop up in the middle of the story. They are well-crafted and nicely drawn. There is a nice proportion of text to activities to keep young children engaged, and I like that there is a choice to read it yourself or have it read to you.

Improvements There were some pronunciation errors in the read aloud text. On page 13, the word "marquis" should be pronounced "mark-ee" and the word "obliged" should be pronounced "ob-lijed" . The narrator also changes some words and omits others. They don't affect the meaning, but it doesn't sound as professional. Could you soften the music during the read-aloud?

General review This app is is an updated version of the fairy tale by the same name. After each short chapter, there is an opportunity for the reader to complete an activity based on what was just read. The 3D effects are well-crafted and the activities are cute for kids 4-6.

Samantha M.

What I liked I LOVED the idea of the pop up book! I also liked the idea of matching the characters up to the objects, putting items in a basket, and dressing up the characters. This app was perfect at keeping the attention of both my two year old and my kindergarten class.

Improvements On the first interactive page, it is difficult to match the three men up to their objects. Also, I wish that the text would have been highlighted as the narrator read the story. It would have helped my students tremendously to be able to follow along with words they didn't know.

General review I really enjoyed reviewing this app! I love how such a classic tale was turned into a fun, engaging, and interactive story. I also appreciate the pacing of the interaction. It was perfectly timed and just when the audience would begin to get antsy, an interactive scene would appear.

Jessica A.

What I liked I really like the illustrations and graphics in this book. I read them with my two small boys who enjoyed manipulation the characters and food in the games. I really loved this format of book and the read a couple pages interact with the story then read some more. It was very child friendly and engaging!

Improvements Although I really liked the games I was playing with my young son who would press on say the carrot and then let it go before it went into the bag and sometimes it would disappear or we could see it but it would not allow us to move in into the bag. We remedied it by clicking back a page and then going back to the game but I wanted to let you know. It did the same thing moving the men.

General review Over it was an adorable book that my family enjoyed reading and interacting with. I love that there are other stories available and that there are no in app purchases/advertisements that my small children could click on by mistake. I recommend not only this app but also the other books by this app creator. I am not home now but I will post onto iTunes as soon as I get home with my review.

Becky B.

What I liked Wow! What a cool app! The games are fun and engaging, the story is gorgeously illustrated and the 3D effect when the iPad is tilted is fantastic. There are plenty of activities that relate to the story. The narration is pleasant. My daughter was fascinated with the story. Great job!

Improvements There's very little to critique here. I actually had to ask my child what she would like to see and the only criticism she had was about the Spin the Wheel game. She prefers to have the option of giving a charachter whichever head she chooses. For example, she wondered why she couldn't give the girl in the dress the cat's head. Small complaint but maybe something to consider.

General review Overall, I was really impressed by this app. I feel it was well-executed and had a nice balance between telling a classic story and offering games that relate to the storyline. It doesn't look thrown together like many apps I've seen. You get way more than you pay for out of this app.

Marcel W.

What I liked I like the graphic of the app and it is very age appropriate. I also like the table of contents as it allows me to jump directly to specific chapter. The interactive part is also good as it break te reading up and give my kids chance to play and explore a little bit.

Improvements The developer should work on the voice over of the read to me part. There are quite of bit parts where the voice didn't match the text in the page. It will also be good if the text being read is highlighted as it is being read. I don't really see the purpose of having the objects in the interactive part being slightly turned or rotated when I moved the iPad side to side or tilted back and forth. It almost gave it an impression that its a glitch.

General review This app is a good story book app with some interactive activities in between the pages. The graphic in this app is good and age appropriate. The music in this app is also good. There are some issues with the voice narrator not reading the actual words in some of the pages .

Ricki B.

What I liked Puss in Boots app has been simplified so that non-readers can understand the storyline and young/struggling readers can follow along with the narrator or read alone. Love the table of contents, big print, and the ease of use and navigation of buttons. I especially liked the design of the pop-up page at the end of each chapter, the instructions which are displayed in a bubble and the interactive activity which is related to the part of the story just read .

Improvements Checked 3 times to note female gender of the cat. As much as I love the idea, it may confuse the younger child. Would like to see title for beginning each Chapter on left side of page. Activity on the last pop-up page had a cute concept but it was frustrating not having much control over hitting the animals with the boot. Also, the ogre was smiling and looked more like a big cat. ? Last page -NEED INSTRUCT, e.g. "Spin Wheel & Watch Surprise- surprised by connection of 2 pgs! Thought didn't work. Would love to see a final pop-up page with pics that move so you can retell story.

General review Puss in Boots app has been simplified so that non-readers can understand the storyline and young/struggling readers can follow along with the narrator or read alone. Print is enlarged for the early reader. Story has "chapters" and few pictures which helps child formulate pictures in their head. Attractive illustrations on fun interactive pop-ups are displayed after each chapter and reinforce key events from the story.