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App reviews for "Tapikeo HD (3.01)" [text]


Tapikeo HD (3.01) [text]

App description: Tapikeo HD allows you and your children to easily and quickly create your own audio-enabled picturebooks, storyboards, visual schedules, memory aids, audio flashcards, and more using a versatile grid style layout.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tapikeo-hd-create-your-kids/id462923679?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Jean-Eudes L.

Marcel W.

What I liked Just like what the app claimed to be, the possibilities with this app are endless. Put this app in the hand of a kid with imagination and you will be amazed with what they can come up with. The default grids that came with the app is great but its nothing compare to what you can create. You can export your own grid so you can share it with other people too. Excellent app and highly recommended

Improvements There aren't any thing that I can complain about the app other than perhaps a better instruction on interactive tutorials that will show me how to use the app. The very first time I tried using the app I was really confused and it took me a while before I finally figure out how to use it

General review Excellent app and you can really use it for many purposes. This app can do all of what other app similar to this but at fraction of the cost. You definitely can not go wrong with it. The developer is also great and keep updating the app based on the user's feedback

véronique F.

What I liked Very easy and simple, smooth, customizable application, many uses with preschoolers : use own pictures, record your own voice to learn french, read stories. Works perfectly in the classroom. Adaptable. Ready-made grids : varied and cool. Price is great.

Improvements Stability some bugs but feedback and answers to fix come quickly and efficiently from the developer. I'm not so pleased with the new gaming options (shake and so on) : i don't use them in my class-room.

General review I love this app and use it almost everyday in my class-room. Kids choose it, like it : and we agree ! Please, fix the small remaining bugs. I recommend it as often as i can, because i'm convinced of its effects on my teaching ! Kids learn french as a foreign language : how could i do without Tapikeo HD on my iPad ? :)

Courtney D.

What I liked I appreciate the receptive quality this application has. The ability to click on a picture and have it provide voice output and labeling is terrific for those in early stages of language development. This can transition into expressive language by either having the application be used for AAC purposes or allowing the child to verbally label/describe pictures. I love the "match opposites" grid! The "shake" option within the application is an exciting feature. The application is very user-friendly and step-by-step instructions are provided to help iron out those kinks that a user might have!

Improvements I would like to see this application hide or erase the grids that are downloaded within the application. Along those same lines, it would be nice to have those same grids only be able to be imported to Tapikeo once for ease of grid selection. When working within the "match opposites" grid, it isn't specified how to create a match. It was only by problem-solving that I discovered the need to drag one object to another.

General review I am very impressed with this application. This application is a great price for what it allows a user to do. It is easily adaptable to any individual and their needs. Depending on the age of the intended user, it may or may not need to be "setup" prior to use. The application does not have pictures stored to choose from, so the user will have to import pictures from the device. I would recommend this application for use with students in therapy!

Kerry E.

What I liked This app is awesome. I love how customizable it is.  The user is easily able to make his or her own grids and record various words or sounds.  My five year old daughter really enjoyed recording her own voice on her very own grid.  Additional grids are available, either via in-app purchase or free download.  I was really impressed by how many free downloads are available.

Improvements The app can seem quite overwhelming at first, simply due to the sheer number of options available.  I would like to see a tutorial window pop up upon opening the app, with an option of "Never show this again", only because the question mark help icons were not readily apparent to myself or my kids, and we floundered around for a few minutes before figuring it out.

General review I think this is a wonderful app for teaching children different words and sounds. My son, who just turned two, is not talking yet, and this app is a great resource for him to learn anything we want to emphasize.  I would recommend this for vocabulary purposes as well; you could teach an older child more and more advanced words through making your own grids.  The possibilities are endless.  Kudos to the developer--this app is very well done.

Dina Maria K.

What I liked With Tapikeo you can create almost anything you want, scrapbooks, storyboards, visual and memory aides and so much more. I love the fact you have up to 48 pictures with audio for each grid. The fun part is you can export and share the grids through email with family and friends.What I found great is that they give you some grids to download for free and the safe mode works well. The in apps are affordable and so worth if for an accomplished app like this.

Improvements I am not really sure on what else I would like to see right now. I have been able to do so much with this app. It has helped in so much with speech and recognition. Maybe some more in apps with foods, social life, children, specch. Otherwise I am very happy.

General review Most apps I have come across are expensive and do not have all the features I am looking for. With Tapikeo there are so many features needed to help in social and educational skills.Even though there are in apps they are affable and come with so much.A great tool to have for teacher and parents.If you looking for a customizable multi-level AAC tool, you found it.