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App reviews for "Heidi story collection - 3 in 1, Version 1.0" [text]


Heidi story collection - 3 in 1, Version 1.0 [text]

App description: This story collection contains the three single apps 'Heidi on the alp', 'Heidi in Frankfurt' and 'Heidi and Klara'. With its two story versions - one from Heidi's point of view for younger children and a more elaborate one for advanced readers - this storybook app is suited for ages 3-12. With a bits and bobs section with lots of extras.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/heidi-story-collection-3-in-1/id554504867?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Katrin D.

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastic storytelling. Clear and easy to understand narration in a pleasant and appealing voice. Lots of well thought out extras with some fantastic educational moments. Graphics are simple yet attractive. Great to be able to choose the different style of narration depending on the age of the child, this helps to extend the life of the app for our children.

Improvements Found initial price a bit daunting and would potentially be put off if I had no previous experience with the developer. However once downloaded app and discovered quality of App would defitinitley say price point is a non issue and will certainly look at buying more apps from this developer. Would like to be able to save language preference so don't have to select that each time. Also when playing spot the differene if a circle could remain visible for the differences you have previously selected.

General review Brilliant app, thoroughly enjoyed by my school aged, preschooler and toddler alike. Even enjoyed by parents! Extra games etc to explore are really well thought out and love the educational aspect of it for older children to explore. Brilliant to see an old classic brought to life for yet another generation.

Eileen L.

What I liked Things I like about this app:
1. It came in multiple languages
2. There was a quiz at the end for reading comprehension.
3. You could change the story for early and advanced readers.
4. The words were highlighted as it read to you.
5. It was a learning app, not just a reading app. It had spot the differences, animal facts, jokes, the Heidi village and Alpine flower to look at.
6. The ability to tap on people and things during the story for additional interaction.

Improvements One problem area for us was that the arrow button an the bottom right appeared to be an arrow to turn the page. It was actually a button to repeat the text. Both my son and I had clicked on it to turn the page before we finger swiped the page to turn it. I did find the directions then in the parent section, but for most apps it is a universal sign for page turning. Also, for us, some of the text was mature (being called stupid and some negativity (which I do understand is part of the story), but had my 6 year old asking a lot of questions.

General review This is an accurate and informative story of Heidi. It allows the reader to read the story at their level while interacting with each a page along the way. It not only is a reading app, it also teaches and makes the reader use critical thinking skills. My son was engaged for all three books and went through them in 1 sitting. I think this app is appropriate for mature 6 year olds and up to any age as it is a classic story.

Seth B.

What I liked The app is made perfectly for children. A nephew of mine read a book each night while I sat nearby and I could automatically tell that his interest level was held tightly. The application is beautifully illustrated and is abridged in a way that no content was lost from the original books.

Improvements The price point at $8.99 seemed a bit high at first but I guess it is reasonable for three digital books in one. Because of the accent, a few words (such as Switzerland) may be difficult for young children to understand. By having the child closely follow along in the digital book this problem can be resolved.

General review Overall, this app is wonderful for kids. The highlighting as words are read, clear voiceovers, brilliant animations/illustrations, and skillful writing techniques will keep children intrigued for hours over a book they would otherwise find boring. The developer truly brings together the best of the best with this book and, with a small price drop, the application would bring in a perfect review 100% of the time.

Courtney D.

What I liked I believe this is a super cute app! I loved the storyline provided throughout the app. I love that when Heidi is reading the story, she is reading it from her perspective rather than as the narrator. I love that the user has the option to read the stories on their own. I love that each of the stories has different options available in the bits and bobs section. I love that each of the stories are connected and can be thought of as a trilogy, of sorts.

Improvements I wish there were more interactions included within the app/storybooks. The books are very long and very wordy, so for the young user, the ability to keep focused with only being read to, might get to be a challenge. There are grammar mistakes throughout the story, particularly in regards to commas. There are also different typos depending on the facet the story is being utilized in. Essentially, there are different errors in the read to self than there are in the read to me section.

General review This is a great storybook application; however, it can get to be a bit long in nature. The user is able to exit the application and have the spot held for the next available time of use. There are some grammar mistakes; however, the mistakes are minor in nature. The voice utilized in the "read to me" function is easy to listen to with inflections in vocal tone when appropriate. There are different challenges in each of the storybook bits and bobs

Samantha M.

What I liked I really loved reminiscing with these classic tales. I absolutely loved the two different versions for both the younger and older readers. I think that in itself makes this a very versatile app that is great for all ages. Also, I loved the quiz at the end! There are few apps that actually ask the reader to critically think about or even follow the text.

Improvements I did think that the amount of text on the page for the younger readers was a bit much, especially if it is aimed towards a three year old. However, with the help of an adult and the highlighted text, it is manageable. I also wish that there was some more interaction between the book and the reader such as hidden picture or something to keep their interest since the text is quite lengthy.

General review Overall, I really enjoyed reminiscing and reading these books with my students. Most students were very engaged and loved the stories. Again, I liked the two different versions catering to both the older and younger crowd. It is a hit among my students and it will be with most primary to intermediate students.

Rochelle O.

What I liked The narration in this app is excellent. The quality, clarity and pace of the reader is very professional and easy for young listeners to understand. The existence of two levels of storytelling makes the app appealing to a wider audience and will ensure it can be used for longer.

Improvements While the interactivity of tapping on items and people in the images is a nice feature, the sounds (especially speech) override the narration making it difficult to understand at times. Maybe the narration could be paused if a person or noisy item is tapped?

General review This is a very polished app suitable for a range of young users. The stories, a traditional tale, are retold in a lovely fashion and there are a number of extra activities available to challenge comprehension and engage the user. This app will be enjoyed by any child who enjoys a good story! If I had one criticism, I would say it is a little expensive, but it is definitely higher quality than many other story apps.

Bethany P.

What I liked There are many activities. I learned facts about animals and the Matterhorn that I didn't know previously. The story had places that could be touched that made it more interactive. The rectangle that followed along with the reading was a great feature. This will help the struggling reader.

Improvements The grandfather doesn't appear to be grumpy or gruff. I would like to see a little of that. The story talks about him being that way. At times, the text overlaps with the pictures which makes it hard to read. The spelling and grammar are definitely not American English. Sometimes the characters seem 2 dimensional. They are talked about so briefly that it is hard to relate to them.

General review Our girls loved the Heidi (Shirley Temple) movies when they were younger. This app celebrates a great story. Besides a beautifully illustrated story, this has some unique activities, as well. The jokes were corny cute; the find the differences were challenging; the facts and quizzes were interesting. It was great that it had two reading levels.

Becky B.

What I liked What a cool app! The narration was well-paced and nice to listen to. There are a number of relevant activities that expound on elements of the story (goats, wildflowers, etc.) as well as games. I liked the multilingual aspect of the app and that there are three full length stories. There's a lot to explore so it has a long shelf life and won't get stale or boring quickly. The dual approach to the story (1st and 3rd person narratives) is a novel idea.

Improvements The price point is a bit steep, although the app offers a lot for what they're asking. Under normal circumstances, I would be hesitant to spend that much on a non-educational app for my child. That said, I'm happy with the app as is but it would be nice if it were supported on the iPhone. The app has enough material to keep a child occupied for quite a while so it's a good take-along activity. I would also recommend an update to the games every once in a while as the spot the difference type games are pretty much useful only once.

General review Overall, I think this is a worthwhile app with a lot going for it. I would be more comfortable paying $5.99-$6.99 for an app like this but I'm happy I purchased it and will probably reread the stories myself as I haven't read them since childhood! I look forward to seeing more apps of this quality from this developer.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like all the options that come with the app such as Heidi reading the app and advanced reader. I also really like that they have a parent/introduction to the app included. All the little extras are really neat such as spot the difference, joke, ect. When the story is read aloud it's very clear and easy to follow.

Improvements The first screen when you enter the app seems cluttered. I'm not sure if it's the different languages for the title, the different parts of the app, and everything else on there but it's distracting. I think there really should be a page for the whole introduction thing such as an about app screen maybe.

General review The story's themselves are wonderful, cute, and enjoyable. My daughter really enjoyed this app. The bits and bobs are really neat and offer a whole "game" section to the app for extras. The reader's of the stories are wonderful and I think they did a very nice job.

Caitlin O.

What I liked Wow, what a well thought out app. I love the ability to choose different reading levels. I also like that the text is tracked through highlighting. The activities to go along with each story are great also. Having the ability to check out different languages is a great addition.

Improvements I think a big deterrent would be the cost. Can you separate each story or make a lite version so people can see how great this app is? I would like to see the ability to turn off the narration so a child can read it completely on their own. It would also be great if a child could click on certain words and get a definition.

General review Wow, what a well thought out app. I love the ability to choose different reading levels. I also like that the text is tracked through highlighting. The activities to go along with each story are great also. The addition of being able to turn off he narration would be a definite plus.

Elena L.

What I liked I thoroughly enjoyed this three story collection.  It was great that there was an abbreviated version for younger readers.  Also, I appreciated the spotlighting of words when they were spoken which is very helpful for beginning readers.  I liked that there was additional conversation from some of the characters.  I felt that it helped reinforce the storytelling with young readers.  Likewise, the quiz in the "Bits and Bobs" section was a very good test of reading comprehension.

Improvements It would be nice to have the words spotlighted when spoken available in the 
non-English language versions too.  This would be useful for readers trying to learn a new language or if German or Swiss was their primary language.  If possible, I think it would be helpful to young readers if words could be repeated when tapped.

General review This is a wonderful story collection that would be a great addition to any child's library.  There are two versions of the story to enjoy, an abbreviated one for beginning readers and a full version for advanced readers.  There is a nice interactive element where the characters have a conversation when tapped as indicated by a sparkly spot.  Also, there are extra features including a quiz to help gauge reading comprehension.

Marcel W.

What I liked I like the fact that the app includes all 3 stories. I love how the app have the for advanced reader section making the apps useful for different level of readers. The bits and bobs is also a great addition especially the quiz section. I use this to test the reading comprehension of my kids after they have the books read to them.

Improvements I find that the scrolling orange rectangle was quite distracting.i think I preferred that the word change color however I think this is personal preference. I can hear slight static noise in a lot of the sound and background noise. Also when the background sound is being repeated, it ended abruptly and then started over, perhaps fade out the end of the background sound better so the sound transition doesn't sound too rough

General review Great story book app that is not only a story book. Each of the story has many interactive aspect of it as user can click on many things. The bits and bobs section contain many great informative things while the quiz is good to test the reader comprehension level. I really enjoy the app.

Chris L.

What I liked There were many things I really liked about this app. First of all, I like how there is a special point of view for young readers and one for older readers. This lets people from a larger variety of age groups want this app. I also enjoy the read to me option for people just learning to read. I think the quizzes to test the comprehension of the story were great too. It teaches kids to not only read the words, but to also understand them and comprehend them. I also found the Bits and Bobs section of the app to be a nice addition that makes it stand out from other apps.

Improvements I don't know what the issue is but this app is HUGE. It takes up so much space on my iPad it makes me want to delete it after I finish reading it, which is a shame. I don't know if there is a way you can compress the book or something, but it is very large for a book. It is 380 Mb. Also, in other books my brother has read, you could speed up or slow down the voice that was reading. It would also be great if you could make it so a person could record the book such as grandma, mom, dad etc. to keep the child feeling comfortable with the voice reading to them.

General review The problem with this app is that there are many extra cool features it could have that would make it stand out to other book apps. The only extra thing I have seen in this app is the Bits and Bobs section, which is a neat little addition. I did like the quizzes to test the comprehension of the story and I like how it is fit for all ages. Overall this app tells a great story, it just doesn't have some cool features that other reading apps have.

Misty G.

What I liked This beautifully illustrated take on a classic story was presented in a way that it can keep a kids attention while helping to build reading skills. The graphics were colorful and fit the story well, and the tab that follows along with the reading helps kids identify words. I enjoyed the character interaction throughout the story.

Improvements For what this app is going for, I think it's great the way it is. The illustrations are colorful and perfect, the story is wonderful, and it is a great way to get kids to sit and enjoy a classic. Four of my kids have begged to watch this one a few times!

General review This is an excellent app on a classic story. Kids find it easy to read along or alone. The interaction with the characters allows kids to be involved in the story and look forward to hearing the characters talk. I love the different reading options and levels available as well as the ability to choose a different language.

Michelle W.

What I liked I like the illustrations and the narrators voices clear. My 5 year old liked the stories and told me about the characters when he read the books. He really liked the story Heidi told of her life with Grandfather and Peter. I think the quiz section is a great way to see if the person reading the story got all the details. I like the different sections and like how they engage the reader.

Improvements I don't like the scrolling yellow bar over the words as they are read. I think it would be better to see the individual word light up when it is being said. That way younger readers grow familiar with the words. The dogs barking/animal sounds grainy or far away. In the alps story when Heidi and Grandfather are eating the yellow highlight doesn't work properly, it skips to the end of the page and sits there. in the advanced readers section of book two, the text on the page with the hand organ is over the picture of the people.

General review Well thought out app, with beautiful illustrations and story of Heidi's life. I like the different sections and like how they engaged the reader. I thought the quiz section was a great idea. My children really enjoy this app and had fun reading it and liked the interactive parts as well.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like how there is an option for more advanced readers with more text. Also, when you turn the sound off, I like how the app lets you know where to touch to access each interactive element and in what order.  The option for the less advanced readers is nice to have, and I like how it lets you know exactly where on the page the narrator is reading. The sheer volume of content in this app is amazing!

Improvements Perhaps when the text is being read by the narrator, it would be helpful for there to be an option for it to turn off automatically if the interactive elements have been pressed, just so there's not so much confusion and people talking over one another.  The little girl's accent in English has her saying the word 'with' as 'wif' and 'truth' as 'troof', which may be a little confusing to those just learning to pronounce words, but it's a very minor gripe.

General review This may be a little pricier than a lot of other apps, but you get a lot of content in return.  You get access to spot the difference games, jokes, quizzes, and lots of real-life information about Heidi's village, Switzerland, animals and nature, and much, much more.  The stories themselves are fantastic and extremely well done. My girls were enthralled.  Highly recommended.

Kristina K.

What I liked This app has beautiful illustrations that enhance all three stories of Heidi. The voices in the story are easily understood and make the listener/reader engage in the story further. I love the Bits and Bobs included with each story. Each story has unique Bits and Bobs. Especially nice is how within the Bits and Bobs there are cross curricular features such as geography and science as well. I also liked how you can choose the advanced reader option to turn off the tracking of the words being read. The quiz for each story is also an added bonus to this app.

Improvements One thing I would recommend would be to have something in the corner of the page blink or indicate that the page is ready to be turned (after all characters on the page have been touched for the interactive parts). My daughter and I did this together and she kept waiting for another character to blink, not knowing the interactive part was over for the page. She caught on after a few pages, but that might help with the younger readers. Also, the last thing I would like as a wish list item, is for the words in the Bits and Bobs items to be able to be read to younger readers if touched.

General review This is a very high quality app that includes many engaging interactive parts to each of the three stories. The stories and illustrations are amazing, and children will really enjoy them. My girls both love the stories, and they are 11 and 13. The added Bits and Bobs really enhance this app and add to the charm of these stories. I appreciate all the time and effort put into creating this app, it's amazing!

Frances A.

What I liked This app contains stories that are filled with vivid images and characters that are engaging for children. With its multiple stories and multiple languages; it contains activities for readers and non readers. It engages children on all various levels of learning and helps them to learn to read by highlighting each spoken word. Also, every page is wonderfully interactive and becomes engaging to children. It is also amazing at how many wonderful activities are included for each story such as quizzes, jokes and games. It has more than any one person can ask for from an app such as this.

Improvements The only improvement that I could ask for in this story collection is that you have an amazing version for readers on a normal level and even on an advanced level. Even though it does engage non-readers and early learners, I would love to see a tab for early readers/beginning readers. For early developing children it would be best to start with less words on the page and including the most important facts. Once a child can surpass this level they can read the story again on a normal level, then to an advance level learning new and more interesting facts each time.

General review Overall, I feel this is an app collection has a lovely grouping of stories where the child can take something from it. It is not just a book, it is not just one story but it is something that means so much more; every page has meaning behind it. I love that every book in this app collection shows children positive morals values. I feel this collection contains good apps for student learning and will go far to help many children in the future!

Louise C.

What I liked The illustrations are just beautiful, as is the reader's voice. I like the way the highlighter scrolls along words, but doesn't 'bounce' or highlight each individual word the way most reading apps do (which can be distracting and is unnatural in the way we learn to read). I also enjoy the little "extras" tucked throughout, including the narrated pictures and comprehension quiz.

Improvements I like the idea of a comprehension quiz; but for me it encompasses too much material. I would've liked to have seen multiple min-quizzes instead. I'm a speech therapist and would love to use the app, but it's unrealistic to read the entire story and then do the quiz in a short therapy session. I would love to see quizzes after shorter "chapters" of the book. The reading levels are both quite advanced compared to what I was looking for.

General review I wish the reading levels were able to be adjusted for a lower reading age to make it more useful for younger children. However, for higher-level readers this is a great app that is beautifully made and makes it fun to read a classic. In regards to price, my first thought is that it is quite pricey for an app - but on the other hand it is so well done and is cheaper than a hard-bound book!

Eric P.

What I liked I personally like the classical illustrations that the app has. It enables me to visualize the settings in which the story took place.

I have never been to Switzerland, but reading about Graubunden within the app makes me consider to visit the place where Heidi lived. I don't think I've ever encountered any app that makes me want to visit a place so badly.

Finally, I like the options that the app offers, i.e. reading from the first-person perspective of Heidi telling her story, and reading from a third-person perspective where a narrator tells the story of Heidi.

Improvements I encountered a recurring problem in the first book, Heidi on the Alp, where an incorrect sound effect would be played when I touch objects on the page, e.g. the sound of Heidi drinking when I tap on the bread knives (page 7), and the sound of cow bell ringing when I tap on the bread loaves (page 10).

I found a bug when I paused Heidi's voice on the first page and tried to resume it. The highlighter would start correctly at the beginning of the page and would resume incorrectly at the end of the page - even though Heidi's voice was still reading the starting sentences of the page.

General review I really appreciate the fact that the app is bringing back a classic story that I would never have read otherwise, but too bad the narrative voices are recorded without having a long enough pause between sentences. This nonstop reading makes it hard for the readers to not feel sleepy. If the readers choose to stop the reading, it would be difficult to get them read again in the future. Allowing the readers to jump to another page would also help.