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App description: Fire Rescue teaches children how to dial 911 (this is configurable to any country’s emergency number), “stop, drop and roll,” "Stay Low", identifying objects that are hot and should be avoided and plenty of tasks that will entertain kids such as dressing the fireman & hanging up their clothes, etc! It can be played in English, Spanish & Portuguese

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fire-rescue!/id559596688?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Natalie W.

Camila A.

What I liked The app tries to teach kids what to do in case of a fire emergency, which is a great discussion topic that I have yet come across in other apps. Kids can learn to dial emergency number, identify hot objects that should be avoided, and other basic fire safety. I liked how the app conveys these information through simple tasks and mini games, it makes it easier to remember. I also like how the app gives us a glimpse in a day in the life of a fireman.

Improvements 1. More information that are currently missing in the app but kids should know. For example, how to find escape routes and what to do if you can't get out.
2. While navigating through the maze, the truck would occasionally hit walls as it does not move directly underneath the fingers.
3. Consider removing the blinking effect after finishing the jigsaw puzzles as it is very uncomfortable on the eyes.

General review This app has a potential to be great. The developers picked a great and important topic to cover, and children as well as adults would benefit from this app. If the developers could push a couple of improvements in the next update, I think this app could earn five stars.

Fides C.

What I liked This app is both fun and educational. Through interactive animations, it teaches young children about fire safety in a way that is easy for them to understand and remember. The graphics and characters are very appealing to little ones. The game guides the child from start to finish. It is not necessary to finish the game in one sitting because the next time it is played, it starts right where the child left off. I also like that you can customize the emergency number. My preschooler loved this game and remembered a lot of what the game taught her.

Improvements The app crashed a couple of times. I think it would be great if it can save gameplay for more than one user, for schools and families with several young children. After the app is played through once, it would be great if it would allow the child to chose what activity do instead of having to go through everything all over again. There are a lot puzzle activities and only one dot to dot, one painting, one matching. An even amount of each would be better. Toby never finds his way out of the room. Teach kids not only to dial, but also what to say when calling 911.

General review I think this app is a fantastic way to teach young children about fire safety. The interactive animations make it easy children to understand and remember concepts. It also includes a lot of fun games such as saving a cat from a tree, cleaning the fire truck, puzzles, dot to dot, and more. However, I feel that some of the fire safety lessons were incomplete. There are are a lot of other important safety rules not covered.

Eileen L.

What I liked Things I enjoyed about this app:
1. The ability to type in the emergency number for your area.
2. The ease of use for all ages.
3. All the different modes of learning ( hands on instruction by dialing the phone and , visual by demonstrating stop/ drop/ roll, fine motor by puzzles and finger movement paths and target practice for aiming at the fire.)
4. Clever reward system by collecting pieces of a fire badge.

Improvements I honestly could not find much fault with this app. It was very thought out and pretty much all bases are covered. I would think a more realistic conversation when dialing the fire emergency number would be helpful for children so they know how a real emergency call would flow.I would love an add on of an ambulance rescue scenario. Maybe a little more realistic characters for the older kids. Maybe the ability to print out fire safety instructions.

General review We absolutely loved this app. What a well thought out plan of combining fire safety in an appealing kid friendly way that incorporates critical thinking skills and fine motor skills. It is an all in one app for a neuro typical child and a child with special needs. All 10 modules had my child engaged and wanting to learn more. We were able to change the emergency number to 000 for our area. He liked completing the fire badges and being Toby's pal!

Frances A.

What I liked This is a wonderfully engaging app for young children to learn all the proper safety routines and techniques to follow when your home is on fire. This app is bilingual; so both English and Spanish speaking children can learn from the same application. I love that when it shows the children how to dial 911 it uses a phone that is comparable to many smart phones that you would see adults have today and that the keys are in the correct settings comparable to a normal smart phone. All of the actions taken in this application are wonderful for teaching effective fire safety.

Improvements In a future version before the children are asked to know the steps to stop, drop and roll. They should have an example of a fireman telling them the steps, then they can put the steps in the correct order to help Toby learn how to Stop, Drop and Roll. This way you are first teaching the correct steps and reinforcing the teaching by having them sequence events. I would also add more puzzles. First start with a two to four to more difficult puzzles because some children cannot accomplish hard puzzles at an early age. Also, the touch sensitivity is not accurate enough and could use fine tuning.

General review Overall, I think this is a wonderful, creative and engaging app that will help children learn sight words, fire safety techniques and how to cope with situations where emergencies can arise. To teach a child to dial 911 is also an essential skill and many people forget that in life! I think that the amount of engagement this app gets from children along with the variety of fun games will make this a success tool for parents and educators.

Elena L.

What I liked The kids liked Toby the lion, so they were more attentive during the fire safety lessons.  The use of the different icons for Stop, Drop and Roll was very helpful.  I also liked that dialing for help was a frequent activity in the rescue play training.

Improvements I believe this app would have better replay value, if the different fire rescue activities were selectable.  For example, fireman training and Toby's fire safety lessons could be menu options.  This way children could practice dialing for help and watch the fire evacuation procedures as often as needed or wanted.  The younger kids didn't fully understand the process of first checking if a door was hot and I was unable to repeat the lesson without resetting and going through the entire play sequence. 

General review This is a good app to get kids familiar with fire rescue and safety activities. Kids ca have fun and learn about fire safety. It would be appreciated if the fire safety lessons were made more accessible by giving parents the ability to replay them without going through the regular play sequence.

Charly J.

What I liked This app is great. My kids learned about 911 and the importance of fire safety. They enjoyed earning their badges in order to get to the next level as well. At first I was concerned it may be too young for them (ages 5 and 6) however, it was not. It interested them a great deal and they were excited to share with me later after using the app how they could "in an emergency ONLY" contact 911.

Improvements As my kids were playing with the app I kept thinking it sure would be nice to see a dress up the fireman or where you can change the clothing or touch the clothing to learn about it. As the kids progressed through the levels they shouted "it's got dress up - it's got dress up ... LOOK!!!" and it does. I would enjoy to see it break down where you touch the various articles and it says what it is but I may be overshooting that for it to hold a child's attention - mine were happy and thrilled with what they were able to do inside the app and have actually played with it every day.

General review We love it. This app is educational AND fun a combination that is winning in my opinion. Having apps out there to hold a child's attention and make it fun is hard to do nowadays. Being able to educate my kids about fire safety and importance of 911 means a lot as well. We've had these discussions and it it's hard since you cannot 'test call' 911 so being able to put it visually together - A++!

Michelle W.

What I liked I like the graphics and the friendly voice. I like that there is repetition dialing the emergency number and that the app goes over what to do during a fire, rescuing animals, etc. They have fun with the mazes and puzzles. Best of all they now know what should be done if there is a fire or other emergency.

Improvements I noticed that in the maze section the circle doesn't always follow the finger when dragging, especially around corners. Also, when my son was cleaning the fire truck, the sponge got stuck when my son moved his finger back and forth. Another thing I noticed I had to swipe the firemen at least twice to get them down the pole.

General review Excellent app for teaching kids what to do in a fire emergency. I think the repetition of scenarios is key for learning what to do. My kids ages 5 and 7 have played for hours and like it. Best of all they now know what should be done if there is a fire at home or other emergency.

Julie P.

What I liked I could see this app as being very desirable for preschool and Head Start programs, and definitely should be marketed that way. Fire fighters and fire trucks are popular themes for preschoolers, and the lights and sirens always are attention-getters. The fact that the dialogue is presented in multiple languages is a definite plus.

Improvements Although I like the general concept of this app, it's over-priced at $1.99. The apps at this price point have slick graphics and a wide variety of button controls. All this app does is move things from place to place and answer Questions. There is also the redundancy factor. I counted at least four times that the refilling water sub-routine was used, and four times for putting out the flames. Once, my app even crashed during that sub-routine and I had to restart it.
The response lag for the button control through the maze makes it hard for young children to maneuver it.

General review Fire Rescue is an app designed for the Pre-K set to teach them about fire safety. It covers the basics, including calling 911, avoiding hot objects, and stop,drop,and roll. It also lets children drive the fire truck through the town and put out the flames. One major plus is the ability to access the app in multiple languages (English and Spanish). Perhaps a little over-priced at $1.99.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the detail that is included in this app. I love the intricacy from the puzzle activities to the dot-to-dot activity. I appreciate that the app involves when to call 911, how to call 911, and the process that the firefighters go through when an emergency call comes through. I appreciate that the user has to work on fine motor tasks along with following directions. As an SLP, this app could be utilized within the therapy room with those that are working on following directions, problem solving, and recalling important information.

Improvements I wish there was a way to save the progress made throughout the app while it was in use. I felt the app got to be a bit long and repetitive; however, if there was a way to save progress, then the user would have the opportunity to not get bored and give up on the app.

General review This is a very detailed app focusing on fire rescue. It is interactive and appropriate for children who are learning fire safety. It is adaptable to varying emergency numbers and languages. The educational portion involves following directions, fine motor movements, attention to detail, recalling information and problem solving. A must have for parents looking to teach their children or educators looking to inform students about fire safety!

Amanda S.

What I liked I really liked the different fire safety games in the app. This app is very appealing to my young boys at home!. I really liked how the transition between the game was the maze! This will keep little one's attention to find out what the next task is. The touch response was very responsive and it was easy to manipulate the screen (a big plus for little ones with developing fine motor skills). I appreciated there is a lot of repetition in this app. This is great for teaching new skills to young ones!

Improvements On the first task where the child has to dial 911 on the phone, I would like to see a model (maybe having the buttons light up or a cartoon finger modeling) for the 9 11 and the call button before the child is asked to do it. I would like to see the ability to choose which lesson is displayed (instead of having to go through the whole thing each time). A quiz at the end would make this great! You could ask the student what number do you call if there is a fire? (and present the phone). You could then ask "What should you do if your clothes catch on fire?" (sequence stop/drop/roll) ect..

General review This is such a great way to teach little one about fire safety! This is perfect for 3-6 year olds! It covers basic stuff such as dialing 911, checking door knobs, keeping low to the ground, and stop/drop/roll. It is very engaging and uses many repetitions to help little ones learn and retain the information. There are many tasks to help them learn fire safety including mazes, puzzles, matching, and many more. It come in English/Spanish!