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App description: iLineup HD is designed for all baseball and softball players, coaches, managers, and lovers of the game. iLineup HD enables you to quickly create a player lineup, letting you enter position, batting order, player numbers, and substitutions.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilineup-hd/id486088794?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Craig C.

Marcel W.

What I liked This app has the potential to be a great up for parents or coaches. As a coach my self I can definitely use this app to help me organize my line up during the game or prior to the game. This app is simple to use and when it doesn't crash it does its job well.

Improvements It will be great if the developer allow me to enter multiple players at once and then adjust position later. The app managed to crashed on me while i was trying to add a new substitute. After the app crashed, I wasn't able to start the app again. Every time I try to start the app it would crash right away. I had to uninstall the app and resin tall in order to try to get it to work again

General review This app is simple and does its job well which I like. However the app crash on me and I wasn't able to start it again until I uninstall the app and reinstall causing me to loose all of my data. Until the dev fix that, I can't recommend this app since I can't trust it.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the design of the app. I like the realistic feel of the graphics that are provided within the app. I like that the user can input names into the app for each position. I like that there is the ability to utilize a batting order system within the app.

Improvements I would like to see more bang for the buck. This is an app that can be produced on paper, so the price is not appropriate, in my opinion. The user cannot alter the batting order without removing and re-entering the player, which is time consuming and irritating. I would like the ability to keep records on the app. If I could use this app for batting order, player position, and player ability with specifics such as hits, runs, RBIs, etc., that would be great; however, this app would need a new name because it would serve more than a lineup!!

General review For a basic lineup app, this serves a decent purpose. It is missing some elements that would, in my opinion, justify the price the user is asked to pay. There is the ability to produce a lineup on a great graphically sound screen. The user can form a batting order; however, if the user is interested in changing their batting order, that ability is not available currently.

Benjamin B.

What I liked The layout and all of the visuals are very clear and crisp.It is very easy to see everything that is going on and pretty easy to change settings.You can enter player info very easily and it is nice you can just tap on the position to change the info.

Improvements The first thing that could be fixed is a bug with exporting the player data.When you click "cancel" it brings up a tweet box for Twitter before exiting.Second there needs to be way more features for the $2 price of this app in the app store such as, Add things like open camera app right there to capture all the action that is going on.Next add a scoring system to help keep track of the game. I would add the ability to send the player layout and game data via text message.Add updates of actual MLB games so the app appeals to more people and will buy to this app to keep up with the scores.

General review My general opinion of the app that it is a very good start and a great idea.There is many things that they need to add and fix but i think with a few updates they could make this app very useful and achieve 5 stars status.I would say lower the price to $1 tho the price is just way to high for what you get.

Tony B.

What I liked This app has a pretty good icon, a good name, and the app downloaded from the app store pretty quickly. The visuals look really good. The field background graphic looks crisp and very cool. Player entry and player list are easy to use and look really good as well.

Improvements When enter a player name, have it default to initial capping each word. When select Email option, you should prefill a subject line and maybe some text, as well as include the view from your players list. When selecting the actions button, then Cancel, it opens up the form to send a tweet. It looks like 'Utility Player' and 'Center Fielder' are swapped on the field. Very light on features. Suggestions for features: Re-arrange batting line-up, multiple lineups, multiple teams, notes about players, enter player statistics, search through player statistics.

General review iLineup HD looks great. It is very simple, quick, and obvious to enter player names and send the lineup. However, the app is VERY light on features. Once you enter your player names and substitutes, that is all you can do. Aside from the visuals (which are very good), this app doesn't do that much more than any notepad would do.

Seth B.

What I liked The application did precisely what it was supposed to do. Having this application with you on the field would be a wonderful way to keep track of who is starting and who still needs more playing time. The overall look and feel of the app is nice and sleek - a key in 21st century apps. Having the ability to print, email, or tweet the lineup is very convenient as well.

Improvements The entire UI seems a bit hard to navigate in this application. When I attempted to reorder players they would be rearranged just fine but upon viewing the list again they were jumbled back to their original state. Editing multiple players at once would be a wonderful feature as well because it was a bit tedious having the ability to only add one player to the roster and change his/her information at a time. The application required too much flipping through menus and submenus so condensing those layers would be a smart move as well.

General review Having coached recreational leagues before, I know how crucial it is to have an app like this to help you decide where to place people. I think overall the app is a great tool but would absolutely love to see it expanded to more sports and the finer details like