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App reviews for "Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt v1" [text]


Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt v1 [text]

App description: Two modes of play available for kids of different age: ★ FREE PLAY MODE ★ ★ CHALLENGE MODE ★ Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt is a great kids app designed for: ● independent play and learn ● learn by exploration ● inquisitive play and learn You and your children will definitely bond over a session of Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt!

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fidos-treehouse-scavenger/id551551206?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Budhi T.

Fides C.

What I liked I think kids enjoy scavenger hunts and this is a very good app that allows them to do just that. There are plenty of things to discover and play with. Among my favorites are figuring out clues, inflating a ball and raking leaves. The clues in the challenge mode are difficult enough so that the child would really have to think through them. Of course, if they get stuck, there is always a hint button. I like that even in the free play mode, everything is still accessible to the child, minus the scavenger hunt and its rewards.

Improvements I would love to see maybe two or three more areas to explore. There is an activity that requires the child to dig in the sandbox to find something. When the child clicks on the shovel, the shovel automatically digs in the sandbox and reveals the hidden object. I think it would be better and a lot more fun if the child can do the digging himself/herself, similar to the raking activity where the child has to hold on to the rake and guide it in order to rake the leaves. I also found that Fido is a bit hard to understand, I still can't fully make out what he says when you click on him.

General review Scavenger hunts are so much fun and this game is sure to be a hit with the kids. There are a lot of things to discover and do around Fido's treehouse. My kids enjoy this and my older ones who play the challenge mode find that sometimes they really have to think hard to figure out the clues. I love it!

Rochelle O.

What I liked I really liked the interaction with this app. There are plenty of things for users to interact with, the animations are cute and it provides plenty of fun. I also think it is great for encouraging observation skills and logical thinking when playing the challenge version. I also really like that this app encourages play with a parent.

Improvements I would love to see a simplified challenge version for the younger audience, possibly with spoken clues and symbols or letters to find to encourage matching skills and provide more interest once they have completed free play. I also think it would great to include more scenes or areas over time.

General review I think this is a great app. The treasure hunt theme appeals to young players and the artwork and animated objects within the game are excellent. The challenge mode provides plenty of interest for older players (particularly independent readers) or for play with an adult. There are enough different clues to play the game more than once without repeating all of them.

melissa r.

What I liked Love the concept and the graphics are great. Free play for younger ones is great but maybe create more obvious mini games within this. Think it's great that app opens back up to where they left off after closing it. Definitely has loads of potential, just needs a few tweaks.

Improvements 1-5yo Section seems pointless, my 3yo constantly asked 'what am I meant to do' as free play was too free and felt pointless to her. Too much writing in sections for younger age group and bottom half of older age group who are learning to read. Maybe create voiceovers that read the instructions in an adult voice to ease this issue. Also when choosing age group section my child thought the iPad was 'passing wind', maybe tweak the sound effect so it's not so flatulence like. Voiceovers and clearer objectives in the free play would definitely turn this into a 5 stars!

General review App has a fantastic concept, loads potential and is visually appealing. Just needs more refinement for the younger age group. Free play needs more structure/clearer objectives and written instructions need voice overs, these changes alone would turn this into a five star app. Voice overs in a clear adult voice would be preferable to a child voice for the younger age group whom are expanding their vocab and require clear pronunciations of words.

Seth B.

What I liked The best part about this app is its clear cheeriness. Colors pop off of the iPad screen and the exploration is very fluid. For a game of this type, having different levels of difficulty is great so that is a major plus for this application. The depth and interactivity is also a huge advantage because almost everything can be touched or moved, keeping the kids busy for hours.

Improvements Almost all sounds (especially the voice-overs) were of sub-par quality. Some of them sounded dull and some sounded like they had a bad echo when being recorded. There is always room to add in more content as well so an update to add more substance to the game would be amazing.

General review If you are looking for an application that will keep your kids busy and happy for hours on end this is the one. There are many areas to explore and the vastness of this game is what really pushes it over the 'purchase choice' limit. More instructions and better quality audio is key for this application's success but with those small changes it can be one of the best of its kind in the store.

Teriann M.

What I liked My kids love "finding" apps and it is hard to find them aimed at younger children. This one is great value and I love the two different play modes. The characters and visuals are friendly and cute and my little girl adored Fido. The interactivity is a definite bonus and my children were kept engaged for a very long time. The for parents section is a great addition as is the game walkthrough.

Improvements My biggest wish would be to have the option to have clues spoken in the challenge mode. I'd also like to see a parent lock on the links to iTunes and the internet. Maybe future updates could contain more locations and/or items that were unlockable as your child progresses?

General review An excellent and engaging app. High quality graphics that really appealed to all my children. Great game to have children play unsupervised or to use as a learning resource by interacting with your child while playing. I found it a great way to get my kids talking and getting them to label the items as they found them is an excellent way to encourage communication.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love that there is a distinction between the younger users & older users. I like the difficulty & complexity within the app, but the ability to use a "hint", if desired. I like that the instructions are read to the user if they want to listen to them. I like that there is interactive pieces throughout the app to engage the users in the search for the items within the scavenger hunt. I like that there are various places to look for items adding the element of problem solving. Critical thinking apps always ignite a positive response from me! Along with this, identifying & labeling can occur!

Improvements There are some difficult pieces throughout the app. I struggled with finding some of the objects and I am well above the age range suggested. For the younger users, if the objects could be labeled for the user, that would allow more exposure. Some of the writing is very hard to read; however, when maneuvered to the clothesline, it can be deciphered.

General review This is a great app for keeping children entertained. Users can play in two different modes; however, some of the challenge mode clues are hard to decipher. The free mode allows the user to investigate and let their creative/exploratory minds soar! There are interactive pieces found throughout the app to keep every user engrossed and engaged. I'm very impressed with this app!

Julie P.

What I liked Fido's Treehouse is colorful and has very age appropriate art work.
This is an engaging concept for children.
It is easy to navigate after a small amount of practice.
The scenes are nicely detailed but not over-stimulating.
I really like the music and the whistling. It gives the app a "happy feeling" :)
I could see the Scavenger Hunt concept applied to other scenes as well: How about an underwater scene (a la Finding Nemo), a haunted house, or a museum? I think kids would love it.

Improvements I'm unclear about the alien monkey at the beginning. It doesn't really add to the experience, and the voice is hard to understand.
The sound quallity is a little tinny, especially at the beginning.
Could Fido's Treehouse have a Save feature in the Scavenger Hunt mode?

General review I am totally sold on this app! Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt draws children in with the Exploration Mode, allowing them to become familiar with the scenes. Once they're comfortable navigating around, they can advance to the scavenger Hunt, where they search for treasures using clues that pop up. I highly recommend this app for stimulating logical thinking and problem solving.

mandy N.

What I liked I thought the app was cute and fun. My children enjoyed both the free play and the challenge mode. They found the app fun to play for a fairly long time just hunting around trying to open the different things and making different things move around in the app.

Improvements I would like to see in the free play mode a little more direction of how to open the different things. My older two found it ok but my youngest got frustrated quickly and it wasn't that easy to quickly help him open the items. In the challenge mode it was difficult to understand what for sure you were looking for and some of the items repeated. I would like to see in the future a little easier way of knowing where to go and less repetition.

General review This app is cute, fun, and enjoyable. There is a few little things I would like to see change for ease of use in the future but I still really liked the concept of the app itself. There is a few items that repet which children don't mind but parents notice and a few of the clues are a little hard to follow. Still a great app :)

Marcel W.

What I liked The developer did a great job in creating an app with great combination of graphics, music and challenges. The Free play mode is great for the younger kids as they can just go to the 2 different area and explore and interact with all the different objects. I find the challenge mode to be well challenging even for me. I keep finding my self having to look for the hint in trying to solve the puzzle.

Improvements The developer should consider redoing the recording for the hint and the instruction since it doesn't sound very clean. It's almost like it has slight echo. I don't know if I miss it or not but it would be great if there is away to safe a progress in the middle of challenge mode. Each time I leave, all my progress is erased and i have to start from the beginning with different set of puzzle to solve. Perhaps allow user to set the number of puzzle to solve so they can make a shorter game.

General review This is a great app that will help kids explore and work on their problem solving skills. There are a lot of objects that they can interact with to keep them busy. I also love how some of the puzzle require the use of an object on other specific object etc.

Kelly T.

What I liked I really like that any of the items you see on the screen can be manipulated. For ages 1-5 this is magnificent. My four year old is a bit more careful of what she touches, but my one year old would love the randomness of touching anywhere and getting a reaction. Music is soft and the sound effects used are nice. For the older kids, the treasure hunt is surprisingly fun. Some of the clue are well crafted, some are more obvious. I played twice and was pleasantly surprised with the new questions, despite some repeats.

Improvements Treasure hunt questions should be repeated less.If you only use the app twice, it isn't bad, but to be a favorite that is used over and over 5 of the 15 questions can't be repeats. While this version is nice, for $1.99 I would like to see more than just park, backyard, treehouse and attic. Perhaps expand the themes to cover rooms in a house, a school, or a zoo?

General review I like this app. I don't know if I would spend the $1.99 for the current version, but with more options I would really consider it for my girls. If the price were $.99 this would be an excellent app! With so much to touch on each screen it is really ideal for the littlest of ones (ages 2-4).