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Bo's Dinnertime v 1.0 [text]

App description: Are mealtimes in your home sometimes a source of conflict rather than fun? Bo, the colorful, cheerful giraffe, will in 10 scenes let your child (2-6 yrs) play and learn about all the routines of a meal, from shopping through cooking and enjoying delicious food to washing up. There are hidden sounds to activate in each scene.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bos-dinnertime/id499833939?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 17

Developer: Esther N.

Amy T.

What I liked My preschool students (4 and 5 year olds) love this app! I like it because it reinforces sequencing skills- from shopping, to putting away the groceries, to cooking, set up, eating, clean up... these are important life skills that my students need to be aware of.

Improvements I would appreciate level settings so I could use this to work on choosing from a field of two, or three items. For example during the scene where the child is told to set the table, I would like perhaps 3 different sets of plates/silverware provided for the child to choose from, perhaps differentiated by color. ooh- or size! Then my students could be working on additional skills at the same time. When the food objects are put away, could there be a refrigerator that the perishable items get placed into? (I kid you not, one of my four year olds asked where the fridge was LOL).

General review My students and I have really been enjoying Bo's Dinnertime! Bo is adorable, and the app is set up to make the child successful- The narrator gives clear verbal instructions on what to do, followed by a visual- for example the objects will flash to show what the child should touch. I like that Bo's Dinnertime breaks down an activity (dinnertime) into a sequence of events, and has the child go through the sequence from start to finish.

Marcel W.

What I liked The app has a cute and colorful graphic that will engaged the kids. The narrator voice is very clear and very helpful in telling kids what they are suppose to do for each of the activities. There are enough number of activities to make it engaging but not too long that the kids gets bored with it.

Improvements In the first activities where the user has to pickup some of the items that they need to prepare the dinner, I noticed that when you drag and drop the items into the bag, the item goes behind the bag and then suddenly appear inside the bag. Some of the lines thickness for the drawing aren't consistent but this is probably me being nit picky and most likely the kids will not notice.

General review Great app that will help teach kids about what activities are involved in preparing for dinner and cleaning up after dinner in a fun and engaging way. Kids will not realize that they are learning while playing the game. All the activities are fun and engaging Highly recommended.

Erin B.

What I liked It's very colorful and bright, which really grabs the attention of my kids. I love how interactive it is. The food presented is healthy and not junk food. I appreciate that there is an entire 'cleaning the table and dishes' part. And I like that the arrow to move forward blinks after a moment to let my kids know they need to tap it.

Improvements I would like more instruction. I wasn't quite sure where to start and what I could click on in the menu. It would be nice to be able to choose what recipe they are going to make (or have them choose). A scene with paying for the food at the store would help with math and money skills, or at least showing that the food is not free.

General review This is a really cute and colorful app. My kids (2 and 5) really enjoy playing through it and have played it through multiple times. While its the same story line each time, the recipe does change. It is very interactive and has positive food and clean up associations.

Kerry E.

What I liked The arrows at the top of the pages to go back and forth between pages are easy for children to see, and the app is very intuitive that way. I like how there are a variety of fine motor activities for the kids.  It's wonderful how Bo changes what he is eating for dinner and for dessert. It really gives kids an opportunity to practice colors and shapes.

Improvements When you're at the grocery store, and catching food in the cart, the food falls behind the cart and then shows up in it. It looks a bit odd that way.  I would also like to see an option where the child could drag unwanted items into the cart, and have the app say oops or try again.  I would just like to see more options of having the child mess up and then be corrected.  The dinner table puzzle is another example of this.

General review This app can be played over and over again. My children had a really good time with it and want to go back to it again and again. Their favorite parts are when Bo eats dinner and dessert. Bo is a very memorable character, and the kids recognized him right away. My children and I are already looking forward to the next app.

Dina Maria K.

What I liked This app helps with Step by Step Routine, Counting, Matching and Recognition of items. It works all Fine motor skills. I found it very easy to navigate and the Voice was clear and fun. Added bonus was the burping ( something all children find funny even adults). I love the idea behind this app. When a child is involved in a process, they see for themselves and want to then try it. Feeding has become a huge issue for children today and Bo’s Dinnertime helps to explain the process in a way a child gets. Hidden sounds are there, very fun when the kids find them.

Improvements I found it odd that you had spaces for other foods to be placed but only a few items were put into place. I would like to be able to place all objects in the puzzle. I would also like to see the foods varied each time you read the story this way the children do not get board.

General review I found this app to be helpful in step by step instructions for meal time. From Grocery shopping to preparing the meal, setting the table and dinnertime. It hit so many skills like colors, matching, sorting and fine motor. Great for OT. Very fun for children 2 and up.

Courtney D.

What I liked The pages were not cluttered. They were filled with simple drawings and simple animations. The speaker was easy to understand and follow. The pieces had a magnetized piece to them so matching is easier. That matching doesn't require a user to have great fine motor skills. Objects are labeled as they are mentioned. For example, the green dinnerware. I enjoyed the step y step story with directions throughout for the interactive portion. I also appreciated the small detail like a towel used when "wiping up stains".

Improvements A variation in products needed for dinner would be great. Also, when the items are going to fall, the word "put" is used. That word made me think I was to drag the items to the cart. It would be great if more items would be highlighted as they were verbally labeled. The potato looks like a cookie. Not sure how that could be avoided. Less dots? Why is the water running after you put the food in the cupboard? If it is to go along with washing hands, maybe a slide for doing so would be more accurate, or maybe tapping on the faucet to get the water going after the mention of needing to wash hands?

General review This is an interactive story that has a great idea portrayed. I do not believe it is suitable for 4+. I think it is geared for younger kids with the simplicity of the graphics and ease of interactive pieces. This app is a fairly accurate portrayal of a dinnertime routine. Items are labeled for vocabulary growth, following direction skills are tapped into, and fine motor movement is necessary.

mandy N.

What I liked I really liked the interaction in this app. Every page has something for children to do. The app is cute, friendly, and easy to use. My children really loved placing the items needed for each sceen in the app. Bo is a very cute giraffe and is a very cool character different from most other apps that use dogs or cats. The voice is also very well done in this app :)

Improvements I would like to see improvements with how the app interacts with touch. Some of the items can be hard to move at first and can cause frustration to the child. There's a slight delay with moving the items around the screen. I would also like to see when you put the items on the shelf to have them show on the shelf once you place them.

General review This app is very cute and well made. My children really seemed to enjoy the app and found it fun to go shopping and cook with the giraffe. The sound is very well done and easy to understand. I really like the giraffe character and so do my children. This is a fun, easy to use, and educational app. I would highly highly highly recommend this app to others :)

Amanda S.

What I liked I really liked the different tasks throughout the app. I think the first task (catching the food in the basket) is great for eye hand coordination. I like that the child has to set the table, great way to teach table manners and routines. I really liked in the serving task you included audio (that can be repeated!) and visual cues for how many food items to serve. This is great for early counters and can build vocabulary and listening skills. Kids really loved the eating task and using their little fingers to "munch" the food. The burp got some laughs! I liked the cleaning up at the end.

Improvements I thought the shape sorting was great but it wasn't very realistic. Generally food is not kept on shelves under a sink. I would change that (make it look like a pantry or even spaces on top of the counter). I liked the puzzle table cloth idea, but again I would make it more realistic (look more like a real table cloth), You could add your logo in a checkered pattern for example. The ice cream scoops in the bowl look really awkward almost as if they were floating above the bowl. I like the "cleaning up" task, you might start the story with a hand washing sequence too.

General review A great app for little ones to learn a dinner time sequence or routine. It takes the child through shopping, putting groceries away, cooking, setting the table, serving the meal, eating, dessert, and cleaning the table/dishes! Each step includes mini-tasks for the child to complete that encourages vocabulary building and listening skills. There is a bonus game where you get to feed little characters and munch the food with your fingers! Very cut

Elizabeth C.

What I liked The app goes through the different steps of buying, preparing, eating and cleaning up after a meal. Children are learning the different steps to preparing dinner and setting the table, while having fun playing different games of matching, following two-step directions and putting together a puzzle.

Improvements There seemed to be a lot of the same activity of matching the objects. For example, matching where the food items are put away and matching where the plate and silverware go. More variety is needed. Maybe have the children sort and identify food groups while at the market. Also, when in the game area of feeding the girl or the boy, the app freezes.

General review This app is great for showing the process of making a meal. From going to the store and buying the right items, to putting the food away, to preparing the meal, setting the table and cleaning up after the meal; this app includes it all in a fun and inviting way.

Janet K.

What I liked Good app to learn vocabulary associated with mealtime. This app would be excellent for use with young children or with children who have special needs. I teach a weekly cooking lesson for children who have autism and this would be an excellent additional tool for teaching functional vocabulary, mealtime sequence, sorting and following verbal directions. My students definitely enjoyed the song that comes along with the app. The narrator is very engaging and has a very pleasing voice. The kids loved the burps! I loved how bright and cheerful the illustrations were.

Improvements The only part that was a little confusing was the Lulu and Tommy snack game. The kids did not seem to know what it did - it's not as interactive as it could be. Perhaps having the people actually eat the food rather than just having it disappear. Also I know some parents may have a problem with the fact that dessert is featured so predominantly. Perhaps filling a balanced plate (like meat, grain, vegetable) and then a dessert is allowed to be addded?

General review In general, this is a nice app for the price. I like that it's in a story format. It's bright, cheerful and engaging . It's brief enough to hold my students attention. Any longer and I think they wouldn't be as motivated to go through the entire sequence. I think it is a good learning app. It definitely focuses on the type of functional vocabulary that is beneficial for my students and would be beneficial for young children as well.

Ann A.

What I liked The artwork is very cheerful and kid-friendly. I like that the journey of dinnertime covers all the steps that go into preparing, eating, and cleaning up after a meal. The song is catchy and well executed. The overall sound design is very good. I like that there are lots of healthy foods displayed.

Improvements I would like more variety in the actual steps. Maybe different methods of cooking an item could vary from use to use? Very young kids love repetition, so this is probably not necessary. Another mini-game would be fun and add some variety. Maybe something like sorting foods into food groups?

General review Bo's Dinnertime is a great app for young children and introducing them to the full process of mealtime - preparing, eating, and cleaning up after a meal. Many healthy foods are included, as well as a variety of treats. There is a mini-game where you select different foods and "eat" them by tapping on them. This is a good first step for kids with an aversion to certain foods. The music and artwork are bright and appealing to young kids! Fun!

Kim S.

What I liked This is a great app to help teach the sequencing of dinner time from shopping for ingredients through cleaning up after dinner. This is great to teach children how to prepare for a meal. In addition, this app would be great for children with special needs to learn how to sequence through mealtime and also follow directions.

Improvements A little more interactivity would be great for this app. By allowing all the items to move, it would allow children to make mistakes and then see that they chose the wrong item and need to select another item if the chosen item is returned to the original spot.

General review This is an app that has applicability for both regularly developing children and those with special needs. It teaches children how to prepare a meal from shopping for the needed ingredients all the way through cleaning up after dinner. This app also teaches following directions. It could be improved by allowing more interactivity.

Overall, a great app that I would definitely recommend.

Caitlin O.

What I liked This is a favorite of my three year old. He likes helping Bo to cook his dinner. My son has played this on both the ipad2 and iphone 4S. The voice that gives the verbal directions is very clear. This is a nice feature for younger children. I also like that this app works on visual discrimination while also teaching children about healthing eating and cooking.

Improvements My 3 year old had a difficult time starting with this app. I needed to walk him through it before he could play independently. It may help to have the buttons the child needs to press flash. He also sometimes had difficulty with the screen moving when he was trying to move puzzle pieces or put the groceries away.

General review This is cute app that helps kids practice visual discrimination while working on learning to eat healthy food and learning healthy habits in the kitchen. My 3 and 5 year old boys love playing it. I did need to walk my 3 year old through it the first time, but he quickly caught on.

Terri B.

What I liked The activity is appealing to preschool and early elementary age children, and it has a sound educational base. I like the different activities involved in completing the app. Sequencing, matching and sorting, concept use - very appealing to the children interacting with it. I like the fact that there is visual support provided for the auditory activities.

Improvements The speaker speaks slowly, and you can't complete the activity until she stops speaking, which is hard for some of my children with impulsivity issues. They attempt to complete the task before she finished speaking, then lose interest when the app doesn't respond.

General review I enjoyed this app, and I like the premise. I think the author has a good idea, and if the issue with the speaker is taken care of, it will be an excellent application. The different activities involved keep a child's attention, and have good educational basis.

Terri J.

What I liked The concepts that are addressed in this app are good (basic colors, matching, identifying specific foods, counting, and the placement of items to set the table). The colors are bright with fun music. The app allows you to skip segments if you'd like using the arrow key on the screen. I was pleased to see that the food items changed if you repeated the "game."

Improvements A toddler would need assistance with this app and I think it may be to simple for a 5 or 6 yr. old. The food needs to stay looking like food when it is put in a cupboard - it should not disappear. The potato looks like a cookie - possibly choose a different vegetable (broccoli or green beans). The puzzle for the table cloth needs to be accepted if it is close along with the setting of the table. A young child will not have the fine motor skills to place those exactly on the correct spot.

General review This app works on basic concepts for younger children in a dinnertime setting. A toddler may struggle to complete the tasks without adult assistance, particularly the puzzle type activities that require exact matching instead of close or "magnetized" proximity to the desired space. It would be fun to have an option to allows the child to pick what food to buy from the grocery store. Overall has a good concepts, fun music, and is brightly colored

Jessica C.

What I liked I enjoyed the fact that Bo the giraffe goes step by step how to prepare, serve, and clean up after dinner. This is great for teaching life skills to children with and without disabilities. What's even better is the fact that the application is interactive with cute, motivating art and audio. After completing each task throughout the application, the user is applauded followed by specific positive feedback. In addition, this application is great for students working on following specific directions.

Improvements When the application tries to show what to do next or where to place an object, it often flashes. This is bothersome to the eyes. I would like to see slightly less flashing or maybe less bright flashing. In addition, I would also like the chance for students to make mistakes on the application and have to fix them.

General review Bo's Dinnertime follows a giraffe step by step through dinnertime. This involves not only purchasing ingredients, preparing and serving a meal, and cleaning up. The application is not only great for children to learn the steps to prepare a meal but the narration, animation, and flashing of the icons are also great for children with special needs to learn how to sequence through mealtime. The app would be perfect with a little more interactivity.

Jeanne T.

What I liked I loved the clean interface/graphics of this app. It was easy to figure out what needed to be done at each step through the sequence. This is a great app for teaching first/then sequential concepts as well as for matching shapes and working on colors and counting. There is a lot of language expansion that can happen with young children or as a speech therapy tool.

Improvements I was at first confused by the icon for taking a picture that is in the portion of the app where you can give the children food to eat. The icon was not clear to me and because it did not seem to have an associated "sound' when you touch it you didn't know what it was doing or whether you had activated it or not. I ended up with a bunch of photos in my photo library that were unintended! Not a deal breaker on this app, especially now that I know what that icon is for, but I think the app could be slightly improved with either a "camera click" sound for that button or changing the image.

General review A great app for young children but also for somewhat older children who have language delays. It gives the child practice with a variety of basic concepts in a fun and engaging way. The app is easy to figure out and the graphics and sounds are pleasant. I would like to see them add a 'click' sound or change the image on the button that allows you to save an image to your photo gallery, but that is not a deal breaker on this great app!