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Preschool Kitty 1.4 [text]

App description: Preschool game - target group: 3-6 years old. Several games included. Statistics available to check the progress. Rewards offered for correct answers.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/preschool-kitty/id488033099?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Irina K.

Kerry E.

What I liked This is a neat bunch of games including find the difference, colors, puzzles, shapes and letters.  I know my five and a half year-old is closer to the older end of the recommended age for this app, but she had a lot of fun with it and was entertained for quite a while.  I like how the puzzle game consists of many pieces, so my older daughter did not find it too easy.

Improvements It would be nice to have a main menu and be able to decide which game you want to play in which order. Also, the help button, located at the bottom right of the screen, is confusing in that it is not evident that it will repeat what the Kitty says, instead it seems like it will take you to a help menu. I would change the symbol there to a volume icon so it is clearer what it is. I know you can turn the music off on the first page, but it would be helpful to have that option on every page, if you decide later on that you don't want to hear the music.

General review I think this is a great app for learning for the recommended ages of three though six. You have to be able to understand what they're asking for in order to play the games, so unfortunately, my two-year-old is not quite ready for this app. My five-year-old loves it, though. I think it is wonderful for reinforcing basic, common concepts that preschoolers and kindergartners should know.

Rod L.

What I liked I tried this app myself first, then I had my 5yo give it a try. At first glance, the games are simple and engaging. The little feline character is friendly and the music wasn't overwhelming. I liked how the difficulty of the games are customizable and the touch response was very good, too.

Improvements There are a few areas that I would suggest a few improvements/changes. First, the instructions are audible only, even when the sound is off (which is really music off). For a younger child, that is expected, but my 5yo can read and it might be a nice option to have. Also, I would suggest adding hotspots after a few seconds of inactivity if a child is stuck on a puzzle. Perhaps a brief blinking after a minute or so. The trophy room was also confusing to him after it became cluttered with toys.

General review This app is a good app for its target audience with a few adjustments. The games are simple, and yet require good language skills, color knowledge, critical thinking, and hand/eye coordination. The settings are great to vary difficulty and it provides a nice way to track your child's progress. The feedback is also simple and effective. Correct answers are rewarded with sound and praise and incorrect ones with a subtle mark and sound.

Stan A.

What I liked This app is a very good value for .99. It has many different learning activities for young children. The illustrations are very cartoonish and appropriate for this age group. My daughter and I really like the upbeat music. In the settings you are able to select which puzzles you want and the skill level your child is at so you can increase the difficulty as your child learns. The statistics page is a great way to keep track of what your child is learning and what they need help with.

Improvements Although I really like the settings to choose which activities you want and the skill level, this feature does not seem to work correctly. When I make the selections it still allows the puzzles and skill levels that I did not select. My daughter gets confused with the prizes in the bedroom, she keeps thinking this is another puzzle and it frustrates her. Between the bedroom and the activities she is not ready for yet, she gets frustrated and refuses to play after a short time. I think if these two things were improved the app would be much more useful for her.

General review This is a fun app with many different learning activities and puzzles for young children. The music and illustrations are perfect for this age group. You are able to check your child's progress with detailed statistics. There is a feature to adjust the difficulty and allow only the activities you want your child to work on but the settings feature doesn't seem to work correctly at this time. Overall this app is an excellent value for the price.

elena e.

What I liked I liked all the minigames that Preschool Kitty 1.4 have. I liked the graphics. The game is easy to play and easy to understand, this is very important because this application is for kids.
I liked that this application is an educational game for young kids.

Improvements The most important improvement I think it would be a great idea is translate all the dialogues from english to another languages. First of all to spanish, the chinese, french and many others.
I think this is important because the images and the graphics are understandable in all languages​​, so the developers just have to adapt spoken sounds.
It would be a good idea win badgets or medals as we unlock levels.

General review I think that Preschool Kitty is a great application. It will be awesome if the developers translate all the spoken words to another languages, and if time to time they will add more challenges, i.e. one minigame could be just click on the vowels or consonants only, or only on the numbers (if they come mixed with letters)

Marcel W.

What I liked I really think that developer did a really excellent job with this app. The music, graphics and colors are appropriate for the target age group and the different activities are also perfect for the targeted age group. I love the press and hold for all the email, more apps statistics etc. I also love how the game just keep on going and it never really stop and when the user made a mistake they're not really punished for it. This is great app for preschooler.

Improvements I can't really think of anything that I can say to improve this app. I think the app is great for what its trying to do and for its target audience. If I really have to think of something to say I would probably have to say perhaps remove facebook, email and website link but that's just me really being nit picky since its already confined within safe area.

General review Great app that will help preschooler practice the necessary basic skills that they need to learn while having fun. With this app, your pre schooler will not realize that they are doing school works. Lots of activities to keep them busy for a while.

melissa r.

What I liked Graphics attractive and not too cluttered. Layout is well thought out and easy to work. 3yo was able to pick up and play immediately without any guidance which is important to her. Content is fantastic, puzzle is sensitive enough to stop nonsense dragging but not too picky. Spot the difference is fantastic and clear, first one in an app that my 3yo has ever understood what to do. Congratulations! Love the parental controls and statistics.

Improvements Statistics to actually show number of errors. A start button at beginning of game as child couldn't figure out what to touch to start. Red arrow to change to green when game is complete/correct. Options for parents to prevent child moving onto the next game if they haven't completed the current game.

General review Absolutely fantastic app. Initially loved by child who continues to enjoy it after it has lost its "new" effect. Well thought out and laid out. Content is fantastic and includes educational games not found in other apps. Overall would thoroughly recommend and am truly grateful for having discovered it as it is the new favorite. Not since monkey preschool lunchbox have I had such a high opinion of an educational app that my child has also loved.

Louise C.

What I liked The settings use press-hold buttons, and there are lots of different setting options. The statistics are kept so I can track how the child did. There is a mix of different activities, and each uses simple instructions while testing a variety of skills. Each game is entertaining yet straight-forward with simple feedback sounds.

Improvements I like that you can turn off the music on the home page, but I wish you could also turn off the feedback sounds (e.g. keep only the positive one and not the negative - I work with children with autism and they stim off of the negative sound without caring whether they got it right)

General review I like it and would use it with my preschool-age kids. However, despite the name I think many of the skills tested (e.g. "what goes together") would be appropriate for some of my older students. I wish the look of the game was slightly less 'preschool' for this reason. Otherwise I think it's fun and most kids will like it

Jim B.

What I liked $.99 universal app. No in-app purchase. Press and Hold to get into settings, external links, report, etc. Huge variety of games to keep things interesting. All 7 game types can be turned off and difficulty levels can be adjusted. Able to repeat the request by pressing the question mark.

Improvements Narration and encouragements are too monotonic. Volume level of narration is inconsistent. Music can be turned off but I'd would rather have it adjustable so it can be lowered and doesn't drown out the narration. Add animation to the prizes (car moves,ball rolls, fish swims in bowl, etc)... and having some physics in the bedroom would be more educational (no ball on the wall, no fishbowl on the ceiling, etc.). Locations of the standard Arrow, Rewards and Question Mark should stay consistent throughout the app. Fix the 'Reset Awards Screens' so it does not says "Preschool Christmas Kitty"

General review The clipart-style graphics are colorful but not exciting. Design and presentation are rudimentary (basic) but the main games should appeal to most of the target audience. The child needs to have a good grasp of language, shapes, numbers, colors, etc. to take full advantage of the game. It's good that any of the 7 game types can be turned off and difficulty levels can be adjusted to make the app more accessible.

Frances A.

What I liked Preschool Kitty is a wonderful app that can be used to teach several skills to early learners. There are seven types of games offered in Preschool Kitty from patterns, puzzles and finding the differences. All of these games help to support the individual growth of early learners. There are varying difficulty levels, which works well for when children are ready to progress, as well as the ability to customize games. I love that you are able to see the statistics for children and that if the music is distracting it can be turned off, which is helpful for learners that need extra support.

Improvements I love the graphics but I feel as if the graphics where three dimensional it could prove to be more engaging and realistic. Also, I would like to see on any or all of the pages having the ability to "tickle" or "play" with the kitty. This would let the children have more of an interactive experience. A wish for this game is that you would have the ability to track the progress for multiple children. Most parents have more than one child and most teachers teach six through thirty six children. Being able to track progress for multiple children would make this app even more outstanding.

General review I enjoy using Preschool Kitty with children. I love that it touches upon all of the following concepts: Matching Objects, Spotting Differences, Locating Objects, Puzzles, Patterns, Capture Objects and Locating the Right Image. I love being able to see the statistics for the child playing, as well as being able to adjust the game based on the child’s skill level. This allows children to build their confidence and allows for flawless learning.

Erin B.

What I liked This app covers a lot of different topics and skills for preschoolers moving seamlessly from one skill to the next. It is fun and engaging, yet simple enough to keep my 3 year old's attention. I love that the statistics are kept for me so I can know where he is excelling and where he could use more work. I also like that I can select the difficult of the different games to match his ability, or even select off for all of one game if it is too difficult or easy for him.

Improvements The music is too repetitive and annoying. I would love to have a choice of a different music. I would also like to see a button during gameplay to get back to the original screen - something like on the first page where it would have to be held down to be used. And my son gets frustrated when he accidentally exits the game and he's not done - he has to start completely over. Multiple users would be a nice feature - I have 2 kids that are old enough to play this game and I would love to see different stats for each of them.The stats always give 100% even when I know a problem has been missed.

General review Wonderful app for practicing preschool skills. It keeps my 3 year old interested and he's learning at the same time! The app covers many important skills for the 2-5 age range including patterns, matching, spot the different, letters, numbers, shapes, etc. The music is pretty annoying, but it is easily turned off.