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Math Guardians 1.5 [text]

App description: BATTLE WITH THE POWER OF MATH! For the first time ever, Real-time Battles and Math Training merge to present Math Guardians, an arcade-style math fighting game! Topics covered: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division including Negative Numbers.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-guardians/id513132040?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Jiayi C.

Krista C.

What I liked I like the options to select the standard, advanced, or custom modes. I think the game appeals to a wide range of ages which is hard to do in a math app. It is quick moving and the ability to save the game mid-campaign is nice. A variety of characters adds to the age flexibility.

Improvements In custom mode I am able to crash the app by unselecting the functions (can select large numbers only but unselect add/div/etc.) Also even with neg. numbers turned off there are neg. numbers given as possible answers. This is confusing for early elementary students who have not been introduced to the concept. Sometimes there are 2 identical choices for answers. Would love multiple user profiles, customizable characters and ability to change characters mid campaign. I find the battle mode distracting- fight or do math? I can get though an entire battle sometimes without the math.

General review Math Guardians' fast action battles entertain a wide age range of children while working on math concepts. The app can be customized to work on specific skills while saving the planet from aliens and robots. The pace and arcade style of Math Guardians will motive your child to practice thier math. In the future I would love to see multiple user profiles and customizable characters.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like that the user can develop their own math problems even though they are guided selections. I like that there is an element of reinforcement in the challenge portion of the game. I like that there is not a punishment for getting the answer wrong. I like the graphics behind the app. I like the overall concept and the ability to gain trophies. I appreciate the tutorial that allows for knowledge as to how to play the game and be successful. Without the tutorial, I wouldn't have known there was an ability to block the opponent in the challenges!

Improvements I wish that there was a way in which the user could track the math problems that were particular difficulty. I wish there was a way to go back to the main menu when in the game mode. I wish that the user could select the level of difficulty they desired to work on. For instance, if a user is just beginning to learn multiplication/division, having the selections of 8 x 8 is really difficult. The same is true for division where 36/36 is the equation. It is obvious to those who are educated and have practiced for years, but for those that are new, this might be really difficult and discouraging.

General review Great app for working on math in a competitive type of way. The ability to select/create and answer math problems is a great feature. There is no way to track data; however, there is a score given, which I believe is connected to the number of problems solved correctly. Overall, a very great app focused on math. The one downfall is it appears geared for male users based on graphics/concept, but female users might enjoy it based on reinforcement!

Elizabeth C.

What I liked I liked how the app works on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has inviting characters for both boys and girls to identify with. As you play you are learning mathematical skills and working your way through subtraction and addition and then on to multiplication and division. Also, the number problems are chosen by the user to help add confidence in their abilities.

Improvements Better reply when touching the screen. I would fight the enemy, but then would touch numbers to build energy and it wouldn't select fast enough and I would lose. When a child used the app, they were a bit confused as to what to do, maybe add in some hints during the first round.

General review This app helps children retain and gain skills in mathematics. Children are showing their math skills to earn more "energy" to aid in the battle. The characters are inviting for both boys and girls, which is nice in a battle type game. This is an educational app that is fun to play!

Misty G.

What I liked This app is great for sneaking in a little math review while letting your child believe they are playing the latest in battle games! Instead of boring math problems over and over, there is a goal in each set leading to an enemy battle, all taking place while doing math problems.

Improvements For each problem, there are three choices to pick from for the correct answer. Sometimes the same number shows up twice which means less to choose from. In every problem we encountered like that, the answer was the one that showed up as two of the three choices. My kids picked up on this quickly. I was also disappointed that as you moved into the larger numbers, they really weren't large at all. None of the large numbers I came across were over 19. I also wish that something happened when they got a problem wrong other than saying wrong! Lose energy or something!

General review I think this is a great app for kids under the age of nine. It is a great review of elementary math skills with an added game to make it more exciting and captivating. I had my nine year old practice his multiplication charts he has been memorizing, but my five year old learned more with this app.

Michelle W.

What I liked I played this with my 7 year old and she liked the game in the first level. I liked the detailed instructions and found them to be helpful in defeating the creature during battle. The graphics and effects are nice, I like that there is an option to turn it off.

Improvements I played this with my 7 year old and she became frustrated with the game after the first level. She was very distracted by the Rat fighting with the Rabbit. I do not like that you can post to Facebook from the app. There needs to be a back arrow in the game screen, so you can end the game. i

General review I played this with my 7 year old and I liked how the problems vary between addition and subtraction after the first level is passed. Nice detailed pictures and instructions on how to play the game. I liked that negative numbers were included in the app. Great app to play while reviewing math.

Frances A.

What I liked The app is very fun and engaging for children. I love that this is an app that targets slightly older students because there are a lot of apps lacking to support the learning development of students from 7-11 years old. It is amazing to practice all of those math facts that are a must to learn and a must to understand. The types of images used in the game are also more responsive to older children. I also like that it is not simple. It takes time for the children to get used to the game. They just can’t master it in one shot, so it keeps the children coming back for more and more practice.

Improvements What I think needs to be improved is that this is a great app but it is really geared more for boys than girls. Females as 51% of the population so maybe make a boy mode and a girl mode or just add a character or two that females could relate to would make this app even more effective. I also think if your app took background data and was able to do on multiple children it would be a great buy for parents and professionals alike. Overall I think this app is very good and well thought out.

General review I love that this is an app that targets slightly older students because there are not many that support the learning development of students. The types of images used in the game are also more responsive to older children. I like that the app is customizable and that it has a mode that is not a game just to practice the math skills. I also like that it targets all four math skills (+, -, X, /). Overall, it is a great math app.

Seth B.

What I liked The fact that this app combined fighting and math was very creative - the first of its kind that I have seen. The controls were fairly easy to get used to and the animations and characters in the app were quite cool. I can easily see this app being a motivator for young children to learn math because of its fun factor.

Improvements The animals were a bit too large for my liking. It seemed most of the game was focused on the fighting characters rather than the math that was supposed to be completed. Sometimes you couldn't tell which number the fox or other animal was going to hit because when jumping it could potentially be hitting three number 'bubbles' at one time. I feel the game should be more focused on the math - space out the answer bubbles and make them larger.

General review Overall, I can see this as being a real help to children in honing their math skills if the few adjustments were made. If the answers were larger and more spaced out and the math element was more prominent I would recommend this to any parent with a child struggling in math. It can be wonderful for honing those quick reflexes in their brains!

Julie P.

What I liked +This app will definitely appeal to its target audience.
+Dinosaurs and aliens together, what's not to love?
+Clever names. I especially liked Combat Fox and Destructo Rex.
+Good tutorial. Nice to include a practice button.
+Because it keeps score, you can see iimprovement over time.
+ Good "arcade style" music

Improvements - My students thought Rage Bunny was kind of lame, but good for a laugh. No one picked him.
- Some students got tripped up with the negative numbers.
- Kids who don't have a good command of their math facts get clobbered by the aliens so often that they lose interest.
- I had to turn the music off after a while, but it didn't bother my students.

General review Most math apps are designed with younger children in mind. I like Math Guardians 1.5 because it will appeal to older children (7-12) who need practice on their math facts. With names like Destructo Rex and Combat Fox, this app draws kids into battles between dinosaurs and aliens. They gain power to fight the aliens by answering math facts correctly. There are different levels of difficulty, including larger numbers and negative numbers.

Chris L.

What I liked There were many things I liked about this app. First of all I loved how there was a full tutorial on how to play the game. It showed exactly how to play the game. I also like how there are multiple difficulties to play on for kids of different ages. I also like how the creatures you can be differ from "Cool" to "Cute" so that boys and girls can both play. Also, I like how you made it so there was a time limit to collect energy, so children would have to solve the problems in a certain amount of time. And last, I love this app because it combines what small kids love the best and math.

Improvements I would like to see harder enemies to defeat because even my six year old younger brother found almost all of the enemies to be very easy. It was pretty difficult to even lose health at all. This might be a problem because kids would get bored of the app easily. It would also be cool if there were other game types like a mode where you have a time limit to kill the enemy or something like that.

General review This app is really great and educational. There were no problems with it, just some features would be awesome if added. I do think that the enemies are a bit too easy even for small kids. I think my younger brother did learn a lot from this app, he seemed to get faster at the problems as he went along. As a conclusion I would hands down recommend this app for any child trying to learn math.

Levent S.

What I liked I like ability to choose three different difficulty modes because, with this feature Math Guardians provides flexible playing age. Also, due to containing RPG (Role Play Gaming) elements like unlockable characters with different specialties, different enemies and health bars, kids will not be easily bored. Furthermore, tutorial and practice modes are really good for starters.

Improvements I wish to see less exhaustive graphics for eyes and more cute characters in a future version. Clear backgrounds and menu fonts will be make this app more attractive for kids. Also, in the side of the gameplay, upgradable and customizable characters could increase playability.

General review Usually in kid's perspective, iDevices are great game machines, they don't want to "waste" their time with education apps. But, Math Guardians app is really successful at mixing math education and practice with gaming. Parents should try Math Guardians with their kids.