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App reviews for "Animal Puzzle for Kids and Toddlers" [text]


Animal Puzzle for Kids and Toddlers [text]

App description: A fun puzzle game for toddlers and kids from ages 1 to 6 featuring 20 cute animals in 23 puzzles! When a puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with a variety of "celebrations".The fun matching activities help improve visual perception, knowledge of shapes & develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces to match their holes.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/animal-puzzle-for-kids-toddlers/id549007415?mt=8&uo=4

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: E G.

elena e.

What I liked I like the simplicity of this game.
I like the graphics and the characters.
For play this game you don´t need to read a tutorial or a help page, and this is great for toddlers or young kids.
This application loads fast, this is really great, nobody like to wait.

Improvements I would like to see these improvements:
The capability of choosing the number of pieces in the puzzle.
The game's difficulty increases as we move from level to level.
The possibility to make puzzles with my own photos or images.
I will think more improvements.

General review This is a great game. I think needs more puzzles, more challenges and many improvements as I wrote above.
It´s an application for toddlers and young kids, but if the developers add more puzzles and more difficulty to the game, this app will be funny to more ages.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the variation between the puzzles of the animals and the puzzles of the animals with a background. I also like that the user receives immediate feedback whether positive or negative regarding the placement of the pieces. I like that the user can pop the balloons and hear the pop noise at the completion of the puzzle. I like that the pieces are not magnetic, so they don't slip from the fingers as the user gets the pieces close, but if the user let's go of the piece and is in relative proximity, the piece will go to its appropriate spot.

Improvements I think this is a fun and engaging app built around a great concept, so I really do not have a lot that I believe I could add to a wish list! My only criticism is merely a personal opinion: I am not a big supporter of in-app purchases. I tend to stray away from them, but if a lite version is available, then I'm not so leery. Because you have the app separated by animal categories, if all the animals within the first category were available in a "lite" version, then the others could be purchased, if desired.

General review The versatility of this app is great. The app is filled with immediate feedback. This app could be used when following directions, describing (expressive language), and matching. There is an in-app purchase to obtain the entirety of the puzzles, but for what the app offers, it is worth it! As a speech-language pathologist, the amount of communication that could be created with this app is incredible for young children. I recommend this app!

Kelly T.

What I liked It is extremely easy for little learning fingers to maneuver the puzzle options and choose which ones they want. The sound effects are nice and I like that kids don't have to be exactly on the outline for the puzzle piece to place it correctly. Once I made in in-app purchase the puzzle varierty was more interesting. The patterns repeat, but for little ones it is great and allows them to gain confidence. The balloons at the end of each completed puzzle are far more fun than the puzzles themselves. I liked on the multi animal puzzles that you could flip and spin them.

Improvements I would like the ability to flip and spin more of the characters in all of the puzzles. I continued to try on all the puzzles because it was so much fun on the first one. The text that directs you to close out of a puzzle by dragging the X across the screen is far to difficult for a non-reading toddler, but it is something they could pick up on with parent instruction.

General review I thought this app, with the purchase, is great. There is a variety if you pay for it. The puzzle patterns are just right, developmentally, for the pre-school ages. With a change to more flipping options, this app could be even more fun for the wee ones. I'm glad I have this to entertain my puzzle-loving 4 year old.

Becky B.

What I liked The pictures are cute, universally appealing and inviting for toddlers or very young children. There is a bit of variation with the number of puzzle pieces and type of pieces (whole animal versus geometric shape). The lack of background music is also nice as sometimes it's refreshing to have a "quiet" app.

Improvements There's not a lot to see here that I haven't seen numerous times before. The interaction with the balloons, while maybe fun once or twice would ONLY be fun once or twice. Why not change it up with bubbles, stars, flowers, sports balls, something else to keep the payoff for completing the puzzle interesting. Also, since I'm in the room when my daughter plays her apps, there's a finite number of times I'm going to listen to the exact same applause before asking her to play something else.

General review I feel like I've seen this app many many times in the past. Easy puzzle, identical brief interaction with applause, next puzzle. Nothing about this particular version stands out above the others or would encourage me to pay $1.99 for 18 additional puzzles. I could see charging $.99 right off the bat for all 23 puzzles but the current structure doesn't hold a lot of appeal to me as a mom who's in charge of the app purchasing.

Marcel W.

What I liked The app has a very cute graphics that are very age approriate. The music is good and the addition of the balloon popping game at end of each level is a nice little addition. I feel that the app offer good amount of teaser puzzles for the free version before trying to get the user to buy the In App Purchase. The press and hold to get to the menu and the drag here to exit is also good to prevent an accidental button press

Improvements I really think that the developer should consider changing the icon because the first time I saw the icon it looks like it was a picture of a cow mating with another cow but maybe that's just me. Clearer indication that the some of the level required In App Purchase before clicking on the icon would also be nice. I understand that the developer is trying to sell an In App Purchase but with all of the drag here to exit and press and hold that they implemented that they shouldve done the same thing with the In App Purchase

General review This app is a good puzzle app with good graphics and music that is very appealing to my son. It offers enough puzzles to keep you entertains for a while before you have to buy more puzzles via in app purchase. If your kids like puzzle and farm animals I would give this app a try

Laura G.

What I liked I love the different types of puzzles, multiple animals, different shapes etc. and I LOVE the sparkles that shoot out when you put the puzzle piece in the right spot. Nice sound effects too. The graphics and colors are both great. I like the clicking noise that it makes when my son picks up a puzzle piece so he knows he is moving it.

Improvements I think the ballon celebration is a great feature, but runs a little too long. My 2 year old, along with most toddlers , is a tad impatient and is more about the challenge than the celebration. I also think some background music might be nice. I have noticed that apps with a musical background noise really appeal to my son. The name makes it hard to find in the app store and differentiate

General review I think this is an awesome puzzle app, however i do not like the "must upgrade" for other puzzles. I would prefer to pay more upfront than have add ons in toddler apps. They don't understand the "buy more" options and it causes quite a rucus. I do and will recommend this app as my toddler loves puzzles and this is nicely done.

Michelle W.

What I liked I played this with my 5 year old and he really enjoyed the game. We liked the graphics, its very cute and the sound effect that it makes when you put the animal in its spot. He liked popping the balloons game after he correctly completed the puzzle.

Improvements I would like to see more difficult puzzles for kids. I did not like the fact that there is an in app purchase to unlock puzzles. I think the puzzles should unlock after you get so many correct.The in app purchase should be harder for kids to do like they way they do the exit button and make the user drag the button from the right side all the way to the left side to prevent accidental click

General review Great puzzle app for young children 2- preschool age. The app was very easy for my 5 year old. I wasn't very happy with the in app purchase to unlock more puzzles. I think more puzzles should unlock in increments. My son liked playing the app and liked popping the balloons after completing the puzzle.

Julie P.

What I liked + App is simple to use, even for younger children (< 4 years old)
+ I like the way the puzzle pieces gravitate toward the space. This is a nice touch for children who have fine motor challenges.
+ The pieces enlarge slightly when "caught", an excellent non-verbal cue for children who cannot always grab pieces on the first attempt.
+ The illustrations are age appropriate- colorful but not too busy.

Improvements - I didn't think the sound effect for the popping balloons sounded authentic, too metallic.
- The square puzzle pieces, like the sheep, should come before the cow and the pony, because children can't visualize irregular shapes until they have mastered regular shapes (like the square).
~ Suggestion: I could envision this format working for other themes in addition to farm animals
Toy box (ages 2-3). Jungle animals (ages 3-5). Sea creatures (ages 3-6). Endangered animals
(ages 4-6)

General review Puzzle apps for preschoolers are plentiful. What's different about Animal Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers is it gives a child a little bit more in the way of interactive fun. The animals spin, the windmill turns, and the stars sparkle. As a speech pathologist, I encourage parents to use apps like this with young children to talk about what the child is seeing and doing. It creates a parent-child dialogue that promotes language learning.

Jim B.

What I liked Intuitive drag-and-drop control. Simple gameplay for targeted audience - my 2.5 year old twins could just pick up and play with no parental guidance. Good number of puzzles (23) with 3 different play styles to mix it up. Can start from any puzzle. Required Press&Hold to get to external links.

Improvements Need extra audio such as animal sound and name. Eliminate the annoying and noticeable 'loading...' pop up between every puzzle. Make the Press&Hold button less colorful to avoid the toddlers' attention. Make the X smaller and don't float balloons over it to avoid accidental presses. Limit the number balloons to 10 so kids have the satisfaction of poping them all. Remove the similar 'Animal Puzzle for Toddlers and Preschool Kids' from the app store to avoid confusion - I couldn't figure out the difference between the 2 except for the names. Drop the price of the full version to $.99.

General review While the app offers a good number of puzzles, it isn't unique or robust enough to stand out in the crowded field of kid puzzlers. It plays well with pleasing graphics and intuitive control but lacks extras such as animal names and sounds. My toddler twins could just pick it up and play without parental guidance but since they have already played a dozen of similar and better puzzlers, they seem satisfied with the 5 free puzzles and moved on

Erin B.

What I liked The images are wonderful. They appeal to my kids (3 and 6) and I like them too. I love that the puzzles aren't all the same - some are squares, some are jigsaw, and some you put the animals in their spots. The variety keeps my boys engaged. I like that to exit a puzzle you have to draw the square over - no accidental closing of puzzles. But my favorite part is the balloons at the end of the puzzles. Even I enjoy trying to pop all the balloons before they reach the top.

Improvements I noticed that on one of the puzzles the sun moves when you touch it - I'd love to see more animations like that. I would like to see users so I can track what each of my kids is doing and how they are progressing. I would love to hear the animal noises - perhaps when touching the animal or when completing the puzzle. Additional packs of different themed animals would be great too - rainforest, ocean, desert, etc.

General review This app is absolutely adorable! The animal illustrations are cute and engaging, the puzzles are just right for my 3 year old to complete by himself, and there are plenty of different puzzles and puzzle types to choose from. When a puzzle is completed a group of balloons floats to the top and you can pop them - very entertaining!