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Tap Times Tables - Multiplication fun [text]

App description: Tap Times Tables is an app designed to help kids learn and practice their times tables through repetition some fun game-play. It provides a number of playing modes, and is highly configurable.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-times-tables/id457383394&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Peter E.

Adrian G.

What I liked I like the game modes they all are very useful for helping the user learn their times tables. Also the way you made it more interesting for kids by adding the squirrels and the nuts, which was definitely what kept my cousin interested in playing the game. I enjoy being able to fling different objects at the bubbles to pop them.

Improvements I would love to see a mode that combines all the different modes into one and if you beat it you unlock all the objects for the catapult. Also making it go higher than 12 x 12 would make it suitable for a wider range of users, if you raise it above 12 you will probably see some adults using the game to brush up on their skills, or older kids in middle school who never learned all their times tables.

General review This app really helps if you have kids who are just learning their times tables, It’s also fun for most ages to play I even played it with my little cousin who was just learning their times tables. I also wish I had this app when I was learning because I remember it was hard for me to concentrate using flash cards, this makes it easier to concentrate and more fun to learn.

Rochelle O.

What I liked This app is a good tool for learning times tables in a fun way. I particularly liked the ability to select either a single times table to concentrate on, or a range of tables to practice and the option to restart the game if you get one wrong, although this might become frustrating for some users. The teacher mode is also very useful, allowing the user to specify particular equations and see the answer.

Improvements Having the ability to have the answers (and possibly equations) read out would be of benefit, particularly in the teaching mode and when incorrect answers are chosen. This would reinforce the answers and enhance learning. It would also be of benefit to users who are still becoming familiar with, particularly the larger, numbers.
From a usability perspective, if you select the incorrect answer until only one option is left there is a pause that is just long enough to make you think you need to select the remaining answer to continue, meaning you select an answer for the next question instead.

General review This fun, educational app provides the opportunity for lots of practice of times tables. The different modes of play allow for selective learning of specific tables or more general practice of multiple tables. There is also a useful teacher mode which allows the user to select specific equations and see the answer. The gameplay is simple, but entertaining which keeps the focus on the learning outcome without being boring.

Seth B.

What I liked The graphical interface on this app is amazing! From the beginning menu screen to every one of its subviews the bubbles and consistent snowy theme adds a great touch to the application. Animation in the game is very creative and enjoyable for kids utilizing the application. The ability for users to review their stats and practice before going into 'mastery mode' was very helpful for my kids who loved the app as much as I did.

Improvements This app has very few issues so coming up with improvements has been difficult. One improvement that could be made is slightly tinting the bubbles on some menu systems (such as the settings menu) different colors. I felt that the options were cramped and you couldn't tell them apart well. It isn't a hinderance to the overall game, just something to think about for the future.

General review The fact that this app is 100% customizable is highly convenient. Sounds, language selection, launcher type, and difficulty can all be adjusted. The animations are wonderful for kids to get them motivated when learning boring times tables. Overall, I believe this application is a must purchase for any parent wishing to see their child excel to greatness!

Courtney D.

What I liked I really enjoyed the animations. I also appreciated the choice of symbols for incorrect/correct answers. I had initially muted all sound, but allowed it to play momentarily at the end of the review & found the squirrel to be entertaining for both correct/incorrect answers. I liked that the user could select which multiplication factor that wanted to work on instead of having to do all factors. I enjoyed the challenge section as well. The one thing I was unsure about, but could like if it is accurate is if the snowflake at the top of the screen is a timer. I did not let it time out to find out.

Improvements Even with the information about the mastery mode and memory booster, I was unsure as to how to select the appropriate one. When I selected one, it would gain a yellow outline, which I thought meant it was selected for play, but I could select the other one and they would both be highlighted. I believe I was under master mode because if I gave an incorrect answer it made me start over, but both were highlighted the entire review period. I wish the questions provided when starting over would change to cause more problem solving/memorization of other multiplication facts.

General review This is a very engaging application working on multiplication facts! There is animation throughout the app that allows for the user to be entertained while learning. It is comprehensive and provides various options to work on this skill. I would definitely recommend this for those working on multiplication facts because the user can select to work on specific numbers or all numbers, whichever is desired!

Marcel W.

What I liked Few different game modes for kids to learn their multiplication table will keep the kids playing while learning. I like the tips and tricks about multiplication that show up randomly through out the game. Game center integration is definitely a nice thing to have too.

Improvements I find the app to be somewhat confusing to use. The settings is not very clear. It took me a while before i realize that when i click on a the number to select the table to work with that part of the snow flake pointing to the number changed I color. I was expecting the number it self to switch color. The rocket/star button in settings change the picture in the center of the snowflake but i don't know what that does. I finally learned what it does after i see the random message that show up on the top of the screen explaining what it does.

General review Pretty decent app to help your kids learn and practice their multiplication times tables with few different game modes. Kids will not realize that they are practicing their multiplication tables while having fun playing the game. You might want to check out the app first since it can be a little tricky to use.

Michelle W.

What I liked I liked the graphics and music. I think the different sections are great for the kids to choose from. I think the message that pops up at the top of the screen is helpful. I think the section with the cap is great for kids just learning the times tables.

Improvements I had a hard time understanding the scoring system of the game. Seemed to jump quite a bit. Back button is needed on the credit section. Multiplayer mode would be great to keep track of scores. I think there needs to be some kind of reward for answering the quiz right. I am not sure what the star and arrow are in the settings screen, and also the game center took a long time to load. Not sure where the results are listed.

General review My daughter liked the music and graphics. She also liked how the numbers were in bubbles. I liked the info blurb that pops up with helpful tips while playing this app. The different options are nice to choose from for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Christie E.

What I liked There were several thing that I like about this app. I liked the that app just focused on multiplication. Another thing that I really liked is the ability to put the app into memory booster mode or mastery mode. This is great for working with children at different levels and abilities .

Improvements I would like the ability to list different students I might be working with and the ability to track how they did while they played the game. I would also like to see other things happen when you play, other than just collecting acorns. This would keep kids interested longer.

General review In general, this is a very cute app for younger kids working on memorizing multiplication facts. The older kids I had using it did not stay interested very long because you keep doing the same thing over and over again. I really liked the challenge mode on the game. I think adding a few different levels or other games would really make this something I could use with my special education students.

Jeanne T.

What I liked It provides a fun and engaging way to practice times tables - much more fun than flash cards! The interface is clean and it was easy to figure out how to change settings to work on 1s all the way up to 12s. My daughter (9) liked the cute squirrels and acorns as reinforcers!

Improvements The ability to select a subset of numbers to work on as the child progresses. My daughter can do the 1s easily and even 5s are not hard so to challenge her even more it would be great to be able to select all but the 1s and 5s or work on specific sets that are more challenging. Other than that it does what it needs to do to work on those times facts! It is a bit on the pricey side for what it can do. I would be more likely to buy it at .99 or even 1.99!

General review My 9-year-old and I played together with this app (and worked on her times tables at the same time!). It provides a fun way to work on math facts with a simple, clean interface and cute squirrels as reinforcement. I wish that you could customize the challenge mode as 1s and 5s are very easy for my daughter - if I customized it I might leave out the ones that she has mastered. Give it 4 stars only due to the slightly high price for what it does.

Frances A.

What I liked The app provides a very fun and engaging way to work on math facts. I love that the app is simple and easy to navigate, thus making it child friendly. This is a useful for students to reinforce learning, a helpful study and practice tools. The best part of the application is that the level of difficulty can be adjusted per child's needs.I also love that it learns in sequence from the 1X table then proceeds to higher times tables. The squirrel is also a very cute positive reinforcement that will help students be proud of their accomplishments.

Improvements In my opinion, as soon as a child gets the problem wrong it should not be changed. Perhaps the problem should pop up larger or limit the amounts of bubbles on the screen. By letting the problems change; you do not know if a child is just guessing. This happens in the challenge mode but we still have to give some reinforcement for kids trying to master the skills of multiplying. In your learning mode it lets children randomly picks the answer and even if wrong takes it away, the wrong answers should stay to check for mastery. Customization and background data would also be a great addition.

General review Overall this is a great app for student/child learning. This can be used to teach multiplication skills, have fun learning various multiplication skills, reinforce skills previously learned, as well as test your student/child's multiplication skills. The easy to use interface makes this a friendly app that all educators and parents can appreciate. The squirrel in both the challenge and playing mode is very engaging for all students.

Elena L.

What I liked I appreciated that there were different ways to practice the times table.  In Mastery Mode, the players could learn or focus on one specific time table at a time.  I especially liked the Memory Boost option where one wrong answer forced the player to restart the practice questions from the beginning.  I think this could help some kids concentrate better. 

Improvements In the challenge mini game, having all the possible answers randomly displayed across the entire screen  seemed to make the challenge more in locating the correct number rather than challenging the recall speed of the player.   Maybe the player could have just one set of numbers available to use like a keypad. 

General review Kids just learning their multiplication tables would find this app a useful study tool.  Also, since the level of difficulty can be increased as an option more advanced kids needing extra practice would be able to use this app.  Controls  and settings were fairly easy to navigate.  The squirrels are fun and the winter woodland theme was pleasant which I think would encourage longer practice sessions.