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Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop [text]

App description: Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop is a great app for reinforcing sight word fluency. Learn over 200 dolch sight words thoughtfully broken up into 24 levels with 3 different activities. “Flashcard”,"Word Challenge","Spelling", Create your own lists and record your own words.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sight-words-spelling-pixopop/id520191544?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Marcel W.

Erin B.

What I liked I love that you can self check with the flash cards. When you tap the word it says it outloud so my kids can use the app alone if they so choose. The characters are fun and new and keep the app entertaining while still educational. I like that in the spelling portion the vowels on the keyboard are in a different color because it shows the difference between consonants and vowels. The custom list feature is wonderful! I can set up lists to go along with the sight word units we are already doing.

Improvements In the spelling portion I'd like to see an option to have the letters set up like a regular keyboard instead of alphabetical order because at this age they should be practicing using a proper keyboard.
I would also like to have the ability to have multiple users or accounts. With multiple kids I want to be able to see how each child is performing.

General review We love this app! Is it colorful and entertaining but at the same time is it great sight word practice.
I love the custom list feature because I can set up a list of the sight words my kids are currently learning in their school work.
In flash card mode you can tap the word and it is said aloud so my kids can self check.
The word challenge is fun and quick; great for practicing reading sight words efficiently.

Ann A.

What I liked I really like the clarity of the female voice reading the words and giving instruction. Diction was very good. The graphics are clean and professional. The word lists are excellent and appropriately categorized. I liked that you earn a trophy when you unlock a level, and that there's a trophy room to show off your progress!

Improvements Even though the graphics are clean and professionally rendered, I'm not a big fan of the style of the characters. They seem a little creepy to me, but that's probably just me. I think the style issue is a matter of personal preference and for all I know, that style is probably cool right now. The only other real thing that I might want to see would be to track multiple players. For families where the kids share an iPad, this could be an issue.

General review Overall, I really like this app. I think the structure is educationally sound and fun to use. The colors are appealing the word lists are excellent. The text is easy to read and the user experience is easy to follow without any direction. You can use the app right when it starts. The tone of the app is gender neutral, so all kids would enjoy using it! I think it's a terrific sight word application! Bravo!

Amanda S.

What I liked I absolutely love all the features in this app! I love the three different activities (flash cards, word challenge, and spelling!). It also has 19 lists of sight words included with the ability to create your own lists! (a must have in a sight words app)! I like that it has a trophy room for positive reinforcement! Teachers can add their own spelling lists and directly relate this app to their curriculum! I also like the data tracking in the app!

Improvements I think that the ability to turn off the music at the beginning would be great! Also make more characters for the kids to choose from (kids really like that)! A wish list item would be having different lists for grade levels (for example a kindergarten list, a 1st grade list, a 2nd grade list, a 3rd grade list....ect.)

General review This app is awesome! It includes 19 word lists and the ability to make your own lists! There are 3 different activities to work on sight words! (flash cards, word challenge, and spelling). This app keeps track of accuracy and motivates the child with a trophy room! Input your own sight words that go with your curriculum (or child's spelling lists!) A lot of content for a low price! You can use this app for a long time, add new sight words often!

Dina Maria K.

What I liked Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop is a great educational app for kids to progressively learn sight words through different modes – learning the words, recognizing it from a list, and being able to spell it out. The app also contains fun and colorful graphics that make learning and answering quizzes fun.

Improvements The Main Improvement I would like to see is the ability to have multiple users. If you have more then one child it would be hard to use the tracking feature. I would also love to have the ability to be able to have a pronunciation key .(sounds of each letter, then the word as a whole). This way the child can hear the sounds when spelling the word. (if its needed).

General review Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop is a educational and fun way to learn sight words in stages. First you hear and say them, then you are challenged to find them and last you have to spell them. The use of Characters are a fun way and holds the child's interest. This app was well thought out in the process of learning site words and spelling them. All and All a great tool for Parents & Teachers.

Courtney D.

What I liked This app has the ability to be used as an expressive or receptive task. If you want to test receptive language, then the quizzes are great. If the user wants to look at expressive lang, then having the child say the word instead of clicking on it in flashcard mode is a possibility. There is data collection with percentages, date, and time. The user can create custom lists which allow for increased difficulty. There is not an overwhelming display of pictures, which is great. There are no in-app purchases! Reinforcement is given for incorrect/correct answers!

Improvements The "repeat" arrow in the word challenge mode looks like a back button. It's useful, but the symbol is confusing. At the end of the sections, there are buttons that can be pushed. The same arrow that is used for repeat is used as back. I would like it if the app would collect data as +1 for every correct rather than +4. If the user is not the one looking at results, it can be deceiving. The application crashed at the selection of custom list: tricky words in spelling; however, it opened on 2nd attempt.

General review This is a great application for those beginning to read. It has simple, non-distracting, images and color to keep the user interested. This application has multiple features and all give reinforcement for correct/incorrect answers, great for immediate feedback. The user, or an adult working with the user, can create custom lists to build up vocabulary. There is data collection available within the application for tracking progress.