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App description: ZyroSky is a switch-accessible runner-game. In the ZyroSky game, Zyro has crash-landed on the planet AirO. On AirO, the inhabitants have built beautiful habitats in the sky. In order to fix the ship, Zyro must collect energy stars while jumping from one rocket base to another. A simple but engaging single-switch cause and effect App.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zyrosky-run/id866332937?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Ayanna H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The gameplay is nice. It's very challenging to do it how you want it.
2. The settings menu is one of the best. I have all kind of settings that are very good.
3. Thanks to the difficulty settings every kid can play this game. I like how the gaps get narrower if the difficulty settings are on easy.
4. The graphics are very nice. I like this retro style game. It brings back a lot of memories.

Improvements 1. The gameplay is good and simple, but it could be better if the main character was in the middle of the screen. Now, it's on the right side and it's hard to see what is coming up next. Even in easy mode there is no change.
2. Unfortunate there is no pause button. If I press the red X button, I have to start all over again. Please add this button. For lots of players it could be handy.
3. I have to say that the text in this game doesn't look too good. The design of it needs to be changed and maybe make it bigger. Design is a big part of the app industry.

General review Overall this is one interesting little game. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is very challenging. There are a few cosmetic problems to be solved, but this app is on a good path. For version 1.0 I have to give it a solid 4 stars ratting. I'm waiting to see how it evolves.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked The first thing I liked about the app is the ability to change the difficulty, length, speed and stars count in the Settings. This way, kids can easily adjust the game depending on their liking. I also like the funny sound effect when jumping. I also like how the game tracks each game played and everything you acquired during each game.

Improvements I think the background music should be changed. I also think that Zyro should be at the left side of the camera and not on the right side. It is much harder to avoid a gap with a very short time to react because of Zyro being at the right side. I also think that there should also be two modes, Normal Mode and Custom Mode. In Normal mode, you get to play with a set of levels without the ability to customize the difficulty, etc.. In Custom Mode, players can change every settings in the game. I also think that the Main Menu should be changed. Maybe make Zyro have a running animation.

General review This is a fun game for kids with very simple tap control. The graphics is pretty simple though. Funny sound effect when jumping. I like how I can fully customize the difficulty of the game. I can adjust the Length, Speed, Difficulty and stars in the Settings with ease. I like how I can keep track of my progress on every time I play. This is a fun game that needs a bit more features to be better.

Valerie M.

What I liked Zyrosky is a fun, multi-level switch accessible game that engages children with and without disabilities. It is very configurable to a users abilities and interests. Graphics are clear and sound is interesting. It is nice that kids who can only operate a single switch can easily play.

Improvements Although there is a "leader board", I did not see a mechanism to switch users, you had to retype names, something very tough for switch users or to compete against peers. A selection of backdrops or sound effects would be nice. Also, selecting from menu seems a little sluggish and slow to respond.

General review I am so glad to fid a fun and configurable game for kids of varied abilities, including kids who use switches for access. All the kids I tested this with enjoyed the game play and sounds. A few, especially girls, wanted additional backgrounds or sounds and a little better response time from menu selections. Hope they continue to develop more games for kids with disabilities.

Jo B.

What I liked This app brings more age appropriateness and sophistication for older kids learning cause and effect play. The settings are well thought out and help special needs kids by being able to control the speed, difficulty level, reduce visual clutter, and overall length of play. I find settings like these invaluable as once a kid gains competency you can grade the difficulty. This insures a successful outcome. Too many games are just too hard when learning how to target and grade control. Loved the graphics, they were fresh and crisp. The ability to turn off the music is a big asset too.

Improvements I would like to see in future updates the opportunity to not only collect stars, but also have the challenge to not have to strike or jump for something, i.e. perhaps placing a foil like a little tin can or old boot so that you would know if the tapping or striking a switch was just continuous or with purpose. That way you could also train visual scanning with an objective, and know that your student has the ability to discriminate. It would also be nice to see a flying saucer being built to get Zyro home - so that progress is related to playing. That really gives a kid the best feedback.

General review ZyroSky is a great app for those who are beginning to learn about switch use and engage in cause and effect play due to motor or cognitive difficulties. It is more age appropriate and sophisticated than any other beginning switch apps on the market for older kids. The settings are phenomenal - as you can grade the levels of both difficulty and sensory input to the child. This in itself will insure competency and motivation to continue playing.

Raphael S.

What I liked It's been a while since I've been attached to a running game so it's nice to have found something new. I haven't seen this concept before either so it's also a new experience. The graphics were great and the colors rich. The controls were pretty simple as well. I like the customizable options too.

Improvements I'd like to see some more characters added and maybe some new themes or background settings. It would also be nice to have the option to have upgrades and in-game advantages to keep things fresh after having played a while. I think the price of the initial purchase could be lowered slightly as well.

General review It's a lot of fun to play, doesn't take much effort in way of controls which lets you focus more on the game which is quite original. The graphics are attractive and being able to customize certain aspects gives you a feeling of more control. It would be lovely to see some more customizable options in the future regarding themes and characters also.